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Yesterday @dYdX announced their decision to spin up their own chain using the Cosmos SDK, which immediately made the #Cosmos hashtag trending on Twitter everywhere

In this thread, I cover what is DyDx, their decision and the massive impact for both Cosmos & Ethereum roll-ups 🧵
@dYdX dYdX is a decentralised exchange for perpetual contracts

A perpetual contract is a special type of futures contract, which itself is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future
@dYdX With futures, the trades are not ‘settled’ instantly ; Instead the two counter-parties trade a contract that defines the settlement at a future date

But unlike regular futures, perps don't have an expiry date and trader can hold a position for as long as they like
@dYdX There are several uses cases for perps:
- Hedging
- Short exposure
- Leverage
@dYdX Perps are the most traded instrument in the crypto derivatives market, but mostly through centralised exchanges (FTX, Binance etc.)

dYdX is the leading decentralised option: because it uses smart contracts, traders maintain custody of their assets, without trusted intermediaries
@dYdX dYdX is currently deployed on an Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution developed by @StarkWareLtd called Starknet

As a roll-up, Starknet moves computation off-chain & only uses Ethereum as a base layer

That means significantly lower gas costs, & in turn lower trading fees for users
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd dYdX is currently facing two major issues on Starknet:

1- Not performant enough to handle the throughput needed to run their order book and matching engine

2- Centralised sequencers which have the ability to censor transactions
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd About performance:

They want to scale up orders of magnitude higher

A dedicated chain gives them full control over everything, including the job validators perform

One part of the solution is apparently for each validator to run an in-memory orderbook, i.e "off-chain"
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd About decentralisation:

Let's explore that one a little bit deeper, as this is a place where Cosmos will likely beat roll-ups for a while
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd Rollups use a smart contract on Ethereum to manage the interaction between the L2 chain & the L1 chain

Users essentially deposit funds into the L1 contract and get an equivalent amount on the L2
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd But you need a third party, known as a sequencer, to receive proof of the deposit in the L1 contract before crediting the funds on the rollup

These sequencer networks have a fundamental limitation in that they operate under their own security assumptions & not from Ethereum's
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd There might in fact be a 3rd factor behind the dYdX decision, which wasn't in the blog post:

Starknet is not entirely open-source, so it requires dealing w/ intellectual property agreements

That means you can't just fork the network & leave: you're dependent on a vendor
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd That's in STARK contrast with Tendermint, the Cosmos SDK or the IBC protocol, which are all public goods:

Osmosis, Juno, Stargaze, Sifchain, Kava & all the other chains can cut ties with the rest of the Cosmos whenever they please

No rent extraction in Cosmos
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd Let's tally the scores:

Performance: Cosmos
Decentralisation: Cosmos
Sovereignty: Cosmos

Looks like the 1998 France-Brazil World Cup Final to me
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd But why is this hugely significant?

Starknet is widely considered the most exciting L2 roll-up solution for Ethereum

dYdX is a Tier 1 team, the biggest decentralised derivative exchange, and one of the top 20 protocols in crypto
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd dYdX's founder @AntonioMJuliano has been vocal in the past about picking the best environment to build on, regardless of politics or loyalty

His decision essentially sends a message to all the ambitious teams in crypto: Cosmos is the best place to build
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd @AntonioMJuliano And that's apparently without even taking into account the real Cosmos superpower: interoperability
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd @AntonioMJuliano In fact, while dYdX is getting excited about Tendermint & the SDK, the other Cosmos chains have been enjoying IBC for a while, and currently looking forward to play with ground-breaking tech like Interchain Accounts & Interchain Security

@dYdX @StarkWareLtd @AntonioMJuliano When dYdX launches, it'll join a large family of sister chains, including multiple awesome orderbook siblings like @InjectiveLabs, @OnomyProtocol and @SeiNetwork

Plus probably a bunch of migrating Solana protocols
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd @AntonioMJuliano @InjectiveLabs @OnomyProtocol @SeiNetwork I'm covering all the major projects joining the Cosmos ecosystem, plus educative & digestible threads on governance, airdrops, wallets & tokens, and you may get a sense of what that looks like in my Data Studio reports
@dYdX @StarkWareLtd @AntonioMJuliano @InjectiveLabs @OnomyProtocol @SeiNetwork If that sounds interesting, you may consider retweeting the first tweet below & giving me a follow @Thyborg_ ✌️

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