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97.01/ Week ninety-seven, May 21-27, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 96 below.
97.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone. My wife texted from Israel that she got positive PCR test when she landed in Israel - one day before they rescinded that requirement! She's asymptomatic, thank God, but I just don't know how it could've been avoided b/c the 'rona is rampant y'all.
97.03/ It was in the 90s today and my downstairs A/C broke days ago and I can't get a guy here until Tuesday. I told them they can prioritize others because my upstairs A/C works, Thank God, so it's not a safety issue for us. But I wouldn't mind it getting fixed soon.
97.04/ A new batch of new COVID tests are available by the Post Office. Thank goodness.
97.05/ @WorstSamaritan makes a good point. I've started using this phrasing, conspiracy not "theory," based on his suggestion.
97.06/ Not going to quibble with ranking, but yes, this is an incredible sound effect in a movie series filled with them.
97.07/ This is really good social science. I learned a lot. Thank you Dr. Luft!

97.08/ I was taught that in the MLB every team will win 1/3 of the games & lose 1/3, it's what they do with the middle third that's the difference. The 2022 #Mets seem to want to be the living embodiment of this adage, and I love it. It's been technically great baseball. #LGM
97.10/ I too would like one of these. Maybe a few of them :)
97.11/ This is an accurate sociological assessment.
[Picture of Osem mini yellow croutons]
97.12/ For those scoring at home, the "Life" in "pro-life" is like the "Love" in Orwell's Ministry of Love.…
97.13/ AFAIK, the aggressive support for D*pp comes from the desperate desire to destroy #MeToo so to reestablish a hierarchy of abuse with white patriarchy on top. D*pp is Kavanaugh & Ritt*nhouse combined. No matter the verdict, we can't let that destruction happen.
97.14/ Finally got the HVAC guys today & my transpiston-manifold matrix has been degaussed, or something similar in the realm of "this machine disobeyed the laws of physics & you're paying the price." Basically a crucial piece of plastic melted & it costs.
97.16/ GenX #Mets fans are forever blessed/cursed by growing up with '86 as a possibility; a team that got us hooked for decades. Every year we hope we could repeat that magic (without the cocaine, crimes & tragedy). '22 feels like that kind of team! #LGM
97.17/ Something these 6+ years of civilizational battle have shown us is that nearly every section of the academy has their time to be an expert, and then suffer when their expertise is thrown away in favor of ideological appeasement and/or raw human selfishness.
97.18/ For a long time, I couldn't imagine that the pro-gun GOP loved seeing dead kids, but there's just too much evidence. The GOP prevents any action to stop massacres & COVID showed us they do not care about children's lives at all. They're an unreasoning death cult.
97.20/ Guns are a public health hazard, see this excellent thread:

But since we've seen the GOP is the anti-vax, anti-mask, pro-COVID party, it makes sense they want to encourage this death vector.

Don't you dare call them "pro-life."
97.21/ I learned a lot from this thread by @NBedera re: #MeToo especially the ethnography of conservative abuse survivors. Thank you Dr. Bedera. (See also 97.13 above)
97.22/ I needed to take a Twitter break because too many people - well meaning, I'm sure - felt a need to share gruesome details from the latest gun tragedy. I can't handle that, just jumping out at me. No trigger warnings neither. Just [WORST HORROR IMAGINABLE] in my feed.
97.23/ We've invented non-verbal textual language with "air quotes" - something exclusively from written language but missing from oral - and I think we need to expand the repertoire. Maybe something for "citation needed"?
97.24/ I'm evidently "get one less hour of sleep yet it feels like I haven't slept in days" years old.
97.25/ The same people who believe the president has dictatorial powers to just do whatever they want are those who actively discourage voting when "The Dems" don't magically fix everything instantly. In my experience, they can't be reasoned with; this is a psychological need. (uber driver doing his job ...
97.26/ The family's back together again! My wife & daughter returned from Israel this morning & despite being in COVIDjail for most of the time, the trip was a (hyperkinetic) success. It's good to have everyone here for #Shabbas, though.
97.27/ #NachasAlert: My parents and wife are being honored* at this year's RPRY dinner! Donations are welcome; it's the best school in the state, so you can't go wrong.

*I'm also on the list, but it's a bit like this:…
97.28/ #ChochmatNashim #Bechukotai
OLP) Shoshana Ruerup 2022…
JOFA) Behar - Amy Newman, May 7, 2021…
JOFA) Bechukotai - Erin Smokler, 2021…
pp. 5 7 8 16 22 23
97.29/ #ChochmatNashim #YomYerushalayim
Sivan Rahav Meir
Jun 2, 2019…
May 10, 2021…

pp 8, 44-45, 49, 54-55, 56, 58-59, 60

Direct link
Rabbanit Shani Taragin…
97.30/ #ChochmatNashim #Bechukotai & others.

Some friends:
Deracheha: Chinuch by Laurie Novick, Rav Ezra Bick, Ilana Elzufon, Shayna Goldberg, eds…

Rabbanit Lisa Schlaff May 26, 2022…
97.31/ As part of my broadly defined #ChochmatNashim (which started as that organization, OLP, only, but is now a big tent), here's an small piece by @Doc_RPS which features one of the two best prizes in Jewish leadership: an artsy cartoon profile pic.… A color cartoony headshot o...
97.32/ The other prize, you ask? Obviously to have a sandwich named after you in a nearby deli. I have never been even close to this honor but I have the menu planned down to the last detail just in case the opportunity strikes.
97.33/ #NachasAlert: My son has a front page article - it's very well researched and pretty impressive - for his HS #Torah publication for #Bechukotai. Enjoy!…
97.34/ While it feels like the world is getting grimmer, I give my blessing that we can find the power to make our own interactions generous & benevolent and in this way push back the darkness.

Please stay safe, all. #ShabbatShalom from me to you.
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172.02/ Oh my! Happy Cow Tools Day for all who celebrate!
172.03/ Just came back from a lecture and Q&A with @jeremybob1 and while what he said about the current situation is grim, I'm glad to have learned so much. Also, I'm definitely going to buy his book.
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Week 170 below.
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171.03/ One thing I've read, from Rettig-Gur & many others, is that Hamas had a real strategy. It's the Algeria playbook: to make life in Israel so intolerable that the "colonialist tourists" would pick up and go back to where they came from. That's why I call it a paradigm error
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