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Endgame (?)
angst, unrequited love, forced separation, arranged marriage, village/tribes

[A Helping Hand]
Izuku was distressed. Distressed might have been an understatement, actually. Izuku was losing it. You see, a little over a year ago, he’d been over the moon, courted by the kindest alpha he knew.
Eijirou, a hunter and guard from a neighboring tribe, had been secretly courting him for over thirteen moons and they were finally going to tell his pack. He had dressed in his head house attire and worn the official markings of his people.
He wanted to look his best. However, on the eve of the announcement, his life plan was shattered.

“Katsuki Bakugou has requested your hand in order to join our territories. We have accepted his offer. He will procure you in two days to begin courting,” his father said.
Izuku got on his knees and begged, pleading for his father to retract his decision. He told him how much it’d destroy him; how he already had an alpha and how they were meant to be, but his sire did not care. “But father, I love Eijirou, please don’t do this!”
His father shot him a disdainful look and walked away.

That night, Izuku cried. He cried for Eijirou and their relationship, he cried for the pups they’d never have, he cried for the life that could’ve been had they not stuck to tradition.
When dawn came, he met Eijirou at their usual spot by the waterfall. Immediately, the alpha noticed something was wrong.

Wrapping his arms around his lover, Eijirou asked, "What’s wrong, my love? Is today not to be a happy day? We’re finally telling our clans!”
Izuku shook his head.

“Did something happen?”

Izuku nodded without saying a word. He didn’t want this–couldn’t do this.
Eijirou cupped his cheek, scenting him with his wrists. Those mesmerizing ruby eyes the omega loved so much were filled with worry, searching his. “You can tell me anything, mate.”
Hearing that word, /mate/, made him choke on a sob and hide his face in the alpha’s chest. The scent of despair and hopelessness inundated the space around them, bringing them both to their knees. No amount of comfort would remedy this.
“Father…he arranged a match for me without my consent,” Izuku finally croaked when he’d stopped his ragged sobs, though tears still streamed down his freckled cheeks.
Eijirou growled. “I can go to him, convince him to let you marry me instead. I am strong, hold a good position in my clan–My clan leader, he can vouch for us!”

Izuku shook his head. “I told him I had an alpha; he did not care.”
The implication of it all left them both in a stifling silence. Still, Eijirou wrapped his arms protectively around the omega and buried his face in the jade curls he loved so much. This was his angel, his omega, his mate. There had to be some way…
“We’ll find a solution. Kats will help us, I’m sure. What if you come live at our village?”

Izuku looked up, his face pale as the mother moon itself. “Kats?”

“Oh, right, I usually call him Baku.”

The omega’s eyes widened in understanding. “Katsuki Bakugou?”
Eijirou smiled and a proud rumble left his chest. “Yeah, that’s him! He’s my closest friend!”

His body began trembling without consent, tears doubling. “H-he won’t help us,” Izuku whispered.

“I’m sure he will. Just let me talk to him,” Eijirou insisted.
The alpha’s soothing scent was pushing back against his, but Izuku couldn’t find solace. “He’s the one I’m marrying! /He/ chose /me/, Ei, and the worst part is that I can’t say no.”

“Why?” the alpha asked, his expression, horrified.
“My people….they need this arrangement to have enough food for the fall and winter. Your village thrives then. Our crops–For years, our crops have been failing in certain areas. We’ve made due, but each year, it gets worse.
With the raid a month ago…we’ll never be able to store enough. We’re offering our healers for the upcoming battle.”

That wasn't what he wanted to know, but it still supported one of his biggest fears. Eijirou knew what it implied, but he refused to believe it.
“I-Izuku don’t leave me. I’ll talk to him; I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. He knows I’ve been seeing someone from your clan; he wouldn’t do this.”
Izuku took a step back, taking stuttered breaths to calm himself. Solemnly, he put on his mask of calm; the one he used during tribal meetings, and nodded. “Then, if Katsuki Bakugou breaks off the engagement, I will go back to you, my alpha.
But for now, I must do what is right for my people. That is the burden a future leader must bear. Goodbye, my alpha. My soul will always be yours.”

Eijirou had never looked so broken, yet even as desolate as he was, he gave his strong omega one last sharp, wobbly smile.
His eyes were filled with a strange mixture of pain and pride. “My brave omega.” He took a step forward, gently holding Izuku’s face in his hands. “You have my soul. I adore you. I always will,” he whispered
and then gave the emerald-eyed man a soft kiss filled with so much love and unspoken feelings that it took away their breaths and left their limbs weak.
Unable to see his lover in that state any longer, the alpha left, and Izuku fell to the ground once more, curling at the base of a willow tree, where his friends found him asleep two hours later.
(TBC--work😬. You'll understand the title in the next update😉)

(Okay, so the title won't come into play just yet haha, my bad...decided to let Kats explain himself before y'all attack him)

The other omegas from the clan’s head families–Melissa, Tamaki, Uraraka, and Momo–were tasked with helping him prepare for his journey.
Gently, they helped him get home, taking that first day to comfort him. He barely ate and slept, his gaze faraway, thinking where he’d gone wrong.

The second day, he was more cooperative. There was no point in being difficult; this was happening whether he wished it or not.
That day, they prepared his luggage and gave him a long bath with scented oils. Tamaki gave him a relaxing massage, Momo took care of the food, and Melissa and Uraraka would feed him and help him dress.
When morning came, he trembled as the omegas did his face and body paints. Before he was done, a guard announced Katsuki Bakugou’s and his entourage’s arrival. Izuku was rushed out and pushed into the center of the market square,
his father and mother going to stand at either side of him. With his eyes closed, he slowed his breathing to keep a calm appearance. Surely a hunter like Bakugou could tell when his prey’s heartbeat was erratic. His parents had also dressed up,
but while his father exuded a haughty, dominant scent, his mother’s was tinged with sadness and regret. Izuku looked at her and reached out to her and gave her a single squeeze of the shoulder and a nod along with a bit of his calming scent.
He knew that this was not her decision.

The sound of horses trotting into the square alerted him of the incoming group. Although his father had instructed him to bow submissively, he looked straight into the leader’s crimson eyes. The people behind him chuckled.
//Red, like alpha’s,// his omega noted.

Not exactly like his alpha’s– Eijirou’s shone brighter.

Wordlessly, with a smoldering gaze that focused on Izuku, the blond clan leader dismounted his horse and approached them. “Good morning, heads of the Midlands clan.”
“Good morning, head of the Red Mountain clan, Katsuki Bakugou. We are honored by your visit,” his father returned with a slight bow of the head.

“You are beautiful. Do not bow your head too, my beloved?” The man has a curious look and a smirk threatening to appear on his face.
//Not his, not his!//

“I apologize–”
Izuku interrupted his father and replied, “I thought that the leader of a warrior clan such as yours would be offended to receive a submissive spouse. Also, I did not expect to be considered ‘beloved’, this being the first time that we meet.”
He was sure his father was regretting the match and wanting the floor to swallow him whole. Katsuki Bakugou, on the contrary, seemed entirely amused.

“You thought correctly about me, omega. However, this is not the first time we meet.”
Izuku’s eyes widened and he looked to his father. The man had his mask of indifference on, unwilling to admit any faults.

The blond alpha looked irritated. “You did not tell him, Hisashi Midoriya?”
“It was not necessary, in my opinion. He will marry who he needs to marry for the sake of this clan.”

The leader’s entourage seemed upset as well, and a few whispered into Bakugou’s ear.
Izuku’s mother quickly intervened. “Why don’t we get you all settled into your own living spaces and fed for now? Our people are about to have breakfast, and I am sure you must be tired.”

The group reluctantly acquiesced and followed. Bakugou stayed behind.
“Will you not go with them?” Izuku ventured to ask. He couldn’t exactly leave the man standing alone in the middle of the square.
His father vacillated between following the group or staying with Izuku, but his decision was made for him when Bakugou extended his hand and said, “I would like to walk with you, Izuku.
I expected you to have a little more knowledge of our situation before this arrangement, and I refuse to take you from your home until you have it.”

If that was the case, it was fine to remain oblivious for life. Nonetheless, he knew it wasn’t an option.
Enthusiastically, his father sent them off. “Of course he will walk! Izuku, why don’t you show him our vast fields.”

With caution, Izuku took the alpha’s hand & followed him, guiding them to the riverside where there were seating areas that would not be used throughout the day.
“So, this isn’t the first time we meet?” Izuku asked, unwilling to continue without knowing that. It troubled him to no end.

Bakugou grunted. “We’ve met as children; then, after we presented.”
“W-when?” Izuku asked, lowering himself on the chair.
The alpha looked nostalgic, in a way, though his eyes barely betrayed it.
“As children, during the clan alliance meeting. All the children played near the river while the adults met, and during a play fight, I fell into the river. You pulled me out, and I swore I’d seen an angel.
By the time I came to, you had disappeared and I began wondering if you even existed at all. Others insisted it was a brown-haired beta who pulled me out.”
“Ah, yes,” Izuku grimaced. “I remember now. I was thoroughly whipped for getting involved; couldn’t walk right for days! I was not meant to be there but in the meeting itself. It is why my father’s guard ordered Sato, our current cook, to take the credit for it.
When we returned, there was a feast in his honor.”

Bakugou’s brow furrowed. “Why were you punished for saving a life?”
“It ruined my clothing and it embarrassed my father. ‘Not proper omega behavior’,after all. I went back in with ripped and drenched trousers. The other clans weren’t too excited to sit with the stench of wetness and soil.”
“They were foolish, then,” the alpha said. “/You/ were the hero, and you did not deserve that punishment, Izuku. Had I known, I would have had my mother punish them all the same way.”

Large hands reached for his own.

//Not our alpha. Let go!//
Izuku bit the inside of his cheek and pushed through. “And the second time?”

The top of Bakugou’s ears turned pink, and the man looked away. Such bashful behavior was unusual in an alpha, more so one of his stature.
“You seemed to be training in secret with one of the guards. Your moves were so graceful and your footing was admirable, but when your scent hit me, I was gone. One of my attendants found me near rut and took me to my room.
When I emerged from the haze, you were gone. Once again, I never got your name.”

“Oh,” Izuku whispered. What was he supposed to say– ‘sorry my sweat made you aroused’? “H-How /did/ you find me? I…I know one of your hunters but I had never heard of this search.”
“I did not know about such a connection, but I am glad you will have someone to trust aside from myself within the pack. Hopefully, you’ll come to see us all as family.” His look of embarrassment shifted to a more solemn one in the next sentence.
“My parents fell ill shortly after and I ascended into leadership. When I was asked to find a mate, your face was the only one that surfaced in my mind; your scent was the only one my alpha called for. It is then, I decided to find you.
Imagine my surprise when your father of all people was visiting and told me of his omega son that perfectly fit the description.”

Immediately? How long ago? Why hadn’t he been notified?
Izuku frowned. “I’m sorry for your parents’ death. I have heard of their vast accomplishments and great leadership.”

“Thank you.”
“That said, I do need you to know that by accepting this marriage, I had to let go of the alpha I was betrothed to; the alpha I still love.”
Katsuki’s eyes snapped up in shock, but soon, shock gave way to determination. “I promise that I will make it worth your time. Let me court you and prove to you that my love is real–has been real for years.”
Izuku sighed. He didn’t want to do this; he wanted Eijirou. He wished he could transport himself to wherever Eijirou was. He needed to feel his arms around him, needed to hear his voice speak of strategy and tribe security once more.
Be that as it may, it wasn’t this alpha’s fault either. His own secretive ways and his father’s had ruined that future for him. Shaking his head from the longing thoughts, he smiled at the blond.
“For the good of our clans, let it be so,” he mumbled in reply, ignoring his omega’s vehement screams of denial.

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