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Aug 10 4 tweets 3 min read
There is a fundamental mistake made by the makers of #LalSinghChaddha
The original film #ForrestGump is on background of the anti war protests of Vietnam where USA was an aggressor.
So, #ForrestGump is basically a film where the US army is shown as being in the wrong.
That’s because #Vietnam history is known the world over.
BUT, in contrast, #LalSinghChaddha is based in India, in India, the #IndianArmy is always seen as a HERO.. not an aggressor!
+That fundamental mistake is (possibly) present in the script of #LalSinghChaddha
Now question arises “Who sees the Indian army in a different manner in India”
Answer: Communists and the Left..
That I think will be the major sinking issue for the film..
That sort of complex nuanced subject was taken in #RangdeBasanti years ago by two of the people involved in this film.. that time in India… people were more naive and emotionally easily swayed.. now there is a fundamental difference in perspective.
#ForrestGump #LalSinghChaddha

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Aug 12
A vast number of people in this world have NO idea of what to chase in life.. it continues like that till death and then since the Purva Punya was enough only for a single human birth..they slide down the ladder
Is this true or just some made up “stupidity” by our Hindu texts?
To get an opinion on this, let’s see what Shakyamuni Buddha says: after all, a lot of millennials and people in the West find the Buddha cool:
Buddha says that “getting a human birth is like that giant tortoise who comes up to the surface of the ocean once in 100 years”
To most people who read this.. it’s like a body blow.. “we don’t believe in reincarnation and so it doesn’t matter”..
Well, like d immortal Rishis, Shakyamuni Buddha’s knowledge in this area was based on “Experience”.
An ounce of experience is worth more than a carload of theory
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Aug 11
People thinking that #RajuSrivastava ‘s heart attack is related to vaccination have very little clue as to the number of young people who died of acute MI post heavy gym.
This is the obituary of a friend- brilliant cardiologist aged 41 who died a decade ago in this same way.
Another friend , then 39 years of age, 6-7 years back, also a doctor, had an acute MI (heart attack) after heavy exercise.. COVID was nowhere on the horizon nor vaccines..
He survived thankfully.
My own cousin died before COVID pandemic after a heavy exercise session. He was a fitness fanatic.
Same age as #RajuSrivastava
Two more friends (non medics) died at age 50 .. nothing to do with COVID. Read my thread on heart attack epidemic in young patients written pre COVID
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Aug 11
A good few decades ago, I heard a fantastical story about a Yogi from Girnar from a friend who used to own a petrol pump in Maharashtra.. you may decide if it’s actually really true or not for yourselves:
A 90 year old Yogi, shishya of a much older Girnar Yogi used to visit
This old Nath Yogi used to look younger but it’s pretty much certain that he was indeed that old and had used Parada in those days. He used to visit my friend’s house at Pune 30-40 years back every Diwali
His Guru, he used to say was around 400 years old and was in samadhi +
His Guru, he used to say was around 400 years old and was in samadhi in a cave in interior Girnar which can’t be seen easily and he would come out of samadhi for just 3 days every few years…
(I did mention the story being fantastic.. )
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Aug 10
One question asked is:.
How is Mercury for Vrishabha:
After observation, one can say that Mercury is one of the best grahas for Taurus (apart from Venus). If afflicted, it’s difficult for them.
Budha is 2nd and 5th Lord, but it’s literally “intelligence”/ “mantra”/ “Purva Punya”
BUT Mercury should not be afflicted by Ketu.
Slow 🧵 from previous tweet.
If Mercury is afflicted especially by Ketu.. it will play havoc in that person’s life at some stage.
If Venus (Lagna Lord) is also afflicted, then the problems intensify.
Remedy is dedicated daily worship of Mahaganapati.. homam really helps if person is able to perform it.
Mercury if unafflicted can result in excellent intelligence.. in these charts always check the Moon.
Vrishabha are stubborn to nth degree and can harm their future themselves.
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Aug 9
When young people have a huge amount of time on their hands and have not thought of a high future, (or have serious money in their family, not earned by them) .. with no foresight + have an Asuric mentality, then result = urge to do something completely random and severely risky
Other teenagers with an empty upper storey blindly follow join them as well.
The result can be catastrophe.. (retaliation even worse) but since there is severe anger in their minds since long and heavy frustration..
this happens.
Compare to top Universities India/West.
By the way, having seen this sort of stuff in my younger days, let me tell you that the retaliation would be even worse in some cases and eventually you will land up with a police record.
Then they say “fml.. fml”..
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Aug 9
A question frequently asked by people is “When should a person get married”
Slow 🧵
In general, a woman should get married in her mid twenties (presuming she finds a good person- more on “good person” vs “right person” later)
Why do I say:
“A woman should get married in her mid twenties”.. just speaking from observation of last few decades.
Have seen a large number of women in their mid thirties searching fruitlessly for someone “good” to marry..
Now, question asked by many women is “Am I missing out on a good time in my late twenties and early thirties if I get married in my mid twenties?”
Ans: The issue of enjoyment of late twenties and early thirties means that most suitable men for your age are “taken”.
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