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🏷️: established izuocha ➡️ bkdk, cheating (not bkdk), photos’ manipulation, asshole/delulu ochako, mentioned bk/ofc (not really), reunions, mutual pining, horny!jealous!possessive!simp!in love!bk, first time, brief?explicit sex, happy ending for the boys.

This thread is inspired by the prompt that was supposed to be free to use😂. I dedicate this story to my babies: @Nay0505 (enabler), @Merygarry951 (who created an amazing comic of the prompt, thank you so much) and for @FantasticNic whose birthday is today! I love y’all! 😆🧡💚
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#bkdk #omegaverse #drama (will finish multiverse story after)

“Are you boys ready for your first day?” Bakugo Mitsuki excitedly asked her son and his childhood friend as they walked out of the house.

“Don’t you dare snap a picture!” Katsuki seethed.
“I am excited, thank you Auntie.” Izuku smiled at her politely and let her take a photo. He then followed Kacchan out the door nervously.

“You better walk behind me!” Katsuki roared.

“Whatever you say, Kacchan.” Izuku said dejectedly. Their relationship was bad.
Izuku could only blame himself for it. He kept his distance from the alpha. But he had to live with him, and unbeknownst to Katsuki, he had to have a future with him. Because they were married.

Izuku wished he could be blissfully unaware of this fact like Kacchan was.
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katsuki doesn't even know why he accepted the blind date. he's on his third moscow mule of the night, still sitting at the bar 2 hours after his date was supposed to show up.

katsuki learns that its a bad idea to have your friends set you up with someone you don't know.
a can of sprite slides into his view.

"i didn't order this." katsuki grumbles.

he flicks his gaze toward the bar tender-- only to meet kind, gentle green eyes.

the man's curly hair is the shade of beautiful emerald. there's freckles dusting his rosy cheeks.
katsuki thinks he's cute.

"we're closing soon." the greenette says. "were you waiting for someone?"

katsuki feels embarrased. "yeah, but i guess i'll leave--"

the bartender fiddles with his hands nervously, blush becoming more evident even in the dim light.
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#bkdk 🧡jealous bk; possessive bk;
(bkdk endgame, no angst)

“Oh, Izuku? Your ex, right?”

Katsuki feigned nonchalance, sitting back in his chair while throwing an arm around the chick at his side. Her name, what was it again?

“You should have seen him! God, he looked like a wet 𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮! But, honestly, the guy he brought with him was more my type!” She said, giggling as she let her arm travel to his chest, laying a flat palm as she batted her eyelashes.
In his defense, this chick was definitely trying to get something of a reaction with this, but he wasn’t sure what the fuck it was about, because the only thing ringing in his ears was “𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘨𝘶𝘺 𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘩𝘪𝘮”.
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#bkdk #drama #multiverse

Midoriya Izuku took a deep breath as he looked into the morning sunrise. He needed to do it. He needed to confess his love to Kacchan. Ever since the war, things between them were nice… but awkward. There was something unspoken. A looming tension.
“I wish it were that easy, but the other world has enchanted objects! The other me insisted the Kacchan from that world was great at tricking people with it! I know the Kacchan from our world would never hurt Kazu, but I can’t risk it not being that Kacchan!” Izuku stressed.
“I get it.” Katsuki sighed as he stared down at the journal. “It’s really ours, huh? The brat?”

Izuku paused for a moment. “Yeah… he’s a lot like you.”

They stared at each other as that thought set in. They had a child that they made together. Out of love.
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a/b/o #bkdk
bkdk trying to coparent after a divorce, but they're still madly in love with eachother. the both of them are just too scared to admit it.
izuku's sweet 6-year-old daughter shiori has been acting weird lately. she's mellow, quiet-- opposite from the usual.
after completing a round of editing of the new release of his small publishing company one night, he makes his way to shiori's room.

he expected her to be asleep, but she was wide awake with a sullen look on her face.
"my little girl, whats wrong?" izuku asks gently, pushing her green curls back.

shiori only frowns and turns away from izuku. he has to ignore the way she looked so much like katsuki right now.

"you guys don't like me anymore." shiori mumbles. "always busy."
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#bkdk slight kacch/ako #angst a/b/o
— —

“Wow, that collar is beautiful! Bakugo must have spent a fortune on it.”

Izuku paused, peering over the edge of his book to stare at his step sister and her friends fawning over the expensive jeweled collar.

“He must really like you…”
“Isn’t this your second season with him?” Tsuyu questioned, tapping her fingertip on her chin curiously.

Ochako flushed, her cheeks dusted pink. She toyed with the dangling crystals at her collarbone, glancing away like some shy maiden.

Izuku knew better though.
“You know what they say right?” Mina said teasingly, “If you’re with the same alpha after three seasons, you’re good as mated.”

Izuku gripped his book, the pages crinkling between his fingertips. He tried to push down the burning jealousy brewing in his gut.
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#bkdk #nsfw thought where Bakugo loves to sexually harass Deku at his fan meets. He always disguises himself as a deranged fan then either slaps his ass or stalks him or drags him to a back alley until Izuku recognizes it’s him and continues the role play.
Only one day, an actual deranged fan of similar stature starts dragging Izuku to his car and Izuku goes with it because he thinks it’s his husband. Danger sense doesn’t go off because like toga, the fan is in love with him.

“Wow Kacchan, you even rented a brand new car!”
Izuku laughs as he’s thrown in the back seat and his wrists and ankles are tied. He starts to get excited wondering what dirty things his husband plans to do with him and is about to ask when the fan puts a ball gag in his mouth.
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A little Pan pride drabble

#bkdk #gaykatsuki #panIzuku #krtd #noquirkau #minatsu

Izuku hummed as he got ready for his date with his boyfriend. Many of his friends couldn't understand how he could love someone like Bakugo. Izuku was so kind, loving, selfless, and pure sunshine.
They were complete opposites. Bakugo to them was selfish, cruel, vindictive, and a demon. They tried many times to get them to break up. But Izuku was adamant they just didn't understand Kacchan. They couldn't believe Izuku had given the hellspawn such a cute nickname.
Since Izuku couldn't see how bad Katsuki was for him they would have to make him see.

Izuku finished getting ready to meet his boyfriend at the club. Ochako was driving him and their group. Katsuki and his friends would meet them there.

"I'm so glad you're giving Kacchan a
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#bkdk #omegaverse #collegeau CW: Attempted SA

“And that’s the last of it!”

Bakugo Katsuki was miserable.

“Wait! You need one more thing!”

He knew what his fate was so he shouldn’t have been surprised. Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school.
Midoriya Izuku was always there. Whether they got along. Whether they didn’t. They were still always together. So of course Izuku would show up when it was time for Katsuki to move into the college and surprise him by saying he got into the same university.
Katsuki wasn’t upset because he didn’t want him around. He was upset because he did. Badly. Ever since third of year of high school his alpha had been acting up around the omega. He wanted him as his. He wanted to claim him. He wanted to love him.
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viking!katsuki and priest!deku #bkdk #nsfw

word prompts from my beloved @washoobi :
power, choking, devotion

cw dubcon, face-fucking, public, mind break
His monastery had been burned to the ground months ago when the barbarians across the water had raided it in search of gold and silver.

Izuku, unwilling to flee along with his brothers in Christ, had stayed behind to try and salvage what he could of God's House.
The only home he'd ever known since he was taken in after the head priest had taught him there was more to life than thievery.

He couldn't leave it behind, even if it meant going down in flames with it.

That, however, was not what he was destined for.
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what if #bkdk had a david/nani type vibe. dk living in a beach town with his 5 year old sibling left to raise her all by himself.

cue bk being an absolute simp since they were coworkers at the tiki bar together.
bk even befriended izumi, his younger sibling who is always at the bar after daycare.

they’re more alike than dk makes them out to be but of course it’s hard to see it when you’re caught up being a single parent basically.

izumi has a strong intuition. she knows
bk has a crush on her older sibling and often calls bk her brother’s boyfriend.

“he is not my boyfriend, izumi!” dk would scold to which izumi would roll her eyes.

more often than not, izumi would find herself asking if kacchan is coming over. oh yes, kacchan, his brothers
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#bkdk #ktdk Pleasant Surprise (Comm Piece)
[tags: pervert Izuku, underage, QL!Izuku, A-B-O, unisex Izuku, slutty Izuku, smol pp Izuku, PH!Katsuki, rough sex, breeding kink, vaginal + anal sex, mpreg]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In all honesty, it was very much the sort of painful sweet torture that Katsuki Bakugou deserved. For being an utter shithead to Izuku growing up, despite knowing deep in his heart that he wanted to be with him.
Like he expected the boy to just shrug everything off and then be ready for Katsuki when the blond finally pulled his head out of his ass.
Of course it wasn’t going to be that easy, and Katsuki realizes he didn’t deserve that anyways.
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku
Villain!Dk, PH!Bk 🧡💚
nsfw drabble

"Wow..." Izuku chucked. "You really are obsessed, aren't you, kitten?" The villain runs his slender fingers through the hero's sharp jaw.

"Zuzu... please," Katsuki begs.

Deku clicks his tongue multiple times.
"I don't think you are in the place to make demands, Dynamight," the greenette refuses to give Katsuki release. He settles for cockwarming him while he's all bound and vulnerable, just like he likes him. "You've been such a bad boy, hmm~?"
"No... No, Deku, please don't say that. I—I'll be good for you..." The blond cries pathetically.

Izuku licks his tears away.

Katsuki closes his eyes, trying to bask in the sensation of his tongue running all over his skin.
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#bkdk #ktdk #kirimina Truth or Dare [tags: major heartbreaking angst, Izuku happy ending]
- - - - - - -
“I like Kirishima.” Katsuki mutters, face flaming red from both alcohol and embarrassment.
Everyone freezes, all chattering and giggling stops. Even the music dulled.
Katsuki looks up at them, swaying a little before turning redder and glaring. “What?! Okay! That’s my shitty fucking truth! Move on!”
Except they can’t move on. Because everyone knows.
Katsuki and Izuku are boyfriends, and Kirishima is Mina’s boyfriend.
Mina, who looks like she could send a demon screaming for Mommy with her seething hateful glare. Izuku, who feels like he can’t breathe he’s suffocating.
Kirishima who is pale.
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Have the tiniest little thumbnail of spoiled princess Izuku who is an absolute sweet cinnamon roll. This has actually been an idea in my head for ages and ages.
It’s #bkdk and maybe Omegaverse (it’s me lol) with police force UA. Image
Essentially there’s a disturbance in a high class as fuck neighborhood and Katsuki and Kiri get called in to check it out.
It’s just some cranky melodramatic Karen screaming that the little ‘tramp, husband stealing Whore’ the block down keeps sneaking into her house.
They’re fed up with her, but the lady is threatening to essentially attack the poor thing if she sees them.
So Katsuki and Kiri go to ‘warn’ the person.
The perpetrator who opens the door is petite little Izuku, and Katsuki is struck speechless at how fucking beautiful he is
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#BakuDeku #KatsuDeku #ktDk

Title: "No one"

CW: Angst, Drama, Homophobia, Sexism, black mail - not from bkdk, discrimination, Pro Hero Bakugou, QL Deku, Happy ending.

I had an idea! Can you join me in another thread?!
o( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ
Katsuki, a popular pro hero, is in a relationship with ordinary office worker Deku but they are keeping their relationship a secret because Katsuki is a well known hero and they are both men. Society isn't that welcoming yet of same sex relationships.
Even with all of these problems they face, Katsuki is determined to keep their relationship going. He wants Deku. He needs him.

Once upon a time, when he was still young and naive, he used to believe that he is better than everyone else, so that
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku
Established relationship
Nightclub ramblings

Thinking about Katsuki and Izuku on the dancefloor with their friends. The blond didn't want to come, but his group of idiots know how to persuade him with... a very specific reason.
And that's a little vixen with familiar freckles and green hair. Ugh, seriously, if Deku wasn't here he definitely wouldn't be losing sleep over this.
It's nice though, to have his boyfriend grinding his ass against him to the tune of the sensual music as Katsuki holds his hips tightly and buries his head on his neck to soothe himself with Izuku's fresh cologne.
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku
a/b/o 🧡💚
A!Bk, O!Dk ft. pup Toshi

Thinking about very possessive pup Toshi who always does everything to have his dam's time. He adores Izuku, and even cries when he has to leave home to go to kindergarten because he won't be with his mom for so long.
Katsuki needs to carry him in his arms to get him there, and grumpily complains about it.

Deku only rolls his eyes fondly, because his alpha doesn't realize that he's exactly the same when he needs to depart to do hero work.
Deku already knows that their baby will be an alpha from such behavior. Kacchan was just like that when he was a pup, but let's say that he isn't taking the latest development so good, as much as he loves Toshi. When it's him and the pup together, everything is fine and dandy.
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#bkdk #ktdk Free Use Idea
- - - - - - - - - -
Omega Izuku newly crowned Queen from his marriage to life long childhood friend and betrothed Alpha Katsuki, new King is depressed.
The King is an excellent diplomat despite his crassness.
Because he is so admired and loved, many high political people gift him absolutely stunning concubines.
All of which Katsuki accepts.
Izuku grows sadder and sadder. Thinking Katsuki, the Alpha he’s loved all his life, is spending his nights with these beautiful people.
When in reality, concubines are practically enslaved into their sexual profession, and Katsuki sets them free. Giving them work, a place to stay, and education.
He’s in love with his childhood friend and tear inducingly beautiful Omega Izuku.
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I just had the most angsty as fuck idea
#bkdk #ktdk [tags: past sexual assault, rape, victim blaming ((not between bkdk)), bad friends, sexism, toxic masculinity]
- - - - - - - - -
Where Izuku is calming down someone who took their abuser hostage.
It’s this young man and his teacher. He’s having a full on mental breakdown threatening to kill his teacher. Screaming that no one cares, no one did anything, he’s scared.
Izuku is torn to shreds, crying and telling the poor boy he understands.
It was supposed to be a private thing between a hero and the person who needed saving. Especially in such a traumatic delicate moment.
Only it wasn’t, the media were vultures no matter what and they’d get their story.
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku 🧡💚
Angst one-shot
Best friends to strangers
Cw: lack of communication, past situationship, they were roommates, avoidant attachment, past unrequited(?)love, mentioned Deku/others, mentioned therapy, mentioned-Dynamy, smoking, kiss-day, Kacchan’s first kiss, very hopeful ending.

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#BKDK, A!PH!Kacchan, O!QL!Izuku, past mpreg

Katsuki didn't know he was a dad. He didn't know that he had lived without a fundamental bond - which had snapped after his /son/, holy ffuck!!!, grabbed his wrist - for so long.

How could he have gone so long without something
that now he couldn't live without?

Katsuki yelped when he was suddenly pulled forward, nearly tripping on a piece of rubble from the destruction around them - a crude aftermath of a villain gone rabid off of Trigger. His son - that knowledge was still so /raw/ in his head -
was blubbering words Katsuki couldn't hear, ears still ringing from the Howitzer Impact he had to pull off to stop the villain. Tears spilled down his son's pudgy cheeks, full of freckles.

"-apa! Please, you have to save Mama! He told me to get you," Katsuki felt his soul shake
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#bkdk #bakudeku #ktdk

CW: NSFW, Slight degradation, Creampie, Praise, Dekussy

Loud, wet, squelching filled the room as Katsuki pistoned his cock in and out of Izuku's sopping cunt.
Katsuki let out a low growl as Izuku begged him to fill his pussy with cum, the sticky plat of his balls bouncing off the puffy pussy egging him on.
"Look at you, begging as if I didn't fill you three time already." Katsuki gritted his teeth, hands grabbing onto Izuku's waist. "As if your pussy wasn't already splattering my cum with. every. thrust." He accentuated his words with specifically hard— deep— gyration of his hips.
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