We're doing it again! @MomsDemand volunteers showing up strong at the Lafayette, CO city council meeting where officials will be voting on 4 local gun safety ordinances tonight. #ENOUGH #GunSafetyNow
Local ordinances being considered: ghost gun ban, signage warning of the dangers of guns in the home (2x more likely resident of the home will die by homicide, 3x more likely resident will die by suicide), prohibit open carry in public places, no firearms on city property.
1st speaker @MomsDemand volunteer who went to Columbine HS, brother was at school the day of the shooting in 1999.
Brief background: 42 states have firearm preemption laws which prevent localities from adopting reasonable gun laws to keep their communities safe. These were pushed by the NRA (shocking, I know) starting in the 1980s.
It's absurd, it means localities are forced to allow guns in city buildings, on college campuses, or at a parade or demonstration. It's worse than the wild west where cities often adopted strong local firearms laws and even forced people who were visiting to leave their firearms.
Colorado overturned our preemption law in 2021 following the King Soopers massacre in Boulder. So here we are.
Colorado overturned our preemption law in 2021 following the King Soopers massacre in Boulder.
So here we are. Some argue there are limits to local gun ordinances, and they aren't wrong. Yes, one can go over to the next county to avoid some restrictions. Still, public carry is associated with 11-14% increase in violent crime and 10% increase in homicide,
So prohibition of this keeps localities safer.
We're also sending a strong message to our state and national officials - we're tired of living like this, and of dying like this. #enough. Do something.
First speaker worked in public health, highlights the tobacco industry, how no one wanted to be the first to ban smoking in public places. The uproar these efforts caused. How now it's normal. That this is a public health crisis and we need to lead bravely.
2 more powerful @MomsDemand volunteers. Room is full of red shirts supporting these measures.
Speakers asking the Lafayette CO city council to go further, adopting the same measures as our neighboring communities.
Next speaker: the experiment is over. We need safety laws. Cities car safety standards that had push back, but have saved laws. States with the weakest gun laws have the highest rates of mortality.
Signage: the gun industry has pushed the idea of more guns everywhere. But consumers deserve truth in advertising about how guns are actually used. Self defense, home invasions are rare. A gun in the home increases the risk to everyone in the home.
Next speaker: open carry of firearms threatens freedom of speech and expression. There are also cases of people open carrying who caused people to call police, but it wasn't illegal, so nothing could be done until the gunmen opened fire,.
First speaker against, after 6 in favor. Claims he's using facts, but already his numbers are way off. Says mass public shootings are rare. But rare compared to what!? Claims that mass shootings occur in gun free zones over 90% of the time. This has been debunked many times.
There you go - his source is gun facts website. Not a valid source, it's a source with an agenda.
Next speaker @MomsDemand volunteer. She comes from hunting and farming family in rural Louisiana. Rifles in the country are different from guns in public places in the city. She's also lost multiple family members to gun suicide.
Had a family member who attempted suicide by pills, which she survived and was able to get help. Less than 10% of those who attempt suicide by gun get a 2nd chance. Guns are most often used for suicide, so signage at firearms dealers is important.
Next speaker's father was murdered with a gun he'd bought to protect himself. Also wants to raise the age of purchase, too. Has a 16 year old son.
If I'm counting correctly, 8 speakers in favor and 1 against.
Public input is closed.
Reading written comments in the minutes, same song: unconstitutional, only "punishes" legal gun owners, public carry prevents crime - none of this holds up to fact checks. God given right, criminals don't follow laws.... One succinct comment: "piss off mate."
The written comments come from all over the state, some even from out of state. Very few from Boulder County. There are 237 pages of written comments. Word got out about what CO cities are doing, the NRA and local gun extremist groups have been busy.
Oops, mistake! About 40 pages of written comments, followed by nearly 200 pages detailing the ordinances.
Further on the complained about limits of local control: yes, there are obvious limits. But this is also about sending a strong message to state and national officials: we're tired of living like this. We're tired of dying like this. Do something. #EnoughIsEnough
Going through proclamations and other business for the moment.
I'm really hungry. These meetings are always at dinnertime. Maybe we should potluck the next one.
This is the 2nd reading, 1st reading was on June 7, where Lafayette also passed a proclamation asking the state to take stronger gun safety laws.
1st up: ordinance 20, prohibiting ghost guns. For some reason, there is an exemption for licenced dealers, manufacturers, or importers. Unclear why or what this means. Motion passes 7-0.
Ordinance 21: requiring signage at all firearms dealers warning of dangers of a gun in the home. Increased risk of homicide, suicide, death in domestic violence situation, unintentional shooting. Motion passes 7-0. Was not unanimous to move forward after 1st reading, so...yay!
Ordinance 22: prohibition of open carry in public places. Question about schools. State law allows schools to prohibit guns on school grounds, which our local district, BVSD does. Not under the jurisdiction of the city. Councilor Wong wants to remove language requiring carrying
Case in a vehicle to NOT be labeled that it is a gun, but be an unmarked case. Cities concerns about theft.
City police chief clarifies that all city police officers also have concealed carry permits so they can carry off duty. So this ordinance would not impact them, as they are an exception to the open carry prohibition while on duty. Off duty officers are not allowed to open carry.
Ordinance 22 with amendments for secure storage containers for carrying firearms not need to be labeled passes 7-0.
Ordinance 23 prohibiting firearms on city property, including within 500 ft of a polling place, at demonstrations on city property, open space and parks, playgrounds, trails, rec centers, community centers, golf courses, athletic fields, city buildings.
Council member Walton expressing empathy for those victims of gun violence, shares mental health hotline for suicide prevention, wishes Lafayette was going further, wants to emphasize proclamation asking for state legislature to address gun violence more strongly.
Walton also asks if violators can be warned at 1st violation rather than immediately face criminal penalties. City attorney states that is built into the language of the ordinances, and also gives some discretion to LE officers.
Council is looking at making several exceptions to concealed carry prohibitions, so many that it almost completely undermines the ordinance. Groans from crowd met w/ lecture from Councilor Wong about listening &dialogue. But there's no dialogue here, we aren't allowed to respond.
Apparently exceptions around "city right of way" were passed in Louisville ordinance, defining ok to conceal carry on sidewalks, trails, open space, parks... Wong states people walking their dog down Public Road should be allowed to conceal carry.
Lots of legal explanations and procedural discussions about how to move forward.
Council members Walton and Briggs both stating preference to leave ordinance as is, that the exceptions would be too broad. Louisville "right of way" definition is more limited than Lafayette's.
Wong asking to adopt Louisville's definition of right of way for this ordinance to remain consistent. Streets, roadways, sidewalks, and alleys. This would include trails, but not open space(?) Which is a huge concern. Didn't realize this was part of the Louisville ordinance.
Briggs reiterating concern about open carry on trails. Wong moving to amend to add the exceptions. Amendment fails 3-4.
Wong on concealed carry permits: they took live fire training (this is not true) that they went through more extensive background check and have to agree to not drink or do drugs while carrying. Colorado is a shall issue state, meaning it is fairly easy to get a permit.
Briggs pointing out that a permit to carry concealed doesn't ensure the owner will be responsible, and there are plenty of cases where they are not.
Walton points out that none of these laws will punish law abiding gun owners. Ordinance 23 passes 5 to 2. Samson and Wong voting no.
We are done! Heading out.

• • •

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