As a reminder we have zero proof—ZERO—gun laws work. You know, if you don’t include Japan, U.K., Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Romania, Norway, Austria, Argentina, Netherlands, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Portugal, Israel, Czechia, Denmark,
Taiwan, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Australia, Estonia, Croatia, New Zealand, Ireland, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Lithuania…ignore all those obv not applicable examples & how, oh how, do we ever figure out this complex puzzle???
Also speaking if this gun sickness. This sociopathy of deriving pleasure from killing with a gun. Don’t think for a second this isn’t on that spectrum
For a decade gun violence was what I did. Created tactics w Everytown to beat NRA on Senate fl for 1st time in 5 yrs in ‘09. Wrote ~100 pieces on gv. Still I’m 💔. So..I’ll start concentrating more on gv again. Follow me here @cliffschecter. I’ll be a resource. THIS SHIT MUST END
A commentary on Ted Cruz, gun massacres…and how stupid Ted Cruz is about gun massacres #UvaldeMassacre #GunReformNow
If Abbott, Cruz & Trump had any class they’d never attend an #NRA Convention in TX days after a massacre of children right there—one caused by insane NRA policies they parrot. But that answers itself…
Wanna understand who’s most responsible for the #UvaldeMassacre #BlameMitch…. He’s blocked every single reform via filibuster. He puts the guns in the hands of murderers #GunControl #Gunlobby

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May 18
My 12-yr old son had a soccer tournie this weekend. He won! Which is awesome. But not why I'm writing this. From the field he played on, this pic below was a view. Just some old crappy building, right? Well, no. This was the site of the first Voice of America station that could
reach the entire world. This was the '40s, so putting a station of this strength off the coasts where Nazi subs couldn't get em, we figured, made sense. Even more sense for it to be in West Chester, OH as we steered the world away from Nazism's evil totalitarian twin: Stalinism.
I thought of this as Rand Paul blocked Ukraine aide using Putin's TPs. And The Great Replacement Theory which caused mass murder in Buffalo, is espoused by Tucker, Trump & many GOP electeds every day. Exactly what that VOA station (now a metropark) was put there to fight--but
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May 16
They're just being honest about it now. How will they enforce it? Think TX, where they incentivize friends & strangers to spy on you, share ur personal health w the state. Think of an ICE-like force created to run investigations into pregnant women, those deemed abortion "risks"
and those who recently miscarriaged. Think about this force tagging women w tech--chips?--to make sure they track your every movement. Harassing your friends, employers, spouse...out-of-control, abusive men using the equivalent of swatting to "make them pay." Cameras installed in
your homes, listening devices to overhear your conversations about your plans. Passports confiscated so women can't travel abroad, and if they get their way, devices like ankle monitors so you can't leave the state to go to a non-barbaric one. Again, these are just logical steps
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May 8
A few folks have DMd about what Steve Schmidt’s been burning down the Internet w for the past, oh, 16 hrs. Bc I wrote a book on McCain (The Real McCain) in 2008. Here’s what I’ll say 1) I don’t know @SteveSchmidtSES, in fact we’ve never once spoken. I do know folks in his orbit,
but this is from me, my sources in McCain World then and since. 2) Everything Steve is saying about the personalities, &…I don’t have all the info he has, but it’s consistent w things I was told 3) Sadly, McCain’s behavior in Steve’s telling comports 100% w what I learned. It’s
Why I came to the conclusion that battlefield courage was literally unrelated to political courage. McCain had his moments of political courage (most recently stopping the 147th RW attempt to kill the ACA), but overall, this man of indescribable honor and bravery while being
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Apr 10
@JDVance1 So…No electoral college, equal tv time for candidates & election day off for voters, you’re a fan? You also like guaranteed healthcare, sane gun laws & 5 weeks guaranteed vacay? Yep, very first world. And all it took was not having a Republican Party
Hey folks, launching a Youtube commentary channel, if all goes well, tomorrow. If you liked this comment, info, tone, this is exactly the kinda thing I'll be doing. Follow me here @cliffschecter for more info on the channel, which I'll provide once we kick off! Thanks!
Oh and hey, if you have now followed me, please also follow my friends @Outrider, who have that incredible #nuclear blast simulation and a whole lot of other key info on nuclear security and our climate! #UkraineWar
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Mar 30
We really gotta keep our eye on the ball w what Russia's up to. We've seen a lot about Ukraine, the attack on our election--of course--even Leave. But they're part of a *much* larger global offensive. We tend to pay attention to Western (read: white) countries, bc that's what 1
Our media covers most of the time. But there's a lot more goin on out there. @JonHutson has done an incredible job covering the coup they backed in Sudan, which helped lead to genocide. WaPo recently had this piece just kinda mixed between other stories… 2
But the one I really wanna talk about that's gotten almost zero coverage, is Azerbaijan's illegal attack on Armenia. Azerbaijan, of course, is Putin supported, and has so many similarities to Russia/Ukraine it's striking. A corrupt and brutal kleptocrat in Azerbaijan, leading 3
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Mar 21
FYI, if you believe Republicans on child porn, GOP Senators supported Trump after a 13-yr old girl credibly accused him of rape and he admitted wandering thru beauty pageant changing rooms to see naked teenage girls. Republican Senators supported Roy Moore, a guy who's boss move
was calling up girls in 8th grade trig class to ask them out on dates. Republican Senators have never had a thing to say about the fact that the longest GOP Speaker of the House ever, Denny Hastert, went to prison for molesting teenage boys. Republican Senators currently have
nothing to say about Matt Gaetz, credibly accused and likely soon to be indicted for trafficking teenage girls. Republican Senators also have nothing to say about Rep. Jim Jordan, who according to numerous sources knew his wrestlers were being fondled by a doc in the showers at
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