Royal Mail workers to vote on strike action that could cripple deliveries

A 2% 'pay rise' is a REAL-TERMS PAY *CUT* when inflation is running at 9%, and is expected to hit 11% by the end of the year. #IStandWithRoyalMail @CWUnews

Workers DESERVE a pay…
rise that MEETS OR EXCEEDS inflation, especially when Royal Mail made QUADRUPLE the pre-pandemic profit of £726 MILLION. Thats £726,000,000. And they're refusing to budge from a 2% pay offer.

This is PREDATORY GREED from bosses at this point, and we need to FIGHT for workers

There's reasons #ToryFascists are wanting to scrap the Human Rights Act...partly to ensure a #ReturnToSerfdom in a #ModernFeudalism scenario.

We CANNOT allow this. This is #ClassWar at this point.


#JoinAUnion #GeneralStrikeNow

I also think ANOTHER reason behind the removal of the Human Rights Act is that during this #SummerOfDiscontent, the Torirs are going to embark on a MASSIVE Union-busting scheme...that will breach the striking workers' Human Rights...

They try that
and #IPredictARiot...

This is a MASSIVE onslaught against Workers rights, there are more of us than them, it's time to #RiseLikeLions...

If we ALL support striking workers, #DontCrossPicketLines* and rediscover the COMMUNITY that Thatcher tried to kill...then we can WIN.
* It's time you teach your kids, if they're under 40, exactly what it means to cross a picket line. Especially if they are Agency workers. The Gov't are going to try to use Employment Agencies to break the strikes. Tell them to refuse the work if it's to Union-bust, if they'd
have to cross a picket line...if you can, offer to compensate them for that day's work...if not, feed them. That's how we'll retain workers rights in this BINFIRE of a post-Brexit Country. We have to #StickTogether and #CommunityRebuild.

Also, tell them to #JoinAUnion...
Brexit was about #DisasterCapitalism, #ToryFascism and a wish not to be under some new EU rules ('Taking back Sovereignty'...).

Jacob Rees-Mogg's dear Papa LITERALLY wrote the book on #DisasterCapitalism...

There's a REASON the elites have ensured THEY keep EU passports in
some way...even Boris Johnson's Dad Stanley is now also a French citizen...

Free movement for THEM, but not for the workers. They see each of you as 'economic units', not PEOPLE...

• • •

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Jun 17
Disabled easyJet passenger dies 'falling down escalator' at Gatwick Airport

Their assistance didn't turn up, so they tried to make their own way. I said just DAYS ago that there would be accidents if this wasn't sorted. This is because Disabled people…
are ALWAYS an afterthought, our safety is NEVER put first...

This SHAMES our entire Country...
We saw other Disabled people being left on planes for HOURS cos their assistance didnt turn up - one even had to threaten to call 999 to get firemen to help him off.

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12,000 people are #StrandedPatients EVERY DAY.

Social Care needs a MASSIVE funding boost, given the ENORMOUS budget deficit caused by 12yrs of deliberate underfunding.

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poverty by the end of this year. Our PM deciding he doesn't need ethics oversight. Why? A summer of attempting to Union-break forthcoming??

Workers have a RIGHT not to live in poverty. So do the Disabled & Elderly. (Until they take that away too, as @DominicRaab says he
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no sides, told to stop wasting their time & to stop 'putting it on' I'm dxd with epilepsy, MOST of the time, that's treated reasonably, but due to the treatment & attitudes I faced while misdiagnosed were DISGUSTING. I really feel for those with addiction issues, or
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My phone has finally fucked up - I can go online but I can't call ANYONE cos I can only hear THEM when I'm on speakerphone, THEY can only hear me when I'm NOT on speakerphone, and NO FUCKER HAS THE PATIENCE FOR ME TO FLIP BETWEEN THE TWO.

I can't even call the GP & I'm in
FLOODS of tears cos I simply have NO WAY to access a new phone.

I just CAN'T with this useless stupid fuckin half-life I'm left to live like an abused aminal...

If I was a dog, I'd have been euthanised fuckin YEARS ago. Not ONE official department will give me the support I'm
supposed to get, I'm only able to shower once every 6 weeks, so I've got constant skin infections, can't change my sheets without Carers so they stay on for 6 months at a time, barely eat cos I'm so poor, foodbanks aren't able to supply me with food I can actually EAT, MH refuses
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New Covid wave may have been caused by Jubilee bank holiday, claims expert

Ummm...I don't often say "I told you so, but...…
And also, this is NEVER going away unless we work on a zero-covid strategy...worldwide. Obviously China knows something we don't... it seems OBVIOUS that they're including the 20% chance of getting Long Covid EVERY time you're infected, see it's a mass-Disabling event, and used
that in their decision-making process. I certainly don't advocate for the severity of lockdowns they're going with, but there is SO much more we can be doing to mitigate the spread.

First off is using some of that £37 Billion given to Dido Harding for Test & Trace, and using
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