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#WHCD2022. The infected thread.

Don't forget we are looking at 700 to 1400 possible infections. We may not hear all of them.

The very first one? Someone sitting right next to "Kete". Video of Kete at the table?

But of course. Image
You can't see Jonathan, but he's there.
Are you like @KimKardashian or @petedavidsonSNL, possibly infected, and want to avoid infecting Khloé and the gang?

Avoid sharing the air by:

Immediately putting on N95s.

Build a #corsirosenthalbox.

Learn how to isolate at home successfully:…

More info on the #corsirosenthalbox…
3 days before he was infected at the #WHCD2022, VOA reporter Steve Herman, tweeted about an uneasy feeling.

No2 Image
He was at table 191. I believe Kete is about max 50 feet away.

Ok, before the next batch come on.

Jonathan Karl went to 2 Friday events, NBCNU and CAA.

With a huge number of people.

On Saturday, an ABC reception before the actual dinner.… ImageImageImageImage
On Friday, he went to the UTA event with just a ton of names, including Don Lemon - who took multiple selfies with Fauci at the Garden brunch.… Image
Rumor has it the infected list is growing exponentially.

Excellent video here of Jonathan Karl in very close proximity to President Biden on Saturday.

President Biden has some sort of blood clotting disorder. The med is contraindicated for Paxlovid.… Image
I saw the @medriva tweet on the multiple infected journalists
from #WHCD2022 . And decided to track it down.

Was not pleased with the lackadaisical approach the CNN reporter took to actual reporting or even writing an Op-Ed.

Anyone else notice that after the GridIron, by this point, we had far more cases REPORTED?

We are hearing the rumors but nothing is being REPORTED.

Lol...I can't believe that politicians are more transparent than journalists.

Instead this:…
it's hard for me to be too hard on @anushkapatil though as she's a social editor.

Not a health reporter who would have known to get quotes from aerosol scientists that would have pointed out that so few cases after such a much more crowded event, beggars the imagination.
Strains the last strains of journalistic credibility - and completely severs the credibility of the Biden Administration on Public Health.

I get it, though. Why should top level journalists report essentially on the Typhoid Mary's running their networks?

I can tell them
though, that they should be getting PCR tests. With the amount of virus in the air that night, the inoculum, they most likely have a better shot at LongCoVid.

And without that test? Good luck getting insurance to cover what you need.

And insurance will point to the lack
of cases coming out of the #WHCD2022 as the reporters ARE NOT REPORTING THEMSELVES, as proof the reporter could not have gotten it at work.

Karma. CoVid Karma always wins in the end. Image
Hopefully, this opens the floodgates.

Kim Godwin, ABC Chief, testing positive.

Here Kim Godwin is with Kim Kardashian at the ABC reception that Godwin hosted.

And also with Jonathan Karl, who also tested positive. ImageImage
At 5:30 p.m., on Saturday, there was an ABC News reception, hosted by ABC News President Kim Godwin. Image
#4 - please be kind. It is the CDC who has failed us all.

H/T @wsbgnl

#5 - please be kind. It is the CDC who has failed us all.

This one I am personally horrified by.

#6 - please be kind. It is the CDC who has failed us.

H/T @itshullabalulu !!

This one is a serious one, because others that were also guests of NBCU?

CIA, Homeland Security, Education , Domestic Policy Council leaders, and Secretary Cardano.

Blinken was also at the exclusive Paramount after-party with Psaki, Biden's granddaughter, Biden's senior advisor Gene Sperling, Amy Klobuchar, Chris Coons, Patrick Leah (dude knows how to party - he was everywhere), and Don Lemon.… ImageImage
#7 - Emily Goodin, Senior US Political Reporter for the DailyMail. H/T @justthefacts85 !

She wrote about the #WHCD2022 here:…
She was at the table with Martha Stewart. Probably not the best table.

Right next to the kitchen.

But not for the reason you or Martha were thinking. Image
Martha Stewart - there is no news.

But she was with Kete at the ABC preparty reception earlier that day. With Jonathan and Kim (above).… Image
#7 - #25

Names unknown. Per Steve Portnoy. 👇👇

Ah, less than 1% of 2600 is 25.… Image

• • •

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May 6
TLDR? Fecal viable virus. Mask up in the bathroom.

Viable virus - you are producing virus that can infect others.

And in studies, it means they were able to take the captured virus and grow more of it.

This just closes the door on doubt about fecal aerosol transmission. 🧵
Published February 25, 2020.

By the Chinese CDC.

I refuse to go down the origin rabbit hole. WE have had so many lab escapes with so many diseases, how can we blame others?… Image
May 2020. US CDC.

Viable virus from feces.…
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May 5
In a few months, we should see more public celebrity collapses.

You might see them on stage near you.

Here are some resources to check if they were at the WHCAD which by sheer # should have huge numbers of infected?

But the thin red line (editor's ink) is keeping them quiet.
Bob Sagat, Heather MacDonald (video of her collapsing), The King's Man....

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May 5
@ChrisCameronNYT another one for the #WHCD2022.

You'll notice that Karl and her were hanging with Kete. Might want to keep an eye out.

BTW, can you ask Steve Portnoy to comment on the following?

Given we are talking less than 1% of 2600, 25? And that the GridIron hit 85 from
600? 14%.

So, lower bound, with 675 staff and 2600 guest... 458 cases at 14% @ WHCAD.

Upper bound, aerosol transmission estimates range from 786 to 1416 roughly.

At the BioGen Tech conference in Boston, 99 turned into 300,000.…
An increase of 3,030%. So:

458 cases becomes 1,387,740 cases.
786 cases becomes 2,381,580 cases.
1416 cases becomes 4,290,480 cases.

And the 99 to 300,000 is with the original strain. This is with Omicron.

Omicron's transmissibility far outweighs

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May 4
It seems newsworthy, @oliverdarcy, that your @ReliableSources newsletter is anything but a reliable source on this story.

A newsworthy thread....
First, "anecdotally?"

Why wouldn't the public authorities be contact tracing?

It would seem newsworthy to mention that the CDC has advised against contact tracing.

Which is the opposite of what their own field books recommend.

Also, it would seem you would Image
report x number of attendees reported they were infected.

As that does seem newsworthy.

Moving on, it would seem newsworthy to point out that prior to February 25th, such an event would have required masking. Which would have severely reduced transmissions. Image
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May 4
We are being gaslit by the inaction of the WHO and the CDC.

Both are public health agencies.

@DrTedros ? @CDCDirector ?
The @CDCgov would like a word.

From the CDC's own literature on how to communicate CoVid is airborne. Neither of you have done so.…
Where's the press kit? Image
Blah droplets blah particles.

Both of you.

🔥CoVid is airborne. Like TB. Image
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May 3
The CDC is ACTIVELY winding down the CoVid-19 response.

I joined the Zoom session, and everything is in the past tense.

You can, too:… iconexternal icon

Passcode: =2usJE3Q
Of interest to many of those who I follow, and who follow me. You can sign up to be heard as a member of the public at these ACD meetings.
Yes. Like the #OSHAhearing forced into being by @UniversalMaski2. You can have your voice heard.

She can mute you in Twitter. Not in these meetings.

Bottom of the page, click get email updated. Image
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