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NEW | #Russian forces intensified efforts to encircle and capture #Severodonetsk on May 21 and will likely continue to do so in the coming days. Read today’s update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:… Image
#Russian troops in #Luhansk Oblast will likely move to capitalize on recent gains made in the Rubizhne-Severodonetsk-Luhansk-Popasna arc to encircle and besiege #Severodonetsk—the final Ukrainian strongpoint in Luhansk Oblast. ImageImage
#Russian troops are likely reinforcing their grouping around #Kharkiv City to prevent further #Ukrainian advances toward the international border. Image
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#Kherson Axis - No confirmed change in terrain control along this axis today. #Russia & #Ukraine continue to fire upon each others positions, while #RUAF fired missiles and rockets at nearby towns. Explosions were recorded in Kherson, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, & Odesa Oblast.
#Russian military engineers have brought in excavation/construction equipment to construct a secondary defensive line along existing frontlines. This suggests that #RUAF is anticipating a #Ukrainian attack soon & that #Russia is not trying to expand this front in the near future.
Following a canceled April 27 Kherson Oblast referendum to create the Kherson People's Republic, the #Russian appointed leader of #Kherson Oblast has stated that #Russia will annex the region instead of creating it's own state and then petitioning to join the #Russian Federation.
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Good morning! Day 86 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, with news and analysis updated throughout the day.

Things reaching boiling point in the #Donbas with danger for both sides and mass destruction once again.
Most British media this morning leading with news of @ZelenskyyUa's comments that east #Ukraine has been destroyed by #Russia

An update this this story for starters, where unfortunately the death toll is now 12 in #Severodonetsk alone, 50 houses destroyed
While the frontline in the east is described as "frozen" by some, it's not true. Not much movement with Ukraine generally holding strong

But there is one area of concern with a few thousand #Ukraine troops at risk of being surrounded as Russia opened up a spur in #Luhansk region
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GM 🗡️

Resistance News:

E. Sobolev, a traitor and collaborator introduced in an earlier episode, was put in charge of #Kherson's correctional facilities. Then his slimy tentacles got a hold of #Darivka (see previous report). He was promoted yet again, and is now operating in
#Snihurivka, where he took over Penal Colony #5. Current inmates will be resettled in correctional facilities in #Kherson region. Personal files of inmates are being studied for opportunities to recruit collaborators. The #Russians are removing lumber and construction materials
from colony #5 to fortify their positions in the region. Wood-processing takes place at a shop located on the territory of penal colony #90, near #Stepanivka, where the #Russians use forced labour.

To be continued.

#Ukraine #Russia #WarCrimes
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NEW | #Russian forces are continuing to suffer shortages of reserve manpower, causing the Russian military command to consolidate depleted battalion tactical groups. Read today’s update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:… Image
#Russian and proxy authorities in #Mariupol are struggling to establish coherent administrative control of the city. Image
The #Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) claimed to have encircled #Ukrainian troops in #Zolote and #Hirske. Image
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The story of #Darivka penal colony-hospital #10 in #Kherson.

As we know, E. Sobolev, a traitor we've mentioned before, now controls all the correctional institutions in #Kherson region.

Since he took over, all medications kept at the hospital were taken away for resale.
The medical management of #Darivka stopped communicating. Whatever happened to all the medications also happened to most of the medical equipment in the facility - gone. At the same time, the seriously ill and bedridden prisoners were left in the hospital.
Some were transferred to the “pit”. Their fate, like those of the seriously ill, will be decided on June 1st.

The original commandant of #Darivka, A. Gusarev, refused to cooperate with the #Russians, and most of the staff followed his example.
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Day 85 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine

"Russia's continuing their offensive in the northern #Donbas...but no major shift in territorial control by either side" per senior US defense official
"We continue to see the #Ukrainians continue to claw back territory north and northeast of #Kharkiv" per senior US defense official

#Russia|ns reinforcing north of #Kherson
"Weather's been an issue over eastern & southern #Ukraine" impacting #Russian naval & air ops, per senior US defense official

But #Russia also pulled back dramatically number of airstrikes around #Mariupol
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Occupied #Melitopol was visited by none other than Marat #Khusnullin - Deputy Prime Minister of #Russia. He arrived at #Melitopol after visiting #Kherson and #Enerhodar. In Enerhodar, he liked our nuclear power plant so much that he is ready to start appropriating our energy.
In #Kherson he commented on the high quality of our tomato paste and about all that #Ukrainian grain they can steal. He was accompanied by two local traitors and collaborators we've mentioned before - E. Balytsky and G. Danylchenko, who are more than happy to assist #Russia in
plundering #Ukraine's resources.

Reminder - during WW2, #Nazi collaborators in #Ukraine would be often found dead with grain stuffed in their throats.

Glory to #Ukraine ✊🏻🇺🇦🏴‍☠️
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Ha appena iniziato a parlare Mario #Draghi in #Senato.

Riporterò i passaggi più importanti del suo intervento.👇
#Draghi: "La guerra in #Ucraina è giunta al suo 85esimo giorno. La speranza da parte dell'esercito russo di conquistare vaste aree del Paese in tempi brevi si è scontrata con la convinta resistenza del popolo ucraino".
#Draghi: "La Federazione Russa si è ritirata da ampie porzioni del territorio ucraino per concentrare le sue forze nell'area orientale del Paese. Anche qui l'avanzata russa procede molto più lentamente del previsto. Nell'ultima settimana le forze ucraine hanno ripreso il
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Day 84 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine

Russia making some "incremental progress in the direction of the #BlackSea" near #Kherson & #Mikolayiv, per a senior US defense official

Russian also making some progress in #Donetsk
#Russia|n progress overall "fairly limited...a few kilometers maybe every day" per a senior US defense official
#Russia|n military offensives becoming smaller, more localized - US seeing "a shrinking of their offensives & their goals...using smaller units" per a senior US defense official
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GM. It was a good night 🗡️

This is our new pad. Cleaner than the last one. Not sure what this used to be beforehand, but we have technical water. It'll do for now. A good vantage point and not very conspicuous. What's more, I couldn't find it on satellite images.

In other news,
in occupied #Melitopol, infightings in the ranks of collaborators - they fight over spheres of influence and power. Some people get arrested, others are released, and round and round it goes.

Lists of #Russian collaborators are being compiled in occupied #Melitopol and
#Kherson. Partisan activity and targeted combat-utilization of #Russian soldiers, high-ranking officers, traitors and collaborators will continue. The Resistance has many eyes, and nothing the Russians do goes unnoticed, in both #Kherson and #Melitopol.
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Every Western polician who denies sending long-range heavy arms to Ukraine has to start the day w a story about a Ukrainian who survived russian occupation & kidnapping.

The head of a village in the Kherson region Viktor Marunyaka tells about tortures he went through /1
He was abducted by russians and tortured for several weeks. He recalls: "They brought me to one of the bases, I was kept there for the 3 days. The room was cement & cool. The first night we slept standing up." They beat him every day /2
"Then we slept sitting. They could only give us a cup of tea in the morning – the whole meal for the day. For 2-3 hours they were keeping us undressed. Then they say 'we will go to the river, you will swim and you will drown'. Or they would point a gun at one of us" /3
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NEW: Few details on the decision to send fewer than 500 troops back to #Somalia - but focus will remain on training/bolstering #Somali forces, per @PentagonPresSec

"This is a repositioning of forces..."
Sending US forces into #Somalia periodically had become "inefficient & increasingly unsustainable" per @PentagonPresSec
#Russia, #Putin conducting war in #Ukraine in an "utterly brutal way" per @PentagonPresSec, reminding world Putin can end it now if he chooses
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Avevo scritto questo sui territori occupati in #Ucraina, come #Kherson, e vorrei aggiungere qualche dato sulla #Crimea, che forse voi non conoscete. Penso che possa aiutare a capire meglio la situazione. Un thread.
A marzo 2020 è entrato in vigore un decreto, emanato dalla #Russia, in base al quale a quasi tutta la #Crimea, 19 comuni su 25, quindi l’80% del territorio della penisola circa, è stato assegnato lo status di “territorio di confine della Federazione Russa”.
Bisogna sapere che nell’ordinamento russo ci sono (almeno) sono quattro categorie principali che gli stranieri non possono possedere in #Russia. Una di queste sono i territori di confine.
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More horrors from the occupied territories. Buckle up

The #Russians continue to terrorize in the occupied territories. They rob enterprises, destroy #Ukrainian symbols, organize repressions and kidnap people. Some of them are released after being tortured and abused, nothing is
nothing is known about fate of others. The leader of the #Crimean #Tatar people and People's Deputy Mustafa Dzhemilev said that the abducted #Ukrainian activists from #Zaporizhzhia and #Kherson regions, who were taken to #Crimea, were ransomed by the #Russians for dollars.
The most difficult part is getting them out. Traditional #Russian corruption saves the day: we manage to "buy out" some of the hostages. The price starts at $250 and up, depending on who you negotiate with. It's not possible with everyone. First you need to negotiate, you need to
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🧵1/ The wonderful @TheStudyofWar predicts that Vladimir Putin will announce the annexation of #Kherson, and they are probably right, but I would warn @MFA_Russia that this move will deepen Russia’s biggest humiliation so far
2/ Once @Mod_Russia announce that Kherson is “annexed into Russia”, it is promptly going to be retaken by @DefenceU. There is no question about that. @CanadianUkrain1 and other 🇺🇦 SOF are running raids into Kherson nightly. There are literally Ukrainian posters all over the city
3/ The brave occupants of Kherson hate the invaders. Kharkiv’s occupiers fled and Kherson’s will, too. There isn’t a single serious commentator who thinks that retaking Kherson is not just a matter of time. What then for the Kremlin?
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A 🧵about what I have seen in southern #Ukraine. 👇

More and more villages are back under Ukrainian control near Kryvyi Rih on the way to #Kherson, and the stories about rape and killings are reaching the surface, while fighting can be heard nearby. 1/8
Sixty-seven-year-old Valentina recalls how the Russian troops moved into her neighbors' houses.

“My mother always told me that it was so terrible during the World War, but I didn’t know that war could be so terrible. I had no idea." 2/8

Another man told about how the #RussianArmy broke into his shop and stole everything. Later, his good friend Igor was killed, and a woman was said to be raped.

"They also killed Igor. They just came into his home and shot him," said Volodimir. 3/8…
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Thread: 16 May 2022: Day 82 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Israel denies the reports that it had agreed to send Blue Spear anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine via Estonia…
#France's President Macron has ideas about how to approach #Russia that were self-evidently dangerous to European security half-a-decade ago.
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Our Russian in #Kherson reports that the level of paranoia among #Russian troops in the city is through the roof. They don't trust their officers, they don't trust their comrades, they constantly look over their shoulder, and always move in groups at night. The stories about the
disappearances and deaths of #Russian soldiers in occupied #Melitopol have reached them, and with the Resistance ramping up its threats, #Ukrainian artillery pounding their frontlines and shady characters coming in and out of the city seemingly unfazed by their nightly patrols,
they're not feeling in control of the situation. The visits from FSB torture squads and mass arrests are a strong indication that they're rattled deeply by their inability to impose their will on the region.

Bad times. Imagine France, '43. Dark, silent and constricted.

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It's the time of the season.

In other news, there are no news. The frontline remains frozen, and other than artillery duels and nighttime harassment of enemy lines nothing's going on. The reason remains the same - as much as I love the steppes, it's

Glory to #Ukraine 🇺🇦✊🏻
bad terrain to wage a war. Kicking the #Russians out of #Kherson region will cost lots of blood, toil, tears and sweat, even with NATO guns and tech on the battlefield. Russia is retreating from #Kharkiv to reinforce their push in the South and Donbass. They have about 7 BTGs
on the Mykolayiv-Kherson contact line, but these have been degraded, often down to 50%, so any push before they're up to 75-80% is unlikely. Both parties are digging in and fortifying their positions before the major offensive / counteroffensive. The situation is different in
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Lo stato della guerra in #Ucraina, il futuro politico di Kiev, si regge su un filo sottilissimo, la cui tenuta dipende dalla velocità con cui l'Occidente fornirà sostegno militare alle truppe 🇺🇦, e allo stesso tempo dalla capacità della 🇷🇺 di riconoscere che è (quasi) finita
Ne sono convinti gli esperti dell'ISW, secondo cui il fattore tempo risulterà cruciale per stabilire "dov'è la vittoria". E chi la farà sua.
Nelle settimane a venire, #Putin potrebbe proclamare l'annessione di diversi territori dell'#Ucraina sud-orientale.
Il Cremlino è in grado di riconoscere l'incapacità di avanzare oltre sul terreno di battaglia? Una risposta affermativa attesterebbe che Vladimir #Putin è ancora lucido, perfettamente consapevole degli equilibri di forza sul terreno, padrone del proprio destino.
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🧵🗣️Another exciting report from Kenneth Gregg /#Ukrania :"Yesterday the #Russians returned to Russian soil in several places. People have even been evacuated away from the border on the Russian side. Whether the Russians are going into a defensive position on Russian soil-->
"or whether they are continuing into #Belgorad is difficult to say. However, we do know that the Ukrainian artillery has M549 HERA shells with a range of up to 30 km, so if we decide to set up our artillery on the border, we will reach the Russian depots outside Belgorad.->
"The temptation to besiege Belgorad is probably great at the moment, but it is politically impossible. On the other hand, I think the Ukrainian offensive is now turning towards #Kupyansk. If that goal is reached, then the Russians' time in Izumy is totally over,-->
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A bit of intel:

A group of recruiters arrived in occupied #Kherson. It included FSB officers, officers of the Ministry of State Security of #DNR and representatives of the PPK League. Their task is to find people who will agree to work in the special services of the DNR.
During the stay of this group in #Kherson, up to 50 civilians were tortured and killed. About 120 residents of #Kherson were abducted. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

On May 11-12, this group arrived at the local pre-trial detention center, where they attempted to
recruit among the detainees. Gunfire could be heard.

#Ukraine #Russia #WarCrimes
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I'm back, bigger than life and twice as ugly. And it's a beautiful day!

Glory to #Ukraine ✊🏻🇺🇦🤘🏻
It was an eventful trip. There was a lot to see, and a lot to learn, some of it was disturbing to say the least, specifically the sheer amount of abuse inflicted upon the civilian population in #Kherson.

Two Russian BTRs and a handful military personnel less, a modest bounty
that has yielded some valuable intel. These guys have zero opsec awareness, they keep taking photos of stuff they shouldn't, and then leave it on their phones for random drifters to discover. If there was one thing they could've learned from the Nazis is that you don't document
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