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Dems, #MeToo, & Our Sons & Daughters

1. I was talking politics with my wife tonight and she made a great point. It's obviously horrifying thinking about your son growing up in a world where he can be a studious scholar athlete who...
2. ...graduates from Yale College & Yale Law School, remains a virgin until well after college, raises a wonderful family, rises to become an Appeals Court Judge while promoting & helping men & women of all races along the way, and after all that...
3. ...your son's life can still be left in ruin from a single uncorroborated allegation that flies in the face of his sterling reputation built over 30+ years. All because Democrats decided to throw out due process & reverse 1,000 years of civilized progress...
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Amnesty Int’l is calling on senators to halt the nom of SC nominee Kav over his "possible involvement" in human rights violations post terrorist attacks on 9/11/01

"in issues related to torture & rendition after 9/11."

Kav cd face a 4th sexual misconduct alleg’n

FL DEM cong’lcandidate April Freeman dies unexpectedly. Earlier this year, she won 77% of the vote in the DEM primary.

MD authorities confirmed they are aware of a potential second accusation of sexual assault in Montgomery County against Brett Kavanaugh.

Smokescreen-Trump Wanted to Nuke Rosenstein to Save Kavanaugh’s Bacon

Brett Kavanaugh: third woman expected to make accusations of sexual misconduct

Roger Stone sought contact with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, email suggests

📌Establishes key nexus
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I'm sorry, @Twitter. Can we please get an updated #meToo emoji that doesn't look like a raw vagina on a retina screen?

Make it bold. We're not raising our hands to be called on... we're coming out to TAKE BACK our power.
The cultural connotations behind the icon you've selected imply weakness and passivity.

No More Pink.
Red to show the rage we feel at not being listened to before;
Orange, for the fire we'll use to burn out the injustice;
Yellow, for the sunlight we're throwing onto the dark places.
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1/ People who are framing this moment in history as a “test” of #Metoo are missing a number of fundamental points about the nature of the movement itself, its broader societal impact, &, indeed, how the modern GOP reacts to sexual assault.
2/ #MeToo isn’t being tested. It is showing its strength.

So many of us are not only unified in our outrage, we are talking about sexual assault more openly, & w/ more nuance, than ever before.

We are empowering one another.
3/ This isn’t a test of the #MeToo movement. It is the next stage.

If *anything* is being tested here, it is the GOP & its reaction to both the allegations & our outrage, as well as the party’s nefarious relationship w/ the issue of sexual assault.
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Woman who falsely claimed she was raped by three men because she regretted having sex with them jailed for two ……
Rebecca Palmer Fake rape claim woman loses appeal against sentence…
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1) As a survivor of Sexual Assault by a Police Officer who was my StepFather & I was 8 years old, I very much relate to stopping sexual assault, but not the way the perverted #MeToo scam is set up. It's a witch hunt looking for political opponents.
2) Being a survivor of Sexual Assault I naturally am VERY interested in morality & justice. What is going on with Judge Kavanaugh right now is not moral & will not bring Justice. What is going on right now is a high tech lynching using the #FakeNews #MSM as the rope.
3) The #MeToo scam HURTS survivors of sexual assault because it's not designed to STOP sexual assault. It's designed to PUNISH political opponents of fascism & National Socialism. #WalkAway from the Democrats if you care about Sexual Survivors. /End #MAGA @POTUS
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"Senate Democrats and their allies are trying to destroy a man’s personal and professional life on the basis of decades-old allegations that are unsubstantiated and uncorroborated."

Mitch McConnell is calling these women liars.
"It's amazing these allegations come out of nowhere at the last minute and they weren't brought up earlier in this process. And it's not untypical for our friends on the other side to pull that kind of crap." Orrin Hatch
via @atrupar
"...another orchestrated, last-minute hit on the nominee, now they're acting like it's a legitimate reason to delay." -- Mitch McConnell

So, sexual assault allegations are not a good enough reason to delay a #SCOTUS confirmation? #BelieveSurvivors #MeToo
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The responses to the Kavanaugh allegations have brought out so many myths & fallacies in how America talks about sexual assault. ⁦@constancegrady⁩ & I broke down some of them…
Myth 1: sexual assault is just normal male behavior (boys will be boys, after all)
Myth 2: if it really happened, she would’ve reported it immediately (see #WhyIDidntReport for more on this)
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Fantastic & incredibly timely piece from @constancegrady & @annanorthtweets on some of the myths that #MeToo is tackling (all of which have come up around Kavanaugh):…
And while you're at it, read this excellent complementary piece from @Alyssa_Milano:…
And while you're at it, read this piece from @mattyglesias (who's on a roll), making the simple point that's been on my mind for weeks: conservatives just don't care about sexual assault. That's the only way to explain their behavior.…
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I am exhausted by this man.

First, I can't tell you how often my official Google calendar deviates completely from what my actual day ends up looking like.


"Brett Kavanaugh has calendars from 1982 that conflict with Christine Blasey Ford's account"…
It's not likely, after all, that #Kavanaugh was likely to have scrawled "sexually assault a fellow student" on to his calendar. Although Mr. "Devil's Triangle" probably wishes he could have.

Seriously, this dude is a class A dirtbag.

Listen, I think Kavanaugh is a smart, arrogant, manipulative SOB who very likely might have imagined a day of reckoning and manufactured those calendars back then after the fact, just in case.

I can't be anything other than sickened by this situation.

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Media: The Democrat Enforcer (and party propaganda arm)…
The media are the Democrats' Luca Brasi, the #MeToo movement the gun.

Democrats have repeatedly warned the GOP not to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, but Republicans aren't getting the message. Send in the muscle.
To accuse Kavanaugh of being wildly drunk and attacking this woman is like accusing Mother Teresa of stealing from the poor before she became a nun
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Listening to the #MeToo special on @TheCurrentCBC and I have some QUESTIONS about Neil Boyd's analysis on the "well, aren't we conflating some bad behaviour things with sexual assault?" (Aziz Ansari was the example used).
The problem isn't that people don't know how to distinguish between different kinds of behaviours across the wide spectrum of what we might call sexual misconduct. The problem is that the mechanisms we have to deal with violence themselves do a poor job of addressing nuance.
We want people to make use of the criminal justice system because we consider it the "correct" way to address sexual violence, but then the same people get mad about the fact that the broadest category in the Canadian Criminal Code includes both groping and rape, for instance.
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It doesn't matter if no concrete evidence comes out. If this works, everyone involved will be celebrated as heroes. Harry Reid admitted to lying about Romney's taxes, grunted "It worked, didn't it?" and media laughed and slapped him on the back.
Some people assume this stunt could really blow up in the Dems' faces. There is little reason to think so, no matter what occurs. At worst, the media narrative will be about deeply caring people getting a little overzealous while calling attention to a Very Important Issue.
Even if this all ended with concrete proof Kavanaugh's accusers are lying or one of them admitted it, DNC Media would respond by flooding the zone with hand-wringing pieces about a vicious "backlash" from pouncing Republicans that threatens to damage the noble #MeToo movement.
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I think about this paragraph from my novel every single day now.
Also it has been super interesting to be asked on tour about #metoo in relationship to this novel as I wrote it two years before #metoo existed as prominently as it does now.
Which is to say it has always been here. In our lives.
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The saga continues. These new developments (3 decades ago) follow a pattern, not sexual assault, a pattern of lies and abuse by Democrats and their operatives. Step back and look, it’s too obvious, they can’t help themselves, and they’re laying it on too thick and all wrong
When the first thin 36 year old accusation popped up two weeks ago… these “new” 36 year old accusations obviously existed. Right? Absolutely. #MeToo wouldn’t they have piled on right then to lend credibility to Dr Ford?
If that was the motivation they absolutely would have come forward within days of Dr Ford’s public outing. No question.
That’s how #MeToo works.
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Remember when Trump bragged on tape about committing sexual assault
I mean dozens of women have come forward. It’s a whole thing.
I know this is like half the impetus behind #MeToo but it’s still routinely weird when the news cycle is like “TWO women now! X person is DONE!” and yet somehow Donald Trump is still the president.
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The #MeToo movement wasn't "coopted." It was crap from the start. Communism in weaponized form.
Why does the shit #MeToo movement get this disgusting pink gif? I don't even know what that crap is.

Give me a gif for the #MensMovement
Personally, I find the institutionalized war against men--whereby family courts prevent men from seeing their own kids based on lies from deranged women--more problematic than whores who regret sex afterwards.
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How many men watching Brett Kavanaugh being smeared and falsely accused with the media’s reckless assistance are thinking about new rules in their daily life like never being alone with a woman? Just out of sheer self preservation it sounds better than having your life destroyed.
What’s really treacherous about what the Democrats are doing to Brett Kavanaugh is that they’re weaponizing what was a non-partisan reckoning about assaults + harassment and turning it into a political dirty bomb. They’re stealing goodwill from #MeToo⁠ ⁠and using it for a scam.
When we look back on this farcical display of vile partisanship it will be remembered with horror not just because a good man and his family were recklessly attacked but because it hurt a movement of real victims whose claims were taken less seriously because of dirty politics.
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Remember - all this Kavanaugh drama is to ensure mothers can murder their babies.
All this dark energy, all this time and money, all this fighting and assassination -

All this war being waged is to preserve a pregnant mother’s ability to murder her baby.
It’s a sad thought.

Democrats don’t really care about Kavanaugh’s accusers.

They only care about Kavanaugh’s accusers because they are a means to an end.

This isn’t about #metoo.

It’s about killing the next baby.
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I have not tweeted one word doubting Ford's story (thought I have certainly mocked and criticized the process to get her to testify) and have been waiting to hear her out. But this Ramirez story reads so insanely fake I can't believe it's being entertained.
I mean, is this a joke. 35 years later she wasn't sure but 35 years plus 6 days later she was?
Everyone she named who would have been there or heard about it categorically denies seeing it happen or ever hearing about it. But then Farrow gets random others to say she's a good person who would never lie and they "cannot imagine her making this up." Start imagining, dude.
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I've tried to finish my 3 #WhyIDidntReport experiences. My 1st began abt 36 yrs ago.

After reading the new #RonanFarrow #MeToo Im unable to get beyond Kavanaughs & the WH reference to "35 yrs old". I am sobbing.

FUCK YOU OLD WHITE Bastards. U LITERALLY think ur above the law
I am sick to my stomach that somehow a woman's abuse or assault is only relevant on ur time table

This shit affects us for the rest of our lives. It's not a joke. It fucks up our minds

At 7 years old instead of being steadied to ride a bike, I was being steadied to ride a dick.
This abuse permeates all aspects of our lives, even when we aren't cognizant of it

America isn't made great by old, rich, perverted white guys telling the poor, kids, women or minorities "how America works".

I've never been more disgusted at the transparent hypocrisy each day.
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MUST WATCH: @keithellison CONFRONTED by Laura Loomer, domestic violence survivors, & Minnesota voters outside of Minnesota Attorney General Debate over multiple domestic violence allegations against him by @KarenMonahan01 & Amy Alexander.

Your move @DNC! #MeToo

Shoutout to @thirdrailtalk for filming this video and @CampbellVideos for producing it! Great job #TeamLoomer.

@KTHopkins watch this
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Find your Senator's twitter account and phone # here… #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
In 1991 a bi-partisan agreement delayed the confirmation of Judge Thomas to allow for further FBI investigation, thus setting the precedent you claim doesn't exist @chuckgrassley #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
In an April 2014 speech to the Yale Law School Federalist Society, Brett Kavanaugh had a clear recall of binge drinking and partying. @senbobcorker @pattymurray #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
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Kavanaugh and the #MeToo Terror
But what makes this all the more pernicious is the Orwellian mindset they’ve adopted of a person being guilty until proven innocent. It turns the entire basis of our legal system, even our society, on its head.
We have always operated under the idea of due process and the presumption innocence. But in this age of sexual McCarthyism, all precedent is out the window.
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