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Down to the wire. From what I understand, there will be very few, if any, witnesses called for Depp in rebuttal. Amber will - from what I hear - call witnesses for her countersuit today and closing arguments come tomorrow. Please correct me if I'm wrong via comments an DMs.
Yesterday was a blur for me, almost like I was on Johnny Depp-level meds. But here's some highlights.
Kate Moss was up first to say Amber never heard the rumor many of us in the 90s all heard ourselves: Depp pushed her down some stairs. To set the record straight, she revealed a story none of us had heard before: She slipped on some stairs and hero Johnny Depp rescued her.
As far as I can tell, that story has never appeared anywhere, not even in Moss and Depp biographies. But ok, no one disputes this now because a drug addict who used to date a drug addict, and who was trapped in a hotel room while he demolished it, says so.
The not board-certified and Depp dinnner date with only 10 years experience in her field, Dr. Shannon Curry was back to say everything the infinitely more experienced and respected board-certified Dr. Dawn Hughes said was wrong wrong wrong.
During cross, it's revealed she didn't disclose her date with Depp and admits she has never gone to the home of any other client. Further, in a deposition, Curry made a diagnosis of Heard before she ever met her. Now, this is particularly interesting... here's why...
In the cross of Dr. Spiegel, Depp lawyer and misogynist Wayne Dennison dueled with him over the definition of the Goldwater rule. A rebuttal, a soft-spoken English child psychiatrist who's name escapes me, also declared Spiegel violated the Goldwater rule... so...
... in making an initial prognosis of Heard before she ever met her and in a sworn deposition, Curry violated the Goldwater rule as Depp's team and witnesses want to define it. Isn't that right?
Doesn't really matter to Curry because she denied saying that. She said, yeah I see it written their and attributed to me, but I never said it.
Here's a truth bomb that needs repeating: NONE of Amber's previous psychiatrists and psychologists mentioned, let alone diagnosed, Amber Heard with what Curry did.
Johnny Depp was on the stand again yesterday. It did not go well. Here are the highlights:
1. Still talking slowly and stuttering he claimed he didn't see Adam Waldman's 3 defamatory statements until 2020 and they looked like 'word salad' to him.
2. Even after Depp's own surgeon admitted he could not say how his finger was injured but it appeared to be a crushing injury, Team Depp continued hammering the story that Amber threw a large vodka bottle with MLB pitcher precision and sliced off that finger.
3. That d*mn wall phone in the bar area tripped Depp up again. Depp denied there was ever a wall-mounted phone there. In the UK trial, he said there was. He either lied then or he lied yesterday.
During the honeymoon in Asia, Depp claimed Heard punched him on the train and the results were clearly seen in photos his legal team produced. During cross, Team Heard revealed pics of Depp with the same marks on his eye from before the train trip...
Depp blamed that on bad lighting or the camera angle or something...when it's revealed the pics were posted by the hotel/train company, whatever, Depp claims they were photoshopped.
Another witness - a hobbyist - tried to make the case several images of Heard had been doctored. What was really revealed is some of them had been cropped or their size reduced and that the sorting system - Apple Photos 3 - had also altered the state of the image for resolution.
The best part of the day, by far, was Ben Rottenborn taking Depp to task. It was one for the ages. Here you go:
ok, Amber and Johnny are in. Their respective teams are. Here comes the judge for last minutes matters.
The Jury is in. Team Depp calls Dr. Richard Gilbert, an orthopedic surgeon. Team Depp is still trying to recover from Dr. Moore's testimony in which he definitively showed Depp's finger injury didn't happen as Depp claimed.
This is the legal equivalent of doctor shopping. Johnny Depp wants to keep calling doctors until one says exactly what he wants them to say.
As @stirgussa puts it, he will talk about the 1% chance that Depp's finger was cut by a piece of glass and his bone was crushed by that same piece of glass...
So sure... HE says it was caused by a clean laceration. Depp may have the doctor to prescribe him the meds... er... I mean testify about his finger in the way he wants it testified to.
Doctor says it's a "crush-like" injury. Yes, two other doctors have confirmed that. But Dr. Gilbert says the injury to Depp's finger "could have happened" the way Depp describes and the explanation provided by Heard's doctor witness is highly unlikely...
So we know this is Depp's final shot at proving Amber Heard threw a bottle with major league baseball precision and velocity and, against all odds and the opinions of two other doctors, severed Depp's finger.
Dr. Gilbert doesn't agree with all of Dr. Moore's medical opinions. Shocked?
So, honestly, YOU don't understand this medical stuff, I don't understand this medical stuff. It's going to take a typical Depp fan, skilled in IPV diagnosis, psychiatry, psychology, and US and UK trial law, to explain it to us.
Doctor cannot definitively state how Depp's injury occured. In cx, Rottenborn asks if he's offering an opinion of how it happened. He says no. "And you're aware Amber never offered an opinion on how the finger was injured?" Gilbert says yes. Earlier he referenced Amber's opinion.
In sworn deposition, Gilbert says "I wasn't there. I did not see his finger go off." In sworn testimony, Gilbert admits he's never heard or seen any explanation from Amber Heard on the finger injury, that he simply doesn't know how it happened.
Rottenborn: "your explanation is Depp's hand 'must have moved' when the bottle was thrown." Gilbert denies he believes this but his deposition says differently. He says he believes Depp's hand moved. And that's the only way that Gilbert can fit his testimony into Depp's narrative
Plaintiff rests so I think this means the meat of the trial is over. Again - I don't claim to be a lawyer. So let's wait for the sidebar to be done.
No... rebuttal evidence by Team Heard. See, I don't know the process. I'm just a country boy writer. Anyway, first witness is Julian Ackert, who will rebut Depp's witness testimony on EXIF data and metadata, etc. Uber qualified. More so than Depp's witness yesterday.
So now we're discussing "hashing" - Depp's witness testified this could change the appearance of images. Ackert says no way.
So Ackert is saying what us with common sense said yesterday: Image sizes change, for example, when you email an image by smartphone and the system asks what size you want to send.
He's discussing Photos 3.0. Yep! This sorting "album" software also changes resolution, etc. For each of the photos Depp's witness testified about, Ackert found an equivalent and identical photo - the originals - with the same Exif data and Metadata
Like I said yesterday, this is a no-brainer for the jury. They know software reduces file sizes. Enlarging them creates blurriness and resolution issues.
Ackert is tearing down Depp's witness's testimony with surgical precision.
Ackert's conclusions in this case is Depp's contention of "doctored photos" is pretty much bullsh*t. On cx, Wayne Dennison is asking if ALL the photos produced by Heard are originals. Ackert replies only the ones YOU and YOUR witness presented to me, LOL.
Dennison wants the witness to agree that he can't confirm EVERY IMAGE submitted by Amber is original. But Team Depp only provided him with the ones their witness testified were NOT originals. Ackert says no, because he hasn't seen them.
Dennison, who is also obviously an expert on forensic imaging, is arguing these points.
In redirect, Ackert testifies that off all the images that Depp's witness testified to were originals and were not tampered with in the way Depp's team wants to assert. So, a very nuanced witness for Amber Heard. I could almost understand parts of it.
Amber's next Witness is Dr. Dawn Hughes, the board-certified non-Depp date night psychologist who evaluated Amber Heard for 30 years. She will rebut Shannon Curry.
If you'll recall yesterday, Curry questioned Hughes' methods. She's explaining now how Curry, who only has 10 years of experience, was completely wrong in her attempt to impress (swoooooon) Jawny!
Objections coming in from Team Depp. They don't want the jury to hear this testimony.
Unless I'm mistaken (again), Curry gets no other chance to rebut Hughes. Only Team Depp can in cx. And we all know this is one of the many fields Wayne Dennison is a pro in...
ok, cx of Dawn Hughes. Wayne Dennison. This could go on until the early afternoon. He doesn't care for "uppity" women and he'll actually try to explain psychology and IPV to the doctor.
I love how she answers, like, "what, are you stupid? That's a dumb question."
Dennison is discussing the PTSD instruction manual for administering a certain test. That line of questioning apparently failed because Dennison has moved on.
Dennison is hung up on "the past year" as mentioned on several documents in recording domestic abuse. Hughes replies it's standard to apply relevant events to current time periods. We'll hear more in rebuttal from Team Heard.
Redirect - Bredehoft. Hughes confirms again testing lethalities can use former, current, and future events. "Past year" isn't relevant. Now Dennison is objecting to Bredehoft confirming what he, himself, questioned Hughes about, LOL.
And Dr. Hughes is done. 15 minute recess.
ok we're back but there is a sidebar going on with the Judge. The camera is panning the people in attendance and... bleh! Their moms should have never let them go out looking like that...
The jury is in and Amber Heard is being recalled to the stand.
Rottenborn explains we're in the rebuttal phase of Heard's counterclaim. Camille objects before Amber says anything. Heard testifies she's harassed, humiliate, and threatened with death every day. People have told her they want to put her baby in the microwave.
She explains she has to live with the damage and trauma every day. Camille objects. Overruled. She has to live by rules that she and her friends and intimate partners have to live by. She calls out Johnny Depp: "I'm not in this courtroom snickering." She just wants to move on.
Amber mentions the coordinated smear campaign Johnny has paid for... Camille objects. Rottenborn reminds the judge Depp was allowed long-winded responses so Amber should be allowed to, as well.
Amber testifies she can't work for charities or have a career because of the smear campaign brought about by Adam Waldman and Johnny Depp. She has endured 100s of death threats & people mocking her testimony. Agonizing. Painful. Humiliating.
"I have a right to tell my story. I have the right to my name. As an American." Very emotional testimony.
Camille will do the cross. But she's demanded a meeting with the judge. Let's see what mean girl insults she has in store.
LONG sidebar with the judge. Look, I gotta hand it to Camille. She's annoying AF but good at what she does. She just hitched her wagon to a dying horse.
Camille moving her head the way one might do when lecturing someone. If I see a finger jab we'll know it's on.
ok, back. And Camille on cx. She says Amber is humiliated because her lies have been "exposed to the world."
Ha! Camille is referencing the known-perjurer Morgan Knight who ran Hicksville. Amber doesn't know him. She says he wasn't there. He just wanted to be part of the 'Johnny Show.'
Camille's attempt to have Amber's statement stricken fell on the Judge's deaf ears... Now we're talking about TMZ and whether Heard tipped them off. Amber fires back that Depp's attorneys knew she was going to be there. Amber stresses she did not call any press to anything.
Now the video of Depp trashing the kitchen. Amber again testifies she had nothing to do with the video being released to TMZ. Reminder: Tremaine never testified Amber released the video.
Camille is making an issue of what she believes was Amber smirking in the video. Amber says anyone can watch that and draw their own conclusions.
Camille believes Amber has mad video editing skills.
So now a pic of Amber with her publicist at the courthouse at the time she filed for divorce (or got the restraining order). So we see an image of Heard from around that time where it doesn't appear she has a bruise on her face. Amber says she was wearing makeup.
There really is nothing Camille can do to rebut that Amber wore makeup to cover bruises. They keep trying to hammer that but come empty.
You know how Depp testified Head was a better arguer than he is? Well, try as she might, Camille hasn't rattled Heard in the least.
So they're discussing Amber's prior testimony. Camille wants to debate which penthouse Amber refers to as the "main penthouse." If I was an impartial juror, Camille would be a turnoff.
So while Camille haggles with Amber over a pic, I want to mention Morgan Knight again. Amber seemed pretty confident during that portion of the cx. Might mean something later. Now the judge has warned #Deppford wives to #STFU or she'll kick them out.
Slam dunk for Amber, RE: Kate Moss. She said multiple people in the 90s and 2000s heard that rumor. (I did.)
Whitney glaring at Camille. "Let's take this outside." LOL.
Half of Camille's cx was telling Heard she didn't expect all these witnesses for Depp. Amber says 'wtf?? That's what my entire op-ed was about, powerful men with minions trying to curry favor with him." (most of that was my interpretation.)
Heavy objections from Camille as Amber answers questions from Rottenborn about Adam Waldman and Johnny Depp's threats. So that, my friends, was the last crack Camille will have at Amber Heard. Ever. Her redirect by Rottenborn had her talking directly to the jury.
Amber Heard finished strong. The counterclaim rests. Closing arguments tomorrow morning. Then the case will go to the jury Friday afternoon. Deliberations will go through at least next Tuesday.
Quick lunch then final instruction for the jury, I think I heard.

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May 25
Getting close to the end of this trial. Amber Heard rested her case yesterday. Team Depp, as is customary, attempted to have her countersuit tossed. Ben Chew misrepresented things in the process. Ben Rottenborn corrected him &, based on decisions made Friday, the Judge refused.
The rest of the day was taken by witnesses called by Depp to rebut Amber's witnesses. One was Dr. David A. Kulber, the hand surgeon who actually worked on the finger Depp severed. He did little refute Amber's expert hand surgeon witness on how the injury did or did not occur.
My take away was he confirmed the cast on the finger and hand was a hard plaster one. Depp witness(es) previously testified it was a soft one.
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Listening to #DeppAnon compare supporters of Amber Heard to #MAGA is like watching MAGA call people Nazis. It's the very definition of projection, the mental process by which people attribute to others what is in their own minds.
If we are to make these comparisons in this entire tribal ordeal, only one side has a figurehead leader court-proven to have spread propaganda
Joseph Goebbels-style. Only one side has based its entire existence on conspiracy theories to explain away inconvenient facts. #DeppAnon
Only one side has been deploying bot-driven and amplified disinformation campaigns. Only one side has paid $$$THOUSANDS running disinformation social media ads. Only one side is being fact-checked by sources that usually fact-check Republicans. #DeppAnon.
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May 24
Good morning everyone. It's Tuesday and it's the last week of the #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeardTrial. I've heard that Ms. Heard's team will be resting today which, I think, will signal rebuttals and what-not. I'm not a lawyer and I don't pretend to be. That's what Johnny Depp fans do.
Speaking of 'pretending to be,' much of yesterday was taken up by Depp's lawyers pretending to know as much as a board-certified hand surgeon, a board-certified psychiatrist, and an expert in the entertainment industry.
Depp lawyer Wayne Dennison argued that Heard wanting to keep the role as Mera is like Batman being recast over and over. "Just because you have the role, doesn't mean you get to keep it."
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May 23
Hello everyone! It's Monday, May 23, and we're down to the last week of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. How's it going? As someone put it last week, "If the jury follows the law and the evidence that drunk fake pirate is finished." #IStandWithAmberHeard
Last week was particularly persuasive for Amber Heard's side after eye-witnesses, including former Johnny Depp allies, testified in her favor.
Heard's witnesses last week offered what experts described as compelling testimony to support her claims of being sexually and physically assaulted-and pointed out flaws in Depp's account.
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May 19
Day 20 in Amber Heard v Johnny Depp. Again, apologies for those I left hanging yesterday. I had to bail close to the end of the day to help my daughter who'd been in a car accident. She's fine.
To say yesterday was a good day for Amber Heard would be an understatement. With Camille & her incessant objections effectively muzzled, we heard multiple witnesses testify to seeing injuries firsthand on Amber Heard. In other words, the knowledge didn't come from pictures.
Raquel Pennington, iO Tillett Wright, Josh Drew, Whitney Henriquez, Elizabeth Marz, and Melanie Inglessis all saw injuries on Amber Heard's arm and face. Inglessis, Heard's makeup artist, discussed how she covered Amber's injuries with makeup for the James Corden show.
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