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🧡Here are all the Amicus Brief Graphics that were made and distributed via my AH Discord. Please feel free to use and spread these! #AmberAppeals #ExpertsForAmber Image
🧡The Jury's singular focus on allegations of physical abuse is contrary to the evidence presented at trial & demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the law #ExpertsforAmber #AmberAppeals #IStandwithAmberHeard The Jury's singular focus o...
🧡The trial court rejected Ms Heard's request to provide the jury with an instruction on what amounts to abuse and, as a result, the jury improperly disregarded non-physical conduct when considering whether actual abuse occurred. #ExpertsforAmber #AmberAppeals The trial court rejected Ms...
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In honor of Amber's appeal, here is her op-ed in its entirety. This is not defamation. The verdict was a miscarriage of justice that stole away the First Amendment rights of a survivor and made others question whether or not it is safe to speak out. #IStandWithAmberHeard
I was exposed to abuse at a very young age. I knew certain things early on, without ever having to be told. I knew that men have the powerβ€” physically, socially and financiallyβ€” and that a lot of institutions support that arrangement.
I knew this long before I had the words to articulate it, and I bet you learned it young, too. Like many women, I had been harassed and sexually assaulted by the time I was of college age.
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Did You Watch The Trial? A 🧡 quiz

Difficulty level: serpentine

#IStandWithAmberHeard Image
What was Whit's nickname for Johnny?
True or False: Amber's seven million divorce settlement was tax-free.
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1. Out of all the abhorrent things you do to her this really cuts me deeply. This woman you are so disgracefully doing this to has done more for humanity in her 36 years on this earth than most of us would do in two life times. STOP πŸ›‘ and truly look
2. at that thread of her long, long history of humanitarian efforts before you start taking away what has become so very precious to her. If she wants to help others why wouldn't you let her? Do you not want better for those who have nothing? Because Amber sure does. She has
3.travelled all over the world to lend her assistance to various humanitarian efforts, as you can see. Places like Jordan, Lebanon and Central America. Listen to the audio in the video above and tell me honestly that you can take this away from her? There is so much more to this
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Did You Watch The Trial? A 🧡 quiz

Difficulty level: gutting

"When you say "negative"... are you disagreeing with that question?" Who did Justice Nicol ask this in the πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ trial?
What is Sean Betts' first name?
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Did You Watch The Trial? A 🧡 quiz

Difficulty level: expert

"Don't show Christi or Nathan the one liner." Who did Amber text this to in May 2014?
What is a one-liner?
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Everyone knows how much I love to debunk sad attempts at debunking AH support. I may only get a part of the way through this tonight because I’m le tired.

But let’s go. 🧡#ExpertsForAmber #IStandWithAmberHeard
Okay first β€” Here’s the letter. Please read it if you haven’t yet because you know we’re about to get into the weeds. #ExpertsForAmber
So, this is blatantly wrong. Organisations have been talking about the use of defamation lawsuits (&NDAs) to silence survivors for a while.

Ms Mag: β€œperpetrators of sexual violence use the courts to punish survivors for speaking out about abuse.”
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Tide is turning. Slowly but surely. We don’t need to convince stans or incels/MRAs. We need to focus on educating Gen Z, neutral people (aka they were both abusive types), people influenced by the smear campaign etc.
Don’t waste your time on the stans. They will mass report…
Comments to get you locked out of Twitter. Be careful responding to them and never take their bait. I fail at this too, they are so awful.
Deplatform the grifters. Continue to call out TUG, Signore, LauraB, Jax, Colonel, Stef, Brian etc. These are all awful people that have…
Skeletons somewhere. We need them to face the consequences of their actions. Izze and chibi pony girl are hilariously pathetic, but they didn’t conspire with Depp and Waldman.
Keep pointing out disinfo. Keep harping on the UK judgement and Depp buying his way around…
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As an expert and barrister in violence against women and girls I’ve signed on to an open letter
supporting Amber Heard. Over 100 of my colleagues have joined me. Please read it
below. #ExpertsForAmber #IStandwithAmberHeard ImageImageImageImage
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Here is my issue with people calling Amber Heard supporters β€œAmber stans.” A 🧡πŸͺ‘
A stan is, by definition from the Eminem song, an overzealous and extremely obsessed fan of a celebrity and their work. Stan took it personally when Eminem didn’t respond to his letters and…
Obsessively took in all of his idols music and content. He thinks that he and Eminem have a personal connection and that Em is speaking directly towards him. He ends up unaliving himself and his pregnant girlfriend because he felt rejected. The very definition of a toxic…
Parasocial relationship between a fan and a celebrity, hence the term stan.
Johnny Depp has stans. He has people who have been following him and his career since the mid 80s. Fans who feel a personal connection to him. Fans that think if he makes eye contact…
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On the anniversary of Amber's victory in the United Kingdom, let's revisit the findings of the @CCDHate #HiddenHate #IStandwithAmberHeard "I have no recourse to...
#IStandWithAmberHeard #HiddenHate Amber: β€˜Look, I can’t tell you it’s gonna be ok." Other women have wanted to ...
#IStandwithAmberHeard #HiddenHate Analysis of 8,717 DMs sent to participants shows that 1 in 15 DMs break Instagram’s rules on abuse and harassment. Image
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JD fans like using the "I hit you" recording as evidence that Amber Heard is the "abuser". But, besides this, what this and other "incriminating" recordings of Amber show is that what she says on the recordings can be relied upon as truthful. Think. So:
when she tells JD in one recording that he "beat the shit" out of her, you better believe that she's telling the truth. Otherwise, why believe the "I hit you" recording and refuse to believe her here? Even more to her credibility is that JD does not deny it in the recording.

Similarly, when she says to JD here that she had bruises from his beating and that it's JD that provokes, you better believe it. Again, JD also doesn't deny her accusations in this recording, which adds to her credibility. He only deflects and tries to accuse her back.

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A thread of the Domestic Violence
experts who have openly spoken
about the DeppVHeard Case and
recognise Amber Heard as a victim of Domestic Violence. Johnny Depps Victim. 🧡 ImageImage
Jennifer Freyd, PhD is a nationally-
renowned expert on the psychology of sexual violence and institutional betrayal. She coined the term DARVO. A tactic used against Amber. Image
Jennifer has spoken about the DeppVHeard trial. Video attached.

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A thread to show that the #DeppVHeard trial was never about male victims, but about vilifying and silencing women. The #JusticeForJohnnyDepp crew purport to care about survivors but their actions show the exact opposite. 🧡 ImageImage
πŸͺ‘ Johnny Depp supporters launched a petition to shut down @womensmarch after they spoke out in support of Amber Heard. Why would people who claim to care about survivors try to shut down such a powerful womens rights movement over a difference of opinion? ImageImageImage
πŸͺ‘ Depps supporters have harassed everyone who has spoken out in support of Heard. From experts who testified in court for her, to Journalists who covered the case, to Stanford law professors, to her friends. Trolling them online, calling their place of work, sending threats. ImageImageImage
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🧡According to the #JusticeForJohhnyDepp "real victim" gate-keeping brigade, a "real victim' would not, for instance, fight back, "goad on" their abuser or belittle them, or buy them a knife as a gift. Yet, using this same bogus logic, one can't help but ask:
TW: Self-harm threats.

1. Is this how a "real victim" behaves? Forcing his "abuser" to cut him and also threatening to cut her? JD fans like to excuse this with the idea that JD had been pushed too far by her, but wouldn't one say the same about the times that AH reacted?
Sidenote: Amber bought JD the knife in June 2012 when she hadn't seriously experienced JD's abuses. JD was telling AH to cut him ca. July in 2016 during their divorce when, according to him, he'd already experienced years of abuse from her. Plus Manson did a similar thing to ERW.
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This man, Sean Lloyd, changed his girlfriend’s name to β€œAmber Heard” in his phone. He also called her Amber while he strangled her & threatened to kill her - full article in 🧡

#IStandWithAmberHeard #IAmAmberHeard
β€œThis time I will do It right” Lloyd said in reference to a past incident where he strangled his girlfriend & the neighbour intervened.

#IAmAmberHeard #IStandWithAmberHeard
This is exactly what we were all talking about when we said that the verdict was going to make things harder for victims of domestic violence & its manifesting in so many horrific ways. #IAmAmberHeard #IStandWithAmberHeard
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#KateMoss recently defended Hefner’s disgraced #Playboy Mansion.

Here is a 🧡that proves she is as full of sh!t as her πŸ’Ž #buttcracknecklace

(TW: self-inflicted death, drugs, rape, CSA)
#IStandwithAmberHeard #DARVODepp β€œWell, I met Hugh Hefner, I...
πŸͺ‘: Hefner’s former girlfriends say life at the mansion was cultlike, Holly Madison and other Playmates say they were pressed to get plastic surgery to look like each other Holly Madison recalls being...
πŸͺ‘: Hefner allegedly didn’t use protection during group sex. Twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon say they both caught chlamydia at the mansion Madison recalls how Hefner ...
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A 🧡looking at how the power dynamics in the Johnny Depp Amber Heard relationship do represent a #MeToo situation. TW: Sexual Harassment/Grooming

Depp's team argued that Amber's relationship with Depp was not a #MeToo situation.
Remember the #MeToo movement is about women gaining their voices back from men in positions of power over them. The #MeToo movement caught fire in 2017 when film producer #HarveyWeinstein was exposed as a serial predator of actresses.
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A short 🧡 of the demonstrable lies Johnny Depp told on the stand.

Claim: "The only person I've ever abused... is myself."…
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A 🧡 of beauty to cleanse my timeline.

Rule Britannia.
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Why do I stand with Amber heard:🧡
Julie A. Owens, Violence Against Women Expert Consultant
Made a comparison between Depp's and Heard's reported use of abuse tactics on the power and control wheel
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