1. I don't think I ever followed #45 and only occasionally blocked him. I wonder what might have happened if all the progressives/Democrats had blocked him? I think it might have limited the harm he caused and lowered his ability to turn out voters. We'll never know for sure.
2. But now we are faced with another democratic threat in the form of similar malignant narcissist with apparent stability problems who wants to control Twitter. He's playing out his most recent narcissistic adventure by pretending he can just snap is
3. fingers and buy Twitter that he knows is in need of a traditional savior (fkn a "White Knight"). But that's not who Musk is. He does not share our view of America. He believes people of color should be kept separate and only white men allowed to have power.
4. There are a lot of people under the misconception that the deal is done. The actual SEC filings show that they have until October to get regulatory approval and need shareholder approval. While this is continuing we need to block Musk. Anyone who copies and posts his drivel
5. is not a good follow and should be shunned. He's not going to win. #Writeitdown.

I am thinking of an alternative to Musk. I'm a great believer in those who can should and the concept of progressive taxation. People with the means could be buyers of Twitter treasury
6. stock to push unrestricted cash into Twitter. It won't be the big score people like Jack and the others founders may be hoping for but it will keep Musk from destroying America because I think that's his plan. In the mean time we need to suppress his cash by not supporting
7. any venture he's involved in. Don't by a @tesla or @SpaceXStarlink. Dry up his cash. As the deal moves forward we should be pressing the @FTC and @TheJusticeDept to block the transaction because Twitter is a monopoly that could be allowed to continue under traditional
8. antitrust analysis as the result of innovation and creativity but cannot be allowed to be sold to pass that monopoly to person like Musk who will use it to harm our society. When in the past has a monopoly been allowed to be sold to a single person? I can't think of one.
9. Full disclosure. I own a few Twitter shares. It ain't over till it's over.

• • •

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Apr 29
1. On Oath Keeper Brian Ulrich's guilty plea, I've said it several times but it deserves restating. We have yet to see evidence that #45 agreed to the use of force or violence to delay the count. I have looked at these statues for many years. Much longer than the recent
2. events. I have not seen direct evidence that establishes that #45 had agreed to the criminal purpose of using force or violence to impair the count. My late brother worked with Garland on similar cases. I had discussed these crimes with him many times in relation to the
3. rightwing terrorists who were the subject of prosecutions during the Clinton administration. Until they make that link with evidence that a jury could find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, I have no reason to believe that AG Garland would charge. And because
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Apr 28
1. Why I think the Elon Musk Twitter takeover won't ever work but will score him a $1 Billion in cash. Its because every original tweet Twitter users write is protected by their copyright. We ignore the usual form of license authority on Twitter. For argument sake, I'll assume
2. we grant Twitter some sort of a license to amplify that post into millions of copies that are shown to users around the globe. But Twitter is contemplating selling its database of Tweets to a third-party. IMO that makes the merger/sale a conspiracy to commit criminal copyright
3. infringement. I'm watching the SEC filings and it appears that the attorneys who are trying to paper this stinker are aware of their problem hoping that the deal will close and it will be Elon's problem. Imagine if every Twitter author/user sued for $750 in minimum statutory
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Apr 27
1. Is Putin calling it a wrap? "All tasks of the special military operation in Ukraine will be unconditionally fulfilled." Putin also said the "special operation" would ensure the security of Donbass, the Russian Crimea and all of
2. Russia in the future. Claiming it was all worth it he said, the special operation averted the real danger that hung over the Russian Federation.

Unlikely he's about to stop his aggression. This statement may indicate he has finally realized that his
3. actions may result in the loss of all Donbas and Crimea. Saying that I have saved Donbas and Crimea and anyone who interferes will presumably face nuclear weapons is how a defeated bully acts. He's weak. His forces are not going to withstand protracted war with Ukraine
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Apr 24
1. It's simple. The countries that are resisting sanctions or arming Ukraine are flooded with Russian money derived from crimes. The way to deal with that is to expose the corrupt members of those governments and tie them to Russian criminal conduct. Let them know
2. they can become less interesting a target of criminal prosecution if they get on the program. Target Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Austria & Switzerland. Make it clear that part of the plan may be blocking sanctions for these countries' banks. Make them an offer they can't refuse
3. and make it simple: Any ally of Russia is an American enemy. The Russian acts of Genocide put this in a place that no excuses can be allowed. You are either against genocide or you're for it.
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Apr 23
If that were true Germany would have a stronger military and take a more strident stand against the agressive war and genocide. Scholz is trying to preserve Russia as a German market with a leg up on other EU members who have less stomach for Russia's crimes against humanity.
Scholz thinks Germany has a say in whether the US goes to war against Russia to defend the Baltics, Romania, Poland or Bulgaria. They don't. The US Article 5 commitment is not subject to a veto by Germany or any other EU nation. And our sanctions apply to everyone. Ask Turkey.
As long as Putin thinks he can obtain compliance by threatening nuclear war we will have nothing but death. In a nuclear war Russia will cease to exist. Russia's military knows that. This is a conventional war threatening Europe and allowing Putin to change that
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Apr 6
1. Unconfirmed report Ukrainian forces took out the pontoon bridge in #Snyorivka NNE of #Kherson over #Inhulets River. If true it protects the Ua forces rear from Russian forces as they fall back west. There are other small bridges downstream at #Barativka and Halanivka but
2. my reporting has that area likely under Ua control at #Trudolubivka. If the Russian forces in the NE don't begin to fall back on the dam and bridge at Nova Kakhovka soon, they could find themselves trapped on the
3. bank of the Dnieper. Based on other reports, I make the Russian force that could be trapped at three BTGs. Once Nova Kakhovka is liberated, two of the four strategic objectives that I believe were the Russian military objectives, as oppose to Putin's lust for genocide,
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