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Presenting you the most vile woman @UnSubtleDesi who has hundreds of Accounts to troll me .
She went to a point of disclosing my certificates through some sanghi docs with shaved eyebrows @dev_rum .This slum dog is making fun of me ,also my dad's income .
Most dermatologists can't do a simple CPR .This moron claimed to be some rich man .This female is thanking them for uploading my degree certificate
His friend Suraj Shetty & him are retards who don't know when actually menopause starts .
Dermats just like @theskindoctor13
Here's the earth quake moment when the suicide rumour was out .
This coward slum dog ran away deleting Account .
You can see this vile W @UnSubtleDesi thanking him .
Shaved eyebrows shitting bricks .
This female has no other job .trolls me day & night even now .low life scum
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I believed Anita Hill. I believed Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Tara Reade. The #MeToo "feminists" who don't believe her can't say so overtly, so they're deleting their tweets, remaining silent or shooting the messenger… #IbelieveTaraReade #IbelieveTara
These are the same pseudo feminists who ignore, refuse to believe or smear Juanita Broaddrick. I believe Juanita. I don't share her politics. But that doesn't make her a liar. In fact, it was the refusal to listen to Broaddrick that pushed her into the...…
arms of the only person who would listen to her: Donald Trump. Trump, the misogynist who has bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, was the first person to give her the chance to tell her since the 90s when she first told it, reluctantly. What we're watching in real time...
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We are glad to see many now saying that women must be listened to when they speak out about abuse or trauma. Sadly, for the past 2 years many of those same people, some in important positions, have treated with suspicion, hostility and disgust women with the most extreme /
forms of PTSD who have begged and pleaded with them to believe them when they say that they find male bodies triggering and terrifying. /
Rape crisis services promoted docs saying they shld be re-educated as bigots, health services circulated patient letters asking for female providers as evidence of "transphobia", MPs claimed that fearful women should "ask" to be moved as tho paralysis of trauma is passing phase./
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1/Just out-@MayoClinic shares approach to addressing, preventing #Sexualharassment, & developing a culture intolerant of this behavior. I hope this #Tweetorial is helpful #Medtwitter @TIMESUPHC @ChetRihal
2/ #Sexualharassment in healthcare cannot be uncoupled from issues in larger society. 60-80% of the health care workforce has experienced #sexualharassment. @TIMESUPHC @reshmajagsi @ChetRihal…
3/ #Sexualharassment in healthcare is particularly pernicious--serious & lasting psychological damage to victims & deleterious effects on teamwork & communication, affecting patient care. @drjessigold @pringlmillermd @JWestendorfPhD @TIMESUPNOW @TIMESUPHC
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“Second verse, same as the first.”

The Establishment Democrats and their corporate shills on TV and all over social media are already signaling that they want Bernie to drop out of the race, even though half of America hasn’t voted yet.

This was always their main objective.
They sent almost 30 candidates at him.
They spent easy over a billion collectively.
Even now every state has disturbingly inaccurate exit polling that in any other country the OAS would deem as a fraudulent election. And yet here we are.

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I’m sure folks have seen an accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden — and all the conspiracy theories flying around it, from supporters of both Sanders and Biden. Here’s my debunking of four big conspiracy theories.…
First, is it true the mainstream media is suppressing this story to protect Biden/hurt Sanders? No. There's a lot of red flags around this story that require a lot of independent verification, which I can attest is not easy to do.
Is is true that Time's Up rejected Alexandra Tara Reade's requests for public relations assistance to protect Biden? No. That aid is for women who are making sexual harassment or abuse claims in court — which Reade isn't doing.
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#IBelieveTaraReade FULL TRANSCRIPT W/ THREAD HILIGHTS. Read the full transcript and tell us she doesn't deserve to be heard just like any other victim. #MeToo @Alyssa_Milano #MeTooUnlessItsBiden #MeTooBiden #TaraReade #IBelieveTara #Biden2020 #JoeBiden…
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(1/7) The story of Biden's rape of Tara Reade puts new perspective on the Anita Hill story...

#IBelieveTaraReade #MeToo #MeTooBiden #JusticeForTara #CreepyJoe #CreepyJoeBiden #AnitaHill #DropOutJoe #MSMCoverTara @TYT @CNN @MSNBC
(2/7) In the 1990s, George Bush appointed Clearance Thomas to the supreme court. During the confirmation hearings, it was revealed that Thomas had sexually assaulted a lawyer named Anita Hill.
#IBelieveTaraReade #MeToo #AnitaHill #DropOutJoe #MSMCoverTara @TYT @CNN @MSNBC
(3/7) Biden, despite being a Democrat, viciously smeared Anita Hill. He attacked her repeatedly when she testified against Thomas in the Senate.
No one could figure out why Biden, a Democrat, would engage in such dirty and vicious attacks, on behalf of Republicans.
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As a sexual assault survivor I've EXACTLY zero fu*KS 2 give #WokeAF #Berners trolling me on being my best #MeToo

After months of research on the orchestrated takedown of #betoorourke by Bernie Delegate Network I'd bet this attack on Biden has #puppetmaster written all over it

Now the entirely UNFOUNDED allegations from podcast w/2016 Bernie Sanders delegate Katie Halper & amplified by Intercept @ryangrim are released into the wild via op-ed @guardian by the now quite familiar cog in Bernie delegates media smear machine @ArwaM
BTW....I called that yesterday. Next few 2 jump in will be from Vox, Salon, Capital & Main, Paste & Jacobin, I am sure of it.

The Guardian Op-ed begins with assumption that 100% of Ms Reade's story is fact & pushes narrative that MSM is burying it instead of vetting story 1st.
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Just gonna make a thread of ALL the stories about Biden and his problem with groping and inappropriately touching women prior to 2020. These come from all sources including moderate ones.

Tara's story didn't just pop up.

June 2019, Business Insider…
June 2019, HuffPost

Here he is joking about the allegations last summer.

“I want the press to know, she pulled me close."…
April 2019, NPR

"He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth."

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Chanel Miller was gracious enough to let me into her life for two days in Feb before the world changed. Every word out of her mouth can be printed and framed. This story is the result of six months of work, I hope you spend time on it #MeToo #KnowMyName…
There are so many quotes that knocked me out, but when I sit back and think about it, this is my favorite one.…
.@brendatracy24 was kind enough to talk to me about Chanel, and how athletes are treated as bodies and not as fully evolving human beings:

"This is why Chanel's voice is so important -- it's shifting the way we talk about athletes and their actions."
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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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Jadi bbrp dari kalian udah familiar dgn Junet, alias @pegiatrebahan Kenyataannya,dia adalah seorang predator seksual dan semua tindakan dia sudah terbukti. Tidak sedikit korban yang akhirnya mau untuk speak up tentang apa yang sdh Junet lakuin
—ke mereka. Dengan gerakan #MeToo yang semakin besar, di sini gw mau mengekspos tindakan predatory dia disertai dgn bukti cerita dari para korban (+) walaupun kodbannya udh mau speakup tapi gua masih gamau cantumin @ mereka ken gua gamau mereka merasa uncomfortable+
Kalo @pegiatrebahan mau tau siapa yg speakup feel free to dm me rn karena yg ngomong gini soal lu lebih dari 1 orang so pls don't mind 🖤
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"The question & objection I keep hearing raised is this one: Why now? Why come in at the 11th hour when Joe Biden is on the verge of clinching the Democratic nomination?

The question of course is meant to undermine the claim and cast it as politically motivated...
...The more Red Scare conspiracy minded have taken that even one step further, going full Russian agent on Terra based on a Russia friendly blog post that she wrote as if her views on Russia remotely relate to Joe Biden's actions on that day in the 90s as if it's not far more...
...preposterous to imagine that Tara Reade is some Kremlin agent than that a powerful man committed an egregious Act.

But the story of "Why now?" is actually incredibly telling. It says everything about how our elite institutions routinely cover four powerful men...
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What #BelieveWomen means to me is that women be given the opportunity to be heard and to tell their stories, without the first reaction being “she’s lying.” Tara Reade deserves what the #metoo movement has demanded for all women; a fair inquiry, which she currently isn’t getting.
What do I mean by “fair inquiry?” By this I mean that most harassment/assault claims against high powered men aren’t first taken up by a court of law, which means that journalists take up the role of investigators. They call corroborators, they ask for any sort of evidence /1
- photos, text messages, emails, etc., they compare the current statements with any past statement(s), they talk to people who know the person to try to determine credibility, etc etc etc. /2
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Ah yes! During Bernie Bro false accusations against @JoeBiden, which might have been slightly more credible without Cyrillic love poetry to Vladimir Putin, let’s not forget Lucy Flores went first!

That’s THIS Lucy Flores
Clutching the Vice President’s shoulder and smirking
Lucy Flores didn’t seem to think she was groping @JoeBiden inappropriately

Nor did she complain about @BillClinton.....
Or, and especially not, @BernieSanders.

Be better than this Bernie campaign. Stop using #MeToo for out and out false propaganda against @JoeBiden. And Selfish Sanders needs to drop out rather than endanger all New York in a pointless primary.
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Fuck the thread out of me.

Dont talk to me about candidates records anymore. Democrat’s want people to look at Bernie’s record on everything so as to say “he’s done nothing” which is another total lie.
Then they get offended at everything about Bernie as they pull up nothing legitimate to attack him with as they say “forget about Joe’s record on everything.” And If you do bring up Joe’s terrible record they’ll smear, harass and abuse you. Nothing matters.
Dont talk to me about racism anymore. Democrats call “Bernie a racist” based on nothing but lies as they deny that the architect of the Crime Bill Joe Biden’s policies locked up Blacks at huge numbers for decades.
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This is a story that @ReadeAlexandra has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993. It's a story about sexual assault, retaliation and silencing. #meToo…
Tara had already come forward about part of her story. After Lucy Flores accused Biden of touching her inappropriately, Reade was one of the 7 other women to share their own stories about Biden. Reade told reporters about the way he would put his hands on her shoulders...
run his fingers up and down her neck. She considered talking about the rest of her story. But she didn't because her claims of sexual harassment got her doxxed and smeared as a Russian agent. That was April 2019. Then in January 2020, Reade tried to come forward again...
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@LioConvoy85 @RealClownfishTV @Kneon @Selphares1 @EncoreTerrence @desert_starr_57

So i got you all here and I promised I would say something about Thundercats Roar, and that last episode they did, better time than never is now.
I heard the stories, but for those of you who are fans of this franchise - please, please do not go after the Voice Actors - Larry Kenney especially. The man has reached a certain age that - criticism of his works just cannot hold water or legitimacy at this late date.
The criticism falls squarely on Cartoon Network and the showrunners in particular for even letting this series on the air only to end in 13 episodes for...reasons(?) but to diss the two fanbases from the 85 and 2011 series.
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1. Dear @surkhminahil someone told me what you shared about your trauma & experience. It's very brave of you to come forward. I will just share a few things that I have peesonally learnt during this movement since 2018. #MeToo
2. Firstly, now you have taken first step, it's all up to you to make your fight a sacred one.The more people will get involved in it, the more they’ll try to make wind around you blow in every direction, leaving u confused with who to trust,who not to trust with ur truth. #MeToo
3. Secondly, there will be many people against you but there will be many who will look like they are speaking for you. Stay rooted in your inner strength & remember most of these people will support you until it benefits their cause. #MeToo
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Now let's talk about Third Wave feminism. Shall we? Get some Dramamine, this is truly vomit inducing. So one of the things that is very obvious is that feminism is still coattailing on other movements.
But since the west has kind of sorted the Gay and Lesbian thing out they had to pick another movement. They picked the Transgender movement. I think this indicates a definite lack of creativity on their part.
I guess feminism thought that since slipstreaming on one sexuality movement worked so well for their mothers that they would pick another similar to it. It's not similar at all. Let me explain.
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#metoo over a thousand so far. Tools a breather instead of getting pissed but miss my frens 😔

To your point, the pussies are dead...


At least they got those labels produced before the disruption.

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Wignats and feminists, shaking hands and agreeing that the fame-hungry careerist thots who banged Weinstein to move up in Hollywood are innocent victims
“Conservatives need to get beyond their principles,” says the guy who’s supporting an obvious feminist witch hunt due to his singular principle of hating Jews
Weinstein is a gross pervert, sure, and I won’t exactly be losing sleep over him rotting away in a cell, but the #metoo stuff is clearly a mechanism of feminist social control against males. If they can do this to Weinstein, they can sure as hell do it to you!
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