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#krbkdk #krdk #krbk #bkdk
soulmates, reincarnation, angst
fantasy au (first life), canon au (current life), also kinda mcd?


eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one soulmate catches his other. he hides his tears, feeling his heart break once more.
they found each other again.

he wonders when they will find /him/. if they ever will.


{ “de— izuku,” katsuki says. “i'm sorry for everything.”

eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one lover catches his other. }
{ “shitty hair,” katsuki turns to him. they're both looking his way, expectation in their eyes. he marches toward them, wiping off his tears.

he falls into their arms.

they catch him.

eijirou feels relieved. }

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#krbkdk #krdk #krbk #bkdk

Eijirou thought he would be happy dating Katsuki, someone he loved so dearly, but he missed his friend. Izuku had distanced himself, leaving them space, giving himself time.
He'd respected that, but sometimes, he'd wish that they'd never confessed, that they'd kept this one secret between them.

Dating Katsuki was amazing, his love for his boyfriend grew more and more as the weeks, then months, passed, but there was an ache in his chest that kept

“Where's Deku?” his lover's voice stirred him out of his thoughts and Eijirou couldn't help but hate it. /Where was Deku?/ It felt like an eternity since he'd talked to his friend — and maybe it was.

He missed him.
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#KRBKDK (technically krdkbk? I think) NSFW, muzzles, switch dk, btm!katsuki, top!kiri, sandwiching

Izuku having to be muzzled during sex because he bites so much. The biting isn’t even a conscious action, but Izuku’s teeth are /sharp/ and neither Katsuki nor Eijirou
would like to have huge bite marks scarring their shoulders, thanks.

God, just the idea of Izuku’s mouth chomping aimlessly around nothing in the cage of the muzzle as Kirishima fucks into him as Katsuki clenched around his cock. He’s in the middle of his two handsome boyfriends
as his ass is being stretched by Ei’s fat, hung cock while his own cock is being fucked into Kacchan’s ass without him doing much. Eijirou holds the leash for the collar connecting to the muzzle in his hand as Izuku gurgles and chokes on bitten growls and moans of pleasure.
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#krbkdk NSFW

Kirishima had always been able to hear #bkdk fucking through his wall, and at first, he was embarrassed by it, but then he realized it was only because he was turned on by it.

So one day, when he started to hear Izuku and Katsuki moaning again,
he put his homework aside, moved to his bed, and let his hand roam featherlike to his underwear. As the moans on the other side got more intense, so did his grip. As they got faster, so did his pace. And then, he came with them.

After the haze has passed, he felt ashamed,
bad, dirty, not manly at all for having jerked off to his friends, and he promised he wouldn't do it again.

Except he did.

Every single time he heard airy "Kacchans" and loving "Izukus", he would touch himself and let their noises intoxicate him.

And it got worse.
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#dkbk #bkdk where Izuku, a renowned doctor and surgeon, dies from an unknown heart condition he had. And ends up waking up in his past life the day after he entered a loveless marriage with King Bakugou Katsuki.

A marriage that a bratty prince Izuku forced upon the king after
getting rid of so many suitors vying for Katsuki’s attention and the empty throne beside him. Eventually even scaring off Katsuki’s fiancé that Katsuki had actually loved and cherished.

But Izuku is no longer the same person he used to be.

A prince once more, but the heart of a
caring doctor with regrets…





“Umm, P-Prince Izuku?” a maid watches silently as Izuku just casually sits, a book in hand. “A-Aren’t you going to see his majesty on his walk?”

“Hmm?” Izuku looks up, a gentle smile on his face. “Nah, I don’t want to bother him.”
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cw: angst, bkdk krdk krbk (?)

imagine the three being in a relationship with each other. izuku joined the two a little late and felt disconnected y'know? like he didn't belong and he was slapped with that fact one night class A played a truth or dare game.
they were all seated in a circle on the dorm's living room. katsuki was sitting between izuku and kirishima but the greenette felt like he wasn't sitting close to the two at all.

in fact, it felt like katsuki and kirishima were the only one sitting on the sofa and that sucked.
he's been very insecure and emotional even before his friends gave him a little talk about how he looks like he's having a hard time with his boyfriends. of course, he denied it.

he couldn't tarnish kacchan and ei's names like that. they were kind people! really, they are.
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#bkdk #krbk #krdk #krbkdk #omegaverse

Izuku is an older omega, like 35 or something, and just lost his alpha a few months ago
Sadly he just realized that even with his death the insurance doesn't cover the full mortgage and with just one paycheck,
now it will be difficult to keep the house But Izuku loves this house, his husband changed it so much so it could be all theirs adding a shed in the garden so Izuku could grow food, changing the garage so Shindo, his husband, could work on cars which were his passion,
& adding rooms and stuff
This was their house and they Were happy and Izuku would be damned if he ever let the house go

So he writes an online ad for roommates, the house has 4 rooms so he ask for two roommates, the 4th room was Shindo’s office and it's too early still
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cw: figureskater!izuku, journalist!eijirou, and engineer!katsuki, no quirks au, seniors in high school, krbkdk

• for clarification, UA High School is the same except it is similar to college where you pick jobs/classes
(it'll make more sense as this continues)
This was it. The final time Izuku Midoriya would present in UA's showcase. The first and final time Izuku Midoriya would present in the Senior Showcase. The final time Izuku's blades would grace the school's ice. The final time Izuku's name would fill the stadium.
The final time Katsuki Bakugou's machines would be on display for all to see. The first and final time Katsuki Bakugou would let little kids try those machines on UA grounds. The final time he would proudly boast about everything that went into the building of each machine.
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#bkdk #krbkdk cw:omegaverse. O!Bakugo, O!Izuku, A!Kirishima


It's a widely known fact that Dynamight and Deku are mates. Normally two pro heroes announcing their mating wouldn't cause too much of an issue. Sure their fans would go a little crazy for a while but they'd settle
down after a while. However, Deku and Dynamight's rivalry was somewhat legendary, in spite of their obvious friendship, and not to mention the fact they were both Omegas.

While Omega pairings weren't as uncommon as they'd once been, the general populace slowly starting to accept
them more, the pair were the first Pro Heroes to publically announce it.

Public opinion was divided for a few months, some claiming it was unnatural, but slowly as they proved that they were still more than capable to fulfil their duties as heroes, people came around to the
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i’ll try to write this one soon but here’s a gist! see sammy’s quoted twt for tags! #bkdk #krbk #krdk #krbkdk where eijirou asked someone to threaten and harass izuku into breaking the bond with him and katsuki. the alpha he asked, agreed. he gave the details where izuku
would be that night and the time. their movie time cane and ei was nervous, guilty even. and a bit regretting. that guy probably met izuku and threatening him, noticing the greenette stopped responding to him.
a few more minutes into the movie, ei’s mark burned and he screamed. katsuki’s screamed beside him as well. and that’s when he realized what is happening.

/no, no, no! omega mate! must go to him!/ ei’s alpha screamed.

their classmates panic and surrounded them.
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#bkdk #ktdk #krbkdk ((angst/ repercussions/ violence/ good mates krbk/ rape/ description of rape/ Mama Inko MAD/ happy end))

Katsuki woke with a jolt, and immediately groaned as the blood in his head pounded and he felt a spinning nausea.
Next to him Kiri turned and puked
‘You okay?’ Katsuki asked through the bond, holding his head and taking deep breaths. Kiri’s nausea mixed with his own swirling between the bond finally made him lean over too and throw up into a trash can at the side of his bed.
‘Feel like I got hit by a bus.’ Kiri replied.
Katsuki laid back, breathing through his nose. He closed his eyes and tried to will away the pain.
‘Zuzu you okay? Do you feel sick too?’ Katsuki asked their Omega. It sucked when one of them was this sick, cause they all felt it through the bond.
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A little Katsuki winter thread on this cold afternoon! 🥰🥰

CW: #krbkdk (throuple?) sprinkle of angst, mostly fluff

Katsuki hates the winter. He thinks the snow is absolute bullshit with the way it clogs up the sidewalks, all the while making him freeze his
Ass off in 12 layers. He hates the gray slush it becomes, he hates the stressful holiday season that comes with it, but most of all, he hates the way it makes his boyfriends feel.

They always come down with colds, sniffling at 3am with a heater by their sides. Even with Izuku’s
OFA and Eijirou’s superhuman whatever, they still become little nestles of love that need to be taken care of during the winter time.

This particular year though, he decides he’s going to take matters into his own somewhat sweaty, explosive hands.

He’s going to knit.
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