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[1] The #GilletteAd :

There a few things I don't like about it

But I must break with many .... and say I AGREE with MORE than I disagree with

The premise isnt men are bad, The premise that men have become WEAK - STUPID - SELFISH - BOYS

IMHO, it was about #ToxiclyWeakManboys
[2] Men dont dress nice anymore ...

We see people going to the office in sweatpants or old jeans ... ugly sweaters ... flip flops

Grown men should not dress like 12 year boys who are home sick from school - Especially when going out for business
[3] Many men today are BABIES . They are selfish, in-debt and out-of-shape.

It is not "the grill" or "mancave" that is the problem ... It is that they expect the world to coddle them like their over-protective parents have
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People need to stop doing this. "Oh, this was always obvious right from the beginning about everything." That's like when people on the right gloat over how long it took #MeToo to catch up with Bill Clinton - when we knew 25 years ago. It's just tiresome. /1
No political movement is pure, and no politician is perfect. Trump is in a category by himself, but the caterwauling about how conservatism was always Trumpism is just stupid. And reminder: it's what Nixon used against liberals in 1968 when the cities were burning. /2
Conservatives have gotten a lot of mileage out of "oh, liberals were always just the Black Panthers and the Weathermen, and Antifa is just that, updated, and they're Dems." That's not who liberals are. Trump is not who conservatives are. He defies labels of right or left. /3
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I agree w/ .@IngrahamAngle & @RaheemKassam. As I’ve said b4, we & the #Democrats should take .@AOC seriously. Not b/c she scores high in economic literacy but b/c she’s a radical socialist (her words) w/ a large number of indoctrinated progressives.
#Socialism or Democratic socialism (same difference) controls every aspect of your life. You get free healthcare, aid, etc. ONLY IF YOU’RE DEEMED WORTHY. They decide your worth. Imagine if they don’t think your sick child’s worthy of living a few extra yrs! I’ve seen this happen.
.@AOC doesn’t hide her dangerous plans 4 the future of this nation & given the chance she’ll burn it 2 the ground. This not only should put conservatives on alert but it especially should alarm the #Democrats. Socialism never works b/c it eliminates the mid class & takes control.
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1/ #medtwitter if you care about #metoostem #meded #equity #burnout please follow along. Gender violence is pervasive in medical training.

#sciencetoo #meded #medtwitter #medtoo #timesup #beethical #heforshe #timesup
2/ “…we may hear and intimately know the experiences of gender violence, but we are unable to share. Our voices are trapped and silenced, exacerbated by the hierarchical and apprentice-based training environment.."
3/ Over 50% of medical students experience sexual harassment from faculty and staff. The people who are entrusted to teach us how to be physicians.
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so here we go.
How many of you actually had a good look at the magazine cover of Economist for 2019?
I’m sure most of you don’t even know what happened but you gotta stay woke

First lets talk about the entire look, I mean its 21st century 2019 who releases a magazine cover with a such an unattractive artwork? That’s why you ignored it, didn’t you? BUT WAIT, IS THAT VITRUVIAN MAN? is that something related to the great old genius artist DaVinci?
DaVinci who used to encode messages in his artworks & also in his writings. by writing in mirror form so that people won’t be able to read it easily and just when you think its getting creepier remember he could use both of his hands to draw or write too. Ambidextrous, hmm.
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Alexandria Ocasio-cortez knew exactly what the term " Run Train " means. This champion of women just used a term that describes men gangbanging a woman. What a despicable person. And a hypocrite of the highest rank.
Here is the source. Watch her get heat and she will say that is not what she meant and will play the victim card.

If #MeToo had any core convictions they would demand that she resign for saying such an awful thing.

Don't insult my intelligence by telling me that " Run Train " does not mean what it means. This is a very popular term in urban culture.
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Alright - are you a man who's offended by the #GilletteAd? Thinking of doing the #gilletteboycott? Think the add portrays all men as awful?

No you don't (he said, diplomatically not calling you a fucknuckle), and I can prove it. 1/
Let's start with any dads out there, or people like me who want to be dads - who look forward to it, who've been thinking about it forever.

If you're like me, you've probably grown up (as a kid) imagining what kind of dad you'd be. How you'd treat your Sons. Daughters.

Maybe you think about what you're going to do when your son starts dating. What the talk is you're going to give him. Maybe you've got the conversation planned. Do you buy him a box of condoms, or do you let him find them?

Maybe you warn him about trouble, heartbreak.

Read 30 tweets… In the era of women’s anger and #MeToo, it’s time to revisit the Equal Rights Amendment.

The good news is that it’s only one state short of ratification.
Literally, right as this article was going up, the Virginia senate voted 26-14 to ratify the ERA.… But, as my article explains, the GOP-controlled house of delegates is a problem.
The issue is the religious right. They oppose formal equality for women and fear that the ERA will protect LGBTQ rights. But they hide behind “abortion”, even thought abortion rights were decided even without the ERA. It’s just their catch-all scare word to demonize equality.
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We’ve entered an era when ad agencies feel comfortable in promoting an ideological agenda above the interests of the companies they’re trying to create revenue for. The company’s interests are sublimated to that of the approved narrative.
This is the net result of a generation of young marketers/communications majors who were taught in schools that fostering the ideological message comes before company profit. And company marketing authorities who make the decisions are accepting this.
We see this on display with the Gillette “short film” which fosters the evolution of the #MeToo movement into outright misandry, but watch the multimillion $ commercials on the super bowl this year. There will be a parade of ads that confirm this belief.
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Really, @derbycon and Dave? Way to gaslight everyone who wasn’t a white infosec bro.
“we didn’t do anything but even if we did, it wouldn’t have been enough.”
@DerbyCon Having absuive rapist predators on staff and running classes is definitely within your realm of control @DerbyCon.
I am not sorry if you view concern for the well being and safety of ALL your attendees (not just white Infosec bro’s) as “pockets of outrage”.
@DerbyCon Your sorry attempt at an excuse speaks very poorly of you, especially in this era of #metoo
Way to tell us we are “pockets of outrage”
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Okay this #Gillette video is actually revolutionary. @Gillette

1/ It's always kinda sad to me that moral messaging is so linked to brands... but that's maybe a personal thing (like pads + feminism ads always make me a bit like 'huh'?)

2/ This is SUCH a great example of how a brand can use platform for good, and to BACK the values it purports to have. I tell companies this often: if you are going to say that you value diversity, or equality, or mental health for men... then put your money where your mouth is.
3/ This is a clear and marked rebrand for @gillette in particular, but I think long term it will be rewarded for the risk it is taking. It's ahead of the branding curve (i.e. I haven't seen such a strong anti-toxic-masculinity line from a traditionally masculine brand before)
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Når avskjedssaken mot Nils Rune Langeland omtales i sosiale medier trekkes ofte de slibrige meldingene han sendte til kvinnelige samfunnsdebattanter frem.

Disse er ikke noe vesentlig tema i dommen som falt i dag, derfor en gjennomgang av hva saken FAKTISK handlet om.
Retten tar for seg dette i kronologisk orden, og det første, fra desember 2009, er ganske grovt.
På spørsmålet om hvor mange slike meldinger hun hadde mottatt på dette tidspunktet svarte Langelands tidligere sjef:
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1) While we're all waiting.

A new (slightly post-) midnight thread.

January 15, 2019
2) Loving this troll by the @POTUS
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There are many reasons why @Gillette’s N. American brand Director @bhalla_p blew it with this virtue-signaling #MeToo ad campaign. Rather than celebrate & thank all the men who fight for, protect & support their families & all the women in their lives, it admonishes all men.
Why didn’t @Gillette come out against violence amongst NFL players, where it runs so many of their ads, like @GilletteStadium? Was that too close to home?…
@Gillette thought it was a splendid idea to feature Ana Kasparian, part of leftist YouTube program ‘The Young Turks’. That name was used by Ottoman perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. Boston has a large community of Armenians & descendants of survivors.…
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Our domestic electoral apparatus has been assaulted by operatives from a Stalin-era apparatus that apparently kept waging a cold war even when we thought it was over and they had lost. You still think #Putin thinks they lost?
Ever since the #Trump campaign hacked the system and got into the white house, there have been people questioning the viability of truth itself as a concept.
Many have asked if truth, or facts are still valid, still available for cognition and decipherable in the course of our day-to-day electronically-dominated discourse.
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This thread will be a fun one.

I always enjoy pointing out how blatantly hypocritical the Democrats are.

Feel free to add to it, and I will post the good ones on the thread.

Red pills and snowflake triggering all in one spot.

Tag a liberal friend!
5 Billion dollars is too expensive for a wall

-150 Billion for illegal immigrants per year is cool

-500 Billion in drugs running through southern border is unstoppable so let’s make safe spaces for drug users
Stop judging me by my skin color, gender, sexual orientation.

-Demands special treatment due to skin color, gender, and sexual orientation.

-only self identifies only by skin color, gender, and sexual orientation
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At first I was unhappy that Bernie might be taken out by #MeToo

I don't want people saying he "fell on his sword" or was guilty by association.

I want him to run, crash and burn, and be completely discredited.

But then I thought about it more

What's the saying? "You can't reason someone out of a belief that they didn't reason themselves into."

Berners are impervious to facts and vetting. Their worship of Bernie transcends truth and logic.

Berners believe Bernie is a "civil rights hero" based on one photo from college, despite lack of any other contribution, despite real civil rights heroes saying he wasn't there, and despite black leaders in Vermont saying he ignores them.

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The powerful in this industry are eager to 'return to normal' and not be held accountable, make fundamental personal and industrial changes or risk leaving money on the table. This is true everywhere of course, but speaking personally: 1/3
Few know my history with abuse as a child actor, so I'm spoken to as just another 'white guy in the biz' and what I hear about #MeToo is defensive and *very* angry: 'When will the witch hunt end?', 'You can't destroy literally everyone.', 'What about men's rights?' etc. 2/3
This is the prevailing narrative behind closed doors in town. Defiant entitlement feuled the hiring of Lasseter & the public displays of rage from Louis CK & Kevin Spacey; powerful men who are outraged by their displacement from an establishment that they know hasn't changed. 3/3
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1. Jan 11, 2019 News ~ A [Hillary] Clinton Memo That Killed Half a Million People…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2. Jan 11, 2019 News ~ U.S. begins pulling troops out of Syria this morning as President Trump claims victory over ISIS~Jan 11, 2019 News…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. Jan 11, 2019 News~ House Democrats Going After Trump's Son First,
Says Intelligence Committee Member…

#News #Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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Ehh. I’m not impressed about this.

It’s an okay apology but it’s really the bare minimum and it’s extremely tactical at this point. The time to do this was at the latest - in the docuseries, which she refused to be in.
Trauma responses are real and complex, and yes, sometimes harmful. But #muteRKelley has been around for a while and if you’re as vocal as Gaga has been about #metoo there’s no way you could’ve missed it.
I never said they were. Nor am I demanding perfection from anyone. I’m just of the belief that how you respond to a call out reveals your true intentions.

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1. Scaffolding is a framework erected for workers to safely work while something is under construction. It is a place where the worker can be anchored, hold supplies, and rest, without constantly tearing down the support system. It helps you hold your place and reduces fatigue.
2. Scaffolding can be internal to a structure, or external to it, depending on the area being worked upon. Where you are doing internal work, you will need to set up and keep strong scaffolding to stay safe, upon which to rest, and to hold the ground you have gained. #recovery
3. If you are doing internal work, but have external scaffolding, your emotional health will continually collapse every time you are triggered, overtired, out of sorts, or overwhelmed. You must place the scaffold where it is needed, otherwise, you will fall like a house of cards.
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What I want to know is why did she refuse to comment on R. Kelly when Dream Hampton asked her to?

Remember—John Legend was the ONLY celeb that agreed to denounce him in the docuseries. If G*ga is truly sorry—Idk—then why was that not an opportunity that she seized?
It just seems...mad convenient. And is missing the specificity that an apology deserves and requires. If I’m going to get into #TimesUp & #MeToo and their asses and this “WOC” nonsense, then I’m going to get into G*ga’s too.

R. Kelly was able to do what he did with IMPUNITY because his targets were primarily Black girls. That’s it.

You can’t “politically correct” your way out of saying that and I don’t fucking trust you if you do. Or attempt to.
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Now for a new thread on the controversies that have surrounded @MNPSDirector -- just the facts, no emotions. If you missed the #MeToo thread, see below: 1/
.@WillPinkston "pointed to the issue of lead in schools' drinking water as one issue that originated before Joseph took the job, but that Joseph's administration has tried to tackle." 2/…
The truth is that the testing began before Dr. Joseph, but then his administration sat on the results until our investigation began 3/…
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Little missive to the #MeToo gals I regularly tag on abuse issues: My best bud from policing is Puerto Rican. I love him like a brother. His wife is Costa Rican & is an accomplished woman who earned a Master's Degree in Teaching at prominent . . .…
university in CT. She was initially a Visa overstay, but went through the process & they spent about $7K, only because they completed the immigration paperwork w/out an attorney. She became a citizen in CT & they wisely relocated to FL where she immediately found a . . .
job, although was teaching full time in CT. Neither supported Trump, but support his immigration & Wall policies. Why should migrants rush border, be showered w/entitlements & wait for amnesty at no cost & in defiance of laws? What's fair about Pelosi/Schumer position?
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