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This thread discusses the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates pushed by #MikeFlynn & associates to challenge authority & assert supremacy of county sheriffs & governments over federal authority as part of an ongoing Christian nationalist insurrection against lawful authority. /1
.@PaulHRosenberg, citing Christian Right researcher Rachel Tabachnick, writes how Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates first emerged "out of Operation Rescue,” the anti-abortion movement, as way to challenge authority, even if violently. /2…
Matthew Trewhella, founder of Missionaries to the Preborn based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wrote a book on The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates in 2013 to develop his theory to challenge authority. /3
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June 1, 2022. Happy Pride Y'all. You are loved by so many - please never forget it. A special WHAT THE FLORIDA 🧵to kick the month off. Are you angry yet? 1/11 Image
Florida #Democrats seem to be apathetic to the idea of running candidates against the #cult right sycophants that stand behind Governor DeFascist. 2/11
#FionaMcFarland, a cult-right state house rep, is running relatively unopposed in a seat that was previously held by a dem. 3/11
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They should still be here. #Buffalo 🕊 Each of the victims of buffalo
They should still be here. #Uvalde 🕊
They should still be here. #Orlando #Pulse 🕊🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
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Best part of the Puerto Rican Parade
They got The Villages Twirl team here 🔥 🔥🔥
A county judge just came by in the back of pickup truck with son dripped out in Vlone lol #Orlando
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This thread investigates Moms for America, its history, founder, involvement with January 6 Big Lie Stop the Steal activism, & post-Jan. 6 activism with #MikeFlynn, anti-CRT, anti-masking, anti-public education & the trucker convoy. /1
Moms for America, formerly Homemakers of America, was founded by #KimberlyFletcher in 2004 & changed names in 2018. Moms for America Action is the 501c4 political advocacy & lobbying arm. /2…
The Moms for America corporate address is Englewood, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. The payments & correspondence address is Mansfield, Texas, in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. /3
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Home builder survey results are in for full month of December. Top themes: 1) Still a ton of demand for new homes. 2) Rampant construction material & labor shortages. 3) Bit of chatter on possible margin compression several quarters ahead. Market commentary to follow…
#Atlanta builder: “Have virtually no available inventory & huge backlog of 1,000+ units going in to 2022. Still metering sales in most communities, where the demand of waiting buyers still outnumbers our supply.”
#LasVegas builder: “Busiest orders for December I can remember in a long time.”
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Monthly pulse of resale housing market still rapid according to 4,500 agents we just surveyed. Top 3 themes: 1) Bit of market normalizing. 2) Skittish sellers fearing nowhere to move. 3) End of travel ban boosting international buyers. Commentary across the country to follow…
#Houston resale agent: “A lot of people are not listing because they don't know where they are going next. Seems that many people listed too high even for a sellers' market, so I am seeing more price reductions now than earlier in the year.”
#Orlando resale agent: “Our buyer pool is increasing. We see more buyers from the north connecting with us as they plan to visit the area from the fourth quarter to the first quarter of next year.”
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THREAD, PLEASE SHARE: This is my awesome friend Shanta Barton-Stubbs with some of the kids at the @NewImageYouth youth center she founded to help kids in the Parramore neighborhood of our hometown of #Orlando. /1
I first became aware of Shanta's great work with NIYC in 2018, when Orlando was facing an (unusual for us) freezing cold spell, and she was organizing a coat drive for the children. I wrote about it for @TheCapitolist. /2…
I've been using my Amazon affiliate money to send a few Amazon brand zip up fleece coats to the kids each year. The coats are a soft warm fleece, they hold up well, and are machine washable. They're cute and cozy. /3
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Fresh October home builder survey results. Top themes: 1) Builders are finally lifting sales caps (though not all). 2) Lack of lots & land development delays will hold back growth in 2022. 3) Most builders expect prices to keep rising. Market commentary to follow…
#ColoradoSprings builder: “One cautious trend to watch is single-family rental businesses paying more for land than builders. This will suck up trade capacity & supply at a time we can't afford it.”
#Denver builder: “Traffic & sales definitely slowing down, but also following a more seasonal pattern as compared to 2020. Resale inventory is still historically low. Rents are skyrocketing again.”
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The city of #Orlando is asking residents to limit their water usage––not just for a few days, but "for weeks" (plural).


Because the liquid oxygen used to purify their water supply is being diverted to #COVID19 patients during the ongoing surge:…
Healthcare systems don't live in a vacuum. When a pandemic is permitted to spiral to the extent that it has in #Florida (in no small part due to mismanagement by poor political "leadership"), the demands placed on hospitals will be felt by other essential infrastructure, too.
On the topic of whether the direness of the current situation could be predicted: this is purely anecdotal, but we were supposed to be in #Florida this past week. We canceled our trip in early August for reasons that are now obvious (yet were regrettably foreseeable, even then).
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#CristoLGBT thread / Premessa: non è una gara a chi l’ha fatto prima o dopo (anche perché Avoja a rappresentazioni “blasfeme” ai Pride! Evviva!) anzi è affermazione che facciamo queste cose, in certi momenti, quando più ci sentiamo sotto attacco. ⤵️ Image
#orgoglio #ostentazione di @Andrea414 e @porporamarcasciano a #romapride2021 per me è ciò che siamo. Irriverenza ma anche smascheramento in maschera delle maschere altrui. Sono tanto friendLY MA Hanno tanti amici gay MA Non hanno niente contro MA … ⤵️ Image
Queste foto sono state scattate a #pompeipride2018 Avevo fatto da poco #comingout come persona #transgender e quel #pride🌈 era stato duramente attaccato dai #fascisti di #forzanuova

«Se venite a frocieggiare fuori il santuario vi pigliamo a calci sulle gengive ⤵️ Image
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Here's a housing🧵to chew on over weekend. Mid-June update from 100+home builders across country. 1) rumblings of price ceiling. 2) slightly shrinking pool of qualified buyers. 3) some home releases not selling out immediately. 4) normal summer slowing as vacations take priority.
#Austin builder: “Some interest lists are shrinking & others are not. Seeing buyers who are no longer able or willing to afford the monthly payment. Definitely seeing attrition here. Frustration that prices continued going up without an opportunity to purchase.”
#Dallas builder: “Interest lists are definitely shrinking because of pricing. Some drop off is happening due to price. But the re-sale market is still so tight it hasn’t dropped substantially. Extremely concerned about pricing going forward.”
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New home sales fell in May, Y/Y & M/M. Theme of the month was sales decline by builder design. Few comments on demand slowing or skittish buyers, even w/new home prices +18% Y/Y nationally (survey record). Builder commentary from across the country per our survey to follow...
#Nashville builder: “Gapped out. Sales resume in June as new communities & phases start to open. By moving ability to contract on inventory homes later to finished drywall stage (window installation stage previously), expect sales to show continued decline. Decline by design.”
#Charlotte builder: “Paused sales from mid-May to mid-June in all communities & will selectively release homes for sale in the last 2 weeks of June & coming months. Sales look lower vs. last month but was capped due to limited lot availability & no inventory.”
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Here's May mid-month home builder channel check I hinted at earlier. Builders are pushing prices w/little pushback, though some starting. Some builders are using price escalators & highest/best offer. Many limiting pre-sales, shifting to spec, & pricing home later in build cycle.
#Dallas builder: “Not selling build jobs in May, starting specs only, and not selling until drywall. Costs are too out of control for us to take the inflation risk on build jobs. So sales are way down.”
#SanAntonio builder: “Only selling specs at Sheetrock stage. Last month, it was frame stage.”
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Here’s on the ground local home builder commentary from across the country per our April survey. A lot of builders are pressing the pause button &/or slowing things down until construction costs moderate & they can catch up with sales. Worries about buyer price ceilings too...
#Chicago home builder commentary: “We sold all of the homes we had in early 2021 & haven’t started anything new, & may not due to the cost of construction. Can’t hold pricing for clients longer than 45 days with rising material pricing.”
#Nashville home builder commentary: “Pray for lower lumber prices.”
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Some interesting housing color from mid-April around the country home builder channel check. Bunch of market commentary to follow...will try to hit most top markets.
#SaltLakeCity home builder mid-April color: “Still have 10x buyers to available homes to buy. Went to 'highest/ best' offer system March 1st & offers over asking price are shocking. Most offers are 10+% over ask, that's after raised base prices $10K to $20K+ with each release.”
#Austin home builder mid-April color: “Super high demand. Volume controlled with release process, otherwise would be unbearable. Some price increases are $100K between releases.”
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Use a search engine to find the #FEMA vaccination site nearest you, it's worth driving to no matter how far away it is, they don't require an appointment, they don't send you codes that expire almost immediately, they don't confuse the issue, they are so well staffed no waiting.
And #FEMA has wheelchairs on-site for the use of the mobility challenged or frail, they have people who will go get you a wheelchair, bring it to your car if you park in disabled parking and honk your horn. They'll push you right thru, you'll only be there about a half-hour.
If you are in the greater #Orlando area, this is the #FEMA #Covid #Vaccination site that is going to make it easy for you to get vaccinated, no appointments, no codes, no jumping thru hoops, no wait, no muss, no fuss!

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Revenge of the Mummy is currently only for Express riders, with the regular queue being utilized.
It opened today after a brief refurb. The wait is around 15 minutes.

The ride has upgraded a couple scenes, details in comments. #universal #orlando ImageImage
The treasure room has a new projector and the sound in the room seems to be improved, but tough to tell after one ride-through.
The bug room has brighter projectors that could be turned down a bit, but I’m happy to say the 3D bugs are still there in unison with the projections.
The biggest change is the new animation in the turntable section, totally redone (and a little less nolstalgic than before, & almost TOO animated now) but it’s a huge welcome. Plus the timing of the animation is now exact in line with your vehicle turn, which is great news.
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El secretario ejecutivo del fraudulento "Consejo de Defensa Judicial", David José Federico Natera, hijo del editor David Natera Febres, creó en julio 2019 la compañía HT Media Group en #Florida con su primo Brígido Manuel Natera. Es la editora del portal de noticias #15minutos.
El portal, prácticamente desconocido y nula influencia en #RRSS, es usado como referencia frecuente en el diario Correo del Caroní, propiedad de la familia Natera también. La sede en Caracas de 15minutos (en Las Mercedes) fue allanada por la PNCC-SEBIN según reseñó el mismo sitio
La página es un emprendimiento familiar en qué participa, además de Natera Bilancieri, su primo Brígido Manuel, y su esposa María Helena Maroun. Ella es la voz de un noticiero del portal. Pese a su nulo éxito en audiencia es un proyecto financieramente muy bien respaldado.
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If you don’t want to wear a mask on a flight, don’t fly. I’m flying back to #Houston #Texas from #Chicago for work and all passengers had to sign this contract. The airline requires face coverings be worn over both mouth AND nose. Let’s see how many comply. #MaskUp #CovidIsReal
2/ In #Wisconsin I’ve noticed folks not wearing masks in Subway with their kids, at hotels and restaurants where elderly people crowd around groups of small tables outside. Eating outside doesn’t protect you - ask @BillPlaschke…
3/ I’ve seen people this trip with masks under their noses. I’ve heard complaints that masks are uncomfortable; that they have trouble breathing. If that’s true, see a doctor. If it’s not, you need to see a ventilator. I saw a man placed on one. The next day, he died. #COVID19
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Ghislaine #Maxwell all'ONU @UN come fondatore di #TerraMar Project insieme all'Amb #StuartBeck Repubblica di Palau (2013)… Image
Ghislaine #Maxwell ad un convegno @UN organizzato dall'#Italia e #Palau sugli Oceani e mari da rispettare..presenti il Min Ambiente Andrea #Orlando #PD e il Rapp Perm #ONU #SebastianoCardi (2014)… ImageImage
Ghislaine #Maxwell al convegno sugli Oceani che parla in prima fila come #TerraMar alla presenza del Min Ambiente #Orlando e al Rapp Perm @UN #SebastianoCardi… ImageImage
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Trump Rally Thread courtesy of @OANN for your viewing pleasure! Let’s share the message! 1/8 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #OANN #Ohio
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It's 75 degrees. I have just swum in a pool. I will not be making jokes about Florida for a while. Also, I convinced @ChrisLaker to fly down for the shows so he'll be opening up in #Orlando and #WestPalm. Spread the word. These will be fun. #MyDaughtersGrandparentsTour
The VFX department in #Florida is phenomenal. Image
One more night to see the most spectacular lights show in #Orlando.
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