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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Whadjuk journo at 10 and NITV Narelda Jacobs, Guardian politics corro Sarah Martin, and 9fax economics writer Shane Wright. Host is Patricia Karvelas, interview is with indy ACT Senator David Pocock.
opening spiel: the PM went to Europe saying we will no longer lag on climate change and we will stand up to China. #Insiders
Albanese “broke bread” with Macron after the Aust-French relationship “spectacularly broke down” when Morrison was in charge. He also “used his NATO platform” to warn China to distance itself from Russia. #Insiders
montage is NATO. Clip of Albanese saying “the Russian invasion of Ukraine” (rather than the war in Ukraine👏🏼). Not sure China will or has to listen to us but at least we are not getting that “foreign affairs in/experience” nonsense they constantly levelled at Gillard. #Insiders
lol the Hew Parkinson preview is of Hollie bless #Insiders
#MakingNews opens with Lambie eyes Labor emissions reduction target; and 9fax coverage of “big” abortion protests. The Sydney Tele has a splash on “controversial” appointment for Barilaro, now withdrawn. #Insiders
the editorialising is advice for Albanese on managing the politics of emissions reduction and domestic challenges. #Insiders
panel. We are as one voice on how Albanese is conducting himself on the world stage, which is well but the job is not difficult, according to Martin. Off such a low bar. He is not Scott Morrison says Karvelas. Anyone but ScoMo says Jacobs. #Insiders
we’re they hamming it up? ask Karvelas and Jacobs lol who knows. Wright on NATO and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He says Australia have been leading, with the US and Japan, on the South China Sea and we are seeing a broadening of the NATO agenda. #Insiders
it is all connected, says Martin. The language was really strong, she and Karvelas agree, and Wright says countries are wanting to sign up to NATO and the complaint of Trump that European countries are not spending enough has been highlighted by Russian aggression. #Insiders
clip of handy Andy lying about the Morrison government record. He says the Liberals? The Coalition? That they welcome bipartisan foreign affairs policy. Nobody expresses concern about rapid weapons manufacture, spending, and use. #Insiders
now that Hastie, a politician, has said foreign affairs is bipartisan, the journos confirm that Coalition anti-China rhetoric and lying about Labor on China before the election was “political”. Bit of a slap down to Dutton - without saying so - tho. #Insiders
clip of Trudeau calling Albanese Tony. Jacobs says well it is an abbreviation of Anthony it also a mob name lol and they are not wearing earpieces she says. It was not up there with Fraser called John and Morrison called that fella down under [by POTUSs] says Wright #Insiders
interview. Opening Q is whether Pocock will wave through the 43% emissions reduction target. He would like to see a higher target, Australians want a target legislated, he wants a target with integrity and not junk credits [like the Coalition] says Pocock. #Insiders
so you would wave it through, says Karvelas. She asks if Pocock would allow opening new coal mines if that is under the 43% target, citing his participation in lock ons. He repeats the legislative imperative. She repeats the “you will wave it thru” line. #Insiders
“sensible amendments” will be considered, says Karvelas citing Bowen, so which would you back in? Pocock says again he wants to see [Coalition bodgy accounting] junk credits cleaned up to ensure the targets have integrity. He has not seen the bill yet he says. #Insiders
voluntary assisted dying and territory legislative authority. Pocock says 76% of Australians think the territories should have the same authority (he calls it a right) to legislate. He campaigned on a Senators bill to empower ACT to enact without Cth override #Insiders
integrity commission. Pocock says he would not support an unelected body empowered to sack elected representatives. Why not? IANAL but he is guessing there would be constitutional hurdles, says Pocock. #Insiders
but politicians do terrible things, really terrible, says Karvelas. He would prefer an unelected body to investigate and refer to the police says Pocock. #Insiders
staffing levels. He does not feel he is in a fight, Pocock counters, and suggests independent setting of staffing levels. Points to the Jenkins report findings on toxic workplace, overwork etc #Insiders
the abortion protests yesterday, which Karvelas again calls “big”. Affordability and access are problems, she sats, and asks if Labor should revisit its free abortion policy. Pocock agrees that affordable accessible abortion is essential. #Insiders
Uluṟu Statement from the Heart. Should Labor go ahead regardless of the opposition? If the Coalition opposes? Pocock says he supports the Uluṟu Statement in full and the Voice referendum and will support the campaign. #Insiders
can it be done this term? Jacobs says no major party will oppose the referendum because the public mood is in support for the change. It can be done next year. But the wording? It is constitutional recognition that people were here before colonisation, says Jacobs #Insiders
it is very simple, say Jacobs. Constitutional Recognition and a voice to parliament. Clip of Leeser with the odd delaying language he has adopted, presumably be use the Coalition Party rooms are as ever divided. #Insiders
the panel canvas the work that Profs Langton and Calma have done. It is not like we will go to a referendum next week, says Jacobs. We can hold the referendum, agree on a Voice to parliament, and take it from there, says Jacobs. #Insiders
more doubts. The high threshold talking point. Jacobs says every survey says 10% of people will vote no and that has not changed in years. She desribes the love in the room at the NAIDOC awards for Minister Linda Burney saying “we will” get a Voice and Makaratta done. #Insiders
energy policy. Wright says the early retirement of coal fired power was expected in the industry and the falling cost of renewables is driving the end of coal. Investors know this even if politicians do not. #Insiders
where does this leave the opposition? Jacobs says well nowhere they chose not to build the infrastructure so we have all this solar and wind to power Australia and nowhere to plug it in #Insiders
census result release. Over 70% of 18-35 yo voters are “left leaning” ie vote Labor or Greens. On the migration figures, Jacobs has heard it said we are a rapidly browning country - 51% of the population are from os or first gen - but UK is still main source #Insiders
millennials. Wright says X-ers are getting squeezed and millennials have been kicked around and down trodden by boomers. He says they are politically engaged and that was reflected in the last election. #Insiders
after England the big migration source country is India, says Wright. The southern euro-Mediterranean numbers - he names Greeks and Croats - are falling away. #Insiders
a segue but I missed it, from demographics to electoral implications. Can the Coalition win back teal seats? Not if they remain backward looking on climate, says Martin. #Insiders
back to the staffer question. Jacobs says she agrees with what Pocock said on staffing levels being determined independently. She wants independents to have enough staff to do their job, says Jacobs. #Insiders
on whether the teals will be a sustained force, Wright says there are AEC boundary changes coming and the next election will be fought on different issues. But was the staffer cut a negotiating position? asks Karvelas. #Insiders
lot of words and not particularly coherent insider-y stuff from Martin on the Q of whether the independents’ staff cut is a negotiating position. There is an off ramp, she says. It will be resolved. [so a beat up - Ed] #Insiders
#TalkingPictures is up. Doing “the honours” is back to you Pat (not PK). #Insiders
#FinalObservations is Jacobs on the NAIDOC awards last night and shouts out to NITV and embedding First Nations culture in public broadcasting #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Wright wishing Wright senior a happy birthday and saying the coming tax offsets (Coalition election bribes) will be inflationary #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Martin on the multiple health service categories being removed from Medicare funded telehealth announced by Minister Butler this week #Insiders
the outtake is a pisstake of opposition Senator building her brand by rabbiting on - complete nonsense - about marxist teachers and the like. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here.

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Jul 2
tuning into ABC news breakfast because reasons. LOTO Dutton has chosen to make education a hyperpartisan “battleground”.
Mr Dutton is looking at importing US-style “culture wars” in schools as Cam Wilson pointed out in Crikey, says Prof Arvanitakis. #ABC24
yet these strategies failed at the last election. Schools do need support, empowering teachers is important, but this sense of “outside forces” bringing culture wars into the classroom does not do that, says Arvanitakis #ABC24
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Jun 25
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️this Sunday on #Insiders are Guardian politics corro Amy Remeikis, 9fax columnist and former Labor staffer Sean Kelly, and murdoch foreign affairs writer Greg Sheridan. The interview is with federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
opening spiel: hopes fade of wage rises says Speers, based on a plea from the RBA governor, who spent the last seven years calling for wage rises and for the federal government to #RaiseTheRate. #Insiders
what Albanese is not saying - a specific wage rise beyond the 5+% for workers on the minimum wage - and where he is going - to patch up relations with France (not said: which were trashed by Scott Morrison) and to shake hands with Zelensky. #Insiders
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Jun 23
heh. RN Breakfast is amplifying its conflict journalism aspirations on the flag and Senator Thorpe is schooling them on respectful conversation between herself and Senator Price and rejecting media framing of “Blak women against Blak women”.
yes, Senator Thorpe has invited Senator Price to the Black caucus, to be part of the work being done on missing and murdered Indigenous women, on the UNDRIP. Colonisation is ending, says Thorpe, and “we need to be talking about a republic going hand in hand with Treaty”.
conflict journalism framing so persistent here that one wonders whether the host has any other setting. Different approaches to different issues - in response to hundreds of Black deaths in custody - and Greens voters are texting RN complaining that the flag thing is “divisive”.
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Jun 18
good morning happy Sunday☀️ today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, murdoch politics reporter Sarah Ison and 9fax columnist Jennifer Hewett. The interview is with an opposition party (LPA) leader, Peter Dutton.
opening spiel: no mass blackouts but panic crisis fears etc anyway. #Insiders
“suspend the energy market” is such a weird phrase to me. The market? Suspended? Is nobody buying or selling any energy? #Insiders
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Jun 11
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are ABC radio host Pat Karvelas, Perth radio host Garth Parker and AFR economics editor John Tehoe. The interview is with federal NDIS minister Bill Shorten.
opening spiel: the Albanese government has “sorted out relations with France by negotiating a payment of $3.4 billion for Morrison’s mistakes. Cost of living. Energy CRISIS. #Insiders
“another interest rate rise”. The montage opens with aerial footage of wealthy suburbs and spliced clips of Chalmers, Albanese and Gallagher explaining interest rate impacts. Soundtrack is Farnham - Take The Pressure Down. #Insiders
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Jun 10
Gillard went to the backbench until the 2013 election. It is senior and disgraced Liberal Party losers who sulk, cause by-elections, threaten a minority government, lose previously safe seats etc - see Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, Frydenberg, Bishop, Porter.
Keating, Rudd and Gillard left the parliament after Labor lost government, and Labor retained those seats. Howard lost government and the Liberals lost the seat. Turnbull stormed out and the Liberals lost the seat. Abbott stayed and the Liberals lost the seat.
to clarify, there is an empty field of fucks I give about whether Morrison stays or leaves the parliament.
My gripe is with constant and consistent bothsidesing that elevates Liberal Party losers way above their pay grade. Its purpose is to [falsely] dominate legacy narratives.
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