One day, one Panda from Jagannath Puri arrived to King Jayasingha’s palace in Jaipur. The King warmly received the Panda and treated him well. The Panda brought Mahaprasadam from Jagannath Puri and gave it to the king. The King happily accepted the Mahaprasasdam Image
and took good care of Panda during his stay. As Panda was preparing to leave the king gave many gifts to Panda. It was king’s generous nature to very nicely treat anyone coming from Jagannath Puri. The queen too gave many ornaments to Panda as a gift. Princess Vishnupriya gave
some gold coins to Panda and wondered what she should give to the Lird Jagannath Prabhu. She thought of giving something very precious to the Lord. With a golden pen she whoa letter to Lord Jagannath on a leaf called Bijapatra and she prepared Kasturi musk as special ink for
writing a love letter to Lord Jagannath. Thereafter, she nicely packed inside a very beautiful box and gave to the Panda.

She told Panda, “Please give this box to Lird Jagannath, I kept a very valuable gift inside this box.” The Panda agreed and carried all the way from Jaipur
to Jagannath Puri.

On the way, the Panda was very curious to know what could be so valuable inside this box because already he has received many gold and pearls..and what could be more valuable than that? Maybe a special diamond or something?
The Panda decided to open the box. And when he opened he found a dry leaf with something written on it. He felt disgusted to see this and thought, “Just for the sake of a small leaf I’m carrying this! What’s a use of this? “ He threw the leaf in the garbage and
arrived in Jagannath Puri.

That night Lird Jagannath appeared in Panda’s dream and said,”What is this you are doing? You carried all your gift but my gift you didn’t bring it to me! Vishnupriya sent me a gift and you didn’t give me, instead you threw it!” The Panda replied, “My
Lord, it was just a small leaf!” The Lord said “that was everything to me! You have really upset me with your actions. Tomorrow you go to the temple and you will find the leaf on my heart.” Panda asked “how did you find the leaf?” The Lord said, “I went and searched for
the leaf inside the garbage can.”

Next day, Oanda went to the Jagannath temple and found a huge commotion of who kept the leaf on Lord’s heart. The Panda explained the entire story , took the leaf and spoke aloud what was written on the leaf…
“The abode of jewels is your home and Maa Laxmi is your wife. Please tell me what I have that YOU do not have that I must offer? You have stolen the minds of the Gopis. I, the Lord of the Yadus! All I have is my mind that I am dedicating and offering to You. Please accept it.”
Vishnupriya gave her mind to the Lord where she is constantly mediating on the lotus feet of the Lord.

Source: art_for_krishna

• • •

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In the 17th century, Jaggath Seth came to Jagannath Puri to donate 1 lakh rupees to the Jagannath Puri temple. Image
Whenever we want to give donations to the temple, it should be filled with love and devotion. This is Lord’s money that I’m offering back to Him for His service. It’s like how we offer Ganges water back to the Ganges river.

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