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Milton Friedman spawned the Neoliberals & Leo Strauss spawned the Neoconservatives, they coalesced with other groups such as the Zionists revisionists to lead us to where in the West we are today, using United States, NATO & the EU as their hegemon conduits manufacturing enemies.
Russia & Christian Orthodox Church are their current manufactured enemy.
Islamists as manufactured enemy didn't stick, so they shifted to next best one.
Ironically, Prophecy of Christian Orthodox Church having the upper hand until Judgement Day is what they'll unravel instead.
& It continues with Nord Streams 1 & 2 US-Norway sabotage -
The EU brought to its knees by the Straussians...
another excellent article by @voltairenetEn - /thread…
- @meNabster @MELEK7452 What to remember:  - The Straussians are a fanatical sect re
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I did a tour of the small business units on my estate this pm, & held a TRA

10 of 27 are closing next month as their bills have all increased by 400% to 700%

50 jobs lost

11 have contracts to next April, & the other 6 for 18 months

corner shop cafe closing too, 11 staff going
#EnoughlsEnough #energy #EnergyCrisis

is anyone else in my circle able to check with mixed use housing estates in their area, on how their small business units are doing please?

I *honestly* do feel as though I'm the only account here highlighting these issues

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#EnoughIsEnough #energybills
last night the FT reported Truss will immediately invoke Article 16 causing a trade war whilst we have rampant inflation, are heading in to recession & at the moment 70% of businesses will fall off a cliff in October when they renegotiate energy bill
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
several quotes here from 300% increases to over 1,100%.... as I have been alerting everyone to, since the 10th March.

if govt doesn't step in immediately, the UK will have businesses failing faster & harder than they did in 2008
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
here's my thread from the 10th March stating businesses will fall off a cliff, nearly 6 months later STILL NO ACTION has been taken, this is INEXCUSABLE! If I knew it in March, then the govt sure as hell did!
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Royal Mail workers to vote on strike action that could cripple deliveries

A 2% 'pay rise' is a REAL-TERMS PAY *CUT* when inflation is running at 9%, and is expected to hit 11% by the end of the year. #IStandWithRoyalMail @CWUnews

Workers DESERVE a pay…
rise that MEETS OR EXCEEDS inflation, especially when Royal Mail made QUADRUPLE the pre-pandemic profit of £726 MILLION. Thats £726,000,000. And they're refusing to budge from a 2% pay offer.

This is PREDATORY GREED from bosses at this point, and we need to FIGHT for workers

There's reasons #ToryFascists are wanting to scrap the Human Rights Act...partly to ensure a #ReturnToSerfdom in a #ModernFeudalism scenario.

We CANNOT allow this. This is #ClassWar at this point.


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Russia has fomented the rise of the far right across central and eastern Europe. Like a virus attacking its host, malign Russian influence seeks out and attacks democracies.
Eroding the foundations of democracies takes years to fully achieve the desired destabilizing and disabling effects, as the western model of democracy becomes more discredited and undermined so the Kremlin’s model rises up.
Russia’s networks of influence are complex, rendering a countries ability to conduct oversight through transparency, accountability and the rule of law extremely vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation.
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All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) since 2018 are are taking dark money from corporations like British American Tobacco and Big Tech along with Arms manufacturers & Healthcare
Weapons makers and private firms donate £13m to get exclusive access to MPs…
businesses. Since 2018 over £25 million in donations from the private sector to APPG's, these are massive conflicts of interest that are the result of post Brexit deregulation and will harm the public sector irreparably. Private donors remain hidden with no accountability
This all amounts to insidious 'back door' lobbying with one Tory MP telling openDemocracy 'I am not releasing anything to you.' In times of crisis disaster capitalists get their foot in the door of democracies and aided by the right wing wreak havoc while cost of living soars.
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Tories attacks on the disadvantaged cannot conceal their endless subcontracting scams with taxpayers money, next 2 years £25billion goes to corporate tax incentives. Yet these breaks will absolve corporations of improving public services. Those less well off are made to pay 1/1
as this Govt continues its course of cruel punishment of the welfare state with cuts on UC, fuel/food price hikes causing soaring energy bills/hyperinflation. All during times of crisis, in the past people used to pull together, now Tory populism and greed cause division 2/2
and resentment. This is a grotesque state of affairs where the contrasts between rich and poor widen on an almost daily basis. The Tories show no remorse followed by empty campaigning promises that never see the light of day. They believe they are special, that they deserve 3/3
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Vedanta's offer of producing oxygen @ sealed & shut Thoothukudi copper smelter complex is duplicitous & must be rejected. Reasons why and how to reject without compromising state's ability to source extra oxygen. #BanSterlite 1/n
The plant is shutdown by weight of two separate orders. 1) for a serious violation of safety norms & causing massive SO2 gas leak in March 2013 that injured 1000s in Thoothukudi. 2) a permanent closure order by GoTN in May 2018. #BanSterlite 2/n
Both closure orders were confirmed by Madras High Court in August 2020, highlighting fraud committed by company and the “supine indifference on the part of the [Vedanta] in compliance with the [license] conditions.” #BanSterlite 3/n
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"We have successfully contained the more contagious variants" @jkenney, March 1st, 2021. 📺



via reddit:…👀
"We’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away."

--Donald Trump. March 10, 2020. Image
“One thing I think we’re learning epidemiologically is that that population has a very high level of immune resistance, of immunity, and resilience against 🦠an influenza🦠 of this nature,”

--Jason Kenney. May, 2020…
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A longish rant about why this govt's #COVID19 pandemic control strategy literally makes NO SENSE:
1. As I've mentioned, my son (state school in Oxford) is in a "safety bubble" of 365 pupils, who are being told to remove their masks in the classrooms, and being kept apart from other year groups as a supposed *safety measure* (they're told this is what makes schools "safe").
2. Leaving aside the question of how this is any kind of safety measure at all in the absence of frequent mass testing of asymptomatic and presymptomatic people, his classmates have siblings in other year groups, so isolating year groups is inconvenient & utterly futile.
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So, as I said, fully one-third of the students in my class have tested positive for #coronavirus this week. According to the university's statistics for the week ending on 9 October, we have had an 8.6% positivity rate-- among those tested…
But, of course, the university's misnamed "early response service" is still restricting testing to those who have one of the major #COVID19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone with proven #COVID19.
This strategy disregards asymptomatic/presymptomatic spreaders
My former employer-- a small private liberal arts college in the US-- is carrying out blanket & on-demand testing 2 to 3 times per week among all staff and students; has quarantine dorm dedicated for those who test positive; has set up delivery meal plans & food service in dorms
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This week we found out:

Alberta doctors agreed to meet the government’s demand to cap physician spending at 4.57B. That offer has been sitting on Shandro’s desk for 19 days.

Why didn’t Shandro accept it or at least offer a counter proposal?

Alberta doctors started negotiating in November, but has had 6 proposal shot down by Shandro. Before negotiations began, Shandro introduced legislation to tear up the contract with Alberta doctors should negotiations fail.…
The legislation allowed Shandro to terminate @Albertadoctors’ contract and bypass the constitutional right to binding arbitration.

Section 40.2 From Bill 21:
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En este artículo, lectura indispensable, se describen dos viruses que sofocan al pueblo puertorriqueño: la corrupción y #COVID2019. En este hilo voy a desglosar el asunto de las pruebas para el segundo virus, en el contexto primer virus (hilo)
Como bien explica @Sefini en el artículo adjunto, hay pruebas, y hay PRUEBAS. Eg, hay pruebas que miden la presencia del virus (mas confiables), y hay pruebas que miden la respuesta del cuerpo al virus (menos confiables)…
Las llamadas "pruebas rápidas" miden la respuesta del cuerpo al virus. Ventajas: Rápidas y baratas. Desventajas: dan muchos falsos negativos, es decir, inclusive personas que tienen el virus salen como que no lo tienen. Esas son la mayoría que compró PR
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The vulture capitalists never stop.

I just got off a 23 minute survey by a Issues & Answers research group asking Qs about what it would take for me to support a charter amendment allowing the President of the BoA to spend $1 billion from privatizing the airport. 1/

The latest scheme seems to be that they would put $1 billion in trust funds supporting 1) police 2) neighborhood development 3) job training 4) streets 5) clean neighborhoods 6) city infrastructure 2/
Throughout the call they threw in just about anything that anyone could possibly want to try to make it appealing: 👇🏼

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The #PradhanMantriFasalBimaYojana is a govt-sponsored crop insurance scheme meant to provide #insurance coverage to farmers in the event of crop failure due to natural calamities, pests & diseases. Read about the deeply flawed nature of this #policy & it's actual beneficiaries👇 Image
An #RTI inquiry reveals #insurance companies are the main benefeciaries of these schemes. Without making any financial #investment,these companies have raked in a massive profit of Rs.15,795 crore in the 2 yrs since the implementation of #PMFBY. #disastercapitalism @NaomiAKlein
While the farmers’ wait for increase in #income continues, the profit of #insurance firms increased by 1.5x in just 1yr of the introduction of the PMFBY. While #profits of these companies are skyrocketting, the no. of insured #farmers is rapidly declining.
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This thread is to arm fellow European British with essential info about our POSSIBLE future relationship with the WTO and what it would mean for the UK in a no deal situation. Use it to rebut Brexiteer disengenuity and nonsense on the matter - facts matter. /1
WTO RULES state that you can’t treat other nations more favourably in trade deals. So, the EU be in breach of their own international Treaties to accept the Chequers Accord. This is highly unlikely; they’d have to make these same allowances for more than 50 other countries. /2
Central to WTO rules is, to trade favourably, then a country must have a hard border to control good entering & leaving the country (as ratified by all 164 WTO members). S.10 of the EUWA18 makes this impossible: the UK can’t create a hard border in Ireland (protecting the GFA)./3
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