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THREAD: Why Mueller Already Matters, and Everything Helps. :
Mueller has put the @NRA on notice they are investigating Russian money laundering through them. So:

Russia ==> @NRA ==> @GOP ==> Trump, Inc.

The @NRA traitors have no plausible deniability
What does this mean? It means the funding sources the @GOP has used to prop up rancid puppets like Roy Moore and hoped to use for Arpaio is gone. It also means that the @GOP is no longer going to be able to keep their reverse laundromat:
@GOP ==> Trump, Inc ==> ??
Trump, Inc. has been absolutely voracious in getting money. From inappropriate spending at T properties (100% of it) to hats to overcharging the @GOP for basic services, stealing the money from the inauguration, plus the phony Innaug contributors.
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Bilge: "Das wird nicht die erste Freundemo in #Berlin sein"
Sie kreischte gerade "Merkel muss weg" und DAS Volk lässt sich zu "Merkel muss weg"-Rufen triggern. Irgendwas mit "sofort abgeschoben!" #noafd #b1702
"Die Frauen werden wieder ihre Freiheit zurückgewinnen"
Zwischenstopp sei nicht geplant gewesen, es gibt eine Blockade. "gestörte Menschen" würden "friedlichen Frauenmarsch" stören. *gähn*
Bachmann mit Fantasie-Zahlen.

#noafd #b1702
Die Frauen laufen (oder stehen gerade) weitestgehend in den vorderen Reihen. Banner von "Kandel ist überall" war eben zu sehen #b1702 #PegidAfD #noafd
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1. Props for the word play, but @RichLowry relegating outrage and opposition to Trump as a maneuver torn from a political playbook is recklessly obtuse.…
2. He's absolutely right that the #Democrats need to focus on policy issues, but in ADDITION TO not INSTEAD OF Trump's actions and investigations. And, yes, in the 2016 election we failed to do that. Consistently unsettled by his behavior, we were stuck against the ropes.
3. It's not easy. As a voice of political activism, it's overwhelming. Keeping actionable focus on policy while still giving perspective and analysis on the inevitable 'shock of the day' feels like herding cats, but risking the normalization of the Trump era is unconscionable.
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Gabriel Byrne on Liam Neeson's comments that #MeToo movement is a "witchhunt" that has gone too far: "I love Liam, I've been a friend of his for many, many years... but I would say the movement hasn't gone far enough." #LateLateShow
Gabriel Byrne: "And I think the pendulum has been so far in the opposite direction for so long, where you've had centuries and centuries of women silenced, discriminated...
"When they say 'witchhunt', I don't like that word, because witchhunt was about women being burned alive, because they were in some way rumoured to be going against the system."
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Increasingly I think having Trump as president should make us work harder to correct the Trumps around us and within us.
To reject the hatred, the Nazism, the misogyny, the getting-away-with-things in people around us and ourselves. To set loving boundaries.
To say, on a daily or hourly basis, “this behavior does not work for me. I can’t stand by and allow it.” We can do that. We need to.
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Zuck - who'd been to Russia at behest of President, got huge investments from Putin's warchest to rescue his burn rate b4 IPO, shared code & publicity for launch of Yandex - had absolutely NO IDEA, none whatsoever, that Russia was exploiting his platform.
Mr. Dominant-Stance-Always-In-Control-Don't-Let-Anyone-Know-The-Truth had no idea that Russia was using his platform.
Nope, he's just a victim - says Silicon Valley, who relies on all the same money that Zuck does.
Here - see? We'll even put a picture of him all battered up on the cover. It's the era of empathy for battered women. He's just our battered wife.…
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The best wishes of America are behind you
The unbridled hatred by the liberals and their media have created the atmosphere for this terroristic threat on you and your family. It is time for law enforcement to step up and make arrests of those responsible, both for the action, and those who incited them.
There is no place in America for such incitement of violence, that the liberal media and their privileged elites do each and every day. Here are a few who have participated in such inflammatory rhetoric, and it is time that they face legal consequences for their actions:
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Part 1: Jan 11-12,'re going to like it! #RussianPlaneCrash to kill [1] person...with ties to #UraniumOne bribery and #TrumpDossier?

See commentary in graphic to understand the #Steele and #FBI scheme step by step.

#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm #GreatAwakening
Part 2: #Qanon goes into detail on the "target" of the #RussianPlaneCrash. Given the context of the #Q post from Part 1, I guess Ivanov may have been involved in the #Dossier and/or #UraniumOne bribery scandal...
Part 3: #Qanon brings up the arrest in Bangkok that Q documented “live” (see my timeline), in which Q used unpublished photos in posts… Is this more evidence Q is legit? Also suggests #SleepySessions is sleepy like a fox...

#TheStorm #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #GreatAwakening
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1) By the grace of God, who breathes life into me and into all of us each day, and who seeks our return to Him, starting a thread to talk about the role of #Hollywood #popculture in both revealing & normalizing #humantrafficking -- specifically, the sexual slavery of girls.
3) The basic premise of this thread is that #Hollywood is one-third of a global mind-control triad -- media, entertainment, politics -- and whoever plays the game (as @5Strat said) gets to participate.
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Early morning drop from Q re: yesterday's /ga/ drop mentioning Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Anon mentions the interesting timing of her appearance on CNN the same day. She says she's "Here to stay." Q says otherwise.

Anons have speculated this could be the role Trey Gowdy steps into.
2. Correction to my last. It appears RBG was saying the #MeToo movement is here to stay and symbolizes a monumentous shift in American culture."

Q's response, though, was clearly aimed at her.

Read more:…

(h/t @gooomega)
3. Yes! "The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control."

"The media cleanse/JFK" references this JFK quote: "splinter the CIA (Operation Mockingbird Media) into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.". Thank GOD for social media!! WE the people are in control!
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Hi, I'd like to tell you about what's been going on with porn and US culture in the past 24 hours.
I want you to understand first of all what sex workers are expected to constantly endure, but also that a cultural movement to ban pornography is building right now.
The first thing is that the NYTimes thought it was appropriate to publish - as their Magazine cover story seen by millions of people - a feature by @maggiepjones about why porn is so problematic for teen sexuality, and how we can mediate that problem.
It's a cowardly article.
Maggie displays no knowledge about porn history, porn as an artform, porn aesthetics, how pornographers make it..
She doesn't know anything about porn. She's an MFA professor.
Somehow, the @nytimes thought, "now THIS is the person to write this story about the problem of porn!"
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1. The Rob Porter affair — the enabling and minimizing of Porter, followed by Trump's smear of the #MeToo movement — is a surprise in the way that rain is a surprise after thunder.
2. Did we not hear the thunder? Trump won on a platform in which vagina-grabbing was all but a central plank — behavior that was not a deal breaker for half the country. He has surrounded himself with men who degrade and abuse women.
3. And so sexual and gender-based violence is not just a thing a surprising number of Trumpists have done. Let me propose that it is a metaphor for this president and his toxic presidency.
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