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THREAD: I Do the Housework --
Why millions of men can’t muster the empathy to understand this issue shocks me.… /1
I’m a college educated white male. I have a deeply satisfying professional/personal life. I’m responsible for washing dishes, cooking, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, and general house cleaning. There are days when it is joyful and there are days when it feels bleak/oppressive. /2
I can not imagine what lifetimes of this work felt like for women of my mother’s generation. Trapped doing decades of this relentless invisible work. How it must have driven many women mad. /3
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1. NEWS: Florida Reopens: Gov Ron DeSantis Issued Executive Order, REMOVING ALL REMAINING RESTRICTIONS On Businesses Over Coronavirus!
-Thread 9-25-2020… #Covid #ReopenAmerica
2. NEWS: Texas Law Enforcement ARRESTED 4 Democrats Thursday for Their Involvement in an Illegal BALLOT HARVESTING SCHEME in the State’s 2018 Democrat Primary Election:
Charlie Burns,
Dewayne Ward,
Marlena Jackson,
Shannon Brown (Jackson’s husband)…
3. NEWS: Democrats Slam Brakes on Cheat-by-Mail Push - Urge In-Person Voting:

Nolte: Double Voting Scheme?…
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I'm primarily responsible for washing dishes, cooking, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, and general house cleaning. There are days when it is joyful and there are days when it feels bleak and oppressive. I CAN NOT IMAGINE what lifetimes felt like for women of my mother's generation.
Women of my mother's generation had a lifetime of this work forced on them, work which grew exponentially with each birth, many of which were unplanned. I'm looking at a few years of the current arrangement for a family of 3. My mother did it for 7 people for three decades.
If I had to stare down that 30 year tunnel, knowing full well my economic security hung in the balance, that my husband was missing in action much of the time, I'm not sure I would survive it. Men, do ALL the housework for a year. Only then will you understand what I'm getting at
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Excited to learn from some amazing women during the first #aaslh2020 panel: #MeToo, and #BlackLivesMatter: Black Women Leaders Overcoming the Double Burden
@OEatonMartinez reminds us to get in good trouble, necessary trouble, along with taking time to #saytheirnames. Especially poignant this morning after the #BreonnaTaylor decision last night. #AASLH2020
Only 4% of museum leadership is women of color!! @HistoryGonWrong sharing statistics about the very low number of women of color in museum fields.
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1/ My informed opinion is that Hilary Morgan Leathem is using untruths to unfairly destroy Michael Balter's @mbalter reputation. As a survivor helping other survivors, I cannot sit back and watch this dishonest mobbing continue when it has traumatised us survivors who trust him..
2/ All these screenshots were from her twitter account when it was public. She recently protected her account, perhaps to defend against close scrutiny. Let's start with the lies she told about Balter that he was aware of:… To the two in the blog, I add:
3/ Let's deconstruct these falsehoods. She claimed Balter initiated his offer to help. He did not, she DMed him hoping he could signal boost her tweets about her rapist and stalker. She claimed Balter asked for medical papers. He did not, she offered...
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i think qanon's rise is due to, in part, the whiteness of #metoo.
when public discourse about rape is dominated by white people, on platforms owned by white people that focus on white women as victims, the discourse shifts from violence to sex because it's about white women's wounds.
white women then take up too much space, seeking validation from the state that created the problem to begin with—they ask politicians to believe them, they work with cops to test rape kits.
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फ से Phantom

क से KAWAN

फक ?

Thread : Read and decide how we are getting bluffed ! Image
Phantom : A film production company!

Founded : 2010

Dissolved : 2018

Founding members:
— Anurag Kasyap
— Vikram Aditya motwane
— Vikash Behl

Due to #MeToo but allegations were not proved and got cleared in 2019!

Wiki:… ImageImageImage
Question is:
— What is the fuss about?
— What is the common link?
— Why all the celebs were selling SSR depression and drugs theory?
— Why they are supporting still Drug abuse in bollywood? And attacking SSR or selling depression and suicide theory!
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September 28th is the date that @itsmeeshashafi has to appear in court for the defamation case that is filed against her by @AliZafarsays 2 years ago.

This has gone on long enough. Please bring yourself and your witnesses to court. #DontMisuseMeToo #MeToo
If u can go & appear in marches, fly to Pk during covid, surely u can appear in court as well. Ms Shafi has to be cross-examined by @ambreenqureshi - & Ms Shafi is avoiding the court. Ms Shafi has been fined by court before for delaying tactics (Apr 2019)…
Also invited to court, #IffatOmar, Ms Shafi's mother, actress Saba Hamid & Ms Shafi's manager (who stated he saw nothing untoward either). Also can her other super hardcore supporters also give their testimony?

1. Hamna Zubair, ex-editor of Dawn Images.

#MeToo #DontMisuseMeToo
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Thread – Exposing Dementia Joe

1. It is imperative that Joe Biden be fully exposed REPEATEDLY between now and 3 November as the utter knave, fool, hypocrite, and demented man he really is.
2. Fortunately, that is easy to do, as there are many interviews that he has given that shine a spotlight on his lunacy – and not just years ago! There are dozens from the 2020 campaign alone that the legacy media have buried.
3. Here is one from a May interview on ABC’s The View. Watch it and be shocked.
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After Payal Ghosh accused Anurag Kashyap of forcing himself on her, liberals have crept out of deadwood and saying that if all that had happened, why did Payal not say it earlier. Why now?

During the #MeToo outrage, same logic could have been applied in the case of Nana (1/2)
Patekar and Alok Nath among others but nobody objected to the delay, rather skewed "Feminism" was at its peak then. (2/2)
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Thread on Dark Secret of ultra feminist #AnuragKashyap as claimed by #TapseePannu in #Metoo, but in real life he is Drug Addict,Pervert,Molester,Child Abuser, Women Stalker & Bad Mafia of Bollywood.👇
Here is Anurag Kashyap is taking drugs live on camera without any fear of law as drugs are illegal but then Anurag Kashyap like people do not care about any law.
In this video he himself speaking about when he molested & abused a boy in the past during high school & caught just check out his thoughts 😳😱 Disgusting 😡
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Stealing this cause I'm bored owo Image
1. Avie or Avian.
2. 5'10
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#PayalGhosh & #MeToo

I won't comment on @iamPayalGhosh’s allegations of sexual assault against @anuragkashyap72 as that is something he will have to deal with.
I will, however, say that I stand with #PayalGhosh's right to call out her perpetrator.
...I have a problem when, in her video statement, #PayalGhosh herself assaults and maligns 3 other women... When, in her narration of the incident, she states a few baseless things abt @RichaChadha @MahieGillOnline #HumaQureshi as if they were facts...
I, like many other women, have been engaged wt the #MeToo movement since 2018, and especially since @mjakbar was accused of serial sexual assault by several women, including me, and when he decided to sue #PriyaRamani for defamation...
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#Thread on the Vilification of Bollywood:

Of late, a pattern has emerged, where the Hindi film industry has relentlessly been under attack, accused of everything from 'nepotism' to being a 'drug mafia', with people holding Bollywood celebs more accountable than our politicians.
2/ Yes, the industry isn't perfect by any standards. It has a long way to go before it addresses the skeletons in its cupboards (and there are many). As does ANY other industry in India.

The difference is that Bollywood's many issues are a source of gossip for the larger public.
3/ And this gossip is the intoxicant that politicians and pliable news media have now recognised as most potent in keeping the public from questioning those in power.

We don't have data on migrant deaths, MSME closures, doctor deaths, but we know Rhea's entire Whatsapp history!
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#Thread #MeToo #Metooindia Here’s why you shouldn’t unconditionally back men accused of sexual abuse, harassment, assault EVER. Even if you're 100% sure they’re being framed. (Read to the end for what you could do instead) 1/
Men with an impeccable public image, even the most “woke” types, admired & adored for their work, fighting injustices CAN AND DO sexually harass/assault and abuse womxn. And womxn speaking out against them are ROUTINELY dismissed, shamed, pushed into grief and trauma. 2/
Systemic rape culture leads to almost EVERY #MeToo claim being highly susceptible to being dismissed as fake. Each claim YOU dismiss a claim as fake you make that system a little stronger. That makes you an ENABLER. Countless survivors are living in trauma so pls stop. 3/
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मैं यह बिल्कुल नहीं कहूँगा कि लड़कियों का वर्क प्लेस पर हरैसमेंट नहीं होता

लेकिन जब हैरेसमेंट हो रहा होता है तब लड़कियाँ आवाज़ नहीं उठाती

क्योंकि उस वक्त वो सो कॉल्ड बोल्ड, हाइली एम्बिसियस, कैरियर ओरिएंटेड, ओपन माइंडेड मॉर्डन गर्ल होती हैं...!!!

फिर एक दिन अचानक उनके अंदर सोया पड़ा फेमिनिस्म का नाग जाग उठता है

और उन्हें अपने साथ 4-5 साल पहले हुए सेक्सुअल हैरेसमेंट की घटना याद आती है और रोना पीटना शुरू हो जाता है

क्योंकि इन 4-5 सालों में मैडम ने न तो अपना करियर ही बनाया और न ही किसी अमीर लड़के से शादी की

अब करने को कुछ है नहीं तो चलो TRP और फेमिनिस्म का झंडा उठाकर ही थोड़ा नेम-फेम-और मनी कमा ली जाये

वैसे भी अपने समाज में नारी अबला है और पुरुष हिंसक जानवर..!!!

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Those defending Anurag Kashyap today were shouting "Believe All Women" yesterday.

#MeToo was nothing but a tool used by urban women for political & personal witch-hunts.

In the long-run, it's only landed up further silencing the voice of women who needed a voice the most.
By making false allegations & using it to exact personal vendetta, these privileged (yes, I said it) urban women have only diluted the credibility of claims made by those who've actually gone through harassment & abuse & don't have a voice.

Indian feminism is elitist in its core
The number of innocent male employers wrongly framed under the "movement" for various reasons including not giving promotion to a certain disgruntled female employee, makes one wonder whether they'll ever hire women again.

So much for "empowering women" lol.

Feminists-1 Women-0
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Times when #Bullywood #feminists were quiet:
1. #DishaSalian death
2. Allegations against #SajidKhan
3. #AnuragKashyap #metoo
4. #VikasBahl accused of sexual assault
5. #AlokNath rape accusation
6. #SalmanKhan assaulted #AishwaryaRai
7. Salman’s casual rape remark before #Sultan
8. Multiple women accused #AnirbanBlah founder of #KWAN which represents #DeepikaPadukone #RanbirKapoor
9. #PoojaMisrra accused #Khan brothers of rape
10. Many women accused #AnuMalik of sexual assault
11. #AahanaKumra exposed #SajidKhan’s comments
12. #SonaMohapatra #KailashKher
13. #KanganaRanaut also exposed #VikasBahl
14. #DiandraSoares spoke up against #SuhelSeth
15. #AdityaPancholi #SurajPancholi stories of abuse
16. #VipulShah #NamasteLondon director sexually harassed #ElnaazNorouzi
17. #PiyushMishra called out by #KetkiJoshi
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1/ I have an "unpopular opinion" about #MeToo that has been consistent since the very start.

I respect the allegations but don't believe them on face value.

I really want them all to be taken to logical conclusion for legal justice.

Otherwise its just a tool for harassment.
2/ #MeToo started for good but soon after people realised how emotional people can be for the movement and started using it for their gains.

Many a times allegations were just used by people who just hated the accused but they didn't bother for justice.
3/ Don't get me wrong, I am not calling any allegation to be false, just as much, I am not believing anyone to be true on face value.

All I want is am investigation, legal recourse and justice through proper channels, IN ALL THE CASES.
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Don't like @anuragkashyap72 but keeping political ideologies aside thinking,
Why #PayalGhosh allowed Anurag to open her nada of salwar? If she was so uncomfortable then why did she go there twice? What abt those gals who r ready to compromise for movie roles?
#ArrestAnurag ? ImageImageImage
I don't hv any intention of victim shaming. There should be proper enquiry and if Payal is true then arrest Anurag.
But did you notice how Payal was talking abt other actresses ?
Anyway don't give room for false #MeToo charges.

Btw do we still wear nada wala Salwar ? Do girls wear Salwar to meet up producer / directors ?
Just some questions popping in my thoughts 😉
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“Why does this ‘privilege’ too need to be so heavily marketed/written about?... Why do we need to continue to be made aware of it and made to feel bad we have?!” (1/x) A Facebook comment that say...
So I’ve seen a lot of responses to my anti-diet/whiteness Medium essay. People have tried to weaponize my weight, advocated for eugenics, called me divisive (lol).

But these are BY FAR the comments that make me the most angry. (2/x)
Call me a fat bitch or say Science should eliminate or my kind or whatever, idgaf

But don’t say you’re tired of hearing about privilege because you already get it and it’s making you feel bad. (3/x)
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Any choice for SCOTUS appointment at this stage would need to be politically strategic in a way that counterpunches any Borking tactics & likely not be a totally wasted option.

Someone who may not get confirmed but who has a wicked left hook on Harris or Biden—a #counterbork?
For instance, someone who is qualified but who—if attacked by Harris and the Senate left cabal, would reveal by her experience their own hypocrisy and potential crimes.

Someone like a legal scholar who was sexually assaulted by a suspected undocumented man in the Bay Area while Harris was AG and denied equal protection under the law while she, Feinstein and the CA hypocrisy crew screeched #MeToo.

And this legal scholar is only 40. 🤣 #Check
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An essay by me soon on FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter:

Dear affluent cis white women: You’re angry NOW? Just now? Trump made you angry? RBG’s death made you scared? Where the fuck have you been?

It will be called #NotAllWhiteWomen
White women think their anger is a revolution when in fact they’re just catching up w/revolution of rage the rest of us began ages ago.

In 2018, a white woman asked a panel I spoke on in NYC “How can I help ensure my daughter doesn’t lose Roe vs Woe” & I was going to explode.
I reminded her many many women of colour and poor women across the US had already lost reproductive rights. Where have you been?!

#NotAllWhiteWomen coming soon here:
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Retweeting an Antifa page doxxing someone
This is dangerous. Paul says he is in favor of violence as in posts below and now he is retweeting a dox from an Antifa twitter page who are known to harass people as well committing terrorists actions in the US.

He should resign as a TD, disgraceful behavior,
If a Sinn Fein member said they are in favor of violence against loyalists and then proceeded to retweet an IRA twitter page exposing someone classified as a loyalist, there would be a media storm. How is this any different?
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