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96.01/ Week ninety-six, May 14-20, 2022, thread begins here.

#PesachSheni Sameach!

Week 95 below.
96.02/ Because we are.

And it's about the same people. The GOP is the Confederacy right down to the rotten core of cowardly rebels.
96.03/ It's really this simple. And b/c it's actually this simple, it's clear anti-voters don't understand citizenship & shared responsibility like I do.

They're like anti-vaxers that way. In this way too: both threaten all our lives when they opt out.
96.04/ So glad to see I'm not the only one who suffers like this. (my household needs to know! It's not my fault!)

Reposting the picture to add alt-text: Meme of a huge angelic crea...
96.05/ What a useful term, "the glass cliff," for something I've seen time and again. I originally named it for Pres. Obama, but the larger term is better.

Google scholar about it:…
96.06/ Well, when you put it that way...
96.09/ This is my technique for any form of rudeness.
96.10/ True, and yet I have such nostalgia for those toddler days
96.11/ Speaking of nostalgia, this thread makes me hanker to transport back to my 1e (aka AD&D) days. The game was ridiculously convoluted, killed you faster than a newbie playing Galaxian, made me care about footman vs. horseman maces, etc. But I loved it
96.12/ What kind of #NYR fan am I? The kind that just couldn't bear watching the 3rd b/c my nerves were frayed to shreds by the careening ups & downs of the series. NHL game 7 OT is the very highest sports octane.

This guy gets it!
96.13/ IMO the Rosetta stone for what the MCU cannot do is the way Marvel comics rested on a bedrock of the FF, the most Universe savingest supergroup, yet those characters (and SFX) couldn't translate to the screen. Stark became a (poor) Reed stand-in.
96.14/ The garden going nutso is fun to see but this clip from inside the studio makes me happy. Especially with Henrik there too. #NYR
96.15/ Of course the #NYR are the 1st to do this b/c they're trying to kill us!

We #LGM & #NYR fans experience a smattering of success sprinkled amidst yrs of frustration to make us a hardy breed (unlike Jets & Knicks who just crush hope year after year)
96.16/ I spoke on this topic this Shabbas and BE"H B"N BS"D etc. I will write it up. #DisabilityHalakha…
A key source for me is Rambam, Laws of the Priestly Blessings 15:6-7…
96.17/ I don't follow many politicians, but @brianschatz is a pleasure to read. And he's quite often right, and ASFAIK willing to fight.

96.18/ Indeed. It should've been a big ol' warning sign that they were not loyal to the actual United States but to some sicko fan-fiction that denies the Constitution in favor of blood & soil.
96.19/ Yeah. This is top notch irony. It's not even Orwellian, it's Kafka-esque!
96.20/ We #Mets fans are spoiled because the Gary Cohen/Ron Darling/Keith Hernandez booth is the best in sports, Howie Rose is the best in radio, and @SNYtv is the best in TV sports production. I compare to ESPN, YES or any of the NFL games & am grateful.
96.21/ As in 96.04, it's satisfying to have company in my misery about my terrible state of computer affairs. (I assume my RAM is being eaten up by my virus protector fighting my browser trying to scrape my HD for personal data.)

Reposting to add alt-text: Split image. Top half is a ...
96.23/ Fun article by the estimable Mitchell First about the origin of the Hebrew alphabet (from 2020) with this great chart:… 22 numbered rows, with thes...
96.24/ Yup. The bigots afraid of being treated as badly as they treat others.

Also, as @Teri_Kanefield points out, authoritarians see the world as a hierarchy and losing their "high station" breaks their brains & worldview. They recoil at the wrongness.
96.25/ My two roles:
(1) Rabbi: oh no! a new wave of symptomatic COVID is running through unaware communities. Take care people!

(2) Social scientist: this is an incredible & reliable 'double blind' qualitative tool to track the epidemic.
96.26/ Gotta tell you, this has been a dishwasher game-changer. It's not foolproof, but it's so much better than the old "is it dirty? clean? it's wet but that means nothing!" And it leaves the kids with no excuse to load/unload. Highly recommend.…
96.27/ My wife is on an adventure: a 3 city lecture-concert tour in Israel (open to the public check local listings!). She left last night with our youngest - a big Bat Mitzvah present - and I'm home with the boys. So proud of Rebecca's work & I wish we all could've joined her.
96.28/ At least we were warned: #Mets game cancelled tonight because despite being 88F degrees yesterday in Denver, today there's a snowstorm. That's bonkers.
96.30/ I'm having wicked computer trouble. Again. And I'm told there is a tornado watch nearby, which is just lovely. So time for signing off. Stay safe everyone, the 'Rona is running amok again. #ShabbatShalom

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