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The #LUNAtics are on 🔥🔥🔥 and want to see some #NFT on-chain analysis, so we decided to publish a new one about the NFT-ecosystem on the #Terra blockchain.

We hope you ❤️ it! Image
▶️Overall Picture about #NFT transactions on #terraluna.
(We analyse all listed NFTs on @randomearth_io)

After the launch of @galactic_punks in early October 2021 we saw the ATH of 44479 on-chain #NFT transactions on 2021/10/10.

In total, 1,033,127 transactions were done! Image
▶️Let's have a closer look on the different #TerraNFTs.

Which project is responsible for the most transactions? We made the ranking!

🥇 @galactic_punks (11.9% of all txs)
🥈 @STYLLARNFT (9.6% of all txs)
🥉 @LunaBulls (8.8% of all txs) Image
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A Nexus Protocol MEGA Thread

Terra’s first yield optimizer and liquidation protector vaults.

Changing DeFi as we know it.

Let's explore how... $PSI

1. @NexusProtocol ? Tell me more.

A new protocol, launched with Col-5.

Focuses on:
-Yield optimisation
-Risk management
-Working in front of anchor

Optimisation such as front running $anc protocol operations and allowing the implementation of different strategies based on risk
2. Use Cases

Two vaults (bAsset and #UST )

You can deposit $eth, instead of $lido.

#ETH holders can access services of #anchor on #Terra by depositing it directly.

#NEXUS provides an insurance. How does insurance work today?

Mainly via personable identifiable information.
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1/ #Chainlink makes blockchains inherently more useful.

I want to show you what happens to the demand for L1 tokens when Chainlink oracles are integrated.

Anyone who spotted this trend would have made a significant amount of money in 2020 and 2021.

A thread 🧵👇

2/ Looking at the dates when price feeds went live across various different L1s we can see a clear trend.

The price of L1 tokens rise massively once they have integrated @Chainlink price feeds.
3/ Once developers get access to secure, decentralised oracles they are able to build their dApps more quickly; and in many cases, can only then release their dApps because they can trust the security of the Chainlink network.
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$luna price action update
HTF levels:
Bounced beautifully off the lower weekly, reclaimed daily, working our way up to monthly. Bumping into this down trend line, but stochastic RSI reset should be enough to give us plenty of juice to clear it and move up! Image
Perfectly tapped the .618 of the major move (confluence w/weekly - see above) and began moving up.
Flipped .382 of down move into supp., still have the .618 above us to contend with. Keep note. Image
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1/9 作为 Crypto 从 (Mo) 业 (Yu) 人员,我常常为如何快速准确的抓住市场机会而苦恼,抽空整理了下目前加入的社群,筛选出七个优质华语 Discord 投研社区,下面简单介绍下各个社区特色,希望可以给到新入行的玩家提供一些参考。

TLDR: 点击下方链接全部 Join / Follow 即可。…
2/9 @SnapFingersDAO 响指研究院可谓公共投研团队的「六边形战士」,每周孜孜不倦输出研报与市场观点,今年开始也转型做DAO组织,社区中关于项目的观点讨论十分频繁,社区目前在进行委员会委员的提案,如果你感兴趣千万不要错过。
3/9 @defieye_io 开发技能点满的投研社区。一直走在探索如何通过自动化工具来寻找阿尔法机会的最先锋,如果你目前是一名对加密世界有兴趣的开发者,那一定要加入社区, @DeFiTeddy2020 会给你解放生产力的新方式。
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Merhaba, bugün adını artık çok sık duyduğumuz ve sıkça kullandığımız Terra ağıyla ilgili bir özet çıkardım. Neleri kullanabiliriz, neler yapabiliriz sizin için inceledim. #Flood #Terra #LUNA
Öncelikle ekosisteme genel bir bakış atacak olursak, Terra ağının ana coin'i $LUNA ve stabil coin'i $UST dir. Bu ikisi arasındaki deflasyonist yapı sebebiyle son zamanlarda ağın popülaritesi gitgide arttı.
Ekosistemde ne gibi projeler olduğunu ve neler geliştirildiğini görmek için adresini inceleyebilirsiniz. Sol tarafta staking, yield, games gibi birçok kategori ve o kategorilerde hangi projeler ya da platformlar var görebilirsiniz.
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A SHORT Thread on @ThetaNuts

Let's talk about Options Trading on #Terra #LUNA.

Learning this, when 99% of the space hasn't inherently puts you at an advantage.

If you are not clear on exactly what options are,

Don't worry anon, I shall simplify these concepts for you.

Then we will discuss options on Terra, and why this is so interesting.

An options contract offers the buyer the opportunity to buy or sell depending on the type of contract they hold—the underlying asset.

Call options and put options form the basis for a wide range of option strategies.

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In case you haven't heard...

Right now, a decentralized app called @prism_protocol is being built that’s going to 𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢 how we use crypto assets in #DeFi

🧵 [1/8] Image
2/ Prism is constructing DeFi derivative lego blocks that will help bridge the gap where currently TradFi>DeFi

TradFi Derivatives Market:~1 quadrillion
DeFi Derivatives Market: ~5 billion

That's a difference in magnitude of ~200,000x.
3/ DeFi’s advantage over TradFi is its permissionless programmability, birthing new types of derivatives

@pendle_finance created DeFi derivatives that separate the price from the yield on LP tokens

Prism will take this concept mainstream by applying it to ANY crypto with yield Image
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1/ Un thread 🧵pour décortiquer Cronos et découvrir ses opportunités de #yieldfarming !

De nombreuses personnes sont familière avec #Cronos de, l'un des plus grands échanges centralisés au monde.
2/ Les Débuts : 1/2

Cronos fait partie de l'écosystème qui englobe Exchange, App et Chain.

Cependant : s'est fait un nom comme émetteur de cartes de débit cryptées.
3/ Les Débuts : 2/2

La société avait précédemment lancé sa propre chaîne, qui est un SDK #Cosmos construite au-dessus de la blockchain Tendermint.

Cela signifie qu'il est incompatible avec Ethereum, qui est codé sur Solidity.
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Let us talk about $Vader Protocol.

A protocol which will gain more and more attention as it has combined revolutionary DeFi concepts together.

The focus in this will be on breaking the key concepts down simply for your understanding.


What is Vader Protocol,

It is a liquidity protocol that combines stablecoin-anchored automated market maker(AMM) , impermanent loss protection and synthetics with protocol owned liquidity.

We will explore this in further detail...

#Vader Protocol aims to combine the principles of:

-Terra “USD” stablecoin burn/mint mechainsms
-THORChain’s continuous liquidity pools
-Olympus Pro’s bonds.

Stay with me anon,

This is where it truly gets interesting.

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1./ Imagine staking your $LUNA at @staderlabs, receive $LUNAx and use it as collateral on @mirror_protocol 🔥🤯

You can now vote on this proposal:

But why is it important? Why should you actually care?

A thread 🧵👇
2./ As we all know, it's possible to use a delta neutral strategy on @mirror_protocol. This basically means that you have the same upside as downside. So no matter which way the price is moving, the value of you're holdings stay (almost) the same.
3./ But why is it interesting? Why should I care if my values stay the same? Well, both your short as your long position will give you rewards. See the picture below for some examples
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#Lunatics - here is a long due update to the #Terra ecosystem map. Latest version @ Project details @

Some key numbers first (approximate):
🚀52 updates in 6 weeeks
🚀~150 active projects (excluding NFT collectibles)
🧵 Image
🚀10+ terra based savings/payment solutions
🚀20+ current on/off ramp options (cex based) for different jurisdisctions
🚀15+ wallets supporting Terra Assets
🚀30+ non-terra platforms supporting UST or Luna tokens
🚀10+ chains where Terra assets will be flowing to soon (non-ibc)
🚀5 different bridge software supporting (or will be supporting) Terra assets (non-ibc)

1 - @Allbridge_io supports $Luna. Supports chains: @ethereum @BinanceChain @0xPolygon @solana @avalancheavax @HuobiGlobal @CeloOrg @FantomFDN @auroraisnear @NEARProtocol
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#RAISETHECAPS is something we see coming by a lot in the @THORChain community. What are those caps? Why do we have these? Why should they be raised? And most important, what is the impact of it on $RUNE?

Let me explain 🧵
2./ @THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol where users can swap native assets against each other. Without wrapping or pegging assets.

To enable users to swap a certain asset, a liquidity pool of that specific asset needs to be available on #Thorchain.
3./ For example, if you want to swap native $ETH for native $BTC there are 2 liquidity pools needed. The first one is $ETH / $RUNE, the second one is $BTC / $RUNE. As you can see, both are paired against $RUNE. This is the case for every asset on @THORChain.
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@SecretNetwork is a privacy smart contract network build on #Cosmos. It is not a mainstream hyped coin, but it does have some serious utility and that’s why I think it’s time to shine a light on $SCRT 🔦

The platform and it’s token can be used cross-chain.
@SecretNetwork #SecretNetwork allows devs to develop (private) NFTs and dApps. All data and information can be encrypted so it is only accessible to certain people. 🔏
This is different from the usual blockchain principal, where in most cases things are transparent & open to everyone.

@SecretNetwork In some cases, transparency isn’t a good thing. Privacy is also a human right… so there is definitely demand for some privacy within blockchain networks. Otherwise, mass adoption will and can never take place; definitely not from institutions or organizations 🏢🔎

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Privacy and the End User🌑

#Privacy gives us power over our own thoughts, feelings and actions, and when personal information is disclosed, they become easily influenced and manipulated.
Some people are content to share certain information for the sake of convenience or services. Accepting cookies on a website shares your site viewing data with whoever purchases it, often Facebook/Instagram, which in turn displays targeted ads.
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1./ #Terra is a black hole. The mint of $UST is only at the beginning. Let me explain why I think #Terra will suck up an unimaginable amount of #DeFi value.

Now we see $UST going cross chain I think it's just a matter of time before others will follow. 🧵
2./ @WhiteWhaleTerra doing cross chain arbitrage

#Arbitrage opportunities are everywhere, so why stop here? I don't know about any other #Arbitrage protocol so far, so I don't see any obstacle for @WhiteWhaleTerra taking the the number 1 overall #Arbitrage spot.
3./ @TeamKujira becoming the place to go to buy liquidated assets. #ORCA is a massive success and borrowing assets against collateral is everywhere. So let's expand to everywhere! @TeamKujira has only just begun
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Before everyone posts theirs, let me come up with a few high-level #crypto predictions for 2022. These are just some personal thoughts around topics that I care about and, indeed, no investment advice. Will detail some of them later on.
#GameFi #NFTs $LUNA $RUNE #DeFi
Cross-chain interoperability will become a reality. The focus will change from underlying protocols and platforms towards dApps that will be built on cross-chain layers or deployed on multiple chains. Eventually, dApp users won't know and care what underlying chain is used.
Increased focus on applications also leads to more awareness about user experience (UX). This does not only include better UI design but also providing easy-to-use applications that solve real-world problems end-to-end. Think for example of built-in FIAT on/off-ramps.
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How to snag cheap $LUNA and $ETH below market value using @TeamKujira's Orca protocol 🐋

Here's an explanation of how it works, and a guide on how to use it 🧶 👇

#DeFi #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Whales #Terra #TerraLuna #Cryptocurrencies
1/ You already know about setting limit buy orders to scoop up crypto when its market price dips. This is not what this guide is about.

This guide is about a new way to scoop up crypto for a (possibly hefty) discount to its current market price.

Read on..
2/ @TeamKujira's #Orca Protocol allows users to snipe crypto for cheaper prices when borrowers get liquidated. 🐳

This means you could buy $ETH or $LUNA for 10% less than its trading price.

Maybe even 20% cheaper. Or 30%. 👀

Here's how it works..
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🚨 Just a reminder that #decentralization of $LUNA across validators is VERY important!

Here's a few reasons to delegate w/ our #Terra #validator: ✅CryptoCrew #IBCgang:

1. We are a highly experienced group of pos validators , yet we are a NEW validator on @terra_money

2. ✅Crypto Crew is the trusted IBC-Integrator / Relayer for all these chains
-Over $500 million Total Value Relayed Image
3. New to Terra but highly experienced means you have a New community validator to SAFELY diversify your $LUNA 🌖stake while helping to:

✅Decentralize -away from validators with 'too much' voting power
✅Support a highly committed #LUNAtic validator who follows EVERY vote🗳️💪
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1./ #Terra outperformed the whole market the past days, yet there is still a thing missing: #Games. But no worries, we don't have to wait long anymore.

Let's talk about @TerraFloki 👇
2./ @TerraFloki is building a play-to-earn game, I'm bullish and I think it's time to tell something about it.

So, the FlokiVerse! What? FlokiVerse? Yes, the FlokiVerse. That's what the gaming environment of @TerraFloki is called.
3./ You can enter it by having a @TerraFloki NFT in your wallet. Every time you want to enter the Flokiverse you'll be asked to connect with your wallet and once you have a NFT in it, you can enter.

In the Flokiverse, your avatar looks exactly the same as your NFT!
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dont be fooled by the intro.

This shit is going to zero.

Baskitch price prediction pictured below....

#crypto #trading #education #BTC #ETH #SOL
#BTC #bitcoin $BTC

failed to hold this and the reality will be, i think, chop for the rest of the year

bullish hopium is the weekly, loss of 43k is the fuck off and this is bearish

lower timeframes are jacked up
The thing at this time that i overall disagree with, is a short timeframe solution to this candle. Wanting this to go back up.

in May, we bled downwards for 3months
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When Angel started, we wanted to make sure any & all projects could utilize our Charitable Endowment infrastructure as their own.

We are BEYOND thankful for all the Protocols, Validators, and NFT Collections who joined in generative giving while creating value for all!

In this thread we will introduce every single one of our Angel Alliance members.

The overwhelming response from builders, artists, and community members is something to celebrate everyday.

Introducing your Angel Alliance members as of Thanksgiving day 2021 ❤️‍🔥🤝😇

For-profit protocols building the money legos for the future of the web and providing at least 1% of their revenues to the Angel Alliance ❤️‍🔥
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Yesterday the @ApolloDAO sale took place on the #Terra blockchain🚀🎉.

Today we provide you a new on-chain analysis 🔎!

🤖This time we'll focus on bots 🤖

➡️Before the sale / Fees of bots
➡️How bots influence price

#TerraLuna #LUNAtics $LUNA
Some important background information:

The @ApolloDAO Token (terra100yeqvww74h4yaejj6h733thgcafdaukjtw397) was created via the execution of a proposal in TX….

So it all started at Block 5423469 at 2021.11.24 19:16:04 UTC.
The Liquidity Pool $APOLLO / $UST (terra1xj2w7w8mx6m2nueczgsxy2gnmujwejjeu2xf78) was created via the @terraswap_io factory contract in….

This happened at Block 5423770 at 2021.11.24 20:50:26 UTC.
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Anchor's Satellite: How #TeFi Project Impacts Anchor

1/n Issue
For a lending platform such as @anchor_protocol, increasing amount of deposits into protocol is a important factor.
The main purpose is to help Anchor have a stable amount of $UST to serve the loans.

In thread below, we'll talk about how #TeFi helped Anchor does this.
@anchor_protocol 2/n Projects that impacts on Anchor

Can you remember the last hackathon on #Terra - #Spacecamp? That's when the contest found projects to help Anchor solve this problem.
They include: @orion_money, @ApolloDAO, @angelprotocol,...
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