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Heh @KariLake, what island is that ?

And who is your friend Barbra. I only know one Barbra.

She seems to be a Trump hater:
Never mind my second question. Figured it out.

#BarbraSeville taught Kari Lake everything she knows about make-up. Image
Barbra Seville: Arizona's #1 Drag Queen
Quite the #scoop on you Kari Lake / Kari Halperin

Figures that #Democrat Flynn would endorse you

And #Barry (in 2015) Image
Kari Lake Once Supported Transgender Youth.

Now she denies they exist
At the recent Trump Rally in Prescott Valley

Kari Lake entered to Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It"

You ARE indeed twisted, @KariLake
"When CBS 5/3TV's Dennis Welch in June asked Kari Lake about her donations to then-presidential candidates JOHN KERRY in 2004 and BARACK OBAMA in 2008, her response was to trash the reporter."
Hubby Jeffy listed as a Democrat
Kari switched from independent to Democrat on January 4, 2008.
1995: Republican
Nov 3, 2006: left Republican Party
Jan 4, 2008: registered as a Democrat
2012: returned to Republican Party

2004: donated to John Kerry
2008: "K Halperin" donated $350 to Barry
Lake’s husband made 3 donations to Barry, totalling $1,500
"This is faux “conservative” Kari Lake — who was actually a registered democrat — endorsing leftist Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s pick to replace conservative Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court:"
"Dana Pike [HR Dir. at Fox 10] said she believed Kari Lake couldn't take criticism and never accepted responsibility for her gaffes, after which she would disappear from work for days or weeks and force others to fill in for her."
"I think to govern, you have concern and stewardship for your constituents, for your resources," Pike said. "She doesn't have that consideration. She doesn't. She is charismatic, she's a good public speaker, but it's a façade."
"She claimed she was a life member of the National Rifle Association, though she refused to provide proof of her membership prior to 2021."
Jul 9, 2021

"According to the Yellow Sheet Report, Lake hired former McCain campaign manager, chief of staff, and senior adviser Mark Buse to run her gubernatorial bid."

Kari Lake has only had a Wikipedia page since mid-2021.

At first her Wiki page said she is "married to her husband, Jeff Lake."

His name is actually Jeff Halperin. And it is Kari that uses HIS last name.

In addition, Kari Lake was married to Tracy Finnegan (in 1991).
When confronted about Barbra Seville performing in front of Kari Lake's daughter when she was "9 or 10", Kari Lake's spokesman Ross Trumble said Seville was an "impersonator" (not a drag queen).
Barbra Seville (i.e. Richard Stevens) said Kari Lake had attended "countless shows and private events over the decades of their friendship"
"Stevens said he was undeterred by Lake's threat of legal action."

"If Kari sues me she'll get 66 pairs of high heels, 112 wigs, a rescue dog and my mom's ashes."
A question has also been raised about a mystery PAC -- "Put Arizona First" -- promoting Kari Lake's campaign to the tune of $2,100,000.


"Put Arizona First" said that it was funded entirely by "SPH Medical LLC", whose address is a UPS store in Phoenix.

"It is the same UPS store address used by Put Arizona First itself."

"No such entity as SPH Medical exists in Arizona, per corporate filings with the Arizona Corporation Commission. A Google search shows one entity, a medical supply company in Orange County, California."

"But the owner of that business, Tony Coleman, told The Arizona Republic that he didn’t make the contribution."

"In the complaint, Thomas Montague [a Republican] called the situation a “dubious constellation of facts”"

"The complaint suggests there are two possibilities: Either 'Put Arizona First' has “negligently or willfully misrepresented its funding sources” or it has created an unregistered entity called 'SPH Medical' as a shell company."

"The second possibility would mean that the entity was serving as a “conduit of funds to obscure the identify of a third party”"

"...federal election authorities prohibit independent expenditure committees, such as Put Arizona First, from “camouflaging contributors’..."
"...identities in a corporate artifice.”

"The complaint also notes that 'Put Arizona First' had not provided a physical address for its chairman and treasurer, as mandated in state law."

"The listed chairman of the PAC, Chris Marshall, did not return phone calls or an email..."
"The campaign finance records for Put Arizona First show that, through June 30, it contracted with Hoffman’s Queen Creek company..."

Hoffman has other companies. Has been called a "troll farm". Has used multiple addresses. etc.
"Public Integrity Alliance sent a letter to the directors of Turning Point USA suggesting it was risking its nonprofit status by having an “unusually close relationship” with Lake’s campaign."

#CharlieKirk 👇 co-founded TPUSA, then removed any trace of the co-founder. ImageImageImageImage
@RichardGrenell promoted Kari Lake at the Prescott Valley rally

He continues to do so.

And then he uncharacteristically tweeted quite a few consecutive tweets about something else. For some reason. Image
"In September, Mike Lindell, said Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was the first and only candidate he had endorsed."
Mike Lindell has a net worth of $330 million:

He has to be considered a suspect behind that mystery PAC that has donated over $2M to Kari Lake (so far).
Lindell could be worth "just" $100 million:

Has sold over 30,000,000 pillows.
"the Assets Portfolio of Mike Lindell includes Cash Reserves totaling more than $50 Million. Mike Lindell is also the owner of an investment portfolio that consists of 15 different stocks and is currently worth $25 Million."

[plus My Pillow...]
#Screenshot / #JustInCase

Your thoughts, @KariLake ? Image
The previous tweet of @KariLake "Hanging out with 'the girls' " was part of this video:

Screenshots from this video will follow in this thread...
First two screenshots... ImageImage
Third Image
Fourth and Fifth ImageImage
Sixth and Seventh were a bit blurry / small font ImageImage
8, 9, 10 & 11th ImageImageImageImage
12th - @KariLake says "Might tell the kids there is no Santa" Image
13th - 2018 Halloween costume, hashtagged #fatalattraction Image
and finally the 14th screenshot

#KariLake: #Impersonator #Infiltrator Image
#Felon & #traitor Flynn endorsement Image
Flynn the LIFELONG Democrat

So what is actually going on here???

#Q1813: Infiltration. Image

• • •

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Sep 3, 2022
Most potentially dangerous? The 1 & 5.

"N342ER" = 5-x-1 -- same as "h-e-l-l"


Doyle Land Renfroe is the manager:

Most sensitive #s? 2, 7 & 9

Doyle = 2-x-7 -- "tapped into the netherworld"

Renfroe = 7-x-9 -- create a fantasy world as a coping mechanism

"Doyle Renfroe" = 9-x-7, 7-destiny

"Doyle Land Renfroe" = 2-destiny.

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Sep 3, 2022
There are no accidents, let alone "freak" ones.

"Tanya Pardazi" = 4-x-1, 1-destiny. Hard physical things happen to those with a 1-destiny.

Tanya had just finished her skyfalling training and on her first jump...forgets to open her chute until it was too late.

Worst concentration? The 2

Tanya = 2-x-7
Pardazi = 2-x-3

One minute you're spending 4 hours a day applying goop to your face

and the next minute you're falling to Earth at terminal velocity?
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Sep 3, 2022
"Vekselberg is the largest owner of Fabergé eggs in the world, owning 15 of them."

"In 2013, he revealed he had spent just over $100 million purchasing the nine Fabergé Imperial eggs from the Forbes collection."

#WorldClass money laundering
Vek's yacht -- TANGO -- is 13 feet longer than Nat's #PlanetNine

Those thirteen feet cost you double Nat's, however.

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Sep 2, 2022
"In 1980, Adrienne Arsht married Myer Feldman who was a former counsel to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson."

"An article in The New York Post in 1964 called Mr. Feldman “the White House’s anonymous man”."

yw, #NYP
"Mr. Feldman was among a group who had breakfast with the president before news conferences. He was a behind-the-scenes liaison to Israel, a principal adviser on domestic policy and the channel for business requests, like tariffs and air routes."
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Sep 1, 2022
Dear @Wikipedia,

Any chance you could update your site's certificate(s) so that it works with Windows XP?

Long story short: Google Chrome now forces valid site certs for the past 18 months...and ever since I've been unable to access Wikipedia.org.
This 👇 might be the reason for the SNAFU:
Or this might be the reason

Many sites have found a way around it. Wikipedia has not...
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Jan 29, 2022
Heh, everybody, come and buy #felon Flynn crap from the #felon Flynn store!!!

Fun Factoid: Lara Logan and Hubby #2 met in AFGHANISTAN. Same place mikey flem was at.

LL & JB are worth millions. Could be twenty million.

Almost forgot!

Did you know? Hubby Joe rescued someone from the train tracks!

I know, I know. Amazing stuff.

Luckily it was witnessed! Yup, yup. Someone from the Washington #CIA Post wrote up a whole story on it!

#Watergate1 #Watergate2

Lara Logan’s Husband Was a Propagandist for the U.S. Military

but only the good kind, wink wink
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