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Wäre ich ein skrupelloser Geldgeier, der Politik für Lobbyisten betreibt, einen "freien Markt" fordert und mit #MAGA Gestalten verkehrt...

...dann wäre ich für ein maximal hartes Vorgehen gegen #Putin in Sachen #Ukraine.

Kein "strenges" Vorgehen, sondern ein

maximalst (!) hartes Vorgehen. Sprich: Keine Visa mehr, volle (!) Wirtschaftssanktionen, schwere Waffen, das alles nach dem Motto: "Immer feste druff!".


Weil mir Menschen völlig egal wären, nur das Ergebnis zählt.


Sollte RU sich so in die Ecke gedrängt fühlen
dass es als Machtdemonstration einen gar winzigen Nuklearen Sprengsatz zündet. Militärisch. Auf UA Truppen. Mitten im Nichts. In Bodennähe. Mit minimalstem Fallout. Sozusagen ein "Nuklearer Furz"...

...dann wäre neben allen anderen politischen Folgen vor allem Eines aktuell:
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Good morning to everyone except the treasonous seditionists, coup-plotters, domestic terrorists, and fascists.

Did you know that Missouri AG @Eric_Schmitt’s loyalty to Trump means he supports 5 out of 5 of these things??

That’s not propaganda— here are the receipts:

🧵 /1
@AGEricSchmitt has pledged total loyalty to Trump and the #MAGA agenda, and has even intervened in his legal defense to show his unwavering support of Trump to the judges overseeing the prosecutions of his cases.

And Trump is guilty of all 5 offenses.

Let’s take a look /2
TREASON: Donald Trump attempted to overthrow the government, and gave aid and comfort to domestic enemies who participated on #Jan6.

Before, during, and after Jan 6, Trump conspired to coordinate with the insurrectionists and planners. /3…
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Memo: Rund vier Wochen vor der Wahl in #Niedersachsen hat unter eben diesem Häschdähg die große Propagandatrommel begonnen, sich zu drehen.

Wer von Euch bei der #Niedersachsenwahl wählen darf, der überlege sich bitte _sehr_ genau, ob der #CDU oder #FDP seine Stimme geben

will. Oder kann. Guten Gewissens.

Wir sind mitten einem riesen Konflikt, der weit über die militärischen Handlungen in #Ukraine hinaus geht.

Wir sind mitten in der größten Umstellung der produktiven Industrie seit über 70 Jahren.

Wir sind mitten in einem riesen
Propagandakrieg, der Euch Dinge erzählt, die entweder komplett erlogen oder so selektiv aufgehübscht sind, dass sie dem Gesamtbild widersprechen.

Fragt Euch:

Welche Partei schafft es, die Automobilproduktion durch einen Schwenk "Richtung Elektro" wettbewerbsfähig zu halten?
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Joe Biden is mentally unfit, & this would be pitiful were it not for the fact that he INSISTS on pretending to be President. But clearly others call the shots. He's happy to be the face of a disastrous radical progressivism. That's why Joe #BidenIsADisgrace.
He lied about his son's business deals (he knew); he lied about the raid on Maralago (he knew). He lies about the USA being systemically racist, about #MAGA, & about Jan 6. He's deliberately importing millions of illegals to change our demographics...
He left behind Americans in Afghanistan, after saying he'd never do so. He does nothing to stop weaponization of government against the people and against #Trump. His policies have brought the highest inflation in 40 years, but he pretends all is well...
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2022 Ebony article on Michael Symonette, Blacks for Trump founder. Reported elsewhere that although Symonette admits he has no verifiable source of income, he’s able to travel around to stand behind Trump at rallies, and he owns multiple FL properties.…
"Symonette...Michael the Black Man who is seen regularly at Donald Trump rallies...He is also president of what is registered as a not-for-profit corporation Boss Group Ministries."

Miami-Dade house where 1 killed owned by Blacks for Trump guy…
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Executive Director of @VotersTomorrow The group of people who verbally assaulted @RepMTG Image
And there is the entitlement from his generation. Being an immigrant coming to the U.S. A free country to turn around and throw a fit about not being able to attend his graduation as if no one else in the world was affected. Image
"here's how we had it worse than anyone" as a rationalization for "why I'm entitled to complain and whine about all the things I cant"
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The Royals are what we need protection from.

The pirate and Turnbull are not libertarians seeking freedom, they are Crown plants.

Both supported the Pascoe psyop.

Who could be a true freedom seeker and a liar?
Turnbull signed their UN Paris agreement, directly financially benefiting from it.
Having spectacularly crashed and burned, and fleeced $10B from investors in Babcock & Brown that shamelessly phoenixed into Infigen.
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Joe Biden declared that his political opponents are terrorists & enemies of the state. #Tucker
Biden seeks to ‘crush & kill’ #MAGA Republicans. That’s totalitarian. #Tucker
Biden is engaging in classic totalitarianism. #Tucker
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Kleiner Einschub zum Thema #Putin, #Trump, #MAGA und so.

Ihr erinnert Euch an den Beitrag zum Thema "Durchsuchungen beim Oligarchen #Vekselberg", indem auch die Verbindungen zu Trump angesprochen wurden?

Hier sitzt #Putin 2015 beim 10-jährigen Jubiläum des

1/ Image
international agierenden Kreml Propaganda Senders "Russia Television", kurz RT, zusammen mit interessanten Menschen.

Abgesehen von Jill Stein, die zur 2016er Wahl als Präsidentschaftskandidatin der "Grünen" Partei antrat (ohne jede Chance) und irgendwie eigentlich
nur Wahlkampf für Trump machte. Seltsam...

...war da noch Mike #Flynn, der während der Amtseinführung Trumps per SMS Verkaufsverhandlungen für Nuklearwissen der USA hielt, ein guter Freund zu US Botschafter Kisylak ist, über seine Kontakte und Gespräche mit ihm
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A short thread explaining why your gas prices have been so high.

Donald Trump is to blame.
When oil prices dropped to $15 a barrel, Russia’s income dropped to dangerous levels and was damaging their economy.
Donald Trump sent Jarad Kushner and Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to negotiate a cut in oil production.…
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A New Mexico Judge has just removed New Mexico County Commissioner Couy Griffin under the 14th Amendment.

This is the first time in over 100 years a that the court has disqualified a public official for participating in an insurrection.

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Apple 🍎 pencil ✏️ charging up✍🏼. I knew emotionally scarred Haters of President Trump & His Entire Family would be triggered by Judge Cannon’s Decision to Allow 45 to see what 30 FBI Armed Agents took from His Private Residence,threw documents on floor & Leaked to Usual LibNews.
@threadreaderapp #unroll plz.
74 Million American #MAGA 46 calls Us.
We/Us Diverse Collection of Freedom Law Abiding Americans. Banning Voices violates 1st Amendment, Illegal Search & Seizure violates 4th, Using Media to manipulate message, 45 Twitter banned. Blame Who? Jack? 🤔
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Twitter doesn't really work for nuance. So here's a thread on how I, as a European whose life and family was strongly impacted by fascism of the past, see developments in the US today. 🧵
Let's get one thing straight: the #MAGA movement features a few big red flags towards fascism. The authoritarian leanings are obvious, a cult of personality is apparent around Trump and the symbolism clearly invokes the fascism of the 1940's. Some elements openly fly Nazi flags. Image
Authoritarianism exists on two pillars: leaders and followers. The leader only exists when there are followers to enable him. The religious right is naturally susceptible to the authoritarian follower mentality through their chosen faith which requires a follower mentality.
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Die Rede von Joe #Biden letzte Nacht (aus deutscher Sicht) enthält übrigens NICHTS von dem was der schrille #MAGA Abschaum ihm so gerne in den Mund legen möchte.
Es ist eine kämpferische Rede für die Demokratie, für Gerechtigkeit, für Zusammenhalt.
Und weil Joe #Biden sich in seiner Rede nicht eine einzige Sekunde auf das bodenlose Niveau der #MAGA-Dumpfhonks herablässt, sondern im Gegenteil im Angesicht eines Angriffs von Faschisten auf die Demokratie seine Würde und die Würde der Demokratie bewahrt. Das ist stark!
Und eben weil das so stark ist, weil #Biden hier wirklich Größe zeigt im Angesicht des Bösen, muss der #MAGA-Dreck Dinge erfinden. Denn sie haben nichts womit sie ihn angreifen könnten. Sie haben nichts. Außer Hass.
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Democrats passed the laws (the #JimCrow #laws) that bullied private providers of goods and services into maintaining America's #apartheid, the #DemocraticParty's #policy of #separateandunequal.
1. #Trump's aggressive response when attacked;

2. #Biden's and #Hillary's unprovoked attacks on American citizens for holding different views on the uses of politics and power.
The Democrat Dimwits think that declaring half the nation deplorable and dangerous and seeking to put the Nation, like Bull Connor's dogs, onto the noxious #MAGA #Constitutionalists is their best path to dominance in electoral politics.
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At @INDEPENDENCENHP, POTUS and @FLOTUS appear for his address.
"My fellow Americans," begins @POTUS hoarsely and then a couple of coughs.
"Equality and democracy are under assault," says @POTUS in @INDEPENDENCENHP address.
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Republicans defending Trump

Basically all of @FoxNews @newsmax @OANN @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @WSJ entire Murdoch empire and every #MAGA Republican.
I am too old to know how to convert this vid into a format I can post on my Instagram. Maybe one if you could Instagram DM this vid to me. Help a geezer who does not even know what “YouTube” is. Thank you!!!
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The Deep State progressives behind Joe Puppet are the actual "fascists" They're creating an all powerful State via endless executive orders, vax mandates, weaponizing gov against political foes & censoring speech & info, with MSM & #BigTech in their pocket...
Dems no longer hide their intention to stack the Court, remove the filibuster, & add new states, even as they import millions of potential voters via illegal migration & manipulate our system to make vote fraud easier...
So Biden has great nerve calling #MAGA "semi-fascists." He STOLE the election with help from the FBI, #BigTech, and MSM burying the Hunter Biden story.

These disgraceful hypocrites ALREADY overturned democracy, they just don't want YOU to find out!
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1/Thread abt Grenell v. Troye defamation lawsuit:

We are publicly announcing that @MarkSZaidPC & #TomCraig (@TMCv63, @fhhfirm) are representing @OliviaTroye to defend against former Ambassador (& acting DNI for 3 months) #RichardGrenell’s defamation lawsuit.
2/We will not repeat lawsuit allegations, which arose from Twitter activity, but assuredly they are baseless.
3/His lawsuit was filed on August 8, 2022, in Circuit Court for City of Alexandria. Although filed almost one month ago, Troye has not been served to commence proceedings. For one thing, the address cited in lawsuit is incorrect.
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@TheRickWilson @GreatDismal Press should show maga what happens to “patriots” irl:


Howard Richardson, 72 begged for mercy saying he’s a vet and dad to a cop.

Judge: you shoulda known better and “appreciate what an extraordinary country you live in.”

46 months in prison…
@TheRickWilson @GreatDismal Guy Reffitt was found guilty of obstructing Congress, carrying a pistol, and two counts of civil disorder. He didn’t go inside.

7 years, 3 months in prison plus probation and a fine #CivilWar2…
@TheRickWilson @GreatDismal Thomas Webster, former NYPD and Marine on Jan 6: "You fking piece of shit. You fking Commie motherfkers”

In court: disavowed election conspiracy and blamed Trump for "despicable lies”

Prosecutors are seeking 210 months in jail. He gets sentenced on Thurs #CivilWar2 #Maga
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Exactamente @dlaje1
Muy interesante hilo.
No es menor que el @SenTedCruz incluso habló de la muerte del fiscal #Nisman “que iba a declarar contra Cristina Fernández de Kirchner”, dice, palabras más o menos.
Recién te escuché con @edufeiok e hiciste un excelente diagnóstico “escapando” a la horrible grieta que lamentablemente se vive también en EEUU 🇺🇸 desde Nov. 2022, lo que no es un hecho menor.
La grieta es brutal al punto que anoche el presidente #Biden mientras recaudó fondos antes del mitin en Rockville, #Maryland, pidió el voto de los republicanos e independientes, pero llamó “semifascistas” a los líderes de los rojos y demás críticas al #MAGA nacido de #Reagan
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Should we pity the Republicans, obliged to be facing their collective mortality? A literal "end of the world as we know it" b/c the world has been changing so much whilst they did little to adapt?

No. Don't waste your pity.
The Republican Party has decided better to tear down the entire American economy AND wreck democracy AND abandon millions to starvation-homelessness-illness rather than lose too much more power.
Theirs is an opposition to any significant change because at this point all changes in demographics-technology-culture-economics weaken them.

Especially technology.
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"The searing takeaway was not [KKK klansman David] Duke himself, but nearly 700,000 Louisianans who, knowing what he stood for, voted for him anyway."

#Racism #USA
"On Election Day 2016, nearly 63 million Americans voted for Trump, giving him more than 300 electoral votes and the White House.
The takeaway?
They, too, knew where he stood and voted for him anyway."

#Racism #USA
"Four years later, the impeached, scandal-scarred president went before the American people once again.

By then, Trump was known all too well.

In his losing bid for reelection, Trump attracted 74.2 million votes."

#Racism #USA…
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10 August 2022 - #BestAndWorstOfTimes #MAGAanalysis

@JoeKentCampaign @joekent16jan19

Joe Kent Wins, Mar-A-Lago Breached

Today's hashtag is of course a twisted quote from Dickens' opening line of A Tale Of Two Cities. What a juxtaposition. Let's discuss that.
2) If you haven't watched it yet, you're going to see actual historic significance in Joe's interview, here. He is ON THE RECORD, and that record will stand. I'm telling you, Joe is the real deal. He will NOT be corrupted.…
3) In case you haven't been following, Joe's opponent, who just conceded, was the Republican Representative from his district, Washington State 3, in Congress since 2010. Had he not run, she'd have been a shoe in, again. She voted to impeach Trump. Imagine that.
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