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1/ A thread to catalog my stray comments about the NFL yesterday (as part of my academic 'obsessive archiving' heritage).

Overall, the #Steelers had an amazing road win over Buffalo mainly because of a stifling defense, which is fun in retrospect but during the game is stressful
2/ The comment below is actually from my sports-watching partner, my sportsman son, who is wise & savvy beyond his years.

Melvin "Boy Named Sue?" Ingram draws a holding penalty instead of getting a de jure sack but de facto it is one.
3/ BAL & NE are experts in bad-faith rulebook exploitation. Examples abound (see CBS link). 2 most common: the "Flacco Ball" (badly thrown deep pass designed purely to draw DPI) & having the OL hold on every play to DDOS the refs.…
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61.01/ Week sixty-one, Sept. 11-17, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 60 below
61.02/ I am a fan of the professional sport of American Football and, as a child of Pittsburgh, a particular avid supporter of the #Steelers. I apologize ahead of time for some intemperate comments that may be made during the season which could be non-sequitur for non-NFLers.
61.03/ From last night at the #Mets-Yankees game, a scandal that Fox's cameras lingered on that hateful flag. Ironically it symbolizes the way 9-11 was perverted by corrupt bad-actors from day one.

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58.01/ Week fifty-eight, Aug. 21-27, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 57 thread below.
58.02/ This article, sporting footnote numbers in superscript without any accompanying - um, ya know, actual - notes, has big "lazily plagiarized from Wikipedia" vibes to it.…
58.03/ OTOH, this is an absolutely crucial piece in the Jewish Press by Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman, explaining and expanding on the ruling of Harav Hershel Schachter, that getting the COVID vaccine is halakhically required. Demanded.…
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57.01/ Week fifty-seven, Aug. 14-20, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 56 thread below.
57.02/ 2 comments about Rav Willig's shiur for Shoftim 5781:
(1) He explicitly endorses Rav Twersky's position for combatting the virus and that's awesome!……
(2) Him citing Rav Bleich to defend Zechariah ben Avkulous is [chef's kiss]
57.03/ From May 2020, one of my references to ZbA (as I should refer to him) and how I use him as an archetype.
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56.01/ Week fifty-six, Aug. 7-13, 2021, thread begins here.

#ChodeshTov everyone! Happy #Elul, the "deep breath before the plunge" (as Gandalf says).

Week 55 thread is below.
56.02/ Excellent shibboleth action here from Rabbi Ruttenberg, in a benevolent, non-murdery, way, of course.

56.03/ Honored with #haftara yesterday but it had been so long since I last did one that my eyesight has gotten bad enough that I was juggling a mask, fogged glasses, & the too small print of even a full-size Artscroll. And why did Yeshayahu have to make up so many weird words?!
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55.01/ Week fifty-five, July 31-Aug 6 2021, thread begins here.

Week 54 below
55.02/ I have no idea (yet?) how to handle this case brought up by @AnaMardoll and I think I need to because I can envision needing a solution IRL.

(Note, it also illustrates why conservatives were so afraid of D&D: it allows kids to broaden their worlds)
55.03/ As I've gotten older I've come to view this mishnah from Avot as more & more central to both practical & ideal wisdom. Especially for the internet.

It's an early indictment of #DunningKruger blowhards: stop talking! Listen. Less talk, more rock.…
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54.01/ Week fifty-four, July 24-30 2021, thread begins here.

Week 53 below:
54.02/ This is a fun Rebbe story, which could even be true (who knows), re: apologetics for the bracha of "Shelo Asani Isha."

Source (Pleasant Ridge Newsletter, Vaetchanan 5771):…

[I needed to edit the alt-text a bit to get to 1000 char.] The Ropshitzer Rebbetzin wa...
54.03/ I've tried to teach people & model the behavior that every person needs to be treated with respect. That we are to treat janitors with the same respect as we do rabbis. Sadly, they learned to treat rabbis with the same respect they treat janitors.…
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Ma olen nõus RMKle andestama nende sigaduste eest, kui nad teevad suure hanke selliseid ja hakkaksid viisakama harvendusega tegelema. Jätke mets alles - lihtsalt võtke mõned puud maha! #eesti #mets #RMK
kamoon, jaga seda! hea mõte ju! XD
See hull saag ka asjal kaasas!
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Just how unpredictable is this 2021 #Mets team?

@fangraphs gives them a 66.2% chance of making the playoffs.

@baseball_ref gives them a 18.4% chance of making the playoffs.

That is the largest disparity between the two models out of all 30 MLB teams.

@fangraphs @baseball_ref What's one potential reason for this huge difference?

According to Baseball-Reference, the Mets had the 13th easiest schedule so far in the 2021 season while they now have the HARDEST remaining schedule in the majors.
@fangraphs @baseball_ref @DSzymborski would love to get your take on if you have any idea as to why the Mets team is so polarizing for different models.

Seems like Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference agree on the majority of teams, but not the Mets.
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49.01/ Week forty-nine, June 19-25 2021, begins here.

Week 48 below
49.02/ 100%. I said this back in the day about dating as well. Only people dull to human pain and effort and/or those who lack functional life experience could say "how does it hurt?" with a straight face.

49.03/ For you music fans, esp. of early music played on period instruments, check out this great review of my wife's album "In the Salon of Madame Brillon: Music and Friendship in Benjamin Franklin’s Paris" by The Raritan Players (Rebecca Cypess, dir.)…
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48.01/ Week Forty-eight, June 12-18 2021, begins here.

Week 47 below.
48.02/ Not popping champagne corks yet, but the large person with horns could sing at any moment to usher in a post-Bibi Israel
48.03/ Has Bibi taken credit for inventing the question mark?
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Average Spin Rate Difference on All Pitches from 2017 per Statcast:

Trevor Bauer: +547 RPM
Gerrit Cole: +313 RPM

Jacob deGrom: +72 RPM

One is not like the other

#Mets #LGM
This is not a tweet condemning Bauer or Cole, I do not want anyone to think that. All I am trying to show is how deGrom's spin rate hasn't dramatically increased over the years like the others mentioned in the tweet.
The sudden spike in spin rate is one of the reasons they are getting targeted by the public. If deGrom had a drastic increase in his spin rate in any year, I bet a lot of attention would be brought up about it. But he has remained relatively stagnant throughout his whole career
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46.01/ Week Forty-six, May 29-June 4 2021, begins here.

Week 45 below:
46.02/ Attempting the "Not starting every email/tweet with the word 'so' challenge." This is comes after "Not starting every etc with 'well'"

I understand this is common for academics. In my observation: "well" is to state your hypothesis, "so" the next step in analysis.
46.03/ I just spent hours writing a thread and for some reason the screen skipped and I lost everything. It's hard to explain how destructive this is. First time it's happened and now I will know to continuously back up writing in a side document. But I'm mildly perturbed.
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44.01/ Week Forty-four, May 15-21 2021, begins here.

[note: Forty should have a 'u' in it, no? English is a weird language.]

Week 43 below:
44.02/ So many people I assumed were motivated by greed (for money, abstract resources) and/or power are actually driven by ego. This discovery required a major retooling of my understanding of moral philosophy

e.g. during the #TrumpCrisis people risked their lives just for ego
44.03/ Long thread about 'fear' (45 Posts)
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42.01/ Week Forty-two, May 1-7 2021, thread begins here.

Week 41, April 24-30 2021, below.
42.02/ I'm an NFL fan, so I don't lament these numbers, but it's a fascinating datum nonetheless. And 'watching the draft' doesn't encompass the interest people have (e.g. I couldn't watch over Shabbat, but I woulda if I coulda)
42.03/ #ReshetKeshet. I just uploaded a dvar Torah I wrote 16 years ago about this week's parsha (with connections to Avot, Ruth, and the Simpsons)…
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38.01/ Week 38, April 4-9, 2021, begins here.

Week 37 linked below
38.02/ From last night, following the 9 Day Passover Of Twenty-Twenty-One
38.03/ The wisdom/motivation of changing the name associated with your group depends on who gave the name in the first place.

If the majority imposed the original name: understandable way to reframe stigma

If you chose the original name: you're not fooling anybody prunes
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"It turns out that there is virtually zero evidence to support the claim that voter ID laws reduce election turnout."

This includes major studies from Harvard Business School and non-profit organizations.

@MLB has some explaining to do. #Mets #Braves 🔻…
A major study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research... based on data from 2008-2018 found that voter ID laws “have no negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any group defined by race, gender, age, or party affiliation.” Attn: @MLB
"According to the Brennan Center for Justice, 11% of Americans do not have a current, unexpired government-issued ID with a photograph, such as a driver’s license or photo ID. According to Pew Research, 19% of Americans currently lack cell phones..." @MLB
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29.01/ Week twenty-nine thread, for Jan. 30-Feb. 5, 2021, begins here. Last week's thread (28.01) linked below.

29.02/ Every once in a while, I let the depraved fatalism of the phrase "boys will be boys" just wash over me...
29.03/ Snow still following here in Central NJ, with some swirling wind, allowing me to use the word "snow squalls" at the breakfast table. My 14yo suggested that if the wind is strong enough to dislodge squirrels, it'd be "squirralls of snow." Yup.
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27.01/ Week twenty-seven starts here, Jan. 16-22, 2021. Last week's thread is below
27.02/ I was just teaching my children about the wonders of my childhood toys, including the one time I got for my birthday a Lite Brite and the amazing Shrinky-dinks.
27.03/ Played "Lawyers, Guns & Money" for my 11yo daughter who thought it was hilarious & suggested we change rock, paper, scissors to those 3

rock = guns (weapon) 🔫
paper = money 💵
scissors = upside-down for 2 feet (lawyer is a type of person, no?) 🤦🏽

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Having exceeded the allowable use of the analogy “tire fire,” the 2020 #Mets now have an actual one across the street at a ballpark neighborhood attraction known as “Missing Witness Chip Shop Row.” From @SNYtv #LGM
Not “some kind of tire fire,” Gary. “SOME KIND of tire fire!”
*CHOP Shop. Friggin autocorrect
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Sure, "polls aren't votes", but 15 pts down means Trump's (ym"sh) vulnerable, dries up fundraising, allows GOP electeds to contradict him publicly, allows reporters to treat him normally & not as the magician of 2016 who commands a cult of violent kooks.
To combat the complacency that the polling imbalance could bring, I suggest telling fellow anti-Trumpites that no matter how much DJT is down in November, when you vote, it will feel as good as punching him in the face with all of your strength

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#Mets twitter, is this anything:

The SNYder Cut
game 5 of the 2015 world series but they digitally edit Harvey out of the 9th
@swillogical i thought you might appreciate this one
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Bugün 1 Temmuz, ABD'de "Bobby #Bonilla günü". Bobi eski bir beyzbolcu. 6x Allstar olmak da dahil birçok başarısı var ama odağımız spor değil, menajerinin kotardığı finansal bir başarı. 19 yıl önce emekli olan Porto Rikolu'nun 2035'e kadar her yıl maaş almasını sağlayan cinsten 😀 Image
Yıl 1999. Kariyerin sonuna gelmiş Bonilla, N.Y. #Mets takımında sorun yaratmakta. Hem yedek, hem ağzı laf yapıyor. Kontratında 1 yıl kalmış ve o yıl $5.9 milyon daha maaş alacak. Mets, parası neyse verelim sussun deyip kontratını feshediyor. Ancak o sırada takım sahibi Wilpon... Image
Ponzici banker Madoff'un ağına çoktan girmiş. Madoff yıllık %10 üstü faiz vaadediyor. Wilpon sıcak parayı kaybetmek yerine, Bonilla'ya hayatının (finansal) kontratını teklif ediyor:

Peşin 5.9 milyon vermeyeyim; yerine 10 yıl sonra başlayacak 24 adet $1,2 milyon ödeme yapayım! 🧢 Image
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Ballparks of Japan thread:

Nippon Professional Baseball (founded: 1950). Previously, Japanese Baseball League (first season: 1937).

-12 teams.
-2 divisions of six: Central and Pacific. Image
Nagoya Dome, home of the Chunichi Dragons of the Central League.

Location: Nagoya
Opened: 1997
Capacity: 40,500
Surface: Turf

328 400 328

Example of a Geodesic dome. ImageImageImageImage
Koshien Stadium, home of the Hanshin Tigers of the Central League

Location: Nishinomiya
Opened: 1924
Capacity: 47,508
Surface: Grass (all dirt infield)

312 387 312

Original design influenced by Polo Grounds.

Exterior adorned in ivy. ImageImageImageImage
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