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Have you heard the story of Yudhishthira and an Indian Pariah Dog?

The Indian Pariah Dog, considered by scientists to be the first truly domesticated dog features in the great Indian epic Mahabharat. The closing chapter narrates the tale of King Yudhisthira and his Image brothers (The Pandavas) making a pilgrimage to their final resting place.

The Pandavas were firm in their resolve to renounce their Kingdom and began the ascent of a Meru hill in the Himalayas as part of their final journey. Yudhisthira led the way followed by Bheema, Arjuna,
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Why Hanumanji is bound by chains in Jagannath Puri??!!

Jagannath Puri dham is located on the shore of Bay of Bengal. And in the city we have the world famous temple of MahaPrabhu Jagannath, the Prabhu of the entire universe. ImageImage It is said that as the mandir is near the sea so the water of the sea used to enter the city and upto the temple bringing discomfort to the devotees. Once Varuna wanted to take darshan of the Prabhu so he went to the temple and as a result the city got flooded.
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Ekling Mandir

One of the most famous Mandirs of Shiva is Eklingji Temple in Udaipur region of Rajasthan. This is the name by which Shiva is worshipped here.

Eklingji Mandir has a marvelous architecture. It is double storied with colossal pyramidal style roof and ImageImageImage remarkably carved tower which adds to its beauty. The exterior walls of temples are stretched with stairs which directly descends in the water.

On entering the temple, you will greet a silver image of Nandi (bull). Nandi is considered to be the gate-guardian deity of Mountain ImageImageImage
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Sri Dakshinamukha Nandi Tirtha.. this one of the mysterious temples of India found recently. This temple is also called ‘Nandi Tirtha’, ‘Nandishwara Tirtha’, ‘Malleshwaram Tirtha’, ‘Bhasava Tirtha’, ‘Malleswaram Nandi Gudi’ or ‘Sri Dakshinamukha Nandi Tirtha Kalyana Kshetra’. None of the many other temples in Malleswaram is so cloaked in mystery and debate as the Nandeshwaram temple. The controversy starts from its date of existence. The temple is stated to be 400 years old, according to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
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3 Pindis in Vaishno Devi:

Vaishno Devi is a famed religious site, which is situated on the Trikuta Hill in the town of Katra of Reasi district. This is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Jammu and is visited by millions of devotees every year from all over the world. This is among 108 Shakti Peetha of Maa Durga.

This cave temple is an incarnation of Maa Durga. She resides inside the cave in the form of 3 Pindis or the natural rock formations. There is no idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the cave temple.
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Mysterious cave temple of Bhagwan Narasimha.

Narasimha Jharni cave temple, is located in Bidar, Karnataka. It is associated with Bhagwan Narasimha, an incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu. The ancient temple is excavated in a 300 m tunnel under the Manichoola hill range situated at around 4.8 km from the city.

One has to wade through the cave wherein water height varies from 4 feet to 5 feet to have a glimpse of the deity's image formed on the laterite wall at the end of tunnel which is architectural wonder. Bats
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The day Amla (indian gooseberry) is used in your vegetables, from that day half of the medical mafia who keeps robbing you day and night, will run away.

*In ancient India, Amla was used instead of tomato to bring sourness to the vegetable. That's why the bones of Sanatan Hindus were hard like Maharishi Dadhichi, so strong that Maharana Pratap's Mahavajni could lift the spear.*

Today, even after taking all kinds of calcium vitamins, the bones start humming in youth. In the season when local tomatoes are available, it is fine, but
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Did you know that one of the first coins in the world had a bee symbol on them?

Did you know that there are live enzymes in honey?

Did you know that in contact with metal spoon these enzymes die? The best way to eat honey is with spoon, if you can't find one, use plastic.

Did you know that honey contains a substance that helps your brain work better?

Did you know that honey is one of the rare foods on earth that alone can sustain human life?

Did you know that bees saved
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Sugreevas Cave - Hampi

This cave is on your way to the King’s balance from the Kodandarama Temple. Located almost on the river shore, this is a naturally formed cave by huge boulders one leaning over the other.

It’s believed that this is the place twitter.com/i/web/status/1… where the mythical monkey warrior, Sugreeva lived. He used the cave to hide the jewels dropped by Maa Sita, when the demon king Ravana abducted her. Later Sugreeva met Prabhu Rama & Laxmana nearby the riverside searching for Sita. The colored pattern at the rock in locale
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Is a very prominent deity for the people of Tulu Nadu in Karnataka. It is irreverent to say that the deity is a spirit of the Tulu Nadu region as he is the presiding deity for almost every Tulu household for whom life just does not go on without his blessings Koragajja is believed to have taken an incarnation in the human form on earth at some point in time in Tulunadu history. Koraga, is a name given to a particular community, and ajja means grandfather, used mostly as a mark of love and respect to address the swami. He was born
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Going into temple is best way to cleanse your body and soul. In almost all the holy places of worship, it is believed that the cosmic energy from the cosmos is swirling around, by virtue of the place being a meeting point of energies, or by virtue of continued practice Image of prayer/meditation/ rituals/etc at that point in the temple or place of worship. This is the reason why we feel a sort of peace and quiet when we enter some temple, since that place is saturated with the vibrations of so many prayers/mantras/divine thoughts, which draw the
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Mahadev bhakht Kannappa🙏

Kannappa was a staunch devotee of Shiva and is closely associated with Srikalahasteeswara Temple.He was a hunter and is believed to have plucked his eyes to offer to Srikalahasteeswara linga, the presiding deity of Srikalahasti Temple. He is also considered one of the 63 Nayanars or holy Saivite saints, the staunch devotees of Shiva.

When Arjuna was meditating on Shiva for Pashupatastra, to test him, Shiva entered that forest as an animal hunter and due to two arrows from Shiva and Arjuna killing a demon named
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How Dwarka is related to Sri Krishna Udupi temple.

Sri Krishna had arrived in Udupi from Dwarka by way of an ancient statue. Thus started the Udupi Krishna temple story.

Krishna, was born in Mathura, spend his childhood in Vrindavan and then ruled from Dwarka. All in the northern part of India. Then how, did Sri Krishna land in Udupi which is in South India?

Owing to her imprisonment, Krishna’s birth mother – Devaki could not experience the childhood of Krishna. In Dwarka, she expressed her desire to see the
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Why do people get their head shaved when they visit Tirupati Balaji??

It is a popular belief that donating hair helps in getting rid of sins and ego. Every day, thousands of devotees at Tirupati Balaji temple donate their hair to the Balaji. The reason behind hair donation is that bhagwan Venkateshwara repays his loan taken from Lord Kuber. It is believed that HE gives you 10 times more value in the form of money than what the devotees donate hair at the Tirupati Balaji temple. It is said that whoever donates their
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Wearing toe rings in Hindu culture is mandatory after marriage. Know the reason why Indian women wear silver toe rings and benefits as per vedas. It's also known by a variety of names, including Bichiya in Hindi, Metti in Tamil, Mettelu in Telugu, Kal-ungura in Kannada, and others.

The nerve of the second toe finger is thought to pass via the heart and be related to the uterus. As a result, wearing a toe ring in it helps to keep the uterus' blood pressure in check. It also aids in the control of a woman's menstrual
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Story behind Kanakadhara Stotram

Kanakadhara Stotram is a popular prayer dedicated to Maa Lakshmi and was composed by Adi Shankaracharya. It is said that Jagadguru Adi Shankara created this prayer on seeing the financial difficulties of a poor woman. During the time of Shankaracharya, students used to stay in the home of Guru and study. They also used to go around the houses in the village and used to beg for food for the day. Feeding a Brahmachari was considered highly meritorious.

Once young Shankaracharya went
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Asta Lingams

Arunachala is surrounded by eight lingams (Asta Lingams) each residing in one of the eight directions of the four cardinal points (South - Yama, West - Varuna, North - Kubera, and East - Indra) and four intercardinal points (South East - Agni,South West- Niruthi, North West - Vayu and North East - Esanaya Niruthi, North West - Vayu and North East - Esanaya

The guardians of the four cardinal directions are called the Lokapalas and are the deities who rule the specific directions of space. The name for the eight deities, four of
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Harihareshwara Temple, Karnataka.

The temple was built in c. 1223–1224 CE by Polalva, a commander and minister of the Hoysala Empire King Vira Narasimha II. In 1268 CE, Soma, a commander of King Narasimha III of the same dynasty made some additions. The temple houses ImageImageImage the deity Harihara, a fusion of the Vishnu and Shiva. The image of the deity is a fusion of the right vertical half of Shiva and left vertical half of Vishnu. The image holds in its right hand, the attributes of Shiva and in the left hand, those of Vishnu. ImageImageImage
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Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple is located in Nandi Hills Area, in Bangalore. It is situated in the village at the foothills of Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills is a popular temple site and picnic spot. The simple Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple on top of the hill is famous for the huge statue of the Nandi in front of the temple. Not many people know of the other Nandeeshwara temple, a magnificent, large complex housing not one, but three temples in all.

The original Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple was built in the 9th century. The first phase is believed to
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Mysterious facts of Nidhivan temple!

Nidhivan, a temple nestled in the holy birthplace of Krishna, Vrindavan has a sense of mystery or miracle attached to it. Nidhivan has a hearsay that Prabhu Krishna visits it every night. And that's not about it, there is also a buzz that he performs Ras Leela every night. 

It is considered to be the holiest place in the country where God literally has an abode.  Post the evening aarti, no priest or devotee is allowed to step into the premises. However, not all facts are available at our disposal.
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Do you Dev Diwali is Diwali of Devs and nothing to do with Diwali??

Dev Diwali is celebrated in honour of Shiva, who gained victory over three demons, namely Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha, and Viryavana, together known as Tripurasura. They successfully obtained Brahma's Image blessings by performing a rigorous penance that they would not die until they were shot to death by a single arrow. After receiving the boon from Devs, they started destroying the earth. As a result, Shiva assumed the form of Tripurari and shot all three of them