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Eris Protocol is another phoenix starting to spread it's wings into the wider #cosmos after the #terra crash.

They are building what we here at the club like to refer to as a DeFi paradise!

So how does this paradise look like?

Let's take a look in a 🧵👇

1/ Image
Before we dive in, make sure to listen or relisten to our space with @eris_protocol.

Use the space link below or tune in on Spotify, YouTube and all the other platforms 👇


Eris Protocol is mostly known for their liquid staking assets - known as amplifiers - that moving from Terra and onto the interchain in #cosmos:

Their claim to fame is low fees, where they clearly lead the APY race. Example for $LUNA:

3/ Image
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@GiorgiaMeloni e @matteosalvinimi visto che ci tenete tanto a dichiararvi madre e padre....cosa ne pensate di questa illustrazione?
Magari vi passa la voglia di fare battute su #Mosè.
Di spendere soldi a vanvera in azioni politiche inutili. 1/n
Di lasciar morire essere umani che scappano dalle conseguenze del #CambiamentoClimatico.
Di ignorare il bisogno immenso di vera #GiustiziaSociale.
Di smetterla di pensare alla crescita economica sacrificando il vero #benessere.
E tanto altro. 2/n
Tutte cose da fare non certo per noi, ma per i nostri figli.
Perché la #Terra su cui viviamo e che stiamo distruggendo non ci appartiene. Non l'abbiamo ereditata dai nostri genitori ma l'abbiamo in prestito dai nostri figli. 3/n
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🔸#Coinbase Jan '23 attestation missed and delayed
🔸Justin staked 150.000 #Eth and use stETH on DeFi
🔸SEC targeted #Paxos
🔸#Busd deplete mode on
🔸#crypto pumped on "security risk rumors"
🔸Vitalik Buterin missed
🔸#ETH2 Shanghai soon

🔸#WBTC here and there
🔸#LIDO used in a way you should be worried
🔸#MAKERDAO high risk loading
🔸#DJI too high
🔸#US30 too high
🔸#SP500 too high
🔸Us Gov Treasury Total Default before July
🔸Inflation high
🔸Interest rate low

Few understand the risk, But they will feel it
If you are a #crypto enthusiastic, risk sits on
🔸Wrapped tokens, mostly #wbtc #weth #stEth
🔸Real risk is if Vitalik lied on #ETH2 and Rug Pull #ETH

Without #ETH almost all #crypto will blow
Wrapped tokens are perfect for laundering
Un- #stablecoin issuers will blow
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Using the @PythNetwork , some of the biggest names in TradFi and #DeFi have created a dedicated oracle network that provides infrastructure for #DeFi using reliable, institutional market data.

#pyth #PythNetwork #DeFi Image
#Pyth focuses on continuous real-world and cryptocurrency-related market data coming off-chain and streaming data at sub-second intervals. This provides more accurate, reliable and faster data for decentralized financial applications.
#pyth #PythNetwork #Defi
#Pyth is built on the Solana #blockchain, allowing data providers to update prices on each slot once every 400ms - over 200,000 updates daily! This allows the development of large-scale #DeFi applications using reliable data.
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Today I was tracking 1bln #USDT inflow and just discovered an interesting facts: those 2022 / 2023 #crypto fast pumps wasn't bull case and wasn't a real intended manipulation

Those are Huge Short Covering before a Crash, or so called SHORT SQUEEZE
And this was what happened

Just before #Luna #Terra crash 5bln #Usdt covered a huge short position...
About three months later #bitcoin -62%

🔻 Image
And just before #FTX crash a 4 Bln position was loader in about three months

And down....
🔻 Image
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I want to run through a more detailed explanation of arbing lsd assets because I post about it a bit, and there are a bunch in the #cosmos right now. Anyone can do it, they’re fun to look for, and great for stacking. #terra $luna 🌗

A 🧵 (1/12):
2/12 First, know the “true value” of your lsd. I’ll use $bluna in this example. Go to @BackBone_Labs and look at unbonding rate for bluna. Right now it’s 1.033459 $luna. Meaning if you unstake one $bluna you will receive 1.033459 $luna in about 22 days.
3/12 Now, thanks to @tfm_com dex aggregator which has limit order composability, I can set limit orders on the pair bluna/luna. Whenever any dex offers the arb rate we want, it will execute. 💥
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The moment is here!

Our shopping list of 2023:

⚛️ Generational: $ATOM
⚛️ Real yield: $KUJI, $SWTH
⚛️ Modularity: $TIA, $DYM
⚛️ Money printers: $EVMOS, $TORI
⚛️ App & consumer chains: $GNOT, $SEI, $ARCH, $NTRN

Before we dive into the shopping list, let's get two things right from the get go.

First, recap what a shopping list is.

Second, review narratives.

Our shopping list strategy is based on the idea that every year there are big spikes up and down in the markets, where you don't have time to research individual assets “on the fly”.

If you try, you will most likely miss a buying opportunity.

Instead, have a plan in hand.

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Here is why we believe $ASTRO is a sleeping giant that is about to wake up🚀💎

@astroport_fi thread🧵
@astroport_fi is a #DEX build on #Terra🌖 It got extremely popular in its early days and was the main DEX during the collapse of $LUNA and $UST 📉 This is also when it proved itself as a DEX that can easily handle billions of trading volume💪
After the collapse of $LUNA and $UST, the team developed a new vision and continued to build👌 Before we cover their plans, let's first take a look at their team👀
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Lots of people asked about Carbon/Demex's roadmap for 2023.

It has just been released! I spent hours summarizing it for you.

The devs keep shipping, and has >20 awesome stuff building, from EVM & Cosmwasm support, to better liquidity, and more!

Alpha-filled 🧵

1/26 Image
1. $SWTH Trading Discounts:

Trading discounts can be applied to wallet addresses with staked SWTH soon! The amount of discount will depend on the amount of SWTH staked.

Accounts with staked SWTH can delegate the trading discounts to an alternative address too.

2. Shared Security with Alliance Assets:

This allows Carbon to form economic alliances with larger chains, making Carbon network more secure as larger and more liquid assets secure it.

Learn more:

#alliance #terra #luna #security #interchainsecurity
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1/ One topic that hasn't received enough attention during the $UST crash: Terra's Market Module Mechanism and its implementation of $UST <> $LUNA burn and mint functionality. 🤔
2/ A few months ago, we shed light on the market module mechanism and its performance during the crash in the following thread, 🔍⬇️
3/ Starting tomorrow, we're sharing the results of our research on the $UST depeg event and exploring possible recovery strategies. 💪
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#Bitcoin has reversed and confirmed its trend change as the majority of #crypto experts still fail to accept it and will be missing out.

The question is, will you ❓

Find out why in this thread below 🧵👇

Nearly all major longer-term tools a lot of people use such as market structure, moving averages, supertrend, RSI, MACD, MVRV, Puell, % drop, and so on are pointing out to a trend reversal

That by itself wouldn't matter that much, it's the CONFLUENCE that matters here

So first of all it's important to realize the time spent during each bear market + the percentage drop!

Diminishing returns each bull = diminishing drop each bear

With higher market capitalization the volatility will also diminish.

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1/ LSDs is the new meta in crypto 💊

$SD combines the catalysts + the narratives, backed by fundamentals.

Why? Let's find out 🧵

TL;DR 🎙️

@staderlabs is a liquid staking protocol born on #Terra and then moved to cross-chain 🌐

It's now present on 6 chains and its planning on expanding to more

Progressive decentralization is also in the plan for governance 🗳️
@staderlabs 3/

$SD Token Overview 📜

Price: $0.78
Market Cap: $7,9M
Circulating Supply: $10M $SD
Total Supply: $150M $SD
TVL: $126M

$SD had a harsh time due to $LUNA crash but has been crushing recently by giving new utilities to the token
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Hello Warriors, 👋

The year 2022 has come to an end, and as such we would like to do a recap of what has happened in our project during this long, challenging year, what has been our? Biggest surrounding? The goals we have achieved.

Thread 🧵⬇️ 1/10
1️⃣ Genesis of MintDAO

The whole concept of MintDAO was conceived in December 2021, unfortunately, at that time we didn't know that the bear market was starting. We launched on #Terra ecosystem, which was one of the leading blockchains in that time. 🏆

The launch of our token was supported by 3 launchpads: StarTerra, Thorstarter and Alto. Our main product, the #NFT Launchpad, was very well adopted. Every collection we launched was quickly sold out.

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🧵1/49 How I went from -$25k in debt, making 415$ per 15 days to $1M2 in 1 year at 25 years old while being in the army. 🫡

A story of pain, resilience, commitment and hard work. 👇
2/49 In this thread, you will find my story and the 6 revenue streams that got me to where I am right now:

👉Analyst side job
👉NFT project
👉B2B Lead Generation
3/49 First of all, I’ll give some brief context about me that’s relevant to this thread but won’t go into all the details to avoid making this thread too long (it already is).
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Terra Weekly #24 ❄️

• A holiday mint, token gating, automated jobs & much more in the 🧵👇🏻

• Join the discord to discuss

#Terra #Cosmos
2. @warp_protocol held a space with @Panterra0x & @vladjdk

• Warp is built not only for protocol devs to automate job execution but for everyday users

• Users (no coding experience) will be able to use templates to create on-chain jobs (DCA, limit orders, Arbitrage)
3. TFL updates Station’s staking page

• Shows a clearer display of validator information

• Randomized the order in which validators are listed
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Crypto Winter or Crypto Ice Age?

1- The markets have been rough for the past year, people are calling it #CryptoWinter but could we be about to enter the #Crypto Ice Age?
2- In the past year, the #crypto market has been extremely bearish and boring. The market has been battered by wars, laws and CEOs with ill intentions, but still, the powers of Decentralised Finance (#DeFi) stand STRONG!
3- Is it possible the markets could get worse?

Well with current market conditions outside of #cryptocurrencies, the sentiment seems to be worsening. Inflation rates are increasing and a recession is supposedly on its way.
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Diamond In The Rough: Kujira
The @TeamKujira $KUJI protocol has grown from a buying the dip machine to a sovereign L1 that is ready to take the world by storm.

I write about how #Kujira has progressed and what the future holds for it.…

Summary 🧵👇
What first started out as just a liquidation engine has now branched out to become its own DeFi-centric L1.

By being sort of an app chain, #Kujira is able to be more efficient with blockspace usage and $KUJI is able to accrue more value.
The tokenomics of $KUJI is great, with 80% of supply already in circulation and a strong incentive for investors to hodl due to non-inflationary #realyield staking.
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➕ ➖ CALCulated Thinking ✖️➗

Episode #6: Action Bias

Did you know that humans often favor action over inaction for the sole reason of doing SOMETHING?

A🧵on the behavioral phenomenon that could be costing your portfolio dearly 📉 Image
Let's begin by familiarizing ourselves with some typical -Action Bias- daily scenarios:

👉 The driver who is late to a meeting and is constantly changing car lanes in traffic when there is no clear indication that one is faster than the other.
👉 The desperate football coach making unplanned tactical changes during a football match to avoid the perception by fans and management that "nothing is being done".

👉 When we desperately smack our PC with the hope that the windows update goes any faster.
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➕➖ CALCulated Thinking ✖️➗

Episode #5: Systems for investing ⚙️

If habits make the person, rules make the investment strategy.

Is having a clear system for your investments the key to becoming a successful investor?🧵

Habits are the bite-sized components that make up our lives.

Good habits like eating healthy, working out and being generous create positive outcomes in life.

Bad habits like eating junk food, over-partying and gossiping create negative ones.

See @PowerOfHabitt

The same concept applies to our investments.

Good habits like doing research, regular risk assessments, using cold storage and #DCA create bountiful portfolios.

Bad habits are simply those that come from having no plan and the result is getting rekt📉
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To make exchange holdings easier to understand, below are both their relevant portfolios & associated explanatory statements.

- Binance
- Cryptocom
- KuCoin
- Deribit
- Bitfinex
- Huobi

2/ 📌 Assets/Net Worth shown is the value of the holdings in the wallet addresses provided by the exchanges, on blockchains that we support.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive or complete statement of the actual assets/reserves held by the exchange on behalf of its users.
3/ @binance portfolio:…

Current holdings: $64.3B (removed Binance Bridge pegged tokens, only include their original assets)


Binance statement:… Image
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1/ Sam's empire has collapsed. #FTX #FTT #Alameda

From the next Warren Buffett to an outcast in less than two months.

He's now joining a very exclusive group with folks such as Do Kwon (#Terra), Su Zhu (#3AC), and Alex Mashinsky (#Celsius).

How did he end up here? A thread. 👇 Image
2/ Let's start with the obvious, but NOT so obvious.

His health suddenly deteriorated & he was so anxious all the time. Why?

He knew what many did not, but some did. 👇

3/ In August, Sam Trabucco (#Alameda co-CEO) resigned.

In September, Brett Harrison (#FTX US President) resigned.

Now we know why. They were on a Titanic and they jumped ship early.

But what about Sam? 👇 Image
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1/ So basically SBF was using his own token $FTT as collateral in a flywheel scheme, allegedly misusing/gambling user deposits.

#CoinDesk published #AlamedaResearch's balance sheet which showed the extent they were using $FTT as collateral.
2/ #cz_binance was pushed into selling his $FTT holdings which made everyone question #FTX solvency.

A bankrun started and when everyone tried to withdraw it became clear that #FTX did not have enough funds to cover all the deposits.
3/ I am trying to find another logical explanation different from #FTX gambling with user funds.

Where are the funds if they were simply hodling them for the users? At least according to their ToS.
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What’s dead can never die right? 🏴‍☠️☠️

Introducing @BackBone_Labs a new Terra protocol from @Skeleton_Punks with help @PFC_Validator looking to revive DeFi on Terra!

Heres how they will do it🧵👇🏻 #Terra #Terra_Luna Image
2.Introducing boneLUNA

•Swap LUNA for boneLUNA to:
-Autocompound staking rewards
-Use as collateral to borrow a decentralized stablecoin

•100% of Fees go back to community

-70% incentivize @astroport_fi Luna-boneLUNA
-30% to Skeleton Punks DAO (potentially to stakers)
3.Yes you read that right, 100% of FEES to Community

•Lets say you have 100 staked boneLUNA earning 1LUNA/day in rewards in the Autocompounder

•Bone Labs takes 0.1 LUNA as a fee.

-70% (0.07LUNA) goes to Astroport LP
-30% (0.03LUNA) to SP DAO and potentially SP NFT Stakers
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1/ #Terra Classic : A ponzi or a mechanism design failure?
Terra Classic was a use-case-specific Cosmos blockchain designed to create a market between #LUNA and #Terra stables, each coin assumed to be at price pegged to the denominated currency, eq, US dollars in case of #UST Image
2/ #Terra's market module was designed to do this via a constant product market-making algorithm, where,

base pool = pool_size * 2
terra pool = base_pool + terra_delta

where terra delta tracked the total net #terra coins (denominated in SDR) swapped for #Luna
3/ Since continuous one-directional swaps will lead to high terra delta resulting in pool imbalance and high spreads, the delta was replenished at the end of every block by subtracting the regression amount (terra_delta / pool_recovery_period) from it,
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