1. Reality is when people chose to vote 3rd party or stayed home* instead of voting for Hilary Clinton, which is their right, there were consequences. (*disinformation & bad press coverage influenced this)

Trump won and appointed 3 Supreme Court Justices who just overturned Roe.
2. Voting in 2022 & 2024 will be consequential again. Wanna expand SCOTUS (#TheJudiciaryAct), get money out of politics/protect our right to vote (#ForThePeopleAct), codify Roe (#WomensHealthProtectionAct) and end the filibuster? Then we must keep the House & expand the Senate.
3. Right Wing Media/Think Tanks, Republicans, conservative donors, RW judicial appointees have been planning this result for years. They have built a loyal base of voters who *show up at the polls*. As Democrats we must do the same thing to counter their assault on Civil Rights.
4. “But Maya, I think Democrats are feckless and aren’t doing enough to protect us!” That’s fine to feel that way but how many times have you called, emailed, or showed up to your representatives office? Your civic participation does not end at the polls. It starts there.
5. “But Maya, we elect Democrats to get things done! Why aren’t they doing anything!?” Are you sure they aren’t? By that I mean did they introduce a bill about an issue you care about? Check. If they have they may not’ve had the votes to pass it. If they haven’t, that’s an issue. Congress.gov
6. One of the reasons that I ran against Carolyn Maloney is because she hadn’t introduced legislation to combat environmental racism (she has now!) or legislation to aid artists in NYC. She didn’t support *research* to decriminalize sex work or reparations.
7. I met with Rep. Carolyn Maloney and spoke to her about sex work decriminalization saying, “Maloney no matter your feelings on the subject, this is just *a study*. Can we agree cosponsoring a study to get more information is just smart politics?” Guess what? She cosponsored it.
8. That’s how much power we as individuals & collectively can have, but our representatives must hear from us. You don’t have to run for Congress like I did, you can meet with your reps, contact their office, and push them on policy. But you’ve got to show up and vote too.
9. The reality is America has a two party system. In other countries that have multiple parties— coalitions are built, and act in a way as if they were two parties. In a two-party system not voting for Democrats is a vote for Republicans and vice versa. That’s the f—-ing reality.
10. So you can say to me “Maya I’m not gonna vote for Democrats until they learn their lesson.” The “lesson” that will occur is Republicans & their RW majority SCOTUS will continue to strip away our Rights & end our democracy. That’s not a threat or extortion. That’s reality.
11. Finally, the Democrats that win/won the 2022 primaries must be supported. And those Democrats run the gamut from very progressive to moderate. All of them must win and be seated. The same must happen in 2024.

• • •

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May 25
1) I put my answer to John Cleese below his tweet but I’m going to write out what my husband @BobbyCrace said, “Carlin was intentional in his bleakness. It wasn’t just a byproduct of despondency. His work didn’t deteriorate into despondent bleakness.”
2) “George Carlin modified his performance to reflect and express the insanity of a country whose despondency regularly leads to blatant harm. And Stephen Colbert was saying that the bleakness was too much for him which is what surprised you, Maya.”
3) @StephenAtHome’s allowed to feel that way but that thinking puts Carlin’s work into a box. Carlin wanted do express more and do so differently.”
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May 7
1. Legislation does not become law without the Senate. Obama had a supermajority in the Senate for an entire 74 days. He use that supermajority to get us ACA meaning health insurance companies could no longer refuse to cover you just because you had a pre-existing condition. Image
2) Obama also signed the massive economic stimulus bill.

“Approved by Congress on a largely party-line vote last week, the bill is designed to inject nearly $800 billion into the economy.”

Republicans didn’t want help us get out of *The Recession*. 😒

3) Why did Obama only have a supermajority in the Senate for 74 days? This article explains and gives a timeline —including Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) getting sick and dying then being replaced by a Republican. beaconjournal.com/story/news/201…
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Dec 18, 2021
1) One of the reasons I decided to run for office was because of @VP Kamala Harris. I witnessed daily attacks on her by the media and people who preferred to stand on the sidelines casting aspersions, while contributing nothing but comments & click bait.
2) Not everyone has to run for office to be in service of their community; I know this because I’ve been in-service to my community since I was 16. Deciding to run for office and putting myself out there for all to judge and eviscerate is not an easy choice. Hope offered to the homeless Maya Contreras as a 16-year-old
3) I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be @VP; attacked for everything from how she wears her hair, to her laugh, to her ethnic background, to what purchases she makes for her kitchen. All because she dared to be a Black South Asian women in public service and in power.
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Dec 17, 2021
1) Please follow and support @UJCSexWorkers @RedCanarySong @DecrimNY
As I run for Congress please know my stance on sex work, it should be decriminalized as it will help protect sex workers against violence. Sex workers are constituents and should be treated as such. #IDEVASW21
2)As a Congressional rep, Sex Workers would have my ear and my support. I’m running against a woman who is for the Nordic model which is harmful to SW and clients. I am against human/labor trafficking. Sex workers are also against human/labor trafficking. opendemocracy.net/en/beyond-traf…
3) If we truly care about human/labor trafficking then we will care about it in *all industries* where it exists including the hospitality industry, the service industry, agriculture industry etc.
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Solitary confinement is not just inhumane— it is torture. @ericadamsfornyc I beg you and your administration to reverse this appalling decision. Think of Kalief, and think of all those who have been irreparably harmed by solitary confinement.
The memory of Kalief Browder haunts me. What he went through in solitary confinement and what he couldn’t live with after it will always haunt me. @ericadamsfornyc please don’t be callous, reverse your decision.
In the memory of Kalief Browder we must end solitary confinement in New York and beyond. Currently there are 10,000 in solitary confinement in the federal prison population. I will fight against solitary confinement as the next representative for my district. #MayaForCongress Kalief Browder
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