Remember ?

Was showing, the fine details [THEY] didn’t want anyone knowing … ImageImageImageImage
Been showing for so long now, so has EVERYONE else who knows who I am & WHY I Am here …

I’m literally the only one who could tame all the snakes, walk with all the animals (Dr Doolittle), Show compassion for the demons, TEACH what is really going on in A way for EVERYONE
To understand who chooses & most importantly MAKE OSIRIS SURRENDER …

THE CHILD I Am to have, who isn’t born yet, he is the one who has made all of this possible in the most important of ways ..

The actors up on the world stage, playing the role of myself & everyone else,
The people think they are us.

When they see DJT & all the others up on the stage, mostly EVERYONE can’t wrap their minds around what it is they’re really doing or what they’ve all been SHOWING ..

Wrestling on TV is the easiest way for EVERYONE to be able to wrap their minds
Around what I’m talking about.

The Wrestling Ring is The WORLD STAGE, that is what it represents. The Wrestlers are the good actors & bad actors, Good & Evil.

…And the people just continued being lead by #BLIND & or infiltrators—SAD!

The one who has been showing all of this & what it all means, was spit on …
The one who ALL OF THIS IS ABOUT, cast off & all those who have come & gone pretending, praised.
More have come along,
Showing what it is I was talking about/showing this whole time within 1 layer/universe of life.

4VKM videos show so much, Masterfully done.

That is just 1 layer, “Nobody” has been SHOWING every single layer & even SHOWING #BEYOND THE HORIZON.
MANY call me A NUT,Well they’re not wrong—I Am A Nut that belongs with Squirrel …

The Squirrel has been trying so hard to get her NUT & all NUT kept doing was ignoring her keeping her safe, CARING FOR PEOPLE WHO EITHER WANTED TO DESTROY HIM, Continued spitting in his face,
Giving nut attention like NUT is some kind of “Star” or “Famous” when NUT is NONE of those things.
NUT has been GIVING everyone the answers so EVERYONE knew what is really going on & so ALL could just fucking STOP acting like spoiled entitled children playing in A sand box
Building sand castles …

It’s not hard to turn away from wicked ways, it truly isn’t.

MANY have commented saying, “I’m trying so hard to change for the better” or “you have helped me be A better person today” —All you can do is try & NO I didn’t do anything for ANYONE,
All I have done is BE MY TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF #NOT FEARING [EVIL] & not caring what ANYONE thinks of me.

The fire that burns within your souls, sometimes MANY feel like they’re not doing enough to help make A difference in the world & are in A traffic jam not knowing what to do
With all the information they’ve been shown.
It’s never been about what to do or what not to do with the information, it’s always been about HEALING #knowing what REALITY IS.

If you know none of what you’re seeing on TV is real & you have all this knowledge of the truth
On WH-Y EVERYTHING has happened/is happening as it is, YOU DON’T try pushing that information on those asleep, YOU HEAL YOURSELF WITHIN & LOVE THOSE WHO STAND NEXT TO YOU. You live/co exist with your fellow man giving off positive vibes that uplift others around you.
Once others see you’re Happy, LIVING & FREE, they’ll want to know “WHY/HOW you’re so happy in A world that seems to be falling apart”? ..

THAT is the time when you unleash your knowledge upon those you attract to YOUR individual/Unique energies!

None of
This is truly hard, MOST make it more difficult upon themselves than it ever needed to be. So much has been self inflicted pain upon yourselves when all most truly needed to do was/IS #BE #STILL ! ..

I can continue leading to Water, only YOU can drink.

I have no more time
To give, I have very important things I must be doing to ensure the future ..
Like having A son/Daughter who isn’t born yet but has already been born & has been here on this timeline for MANY years now GUIDING their FATHER to exactly where he was always meant to be
without altering in A negative way of any kind or causing Nexus events.
[EVIL] Tried altering ALL OF IT for so long !!!!
All the destruction from attacks, that was all [EVIL] purposely trying to alter this timeline KNOWING who was going to be born, who was born & who has
been right in front of everyone this whole time.

But just remember, I’m A NUT !
I have not A clue what I’m talking about & Am spewing all this out for no reason at all.

I’m just some “Nobody” on this virus if life TWITTER who doesn’t want to be on ANY social media.
It’s probably all Bullshit being shown for no apparent reason,
Bullshit of who NUT is & all NUT has done in his life ..

No one else can be Squirrels NUT because NO ONE else has walked A day in my shoes …
Many have tried being me, they all failed.

Time for the Squirrel to
Finally get her NUT.

I Love being A Loser, it makes me happy! Image

• • •

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Jul 12
The Archer would have put an arrow in my back if I would have crossed the finish line ANY other way, WHY?

Because on the timeline that made all of this work/possible, it involves OUR CHILDREN.
If I don’t choose that path, they won’t be born & everything goes to shit.
Forever or Flames …

Forever is A lie but we can still say FOREVER !
Eventually, after living for as long as MANY among us right now have lived, you just grow tired.

No one said saving & awakening the world would be easy, on top of making sure certain very important
Individuals come together because of the children who were already born but aren’t born yet & those unborn children who are here, they’ve been helping make it all right so that when they are born, they can feel the love Of their Father.

A Fathers/A Mothers Love for his/her
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Jul 12
Curse Of The Pharos . . .

Alexander the Great was The Mouth for who? Image
Mercyful Fate / Curse Of The Pharos

The War Of All Wars Comes to THE END ..

Enough is Enough.
Been showing all of this for so long, you’d think most would be on the same page all these years .. Image
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Jul 12
Gotta wait til Fryday, It’s when my brother gets back from riding His Motorcycle …

Trip Added

.@DanScavino ImageImage
Iron Horse Skateboard Hardware, can be used to keep yourselves in tact until Fryday, Next Fryday & Fryday after next … ImageImage
Until then, I will still be useless & the people will continue thinking what they’re seeing on TV is real .. ..

Smoke & Mirrors
- Image
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Jul 12
How I Met Your Mother …

Ready to stop living your pretend life ? …
The People believed it all, you did your part—It’s OUR TIME #NOW !
Don’t try solving the cross word puzzle, there’s no right answer, #EVER MORE !
All Put Back Together, Take it all away ..
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