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.@DanScavino, 3 this week.. The people Are trapped within so much Darkness right now, right before they are about to see the light . It's time to give them something to keep their minds at ease.
Let's make it happen, TOGETHER..
Do It ..................

Love You. ImageImage
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I was not lying when I Said "Love you" ..
You're A "child of God" & you are right where you should be.
NO MORE allowing your Emotions Cloud your Judgment.
There are so many that surround you that love you & you are A link within A chain that connects all of you with someone
else. Without YOU/That link, There would be no CONNECTion ..

All anyone has to do is be still..
.@314Phaethon, Everyone makes mistakes. I #ACCEPTED your apology before the mistake was ever made. I Love you & it's time for EVERYONE to come together.
I Know you're ready to know
the truth, I Know everyone else is ready for the truth & #WE are ready to give the truth. ..

I Set us ALL up to WIN.
Everything in life in known friend, by everything I really do mean everything. Every negative Ripple, I have to see it before it happens along with the Positive.
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Friday, June 4, 2021

#Abaribe: Rounding up Igbo youths, extra-judicial killings won't end South-East attacks
#HURIWA drags Wike to international court over threat to kill, bury IPOB members

Tompolo / Elon / Chioma / The Prophet
#NECO Registrar, Obioma was killed - Ortom reveals
#Insecurity does not make Nigeria a failed state —Lai Mohammed
#Plots to destroy Buhari’s govt’ll fail, says APC
#Osinbajo expresses worry over youth unemployment
#Corps members part of defence, can be mobilised for war – NYSC
#Getting new constitution almost impossible, says N’Assembly
#Reps demand end to Imo extrajudicial killings
#Residents panic as gunmen kill policewoman, man in Imo
#Akpabio visits Tompolo over ex-warlord’s threat against oil facilities
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"YOu've Got Mail" ..😂

Dr. Dip Stick is not the one who shocks the world awake but close ..
Where/When does the Flood start?
Now does everyone understand WHY it had to be this way this entire time?
DJT kept his friends close & enemies closer, Right?
How is Fake news going
to spin all this now?
They have nothing. DJT played by the Fake rules ALL FOR SHOW to catch Fake news & everyone else IN THE #ACT ..
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Don't you just LOVE how there R people in the world that will scream "White Supremacy","Fake","Fraud" & whatever else but there is some1 SHOWing DIVERSITY & How #WE all come together as 1, no matter what ethnicity or Gender. .
Oh, & also how to BREAK away from it all.
U could be
Using me as A tool to COUNTER all the Bad things MSM & the Brainwashed are saying about ALL OF YOU. Instead, the MANY only choose to see the bad in everything & stay LOST in your curses/spells placed upon you..

Tisk Tisk Tisk ..
I Am #Unity ..
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That guy & his followers are still talking about me, Too funny ...

I have the entire armed forces backing me & Real Family that cares about what I have done for this world. Whether some Random guy on the internet Endorses me or not, I could give two shits. In the end everyone
is saved & everyone goes on to live happy lives..

I've already seen & none of the drama that so many are apart of means anything to me ...

I Always Land 4 wheels down ..
VK & I talk every day. Someone said I was wining back in the day about VK being more "Popular", more like
I was saying in conversation with him OUT IN THE OPEN that the BIGGER PICTURE would not be seen clearly by 'The People' the way it had to be seen & they would never accept any it because 'The People' choose to judge books by their covers.That is exactly what the MANY of you did.
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The Boys of Summer are back!

Open the Door, Please.
I'll hold it open for A few MILLION people to walk on through. It's shutting fast though.
Carry the ones who need to be carried & forgive the ones who do nothing but hate on others because they need attention ..
"When darkness falls, may it be
That we should see the light
When reaper calls, may it be
That we walk straight and right
When doubt returns, may it be
That faith shall permeate our scars
When we're seduced, then may it be
That we not deviate our cause
All sinners, a future
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Generally speaking #infrastructure is defined as the basic #physical systems of any #business, #region, or that of any #nation... including #transportation systems, #communication #networks, #sewage, #water supply & #electrical #grid systems. #BuildBackBetter #logistics #stimulus
Various types of #infrastructure #construction based projects typically drive the bulk of conversations amongst those of us vested in the arduous process of "progress" moving forward.
#Highway improvement, #street & #road maintenance & #bridge building commonly take center stage.
Mass #transit, #airport & #airways, #municipal #WaterSupply, #waste management along with waste #Water #management,
#power generation & #transmission, #HazardousWaste removal & #storage ALL must be considered while addressing basic underlying societal frameworks. #sustainability
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.@DanScavino, check it out-Got A "Benifit of the Doubt" "Approval" from A "pot stirrer" that has drug my name through the mud to all his followers..

Amazes me how so many have SO MUCH to say about me but I have/had NOTHING & have NEVER said anything about anyone else.
Everyone was told, "Learn the "Inside" Comms" ..
Stay within INSIDE comms, the way it was being taught on the original platform.
Someone comes along SPEAKING the language with the other 13 & the Military, "Pot Stirrers" & the Austin Steinbarts ruin so much for everyone ..
It was said, "Don't let your emotions get the best of you & want it NOW, RIGHT NOW, NOW NOW NOW" ..
I asked/Demanded PEACE, "Pot Stirrers" & The Austin Steinbarts Spit in my face ..
Emptionally out of balance "Pot Stirrers" have been demanding Declass or documents to be released,
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Remember the other night when I was talked shit to about getting Tony Hawks Autograph back in 2005 @ his BOOM BOOM Huk #JAM? ...
Yeah, I kinda see everything before it happens. So much of what I post is just me setting myself up & EVERYONE else up to WIN WIN WIN ..

NOTHING or NO ONE can change who I Am ..

Embrace the Suck & the Vision!

When I Win, #WE ALL Win !
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To all of you who have been bullied by ones within this movement & outside of this movement & thought I didn't have your back because I didn't say or do anything, I don't react on emotions. I wait & Bide my time.. I Do not get caught up in drama & when the time is right, like the
fastest animal on the Planet ..

For those of you who like bullying others because they ask/Reach out for help/assistance, I got your back. For those of you who are seeking truth and asking questions & getting bullied for it, I got your back. For those of you just being yourself
& don't want any part of the "War" that is no more between heaven & hell, I got your back...
I Am for all & at the end of the day I would give the shirt off my back even to my enemy.

I Don't care that accounts have disappeared or been disabled & is NOT the reason action had
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I Believe Women bring out the BEST in Men ..
Think about it, A Woman brings A fathers Child into the world and as soon as that child is brought into the world every Fathers says their lives change for the better even if they have A Good life..

HONOR Our Women
LOVE Our Women

WE as Humanity/Men need to stop allowing our women to be beaten to the ground IN MANY WAYS..
Women are not just slabs of meat.
Once ALL MEN around the world see & understand the truth that foods have been altered to make women
Chemically out of balance (ALONG WITH MEN TOO) I think Men will start treating women better. Think of how many men KNOW ones should be married before have sex but don't? Think of how many kids under the age of 18 and not only under the age of 18 girls under age eating
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V Neck
Look at the symbol On Johns Neck above the #WE.

Can I love all of you now the way you ALL were meant to be loved?
I want to give the world back what was stolen from them, their families & their families families since birth ..
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Follow the White Rabbit ...
Neo = doG
U N (i) 🌽 = doG

Corn & COBB = Pardoned .
"THEY" can't hurt us any more. Meaning "They"/Evil/Corrupt Politicians can't arrest us any more for her & I being who we are.

YoU N (i) #WE Roll TOGETHER.
101 Dalmatians
#PizzaGate (She is/was
Calling "Them" out)

Imagine if everyone saw things the way they are meant to be seen...
So many stuck in 3D hating the very ones saving all of you.

Doesn't feel good fighting the people we are trying to save.
She stands for Trans & gays because the world has been poisoned
And thrown chemically out of balance. Many have been affected by "THEM" in so many different ways. Someone had/has to be A voice for the voiceless. Taylor & all the others couldn't just come out & say to the world "Hey the shit foods the MANY of you have been forced to wat
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Truth to Light ..

It's been over for A very long time. Corruption at the highest of levels is about to be brought to light. It all boils down to the children & Keeping ones that were groomed or ones that were raised/grown on A "Farm" in those positions of power. However
they could keep the individuals that were grown on A farm in these positions of power, they would. ON BOTH SIDES. "THEY" had "Farms" that were growing people form child on (Most likely children that were bought from child traffickers & sent to A farm to be groomed) it became
Impossible to stop them way back then. They would grow, groom & then PLANT these people within BOTH SIDES of Government & would do whatever it took to make sure these people made it into the positions they needed them in to keep the process going strong.
Evil took over
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@ivan8848 #Occupy: The #Naked #Truth:

NATO-member Leaders gave Security #Assurances against #NATO #Expansion Eastward to Soviet leaders by among others: #Bush, #Kohl, #Mitterrand and #Thatcher.

NATO Expansion: What #Gorbachev Heard:

"Not an Inch East"

@ivan8848 #Occupy: The #Naked #Truth:

#US officials told #Russian President Boris #Yeltsin in 1993 that the "#Partnership_for_Peace" was the #Alternative to #NATO_expansion, NOT a #Precursor to it:

NATO Expansion: What #Yeltsin Heard:

@ivan8848 #Occupy: The #NAKED #TRUTH:

They are #LIARS. 🤥
& They #KNOW they are LIARS. 🤨
& They know that #WE know they are Liars. 😠
Even so, they #KEEP Lying, very #Loudly so. 😡
(#Najib #Nahfouz)
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#We are Gearing Up for April Edition (Bi-Monthly Prayer & Intercession) April 6th to be precise.

Theme -Upstage.

Brethren, there are stuffs that are inimical to your progress and growth. They won't go away because, you wish they do. Everything is provoked by a M.O.V.E.
Some issues have been coming & going at will. Sometimes, when you record a victory, it is shortlived. Sometimes, too, u were bro-beaten to submission, but, I bring u good news. They will all be U.P.S.T.A.G.E.D.

Whenever the enemy came, David met them with F.I.R.E 🔥4 🔥 F.I.R.E
1Sam 18:30a MSG
Whenever d Philistine warlords came out to battle, David was there to MEER them,BEAT them, UPSTAGING Saul's men.

David never turned back.
Whenever they came, he not only went to M.E.E.T. them there, he B.E.A.T. them to submission, & then, U.P.S.T.A.G.E.D. them
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Is this too much to for you?! 👇🏼👇🏼

If so... #GTFO #Bitcoin requires #HODL 💎 🙌🏼 or you simply don’t get. If that’s the case please sell us your sats and be gone to a bygone era.
#Bitcoin be like
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#We've said it before, and we will keep saying it. There is so much ineptitude, cluelessness and corruption going on underground

Are we now, not justified when we say this Government is inept and putting up a show when it comes to supporting Agriculture or any other sector of
the economy for that matter?

Watching Aljazeera a few minutes ago, the Nigerian Govt was seen and heard threatening to sue rice farmers who RECEIVED, yes, RECEIVED supposed "loans" from them.

A few farmers interviewed claimed they never asked for any loan and that Government
officials just gave them money and no one intimated them that it was a loan. They charged the government to produce documents showing they requested for and obtained any loan. (Who does that?-Nigerian Govt)

One of the rice farmers even said, "since Government officials and
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I think it's time we go on A Road trip ..

Social Distortion - Highway 101 via @YouTube ImageImage
TRIP Test Confirm
🖐️👈 ImageImage
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The political right doesn’t offer a better life for ordinary people, especially not for those marginalized. Nor the fiscal responsibility they claim to care about. So they use a domestic version of techniques employed in malign influence operations.

A thread. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
The most successful propaganda & disinformation campaigns are not the ones that invent out of whole cloth. Rather, to achieve lasting goals, the more skillful of these operations, will exploit legitimate issues & preexisting beliefs.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Skillful propaganda campaigns will weaponize those elements to create a narrative desired by the perpetrators of the influence operation.

The very components of an open society that we value, are inverted & used against our better interests.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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Here’s the truth about #WECharity fake scandal. Millions of Canadians were saved from losing everything by #CERB & CERF. The Liberals poll numbers went way up. The Trudeau gov’t’s proposed student services grant program would’ve helped up 100,000 young people.
#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
The opposition couldn’t abide this. They knew this program would’ve been successful. So they weaponized the parliamentary complaints processes & set about launching character assassinations, all amplified by the group-think, dumpster fire of misinformation, that is #cdnmedia.
Charlie Angus (who I used to admire) & Pierre Poilievre, both, constantly, willfully, repeat misinformation which can now be called disinformation. In the Kielburger testimony, under oath, on the record, misinformation was corrected, yet #CPC & NDP continue to repeat falsehoods.
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