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good morning from unceded Darug lands 🌧🌧today on #Insiders are TSP corro Karen Middleton, ABC Canberra newsreader Dan Bourchier and murdoch reporter Clare Armstrong. The interview is with health minister Mark Butler.
opening spiel is foreign relations - with China, in the Indo Pacific, the Wong meeting with Chinese foreign affairs minister and Albanese talking China threats at NATO #Insiders
the montage is floods to a soundtrack of these days by Powderfinger. Lots of opposition sniping and journalistic voice from nowhere “Albanese facing criticism” etc #Insiders
not sure we need vox pops on dam wall decisions. The wall is the greatest risk to residents downstream. #Insiders
#MakingNews opens with anti-viral covid treatment for over 70s. Truth in advertising inquiry following Palmer ad blitz during the election. #Insiders
#MakingNews also reports Greens looking to expand function of a federal integrity commission and poor old Constance still trying to get into federal parliament, this time via a potential future vacancy created by Marise Paine leaving. #Insiders
Speers editorialises on China trade relations and NATO foreign relations. Longing clip of Wong, who at least was able to secure a meeting with relevant officials, which Paine and Tehan etc were not able to do. Coalition criticism tho, says Speers. #Insiders
clip of Albanese saying dialogue is a good thing and a first step. Sanctions remain in place plus detention of Australians in China on what Speers calls “spurious grounds”. #Insiders
how many first steps are there going to be asks Armstrong. There are a lot more firsts to come. To talk is better than to not but issues are not remotely near being resolved, she says.
Her confidence is just gobsmacking to me. #Insiders
NATO powers are not usually focused on the Pacific says Armstrong and NATO specifically called out China. She says Labor is responding to international settings, not Coalition talking points. Clips of Taylor and Littleproud being utterly ridiculous. #Insiders
the Coaltiin lines of attack fell flat, says Speers, and Dutton “might” still be on holidays but let’s goss on about the narrative anyway. Bourchier gets the horse race Q for his debut comment on #Insiders
all it did was remind people that Morrison went on holidays during the bush fires says Middleton. It shows the opposition do not have much. Armstrong picks up on the speed of emergency support delivery critique attempted by Sussan Ley. #Insiders
does the Coalition not know how to attack the government? asks Speers.
Who cares? Could we give petty pointless partisan attacks a rest during yet another climate disaster? #Insiders
we should talk about victims, says Speers. Bourchier raises zoning and development and also insurance - a lot of properties are now uninsurable. Middleton says a higher dam wall could encourage more development. #Insiders
the re-structure of the emergency payments fund is a priority for Labor, says Armstrong, and she also comments on dam wall options, noting there have been 4 floods in 2 years in the Hawkesbury Nepean valley. #Insiders
interview. Opens on what we are calling another wave even tho it never went away. Butler says the re-infection period has been shortened from 12 to 4 weeks with this variant. #Insiders
he has announced much broader access to anti-viral medicines, tablets and capsules that can be taken at home, for all over 70s and on the PBS ($6 per) says Butler. Previously only available via IV at a hospital. #Insiders
we have 2 million doses of anti-virals and they have an 18 month shelf life? Butler says the orders placed by the previous government are currently warehoused and need to be distributed. So the shelf life might be expended? Watch that space. #Insiders
this third Omicron wave is the official designation. Should people over 30 go get their 4th dose or wait for next Gen Moderna vax? Butler says a lot of people have not have the booster - their third dose - and that the third dose is “the real kicker”. #Insiders
what will you do? There is an awareness campaign is being rolled out, says Butler (a third dose ad played immediately prior to #Insiders btw) why not the incentive payment? asks Speers. We have an information campaign says Butler.
is that enough? The second dose uptake is much higher because it was a requirement, says Speers. Sure, says Butler. In this stage - the third year of a pandemic - we are making sure people have access to medicines they need, to the information they need. #Insiders
what about mask mandates? There are mask mandates in place, says Butler. They are targeted. In aged care, on public transport and planes. Recommendations do not work, says Speers. People are not wearing masks at the movies as the footy. #Insiders
pandemic leave. If people have to isolate - unlike any other illness - why not pay them? Butler recites the eye-watering debt line. Should casuals with covid isolate and go without an income? There are health requirements to isolate says Butler. #Insiders
at some point emergency payments simply have to be wound up, says Butler. He claims the wrap date of 30 June is owned by the former federal government and the states. So no emergency payment, no mask mandates? Butler repeats the awareness campaign line. #Insiders
what if things get worse? Will you revisit the end of emergency payments? Butler says they will keep an eye on all elements of a “fluid pandemic”. End of telehealth? Butler says telehealth is a permanent feature and some doctors agree it should be limited. #Insiders
the limit is on telehealth consults to be 20 minutes and longer more intricate consultations should F2F. Why not just do longer consults on the phone? For older Australians? Butler says 6/7 telehealth consults are under 20 minutes. #Insiders
back to panel. Let’s talk about where we are at with covid, says Speers. Does it make sense that pandemic leave payment is brought to end end? Middleton says she gets paid when she is crook and Butler “seems unmoved” on the point. #Insiders
a lot of people will do their at home RAT and see the two lines and decide they can not afford to not work, says Armstrong. Or not do a test at all, says Bourchier. There is low compliance, says Armstrong, even people on planes have their masks around their chin. #Insiders
the one thing we could do on compliance is pay people to stay home when they have covid, says Armstrong and Middleton says mandates do not really work anymore. On the anti-virals, Armstrong says the announcement for over 70s lowers the threshold for access to doses. #Insiders
clip of AG Dreyfus QC announcing he has decided the prosecution of Colliery will end. Why? Bourchier says it is about removing barnacles and shoring up relations with Timor Leste; and asks how whistleblower legislation should be reformed. #Insiders
there are other cases on the books that Dreyfus does not want linked to this decision, says Middleton. She says the spying is the worse transgression than whistleblowing - and being lawyer for a whistleblower - and protections are needed. #Insiders
he has effectively used his discretion to end the prosecution and to say this is not a precedent, says Armstrong on Dreyfus and ending prosecution of Colliery. The Coalition did not back away from its decision to refer it to prosecution. #Insiders
NAIDOC. Blak excellence, says Bourchier, and where the country is at. He acknowledges the show is on lands of the Kulin nation. Clip of Aunty Pat Anderson on what can be inserted, by enabling legislation (the ref draft statute). #Insiders
we are looking at simple language, says Bourchier, with a simple Yes answer for the referendum question, which is drafted into the enabling legislation. Will the Coalition oppose that model? Middleton says if they oppose they oppose, whether general or specifics. #Insiders
they will seize on the specifics if it is specific and they do not want to vote for it, says Middleton on the Coalition. She says the republic Q was too specific and set republicanism back for over two decades. #Insiders
there are millions ofAustralians who have not turned their minds to the First Nations voice yet, says Armstrong. Albanese speaking to the Uluṟu Statement in Paris - on a global stage - was amazing she says. #Insiders
the historic failure of most referenda - Armstrong and Bourchier (it is 8 out of 44 got up) - and big conversations about who we are, Bourchier says. He says Auntie Pat and others are flagging the 67 referendum anniversary (26 or 27 May) next year. #Insiders
Bourchier says May next year might be a very short lead in time; and that constitutional conservatives have expressed - through Leeser, the shadow AG and shadow referendum envoy - concern that the language (detailed or general) could have unintended consequences. #Insiders
too soon? Middleton says if the date is put off then opponents will always find reasons to put it off. Speers says both Yes and No cases are “traditionally” publicly funded. Nobody seems to know if the Coalition parties will run a No campaign. #Insiders
somebody mentioned the Greens’ priority of a Treaty but I missed who sorry #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Armstrong on Albanese going to the pacific islands forum next week and says there is some suggestion Abbott will attend the Abe funeral on behalf of Australia #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Bourchier saying the NAIDOC theme this year is Get Up Stand Up Show Up and this is an invitation to the Australian people, as is the Uluṟu Statement, to review and act on our relations with Indigenous Peoples, in our orgs, at the table #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Middleton highlighting findings from the Summers report on DV on huge numbers of women forced into poverty or forced to stay with violent males #Insiders
the outtake is the Benny hill theme being played as tories talk at Westminster #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

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Jul 8
australian political journalism studiously comparing Johnson and his random relationship with truth to Trump and only to Trump lol say it cowards.
there are no access implications when confining the convo to foreign leaders is why.
the way their systems can lock up our kids on a swear and a whim but apparently removing tyrannicidaires from power is just so complex lads.
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Jul 7
god this speech. Their “brilliant and Darwinian system” is going to deliver services thru tax cuts for the rich. Get a load of this piece of shit.
he thanks Carrie, their children and *all* their family lmao how many tho Boris. Remember what you said about kids of single mothers mate?
old problems and new solutions or was it old solutions and new problems he caused himself personally who can say. What a fucking farcical tory tool. A blather of bullshit. A blithering of bluster. These people.
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Jul 7
there is no data on Aboriginal and Tortes Strait Islander women so your report is jeopardised - Veronica Gorrie👏🏼👏🏼 #QandA
and what about police violence, says Gorrie. Aboriginal women are falsely identified as perpetrators by police.

This happened to my niece. She was thrown in the wagon - it was a wake - and driven 90 kms away “for her safety”. She was terrified. They could have killed her.
it’s because they don’t give a shit about us they do not care about Aboriginal women - Gorrie.
Yes it is.
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Jul 7
and fuck every outlet that amplified and sanitised these evil clowns. Who tore into their political opponents for petty pointless shit while elevating men as staggeringly unfit for office as Trump, Morrison, and Johnson.
*as staggeringly and OBVIOUSLY unfit for office as Trump, Morrison and Johnson. I was right about all three from day one and so was pretty much everyone I know.
Meanwhile the deliberately obtuse and partisan political press collect coin for lying to the electorate. Trash.
blood all over their hands. The mass death caused by these men. The poverty and hardship. The mental health conditions. And their ruling class collaborators in media will start talking up the equally vicious and corrupt heirs apparent, and banking favours, in no time at all.
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Jul 2
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Whadjuk journo at 10 and NITV Narelda Jacobs, Guardian politics corro Sarah Martin, and 9fax economics writer Shane Wright. Host is Patricia Karvelas, interview is with indy ACT Senator David Pocock.
opening spiel: the PM went to Europe saying we will no longer lag on climate change and we will stand up to China. #Insiders
Albanese “broke bread” with Macron after the Aust-French relationship “spectacularly broke down” when Morrison was in charge. He also “used his NATO platform” to warn China to distance itself from Russia. #Insiders
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Jul 2
tuning into ABC news breakfast because reasons. LOTO Dutton has chosen to make education a hyperpartisan “battleground”.
Mr Dutton is looking at importing US-style “culture wars” in schools as Cam Wilson pointed out in Crikey, says Prof Arvanitakis. #ABC24
yet these strategies failed at the last election. Schools do need support, empowering teachers is important, but this sense of “outside forces” bringing culture wars into the classroom does not do that, says Arvanitakis #ABC24
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