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I really enjoyed talking to Noah about the #CAS.

It’s not the first time I’m coming out publicly to challenge the status quo at the CAS (see…) and I’d like to explain a bit why.

[Thread] 👇👇👇

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Transparency #Independence
1. #CAS is a crucial player in sports governance, it whitewashes legally speaking the decisions of international SGBs. Once a CAS award confirmed a decision of an SGB, the latter gains in authority and becomes extremely difficult to challenge elsewhere (see #Pechstein odyssey).
2. #CAS is not an arbitral tribunal, I repeat #CAS is not an arbitral tribunal! As I have argued elsewhere (…), CAS jurisdiction in appeal cases cannot be grounded on consent, it needs post-consensual foundations (such as the famous ‘level playing field’).
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@cstross I never worked in intelligence but if you work in communications at my level, you keep meeting people who did.

In today's intelligence world, Bond would be considered a serious security risk and for very good reason. 1/
@cstross Back in the 1970s, the KGB developed an agent (i.e source, Bond is an operative, not an agent) recruitment process whose imprint can be clearly seen in the backgrounds of the men at the center of Brexit, Trump's election and more (aFD, Golden Dawn, etc.) 2/
@cstross Imagine a sales funnel for recruiting traitors. You start off by sending a pretty girl (boy) like Maria Butina into a cocktail party. Her job is to report back the names of every man who grabs her butt to her handler /3
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Guangzhou-based labor and women’s rights activists Sophia Huang Xueqin and Wang Jianbing went missing Sunday, Sept. 19. Their friends fear detention. 1/5
Wang was accompanying Huang to Shenzhen, from where she was supposed to travel on to Hong Kong and then fly to Britain Sept. 21 for the start of her master’s program at the University of Sussex. 2/5
Huang, an investigative journalist and one of the initiators of China’s #MeToo movement, this year received a Chevening Scholarship for graduate studies, funded by the British government. 3/5
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பிரபல ஸ்த்ரீ லோலரும், நூதன முறைகளில் பேத்தி வயதுடைய ஸ்த்ரீகளிடம் அபவாதம் செய்து அசிங்கப்பட்டவரும், அபலைகளான ஈழப் பெண்கள் பலரின் பாவத்தை சம்பாதித்தவரும், #Metoo வில் சிக்கி சந்தி சிரித்தவரும், தாயார் ஆண்டாள் விஷயத்தில் பெருத்த அபசாரப்பட்டவரும்,
இவற்றாலெல்லாம் எஸ்.ஆர்.எம். பல்கலை கூட அவருக்கு விருது கொடுக்க மாட்டேன் என்று பின்வாங்கிய பெருமை பெற்றவருமான பெண்பித்துக் கவிஞ்ரேறுவின் 'கள்ளிக்காட்டு இதிகாசம்' என்னும் நூலை 22 இந்திய மொழிகளில் மொழிபெயர்க்க மத்திய
சாஹித்திய அகாதெமி முடிவெடுத்துள்ளது கேவலத்திலும் கேவலமாகும்.…
@Murugan_MoS @annamalai_k @nsitharaman @BJP4TamilNadu
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Try to recognise this person in picture. He is Late S. Santokh Singh Randhawa twice Punjab Congress Chief, one of the senior most Congress person and very close to Darbara Singh. He was removed from Punjab Congress Chief post on reports that he had li ka with terrorist. .../1
The name of Terrorist was Gurdeep who was arrested from Chandigarh & while interrogation he wanted to talk to Santokh Singh Randhawa. To establish links 30 persons were arrested & link was established between Gurdeep & Randhawa. IB & then Governer Arjun Singh also confirmed...2
Now many will ask me why today this thread, please wait for that. Big surprise will be at last.

Randhawa had met police officers to plead for Gurinder's innocence when he was implicated in a murder case in Batala subdivision. In fact the alibi was provided by Inderjit Singh...3
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NXIVM is a Total Fraud 🧵🧵👇
I saw Allison Mack in the news today and went, “Who is that?” Then I saw the word NXIVM and got the usual Phoenician bad feeling. It's like the Manson hoax, since—minus the fake gory murders— the two events have a lot in common. #nxivm
The spook writers borrowed a lot of points in this script from Manson, Scientology, and previous fakes. It is rife with the usual red flags. Oh, and I can tell you what NXIVM really means. But you will have to wait until the end for that. I have to make a good story out of it.
The first thing to notice is the faces above. It looks like an SNL skit, doesn't it? That's because it basically was, they just decided to sell it to you as real.
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When the Monica Lewinsky scandal finally erupted, Bill Clinton’s presidency was very nearly destroyed, and the course of US politics was changed forever.

Former US correspondent @mfletchertimes, who witnessed the scandal first-hand, recalls what happened…
The scandal contributed to Al Gore’s wafer-thin defeat by George W Bush in the presidential election of 2000, fuelled the bitter partisan warfare that has since crippled America, and almost certainly played a role in Hillary Clinton’s narrow defeat by Donald Trump in 2016.
By choosing to brazen out the scandal instead of resigning, Clinton also set an example that has since been followed by numerous other politicians – among them Trump, the former New York governor Andrew Cuomo and various British ministers.
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A Chinese woman whose sexual harassment case against a popular TV host sparked a nationwide debate over #MeToo has accused a #Beijing court of unfair treatment and vowed to appeal after it ruled against her.…
The Haidian people’s court said in a judgment released late on Tuesday that Zhou Xiaoxuan did not meet the standard of proof in claiming that Zhu Jun, her superior at work, sexually harassed her.
“I told the court today that this incident happened when I was 21, and now I’m 28. In the last three years because of this legal case I wasn’t able to do other work. I was very sad and I couldn’t help but cried in the court today,” Zhou told the Guardian.
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Σήμερα κάνω εκκλησιαστικό ρεπορτάζ
πάλι τα ίδια θα λέμε;

Χωρίς να έχω δει ΑΚΡΙΒΩΣ τι μανούρα έγινε με τις πίπες που είπε η #κωνσταντινιδου στηρίζοντας τον βιαστή #Φιλιππιδης που μέσω εταιρίας μαζί με άλλους ελέγχει τα πιο μεγάλα & σημαντικά θέατρα των Αθηνών
άρα και πίσω από τα
κάγκελα έχει λόγο σχετικά με το ποι@ δουλεύει στα θέατρά του και ποι@ όχι

1. Μπορεί να συμπαθείτε ΟΠΟΙ@ΔΗΠΟΤΕ ψωλέμπριτι
με γειά σας και με χαρά σας
για τον ΟΠΟΙ@ΔΗΠΟΤΕ λόγο
ότι απαραίτητα διαθέτει
- στοιχειώδεις γνώσεις
- κατάρτιση για τα θέματα για τα οποία
- οποιοδήποτε βαθμό ενσυναίσθησης
- ότι σέβεται οποι@δηποτε θεωρεί "κατώτερο" ακόμα και αν καθορίζει τα έσοδα του πχ τηλεθεατές, φόλοουερζ κτλ

Όλα αυτά είναι ΑΣΧΕΤΟΙ παράμετροι ακόμα και μεταξύ τους
πχ κάποι@ μπορεί να έχει οποιοδήποτε πτυχίο και η ενσυναίσθησή του να
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1/. “Today’s hearing didn’t focus at all about the allegations against #PrinceAndrew

His lawyer - a man who defended Armie Hammer & several high profile #MeToo defendants - argued Andrew hadn’t been served with the papers...despite evidence that he had.
2/. “He’s clearly just making Virginia’s lawyers jump through every possible hoop."

In a sign that his delaying tactics are not likely to work, the judge told #PrinceAndrew’s lawyer: “I think we’re making this a lot more complicated than it really is”.
3/. The reason that #PrinceAndrew is so keen to avoid addressing the substance of the allegations becomes apparent when looking at the summons

It’s full of detail, including travel logs & facts like #JeffreyEpstein having 12 different contact numbers for Andrew. (via @WakeHill)
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When I was in the military in the 90s I was told that civilians are maggots and I should stay in the military forever because who would want to slum it with the civilians.... This was when I first started getting WOKE #chudwatch
Then I started going to bases across the planet and seeing all the little girls being abused by military enlisted and officers as a standard. They call these places adult disneylands. They not only condone it but they USE THEM to help troops de-stress
Military police even patrol many of the bars/streets of these districts always keeping the troop out of trouble and blaming the girls for as much as possible. They pretend its to prevent violence/crimes against the population but those on the inside know better...
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Και παντελώς "τυχαία"
160 επώνυμοι νοματαίοι μαζεύτηκαν
& υπέγραψαν κοινή, δημόσια επιστολή
που δηλώνει ότι απορρίπτει
την ισονομία μεταξύ straight & LGBTQ κοινότητας
ενώ εκφράζουν ανησυχίες για την υπογεννητικότητα
(#συνεδριο, #εκτρωσεις τα γνωστά)
Συγκοινωνούντα δοχεία πάντα ImageImageImageImage
Σκατά να φάτε οι κάτωθεν που το υπογράφετε
με την ευχή μου μέσα απ' το βρακί μου
#metooGR #metoo ImageImageImageImage
Σκατά να φάτε και εσείς που επίσης το υπογράφετε
και να πω ότι εδώ θα είμαστε
να τρώτε σκατά
κάθε φορά που τολμάτε και τα λέτε επώνυμα
και όχι πίσω από τα sites
που ψαρεύετε λοβοτομημένα ΟΡΚ να σας ακολουθήσουν
#metooGR #metoo ImageImageImageImage
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More than 40 million households have watched Sex Education.

Much of its success comes down to how it has rewritten the rules of on-screen teenage sex. So what exactly makes it so groundbreaking? And how is TV changing to catch up with today’s teenagers?…
Nothing is too much for Sex Education, so long as it’s a teenage problem. A board with “sex story of the week” is set up in the writers’ room, the show’s creator, Laurie Nunn, explains.

Writers are encouraged to chuck in any idea they think is a genuine bedroom issue for teens.
Professional “sex educators” are consulted to make sure the show gets the message right. Wildly misunderstood problems are debunked. Porn is always in the background.

“It’s there in the subtext, as in ‘these are the things that porn is not teaching you well’,” says Nunn.
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Breaking the Cycle of Electing Paper Perfect Men.

My thoughts on #KitchenerCentre, #Elxn44 & how debilitating this has been for me as I relive the trauma of #elxn43 & #MikeMorrice.

For accessibility, I have compiled these tweets into a Google doc. /1…
When the election was called and the first signs of Election 44 popped up, driving to a grocery store, I saw Mike Morrice’s face. I pulled over on the side of the road to avoid throwing up.

Suddenly, it was October 2019 all over again. /2
Some of you might be aware that, after repeated private attempts to address racist and misogynistic experiences, I publicly brought forward my experiences with Mike Morrice, Green Party Candidate for Kitchener Centre, last election cycle.… /3
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Wi Spa: un hombre de 52 años ha sido acusado de enseñar su pene semi-erecto a 4 mujeres y una niña. Los medios de comunicación liberales y de izquierdas dijeron que era un bulo pero resultó ser un delincuente sexual en serie.
Original aquí, traducción ⬇️.…
El escándalo de Wi Spa es peor de lo que pensábamos.

La calificación de los medios liberales de este incidente como un "bulo" fue vergonzosa.

¿Qué tipo de persona difama a una mujer de color para defender a un hombre que supuestamente había expuesto sus genitales a mujeres?
¿No se necesitaría rastrear las regiones más oscuras y extrañas de Internet para encontrar a un individuo así,para descubrir a personas tan desprovistas de moralidad que están dispuestas a cuestionar la reputación de una mujer negra para proteger a un exhibicionista de críticas?
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This is Marcia Riklis with Hillary Clinton. Marcia is my rapist's sister. 👇


Marcia Riklis's husband was Abe Hirschfeld's wife. Hirschfeld was Steven Hoffenberg's business partner.

Their son, Elie Hirschfeld, worked with Donald Trump.
In September 2019, President Trump appointed Elie Hirschfeld to the United Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. Personal.
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'I've known him for many years & I know he is a good person.'

Are you:
-of the gender or age group he harasses & assaults?
-in one of the subordinate positions he bullies?
-from the racial/other groups he discriminates against?
If no to all, your opinion is irrelevant.
But what you are doing (whether you are aware of it or not) is using your privilege to protect another privileged person and discredit a victim who is at a lower position in the power hierarchy.

What if the answer to one or more of the questions is yes?
Well, in that case, remember that we only ever see or know parts of people. Just because what you have heard from a victim does not fit with your experience or your idea of a person, it does not mean that it is not possible.

Basically, believe victims.
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I really don't understand why white feminists are so obsessed with begging men to speak up. It's like they think men's words have this inherent superior power to them.
Is this because they're used to men helping them? It just seems...counter intuitive and encourages men to speak about shit they don't truly understand when they should be quiet imo
Is there comfort in men's performance? I don't think it actually does anything and I wish white feminists turned to other gender minorities instead of being so obsessed with men
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I’ve heard Naomi Wolfe is in NYC. If anyone out there could connect us I’d be grateful. It just occurred to me that the one woman who might have compassion for those of us not falling in line and possibly causing the ladies who lunch some angst was kicked off this platform…
…what was it for exactly again? Ladies…anyone remember? Ya think one day we may whisper again “everybody knew?” Yeah. #metoo.

Any help with any contacts here in NY would be incredible. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen to the next generation.
We don’t have to make their mistake. Agreed? Cool. #metoo.
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Ok so da preacher who married R.Kelly& Aaliyah is now testifying against him. Why isnt dis nigga on trial 2..&while we at it, how bout arresting Aaliyahs mother, who R.Kelly supposedly smashed& Aaliyahs father who both knew what wuz going on?…
See the difference b/t me & most people on this R.Kelly shit is I don't believe none of deez mafuckas innocent. If R.Kelly should go to jail, EVERY GODDAM BODY SHOULD GO TO JAIL. NIGGA, I could go right down the list & tell U horrible shit about every mafucka involved.
From parents pimping out their children to get some of that R.Kelly money to R.Kelly's wife bringing girls to him to adults in his studio watching all dis shit go down to even some of the so-called victims bringing other so-called victims to R.Kelly.…
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This paper is a helpful corrective for the impression that movements like #metoo constitute some kind of extra-legal mob justice.

When norms are out of step with law (as they are around sexual assault) movements that change norms can strengthen law enforcement, due process etc
I've been thinking about Applebaum's new article on this topic

The piece struggles with the difficulty of writing about systemic failures & social movements through the lens of individual stories. The individual, systemic, & institutional blur together…
Described by the accused, it's a story about unexpected consequences for personal mistakes due to "changing social codes."

What if it's also process of fixing broken institutions? People often apply public pressure *in the quest for institutions that work*, as we see with #metoo
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Gestern ist die gesamte Führung des KSÍ (das isländische Äquivalent zum DFB) zurückgetreten. Der isländische Fußballverband erlebt einen heftigen #MeToo-Moment. Im Fokus ist die Nationalmannschaft der Männer, aber es stellen sich auch Fragen zur Verantwortung des Verbandes.
Wer sich für Fußball interessiert, wird mitbekommen haben, dass der Everton-Spieler Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson am 16. Juli 2021 wegen "child sex offences" verhaftet wurde. Viele sagen, dass das den Stein ins Rollen gebracht hat.…
In den Anschuldigungen, die gerade kursieren, geht es um eine Gruppenvergewaltigung, die 2010 in Kopenhagen stattfand. Es geht außerdem um eine Vergewaltigung aus dem Jahr 2017. Dem Opfer wurde Schweigegeld angeboten, der Spieler durfte weiter für die Nationalmannschaft spielen.
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Πρέπει να μπείτε στο FB του @gazzetta_gr και να διαβάσετε τα εμετικά σχόλια στο post που μιλάει για το μήνυμα που έχει ο δικηγόρος. Πραγματικά έχω συγκλονιστεί. Κρίμα για τη σελίδα που επιτρέπει αυτά τα σχόλια. #Σεμεδο
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left a message for jeff vaughan of seaside oregon police about a rape by Joe a former safeway employee @ tent encampment behind @Safeway and @CityofSeaside at avenue D homeless camp + meth dealer + chris duffy of SEPRD meals on wheels new violent assault victim coming forward
3 independent sources now confirm sunset empire park &recreation district employee chris duffy "meals on wheels nutrition coordinator" formerly worked for @playboy in the pornography industry.
Department of Human Services fund MOW thru Northwest Senior and Disability Services
Breaking: assault victim who reached out----states that Christopher Guest Duffy is evil, aggressive, violent, and pinned her down in violence in a similar attack as he did to me. that he should be in jail.

Exercise Caution around Seaside Oregon Parks district
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