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Hello everyone! It's Monday, May 23, and we're down to the last week of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. How's it going? As someone put it last week, "If the jury follows the law and the evidence that drunk fake pirate is finished." #IStandWithAmberHeard
Last week was particularly persuasive for Amber Heard's side after eye-witnesses, including former Johnny Depp allies, testified in her favor.
Heard's witnesses last week offered what experts described as compelling testimony to support her claims of being sexually and physically assaulted-and pointed out flaws in Depp's account.
Amber Heard described how a relationship she thought was a fairytale quickly dissolved after Depp repeatedly verbally and physically attacked her. One instance was when they were watching a pre-release version of London Fields, a 2018 film she did with Billy Bob Thornton.
After a sex scene, Depp slapped Heard across the face and punched her in the jaw in a blind rage, Heard said. Heard said that woman was a body double, not her. (Depp was forcing the actress not to do nude scenes.)
According to Depp's former agent, Tracy Jacobs, the actor was so angered by the production that he tried to shut it down. Jacobs, who represented Depp for three decades, said in court that the request came in a series of angry emails about Heard's character's nude scenes.
In an email, Depp said: “It must be shut down or I will sue them eighteen ways from f*cking Sunday. These people are nobodies in this business and they should be made to understand that we will ruin them instantly.”
Several of Heard's former friends confirmed seeing Depp verbally abuse the actress and seeing her with injuries, but her sister, Whitney Henriquez, confirmed seeing Depp physically harm Amber. This was during the infamous staircase incident.
According to Depp, despite his past struggles with drugs, he has never used them to "party". However, testimony from several of Heard's witnesses last week painted a picture of a troubled lifestyle characterized by wanton substance abuse.
Depp's former longtime friend and bandmate Bruce Witkin said in a video deposition that the actor's substance abuse was so severe that he suggested he go to therapy and get sober.
Actress Ellen Barkin described a brief relationship with Johnny Depp in which she got a wine bottle thrown at her. Depp was controlling... "I had a scratch on my back once that got him very, very angry, because he insisted it came from me having sex with a person who wasn’t him.”
Heard’s sister also testified witnessing Depp hurl a steak knife at his assistant after a 2013 flight to London. She also stated Depp held one of his dogs out of a moving car while everyone inside froze in terror.
The testimony that spoke most directly to the core of Depp's defamation suit came from new details from Depp's exiled inner circle about financial woes that predated the couple's divorce and Amber's op-ed.
Tracy Jacobs claims although her client was once "the biggest star in the world," his shine “diminished” due to his "unprofessional behavior on set," which resulted in him needing an earpiece to feed his lines-as well as alcohol and drug problems.
Eventually, Depp's poor reputation took its toll on the movie industry, as "people talk." Disney Studios' Tina Newman says she never saw any documents that referenced Heard's op-ed, and that it did not affect Disney's decision-making about Depp.
Joel Mandel, Depp's former business manager testified how Depp's lavish lifestyle grew as he landed big roles and it was harder to sustain when he stopped getting them. He said Depp was spending $10K a day on his security guard-and the same amount monthly on nurses & doctors.
On the subject of the actual reason for this trial, over the weekend New York Times' Maureen Dowd wrote Disney honchos told her they were already turned off by Depp in 2015, years before Amber Heard’s op-ed.
And regarding Amber Heard's counter-suit, the judge on Friday ruled that #AdamWaldman’s 3 potentially defamatory statements WILL be considered as Depp’s statements under the theory principle/agent.
So there you go! Back in about 30 minutes for the final week in which Team Amber will possibly call Johnny Depp back to the stand - possibly today - and Camille will burst blood vessels objecting to everything.
This piece excoriates judge Penney Azcarate for allowing multiple cameras in the courtroom & interpreting the rules of evidence so broadly as to enable a sideshow of innuendo & embarrassments irrelevant to the specific defamation claims yet are super tabloid-friendly. ⬇️⬇️
"Depp is using the Circuit Court of Fairfax County to re-litigate his divorce, and Azcarate is acting as if she were sitting by a pool, eagerly turning the pages of US Weekly. It’s a joke."…
Legal teams are in. Amber and #Johnny23 are in. Holding for the judge and jury.
Amber Heard calls Dr. Richard Moore.
He's an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in hand surgery. Perhaps this has to do with Depp's self-infliction finger injury?
Camille objects to Dr. Moore describing the bone and flesh makeup of hands. Judge overrules.
So being that Team Heard doesn't have as much time left as Team Depp, this is an interesting way to start the week, especially since Depp admitted on audio and to several witnesses that he cut his own finger.
@IvanaE partially jests Camille Vasquez cross examining this Doctor will have problems considering she didn’t know what “well nourished male” meant. LOL
Dr. Moore testifies he's worked on many finger injuries like Depp's. Folks, this guy is uber-qualified. Loads of education and experience.
Dr. Moore testifies he's reviewed a tremendous amount of material regarding Depp's finger injury - depositions, text messages, testimonies, notes from Dr. Kipper...
Dr. Moore's opinion, to a reasonable degree of medical probability, Depp's injury WAS NOT caused by a thrown vodka bottle. Camille objects! Overruled!
Dr. Moore is slicing and dicing Team Depp's story about his finger injury (sorry! :) )
Moore calls it a crushing injury, not conducive to a cutting one. He's basically saying it is very very very unlikely the finger was severed by a thrown vodka bottle.
Now we see a pick of the cut finger. Again, Moore 'undercuts' Depp's story (sorry, the puns write themselves.)
Yikes! That's an ugly cut (new photo). Dr. says the injury as Depp describes would have severed or broken the nail. Camille Objects! Overruled! (he's giving Camille the finger now! ... I'll stop!)
A document is being shown to the jury. Bone/finger x-rays. Dr. Moore point out the bone is "shattered," associated with a crush factor. Dr. testifies he's never seen an injury like this caused by a thrown object.
Depp said the bottle exploded near his finger. Dr. Moore says if that were true, there would have been glass shards in the finger and other injuries to the hand.
Doctor testifies there was no other glass in the hand or arm, no other injuries, and he's never seen an injury like this to anything ever. "This would does not appears to be a sliced injury" or something like that...
Here's a pic of Depp wearing a plaster splint. Camille's objection is overruled. She likely objected because earlier Amber said he was wearing a hard cast when he hit her and he said it was a soft one. The pic shows a hard cast.
Camille just misstated the witness's testimony but Judge won't overrule Rottenborn's objection. For the record, Camille DID misstate the doctor's testimony.
Now Camille is attempting to impugn the witness by pointing out he's being paid to testify (which all expert witnesses are). Camille's line of questioning is now that the doctor wasn't in Australia so he can't know personally how it happened.
But who WAS there? Only Amber and Johnny. So Dr. Moore can only testify based on Depp's words. Dr. can rule out the injury was caused by a bottle in the manor in which Depp described.
So now we go to Dr. Moore's deposition. Moore said he couldn't rule out the injury was caused by a car door, knife, etc. Apparently, Camille is cherry-picking Moore's deposition. Watch for Rottenborn's rebuttal...
Now Rottenborn gives Camille a taste of her own medicine. He objects, and they approach the judge.
Camille is building the case that because there were broken bottles at the scene Depp MUST have described the incident accurately.
ok, Rottenborn redirects. In question is the size of the vodka bottle. Depp described it a handle/large bottle. The bottle in question is much smaller.
So now Rottenborn is going to point out how Camille cherrypicked the document mentioned above. He's pointing out how Camille tries to object. Rottemborn laughs at her. Judge overules Camille.
Camille was vanquished by Rottenborn based on Dr. Moore's complete statement, not the cherrypicked version. Camille thought she could "object" her way out of it but failed.
Now another doctor to the stand - a Dr. Spiegel (sp)
I think Team Depp's case was shattered by Camille pointing out a broken bottle that in now way resembled the one Depp contends severed his finger. OK, Dr. David Spiegel is on the stand but there is a meeting with the judge.
Dr. Spiegel is a psychiatrist.
He's describing how he gives psychiatric examines. Wasn't Spiegel going to give Depp a psychiatric evaluation once, @stirgussa ?
25% of his patients are victims of intimate partner violence as well as perpetrators of IPV.
He has lectured and studied the effects of alcohol and drugs on the human brain. He's studied the causes of intimate partner violence. He tells the jury it's a power imbalance that includes physical and emotional violence.
Team Depp is questioning this board-certified doctor's qualifications. It's like YOU trying to argue rocket science with a NASA engineer. You think you're smart. Everyone else thinks you're a dumb*ss.
Dr. Speigel is embarrassing Depp's lawyer.
At Team Heard's request, Spiegel has reviewed medical records, psychiatric testing, text message, video depositions, pics, etc. regarding this case.
Team Depp objects to Dr. Curry (non-board certified Depphead psychologist)'s name being invoked. Ha ha!
ok, back from Judge conference. He's read Dr. Curry's report, testimonies, etc. along with Dr. Hughes. He's requested to interview Johnny Depp twice - rejected both times by Depp and his lawyers. Why?
I was asked to opine about risk factors of IPV and how they're consistent with Depp's behavior and substance-use disorders.
In Spiegels opinion based on all experiences, Depp has a substance abuse disorder and is a perpetrator of domestic violence.
Mr. Depp was a a poli-substance abuser during his relationship with Heard. It affected him cognitively - according to Dr. Spiegel.
His cognitive ability in testing was significantly worse than that of average men his age.
Spiegel says the evidence suggests Depp's blackouts make it near-impossible to remember what happened the night before. He explains a brain chemical does this.
Risk factors for IPV involve extreme jealousy, an ideation or acceptance of violence, etc. Dr. testifies mose people don't act these out, but the effects of alcohol cause rapid mood swings, diminished social processing cues...
So now the morning recess... 15 minutes. If you're not able to watch live, Dr. Speigel is someone you should watch in the highlights later.
So we're back. Team Depp wants to approach. They are not happy with Dr. Speigel's testimony and have tried repeatedly to discredit it. This might be another go at it.
Dr. Speigel testifies all scientific literature supports his opinions on Depp's behavior and condition. He testifies Depp's video testimonies revealed he has significant delay in processing speed and impaired cognitive functions.
Dr. Speigel testifies that Depp was able to control his actions while not under the influence. Once under the influence, he was no longer able to control impulses.
Spiegel references Depp's very boisterous ranting and erratic behavior regarding Dr. Cowen (Cohen) and Dr. Kipper - "vulgar language."
Team Depp is fuming. You can see them fidgeting and grimacing, looking for reasons to object.
Now we're referencing Seroquel, a med Depp was using. It has a barbiturate effect. Used as a sleep aid and for bipolar disorder. For sleep, it's for people with circadian rhythm issues.
Dr. Speigel just trolled Depp's lawyer. A question is asked, he side-eyed the lawyer, and said "waiting for the objection." LOL.
Depp was also prescribed adderal, which should never be used with cocaine. "Extreme risk of death."
Combination results in disinhibiting effect, irritation, jealousy, paranoia, and psychotic. Stats say this increases domestic violence.
Dr. Spiegel testifies Depp's behavior is indicative of the that drug cocktail.
Spiegel references Depp penchent for self-harm (cutting, burning, etc.) as a sign of extreme substance addiction.
Spiegel describes DV: Recurrent abusive behavior by physical, emotional, and sexual abuse to gain and maintain control. Includes intimidation, breaking furniture, etc.
Spiegel testifies victims of DV are not "perfect." They get depression, may become substance abusers. Perps never seek counseling - afraid of arrests for hitting someone. Victims seek counseling.
Spiegel is asked if there is any evidence of actual physical abuse evidence by Depp. Team Depp objects, and requests approach.
"What have you reviewed that correlates with risk factors that correlate with domestic violence as it pertains to Mr. Depp?" Spiegel says witness statements, Dr. Kipper's notes... etc.
Now Spiegel is discussing psychological aggression, including trying to control people's career, financial control, etc.
BTW, I'm hearing Kate Moss will testify on Wednesday for Johnny Depp. Expect her to say Depp was always a southern gentleman and only trashed property and the rumor Depp pushed her down stairs never happened. Forgetting she broke up with him over his "intense mood swings."
Now Spiegel is describing narcissistic personality disorder. He correlates the signs of it with Depp's behavior.
We're hearing Speigel tie victim-blaming to Depp's behavior. Lots of their issues revolved around Heard wanted Depp to be sober. Depp blamed Heard, then justified the abuse, because she was trying to make him do something he didn't want to do.
Spiegel defines gaslighting - again a perfect description of Depp's behavior. Do perps ever claim to be the abused? Not uncommon.
Warning signs of intimate partner violence: Again, this perfectly describes Depp's behavior.
Warning signs of intimate partner violence: Again, this perfectly describes Depp's behavior.
Goldwater Rule: This has to do with when Barry Goldwater ran for president and doctors were diagnosing his behavior from TV appearances. We haven't gotten the relevance yet because Team Depp has objected and approached the judge.
Goldwater Rule: This has to do with when Barry Goldwater ran for president and doctors were diagnosing his behavior from TV appearances. We haven't gotten the relevance yet because Team Depp has objected and approached the judge.
oh, this was a way to preemptively discredit an expected use of the Goldwater rule against Speigel. He explains how it has no relevance here.
Speigel offered twice to do an in-person evaluation of Depp. He was rebuffed both times.
Wayne Dennison on cx. Dennison got that "hopping on his tiptoes and raising his voice" thing going on.
So now Dennison wants to discuss the Goldwater rule reference by Bredehoft earlier. He's debating Spiegel on whether expert testimony should be allowed in courtrooms.
Spiegel is chopping him down.
Dennison is mad Speigel won't give him the answer Depp's team wanted to get.
Watch Spiegel's testimony and Dennison's cx when you can. Dennison, again, can't get the foothold in this witness that he wants.
For last 10 minutes, Dennison has been arguing with Spiegel about psychiatry. We also so him pretend to be more qualified that the orthopedic surgeon earlier.
I'm told Dr. Spiegel's listing on Google is being review-bombed. Right-wing tactics.
So the judge has 'corrected' Dr. Spiegel for side comments twice. I'd like to point out she never once called Depp down for all manner of mumbling and side comments.
So Speigel's cross-ex is still in progress. Dennison is dueling with him on things he's not qualified to do.
So, along with Kate Moss who is said to be appearing later this week, we're also now being told WB's Walter Hamada will appear to rebut testimony that Heard's treatment by the studio had adverse effects on her career... so...
interesting optics. The man who fired Depp from Fantastic Beasts is being brought into contradict Amber Heard's agent. Anyway, lunch break!
Rebuttal by Bredehoft. She points out that Amber Heard twice tried to get Depp to submit to a psych evaluation and Spiegel himself twice asked Depp to be interviewed. So Depp weaseled out of a being psychologically analyzed 4 times
Bredehoft also points out Dennison misrepresented the Goldwater rule because the records Spiegel examined were not available publicly.
Dr. Spiegel is now giving examples of Depp's fragile self-esteem, low empathy, etc. Bredehoft also points out Depp doodling and eating candy in the courtroom, LOL.
Dr. Speigel has found no evidence based on ANY doctor that has testified that Amber Heard has a borderline or histrionic personality disorder.
Gives evidence Amber has 'battered wife syndrome.' Now discussing Dr. Amy Banks who believed Amber's version. Banks specializes in IPV. Banks never mentioned Heard having any personality disorder. Judge is sustaining Team Depp's objections but the jury heard the answers.
BTW, Johnny Depp won't be returning to the witness stand after all. Amber Heard team has decided against it.
So Team Depp is still objecting to Dr. Spiegel's answers. Definitely a "throw objection sh*t against the wall and see what sticks" tactic.
I'd love to see Dr. Spiegel examine Wayne Dennison.
Dr. Spiegel can't answer whether he found any evidence Amber Heard shows signs of being an abuser. Speigel's answer would be 'no.'
Dr. Spiegel can't answer whether he found any evidence Amber Heard shows signs of being an abuser. Speigel's answer would be 'no.'
Catheryn Arnold is the next witness. She's an entertainment witness consultant and serves as an expert witness.
So all the bio questions are done. So this witness will be testifying on both Depp's and Heard's damages.
First Depp. Witness testifies she'll only be speaking to the time period of Dec 18, 2018 - Nov 2, 2020. Witness examined tons of documents
She had done her homework with all documents and testimony in the case. She's also gathered evidence from hollywood insiders...
She testifies Hollywood began noticing Depp's issues in 2010. It became hard for his agent to find him work.
Things got really bad around the production of Pirates 5. Arnold testifies erractic behavior, tardiness, drunkenness, drug use, and Depp's series of lawsuits all led to Depp's downfall.
Arnold testifies Depp had a series of under-performing movies over seven years before Amber's op-ed. She called them 'bombs.' And the references the ongoing Rocky Brooks litigation.…
Arnold mentions an article in the Hollywood Reporter in the spring of 2017 titled The Diminishing Returns of Johnny Depp. Months before Amber's op-ed.…
Arnold testifies Disney execs passed around the infamous Rolling Stone article - again months before Amber's op-ed.…
Hollywood Reporter also published an expose on Depp's career on the same morning Amber's op-ed was - released simultaneously.
Arnold testifies a lot of press revolved around the Sun wifebeater article that appeared 6 months before Amber's op-ed...
Arnold testifies it was the UK trial that actually finished off Depp's A-list career. All his dirt was exposed. Not to mention Depp's litigation against Mandel and Bloom. "Every time he brings a lawsuit, the spotlight is on Depp."
Mr. Depp is claiming he lost money on Pirates 6 but the movie hasn't even been greenlit. There isn't even a script.
Depp's former agents testified there was never any legal contract for Pirates 6. She says Amber's op-ed had ZERO effect on Depp's career as it pertained to Pirates 6 and Disney was already considering Depp's issues before the op-ed.
Depp's bad behavior, the lawsuits, and the bad press from major media outlets months before the op-ed all led to Depp's not being recast as Sparrow.
Arnold testifies most had not even heard of the op-ed. Disney execs did not.
"No one noticed the op-ed until Depp filed suit." It wasn't on Hollywood's radar until Depp sued.
Discussing Depp's passion project Minamata (sp?) and Dior's Sauvage campaign. He did press for Waiting for the Barbarians. Witness testifies Depp stayed busy throughout the time period.
What effect did the op-ed have on Depp's fan following? Arnold testifies none. What is the cause of Depp's issues? Mr. Depp. Filing the lawsuits, statements by Waldman, bad behavior - Depp caused his own demise by igniting negative press coverage.
So now we're shifting to Amber Heard and the harm caused by Vladimir Putin lackey Adam Waldman's statements. Arnold talked with her agents, publicist, read court docs, texts, people from Warner Brothers...
Arnold mentions the coordinated smear campaign online. Prior to the Depp/Waldman statements, Arnold testifies Amber appeared in approx. 50 productions in her career - a nice steady rise prior to Aquaman.
Amber received accolades from directors and producers complimentary to Amber's performance in Aquaman 1. Prior to the Depp/Waldman statements, Amber had dozens of magazine cover stories...
Big magazines in the UK, US, and Latin America. Up until the defamatory statements were made by Depp/Waldman and the coordinated social media smear campaign, the press wanted Heard. They went cold once the smear campaign began.
After the Depp/Waldman statements, the internet blew up with negative statements about Heard.
Seems like Arnold may have just referenced @cbouzy "forensic statistical analyst." Maybe.
Arnold is describing bots. How has the negative campaign been used against Heard? Fanbase harassed Loreal, charities, movies, and anything Heard was attached to. Arnold testifies that smear campaign is ongoing today.
She references the bot-driven petition to remove Amber from Aquaman 2, and all the language of the smear campaign, used the same language as the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements.
She's only been able to work a little since the coordinated smear campaign.
Arnold testifies the industry like her work, but they can't invest in her because of the smear campaign. In referencing Aquaman 2, there was a period where it was undetermined if she'd be in it.
Amber's management fought hard for the role, and Jason Momoa and James Wan went to bat for her. Arnold disputes the 'bad chemistry' charge saying their chemistry tested well.
Arnold testifies she's never seen evidence that anyone in the Aquaman 2 cast or crew had any concerns with "chemistry" or wanted her out of the film.
Arnold is testifying how Amber wasn't allowed to renegotiate her contract, unusual for someone who played a pivotal role in a hit movies. Arnold testifies Heard should have gotten double her salary for Aquaman 2.
Arnold testifies, based on how Hollywood works, Amber should have figured more prominently in Aquaman 2.
Arnold testifies the Aquaman 2 script was changed twice to reduce her role.
Amber has always been very involved with the promotions of her films. The promotion of Aquaman 2 was affected by the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements. She was barred from attending promotional events for the film.
How have the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements effected Heard's other roles? She did no press for The Stand, she had magazine features removed, and is getting no press requests now.
She's lost endorsements because of the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements.
L'Oréal stopped working with her because of the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements.
Arnold testifies the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements and the resulting coordinated smear campaign is definitely to blame for Amber's declining career.
She compares comparable star's career trajectory to Amber's. The defamatory Depp/Waldman statements and the coordinated smear campaign prevented Heard from reaching that level.
Amber's losses have been significant because of the defamatory Depp/Waldman statements and the coordinated smear campaign.
Arnold testifies Amber Heard has lost upwards of $8 million in endorsements because of the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements the resulting coordinate smear campaign.
$45-$50 mil is what Arnold estimated Amber Heard has lost since the Depp/Waldman defamatory statements the resulting smear campaign.
Afternoon break and I have a meeting to attend in 9 minutes. I'll pause it and then finish up the day for those who can't watch live and have stuck it out with me for weeks.
Wayne Dennison for the cross-x. He immediately attacks the phrase "Depp/Waldman defamatory statements." Dennison tries the characterize Waldman's work with Depp as being "from time to time."
Dennison wants to talk about Heard's case now. MONKEY PANCAKES! MONKEY PANCAKES! Image
Dennison contends it's just a coincidence Waldman's statements and the ensuing smear campaign began just before Heard's work declined.
Dennison is lying. The hashtags based on Waldman's statements also contained 'hoax' and 'fraud.' 6.5% of "millions" is still a hefty chunk, Dennison.
25% heralding Waldman is pretty significant.
I find it interesting Dennison is arguing negative publicity for Amber could not have prevented her from working, yet Depp is suing Amber because bad publicity prevented him from working. MONKEY PANCAKES!
Dennison just said the false charge by Depp that Amber pooped in their bed is the cause of all her problems.
Dennison is, apparently, a fan of Baywatch and seems surprised Kathryn Arnold isn't.
Dennison, again, is arguing with a witness over something he knows nothing about.
While we wait for Dennison to stop embarrassing himself arguing with an expert witness #DeppfordWives Image
Dennison is trying to argue that Heard wanting to keep the role as Mera is like the character Batman being recast over and over. "Just because you have the role, doesn't mean you get to keep it." EVERY ACTOR that has played Batman left on his own accord.
Dennison is still going around in circles. Hey, anyone else notice this trial being classified by some as "cultural" now? I'd go further. It's political. And even though the fans aren't necessarily divided by Red/Blue, the tactics being used by Depp certainly is MAGA-like.
So now they're discussing Walter Hamada who will likely testify later this week for Depp. Look him up in the context of Ray Fisher. You're not going to like Hamada.
ok, so Dennison's debate with an expert is over. Finally. Simply embarrassing. Bredehoft on redirect for cleanup. Discussion is Hamada.
ok, Dennison wasted a lot of time. And that's the end for the day. We'll chat tomorrow. Thanks for hanging out with me.

• • •

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May 25
Listening to #DeppAnon compare supporters of Amber Heard to #MAGA is like watching MAGA call people Nazis. It's the very definition of projection, the mental process by which people attribute to others what is in their own minds.
If we are to make these comparisons in this entire tribal ordeal, only one side has a figurehead leader court-proven to have spread propaganda
Joseph Goebbels-style. Only one side has based its entire existence on conspiracy theories to explain away inconvenient facts. #DeppAnon
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Good morning everyone. It's Tuesday and it's the last week of the #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeardTrial. I've heard that Ms. Heard's team will be resting today which, I think, will signal rebuttals and what-not. I'm not a lawyer and I don't pretend to be. That's what Johnny Depp fans do.
Speaking of 'pretending to be,' much of yesterday was taken up by Depp's lawyers pretending to know as much as a board-certified hand surgeon, a board-certified psychiatrist, and an expert in the entertainment industry.
Depp lawyer Wayne Dennison argued that Heard wanting to keep the role as Mera is like Batman being recast over and over. "Just because you have the role, doesn't mean you get to keep it."
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May 19
Day 20 in Amber Heard v Johnny Depp. Again, apologies for those I left hanging yesterday. I had to bail close to the end of the day to help my daughter who'd been in a car accident. She's fine.
To say yesterday was a good day for Amber Heard would be an understatement. With Camille & her incessant objections effectively muzzled, we heard multiple witnesses testify to seeing injuries firsthand on Amber Heard. In other words, the knowledge didn't come from pictures.
Raquel Pennington, iO Tillett Wright, Josh Drew, Whitney Henriquez, Elizabeth Marz, and Melanie Inglessis all saw injuries on Amber Heard's arm and face. Inglessis, Heard's makeup artist, discussed how she covered Amber's injuries with makeup for the James Corden show.
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