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There has been some amazing decodes from the Oil Paintings.
"Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall"
I will link up a few takes of my own and other takes
Feel Free to add other takes in the comments:

Everyone picked up on the 9/11 reference for GWB and the two planes and the two buildings wrecked.

But not sure everyone caught the shot at JFK JR.
Many other Kennedy connections in these paintings.
"Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall" - Q
Under the desk top left there's a Tsunami

In the Q drops, it describes that the Deepstate had plans to purposefully cause Tsunamis was a way to depopulate.

"Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall" - Q
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Another "Happy Baby Bride" in Islam 🤬
#WakeUpAmerica #ThisIsIslam
Is this what you want for your daughters America 🤔
@IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib want this for your daughters. 😱
Also the little ones get female genital mutilation. 👹
#Feministas support this Insanity. 🤮
#SistersOfTerror in #Congress leading America down the garden path of Islamic 💀 and destruction with deception while you sleep. 😴 They hate American #Freedom & #Sovereignty.
#TheSquad hates YOU and @POTUS Trump !!!
Is your memory failing you my fellow Americans ? 🤔
Islam is about world dominance under their ideology.
Their are no friends of Islam, only allegiance to the Koran which sanctions all pictured here, jihad. If you are a Christian or Jew / (infidel) in their care, you are 💀.
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Thread by @SJLGuardians
Members in the world. I got out actively pursuing #Nazism about two years ago. I began training #DonaldTrump in 1997. I had known him for a while but he expressed interest in the #Nazi Movement to me
2) in 1997. He asked me to train him. I accepted. We started out slowly, I led him
through subliminal #mindcontrol techniques at first. I told him that repeating things over& over especially short phrases- #brainwashes people to do your will. He learned how to repeat things over
3) and over in a way that would control the masses. From mind control, we began
working on “importance” of being white. As a trainer, I fed him lines about dangers of minorities. I told him that the black and Mexican communities were dangerous and must be stopped -
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Not just Hong Kong accounts. Among the accounts Twitter says are linked to China is @LibertyLionNews.

Its bio: "Conservative News from the USA and Abroad. #Catholic Defender of the Constitution of the United States. #Qanon #MAGA #BUILDTHEWALL #TRUMP #2A #1A"
Profile pic:
@LibertyLionNews The account had more than 180,000 followers. Was set up more than 10 years ago.

@LibertyLionNews @DarrenLinvill This is a pretty sophisticated effort from the Chinese in this space, if Twitter has correctly attributed. Normally only see something as elaborate as this from Russia. Thoughts? @oneunderscore__ @CraigSilverman @BrandyZadrozny @RidT @btdecker @Joey_Galvin et al
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1) In today's #PardonFlynnNow work, I want to introduce (or re-introduce) you to a wonderful resources that @TamaraLeigh_llc and @realTT2020 have worked on so hard. Check this out!
@TamaraLeigh_llc @realTT2020 2)So, in coming days, I plan to use one of the memes, each day, as the basis of my daily work. Here's today's example:
@TamaraLeigh_llc @realTT2020 3) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking that meme came from @Melis_Strategic. Now I'll whine. I think every meme artist should put their twitter handle on their memes so we can always thank them. Unless I'm wrong, thank you Melissa!
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Obviously some (well, a good bit) of the criticism of the #1619Project is white supremacist bigotry, full stop. But it seems to me another substantive factor is our collective reliance on celebratory, uncritical patriotism, & a related problem given a clear diagnosis in 1873:
In that year, the Harvard prof & reformer Charles Eliot Norton was on a steamship voyage from England to the US, & Ralph Waldo Emerson was on the same journey. They talked a lot, & Norton noted that even in old age, Emerson maintained his "inveterate & persistent optimism."
Norton acknowledged (this was in letters describing their convos) that such optimism was pleasant in an "such a character as Emerson's," but called it a "dangerous doctrine for a people," as it is "at the root of ... much of our unwillingness to accept hard truths."
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Good thread on Antifa connections to George Soros
Now I'm going to put a few more connections together regarding these antifa "protests", who's working with them & George Soros
We all know Moveon . org is another Soros funded group
Recall that Moveon voted to support Bernie Sanders in 2016…
Bernie Sanders who is a self described "Democratic Socialist" just yesterday espoused the SAME RHETORIC AS ANTIFA AND the Democratic Socialists of America
Which Antifa took to heart
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1. I just saw a clip on @MSNBC of @JoaquinCastrotx in #Bedminster saying that @POTUS @Trump should have gone to the Central America's Triangle to stem the flow of refugees via a 21st century Marshal Plan. I've been saying that for months but it is clear Trump needs to keep the
2. white-supremacists in his base so he needs to keep the flow of refugees and he's banking on his base's lack of intellect to pull it off. So far he's been right. Let's face it, #MAGA are really dumb for not seeing Trump is the major cause of the current refugee influx.
3. He advertised the border was wide-open and explained how US asylum laws worked. Then he lured the refugees so @ICEgov could capture and harm their kids to feed the evil in GOP base now comprised of sociopaths & social rejects wearing #MAGA hats. It's actually quite clever.
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Antifa is a production funded by George Soros

His companies are paying people to wreak havoc in the streets

They work with the #FakeNews media by calling them "protests" to make it appear we have civil unrest in America when we don't

It's a SHOW

#GreatAwakening #WeAreQ #KAG
Who is George Soros?


-Multi-billionaire funder of leftwing causes and groups

-Founder of the Open Society Foundations

-The prime mover behind the Democratic “Shadow Party” network… #GreatAwakening #WeAreQ #WWG1GWA #DigitalSoldiers

‘Make Soros happy’ Inside Clinton team’s mission to please billionaire

Emails posted by WikiLeaks show top aides to Hillary Clinton went out of their way to keep a certain VIP happy: Uber-liberal billionaire George Soros

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The FACTS tell a very different story. It's why I stay on twitter Mr President. Somebody has to tell the truth! ❤️🇺🇸🌹
❤️🇺🇸 This is the real story Mr President ~ Your directive to always put America First. #HireAmericanBuyAmerican

Productivity Rises at Solid 2.3 Percent, Beating Expectations… via @epochtimes
@EpochTimes ❤️🇺🇸 President Donald J. Trump Remains Committed to Expanding Energy Production and Increasing Manufacturing in the United States… via @whitehouse
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1.) I was thinking of Christian Saucier the minute I heard this. He was the sailor who took a selfie on a sub to
William Barr Knows Why All of Clinton's Emails Were Sent to a Mysterious... via @YouTube
2.) home to his wife and newborn who was locked up for the first year of his newborn’s life.
Then we have this Stone Tear Paul Combetta who went to Reddit to ask how to bleach bit the emails of a “VERY VIP” who has had ZERO consequences.
3.) Add Brian Pagliano to that stew who cooked up Platte River being cc:’ed every (-4) e-mail the Sec of State who NEVER even used a .gov account, ever sent while ALSO losing a laptop in the mail?
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1.) Let’s see how far we can take this degeneracy of all things Holy into the Matrix on crack, because if you don’t fall in line, then well, you’re racist.
The firery eyed Mustang welcoming you to the Denver airport was a
2.) pretty decent clue, but Reuters says it’s wrong for us not to accept ppl who “identify as Vampires” in anything other than historical context.
In the age of Gillette’s toxic masculinity, how the hell are gender
3.) fluid Werewoves ever supposed to make their comeback?
Maybe there’s another clue we can extrapolate by Vogue’s article suggesting that “Young Blood” being used to reverse aging is unity because blood is a connective issue, right?
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FBI & ICIG said they "had no definitive answer on what Carter Heavy Industries is or who runs it"
Throw those taxdollars down the toilet folks cause It took me 2 hours
Maybe they should have looked into U.S.A. CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY GROUP, INC
@realDonaldTrump @Jim_Jordan
Here are more archives & business listings corroborating the owner of Shandong Heavy Industries Is in fact U.S.A. CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY GROUP, INC.…
Let's address a potential link the FBI should have seen.
Iran & Iraq locations per the listing you saw above connected to Shandong CHI:
Located in the strait of Hormuz nearby Iranian Navy Base
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Proud Boys are beginning to assemble in Portland. As “normal” cops talk to Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs, officers in riot gear watch from a distance.

Follow my feed for updates and for livestream throughout today. #Portland #PortlandProtests #PortlandOR
A couple bike squads are hanging out around them with non-lethals.
Two short busses filled with Proud Boys just showed up. I’d say about 100 are here now.
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1.) Kevin Spacey’s Let me be Frank POST Epstein Suicide:
1. Set-up
2. Confrontation
3. Resolution
•Washes his hands of any responsibility or guilt of his own.
Let me be Frank via @YouTube
•Cults are infamous for blackmailing members. Scientology is notorious for having members hold cans to verbally cleanse their souls into their recording studios.
•It’s always the victim’s fault for trusting their assaulter.
•The writing on the cup is text taken from a speech by HRH Queen Liz.
•The stamp on the bottom of the cup is the Windsor Family crest.
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Was #Epstein murdered?

My take:

Epstein’s death was faked. He was moved to a more secure facility.

With him “dead”, all evidence and cases on others move forward w/o delay.

It also put the crimes against children in the public eye.

Exposing them is the goal!

#Trump #MAGA
I dont agree with #Patriots misleading us, but I also understand that in rare circumstances, exceptions have to be made.

Think about it, in high profile cases, WITSEC hides witnesses and criminals who testify against other criminals.
#Epstein connects to their entire Satanic network.

Their crimes are more vast and more horrible than most could imagine.

#Epstein has the evidence to expose them all.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥Thanks to Trump, the Russian Mafia is taking over the US aluminum industry - Deripaska in Kentucky and Yakov Gitman in AZ. WTF is going on⁉️@gregolear @craigunger 🎩 tip @patrickLSimpson
How did this happen⁉️Gitman’s wife is a realtor that sells @realDonaldTrump condos😳 Gitman and his partners: Money laundering, illegal gambling, organized crime, extortion, drug transport🔥
🔥🔥🔥Remember the story @patrickLSimpson wrote about the witness protection program using Monarch Air- a company owned by the Russian mafia⁉️Yep. Jacob -Yakov Gitman👇…
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Earlier this week a federal judge ruled on the "Memo" of the Comey Memos.
Yep- you read that right.
The Gist?-
Judge allows the Comey Memos to remain classified.
Demands the Archey Declarations to be unsealed, promptly.…
The "Archey Declaration" is literally a memo of the Comey memo.
CNN (the plaintiff) has been pushing for ANYTHING released regarding these documents.

The KEY: If Military Intelligence is in charge of this case the state secrets privilege would prevent any release of Comey Memos
Does someone, somewhere KNOW that MI is in charge & SSP will be invoked?
Therefore, the only way to gain insight into Comey's memos by the press, is to create a memo of his memos?
Fuckin A'- Are You Confused yet?!

Consider this, my memo of the memo, of Comey's memo
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Well this seems entirely staged...
Ghislaine Maxwell Caught @ In-N-Out Reading CIA Book
Headline: "Caught In A Pickle"
Clearly this sets the stage & implies Maxwell & Epstein would have a CIA connection.

I mean- any #QAnon follower should be familiar with:
"The Pickle Factory"
-Get it?
.pdf related>…
However, the reality of Epstein & Maxwell Intelligence connections reveal how MOSSAD is a much more apparent link.
So what gives?
Fake news staging at its finest?
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John Minford, #SunTzu 8:17 "By tempering thoughts of harm, he can extricate himself from calamity."
If you agree, say it with loud and strong, I do NOT believe in manmade global warning, and I am NOT one of the 97% of scientists the left tells us all agree about it. There may be global warning, but if so, it's certainly NOT the first time. Hell, it may even be manmade.
But we don't know that. Sure, they say we do, but I don't believe them. Do you? What's more, the same thing that's destroying any credibility of the news, is occurring right here, propaganda. When I used to argue about this with my left leaning friends, I had a great case.
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