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Meet this unknown soul Taksang Dorjey whom I discovered meditating in a natural cave up in high mountains along India’s frontiers with occupied #Tibet
in Eastern #ladakh
He is 65 yrs old as claimed by him and lives a solitary life in this mountain cave 15000 feet above sea level with temperatures going down upto -38deg C. He is sustained by bare essentials supplied to him by local inhabitants living on the foothills
His daily routine includes sleeping at 10:30 pm and waking up at 02:30 am to pray thereafter. His cave temple contains undated but definitely precious manuscripts he uses for daily prayers. Also note the undated inscriptions on the stones outside (zoom and see)
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The Kiss of Death

26 years have passed since the bizarre incident but it is still afresh in the memory. In the blistering heat of May 99, in the middle of Kargil War, Lance Dafedar Hari Ram of Indian Army’s Armoured Corps was forward deployed somewhere in d mighty Thar Desert+
Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Hari Ram’s Sentry duty was till 12 o’clock, midnight. Those days, every soldier in the Desert carried a Desi water bottle made of thick cotton cloth – locally known as “मशक”. It kept the water cool. As the Sun set, the desert began to cool, Hari Ram and+
Hari Ram & the rest of the soldiers were joking & chit-chatting almost till midnight. Hari Ram’s “मशक” was hanging on the branch of a Khajri tree.

Laughing in the middle of a typical ‘Fauji Joke’ Hari Ram took the “मशक”, sipped a bit of water +
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Sharing My Taaya Ji'
Col Navdeep Singh Sangha's Story

How He met with an Accident when he was on His #Jonga

How he Survided when only 10% chances were there.

Bouncing Back from 10%.

🏃‍♂️He has done 106 #HalfMarathon #10K #Duathlons
#IndianArmy #ForcesNetworkMagazine Image
Meet Him
A Real Fighter
Col Navdeep Singh Sangha Ji.
👇 Image
Bouncing Back from 10% chances of Survival to 100% Success. Image
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#SupremeCourt dismisses an SLP preferred by the Union Territory of Chandigarh, where it was alleged that a person who served the #Indianarmy and was later appointed as a Constable, had concealed his involvement in a criminal case under Sections 148, 149, 323, 325, 506 IPC.
Court: Look at the background of the person, who has served the Indian Army for 12 years, and is a Gallantry awardee.

Was further of the opinion that he must have been acquitted during his service (which the Counsel confirmed)
…as Army Act is very strict in the conduct and had they found it to be anything contrary, a suitable action would have been taken by the concerned authority.
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BIGGEST op since KARGIL '05?
~ 20 #PunjabRegiment earned 2 #ShauryaChakra
~Huge op by Ghatak commandos with 0⃣ collateral damage
~ MEDIA manipulation
~An officer ws dragged into a FAKE CASE.

This is in TWO- parts‼️

Watch complete Part-1⃣ here>>
Part-1 is the narration of op
Part-2 is the Interview of Brig Rajan Jamwal (has also served with NSG)

Part-1 is about guts & glory, and how #IndianArmy was #crucified for eliminating a BIG bunch of terrorists.
Watch part-1 here>>>

"The moment I realized I will hv to suffer loss of my soldiers, so 1 gun shot and there HE was, his head bl0wn".
This is Part-2 of the op‼️
Interview of Brig Rajan Jamwal where he tells many stories of the op

Watch COMPLETE video of Part-2 :
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Some Armour Vehicles used by #Indian Army& Paramilitary Forces 😎🔥🇮🇳

#India use many armour vehicle in diff area for diff requirements.

Most R indigenous #MadeInIndia & some Licenses Produce.

Thread 🧵 👇👇
@DfIlite @Sandeep_Mave @Kunal_Biswas707 @DefenceDecode
1) Kalyani M4 MRAP 😎

⭐ 16ton Beast with all Armament
⭐ 18Kg TNT blast under Hull,10kg for tyre & 50Kg frm side.
⭐ 2.3Ton Payload capacity,4×4
465HP Engine Power.
⭐ 10People's (8 crew+2 in Front)
⭐ 800Km range with Internal Fuel.

Deployed against #China 🇨🇳
Made in India 🇮🇳 by TATA Group

⭐ 14 Ton Beast with 2ton Payload
⭐ 240 HP Engine
⭐Stanag Level 4 Protection,14 Kg Blast under Hull.
⭐ 360° Turret on Top
⭐14 Crew Capacity
⭐ Run Flat Tyre
Deployed against #China 🇨🇳 in Ladakh & Sikkim.
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There is a fundamental mistake made by the makers of #LalSinghChaddha
The original film #ForrestGump is on background of the anti war protests of Vietnam where USA was an aggressor.
So, #ForrestGump is basically a film where the US army is shown as being in the wrong.
That’s because #Vietnam history is known the world over.
BUT, in contrast, #LalSinghChaddha is based in India, in India, the #IndianArmy is always seen as a HERO.. not an aggressor!
+That fundamental mistake is (possibly) present in the script of #LalSinghChaddha
Now question arises “Who sees the Indian army in a different manner in India”
Answer: Communists and the Left..
That I think will be the major sinking issue for the film..
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1) Sanket Mahadev Sargar - 🥈

Silver in weightlifting in Men's 55kg category

#CWG2022India #CWG2022
#weightlifting #Silver #SanketMahadevSargar ImageImageImage
2) Gururaja Poojary -🥉

Bronze in weightlifting Men's 61kg category

#CWG2022India #CWG2022
#weightlifting #Bronze #GururajaPoojary ImageImageImage
3) Saikhom Mirabai Chanu - 🥇🔥

GOLD in weightlifting Women's 49kg category

#CWG2022India #CWG2022
#weightlifting #Gold
#MirabaiChanu ImageImageImage
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Procurement of armoured vehicles by the Indian Armed Forces

#IndianArmy 1300 MDSL Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle (Rs. 1056 cr). to be equipped with MMG, AGL, ATGM

4.75T GVW category
1T payload (400 kg cargo)
215 hp engine
#IndianArmy 27 BF M4 (Rs. 177.95 cr)

GVW: 16T
Payload: 2.7T
Crew: 2+8
Engine: 450hp
#IAF Ashok Leyland Light Specialist Vehicle

GVW: 8T max
Payload: 1T
Crew: 2+2
Engine: 180 hp…
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“ The enemy is just 40 meters away from us, we are out numbered and running out of the ammunition; we need fire upon our own coordinate”,


Keep it in mind #FreedomisnotFree
#KargilWar #KargilHeroes
“Bofors is a medium artillery gun with a killing range of 300 meters. The splinters will go flying on all direction. Chances are that you guys will not survive either.”


Keep it in mind #FreedomisnotFree
“We will not survive in any case sir. We have run out of ammunition and I need the bloody fire here right now.” CAPTAIN CARIAPPA

“Roger! Fire shall be upon you in minutes. Take cover if you can. God bless you”.

#Bofors #KargilWar
#UntoldKargilStories #IndianArmy
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Years ago on this day, he was born, who grew up with an ambition of joining #IndianArmy to

> lead a contingent on Rajpath on Republic Day Parade.
> kill enemies.

He achieved both.

Today MAJOR PADMAPANI ACHARYA would have turned 54 had he not immoratlized in #KargilWar. Image
On June 21, 1968


was born to Smt Vimala Acharya and WING COMMANDER JAGANNATH ACHARYA.
Originally Acharya family belonged to Orrisa but is settled in Hyderabad.

Keep it in mind #FreedomisnotFree Image
“As a mother, I am definitely sad & hurt but as a patriot, I am proud of my son. He lives forever, whereas I will not. He made me promise that I would not cry when he left for the front.”
~ Smt Vimala Acharya mother of MAJOR PADMAPANI ACHARYA.

Keep it in mind #FreedomisnotFree Image
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Havan being performed by LIEUTENANT COLONEL Y K JOSHI then CO 13 JAKRIF before launching assault on Pt 5140 during #KargilWar on June 20 in 1999.

@YkJoshi5 @Vedmalik1 @LostTemple7 Image
The assault on Pt 5140 was launched by the young Company Commanders of 13 JAKRIF


What happened in next 24 hours is a history now.

Keep it in mind #FreedomisnotFree Image
June 20, 1999

at 0335 hrs
CAPTAIN JAMWAL shouts on radio
" Sir, Oh! Yeah Yeah Yeah ...No Casualties...

at 0435hrs
"Yeh Dil Maange More, .... No Casualties...

13 JAKRIF Commanding Officer @YkJoshi5 with his jubilant Company Commanders on Pt 5140. Image
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After long period of 70+ years, Bharat is having such a leadership, which is trying to make difference for betterment of common people.

All these riots are just to stop Modi ji for doing something good for Bharat.

#AgnipathRecruitmentScheme #Agniveer #Agnipath

GST implementation: strikes by businessmen

Article 370 abolished: Modi is fascist

CAA and NRC: riots all over country,

Ram Mandir verdict: Modi is communal (by the way verdict was given by Supreme Court of the country and Indian judiciary is independent)
Farm bills: riots all over country, these so called farmers didn’t spared Red fort and Indian flag even.

Statement against a peaceful religion: riots in country on Jumma day.

Agneeveer Scheme by Indian Army: again riots in the country.
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Defence Minister #RajnathSingh and the three service chiefs hold a press conference, in Delhi
Delhi | The Cabinet Committee on Security has taken a historic decision today to approve the transformative scheme of '#Agnipath'. Under this, Indian youth would be granted an opportunity to get inducted into the Armed services: Defence Minister #RajnathSingh

#RajnathSingh unveils radical military recruitment scheme '#Agnipath'

Live updates:…

#IndianArmy #Recruitement #Army
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All my tweets on military and geopolitical affairs are contained in this master thread.
My take on why the US is not militarily intervening in Ukraine and why in the long term it will be of immense benefit to Bharat.
WDMMA has placing the #IAF above the #PLAAF (Chinese Air Force) in its annual Global Air Power Rankings.
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A thread on the new recruitment scheme, #Agniveer, which is about to be adopted by the #IndianArmy.

Long detailed #Thread.
Before reading this thread, I request you to give a conscious read to this excellent piece by @realkaypius…
The entire ideology of the #IndianArmy (#indianairforce and #IndianNavy) is based on three words, 'Naam-Namak-Nishaan'.
'Naam' of the regiment;
'Namak' of the country; &
'Nishaan' of Bharat.
This invokes the sense of esprit de corps, loyalty and cohesion between the troops.
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My small edit dedication to
🇮🇳 Indian Armed Forces ⚔️🛳️🛫
© Credits:…
KGF 1 & 2

#IndianArmedForces #KGF #PIB
#IndianArmy #IndianNavy #IndianAirForce #KGFChpater2 #CEOofIndia
Also the same me (previously tweeted), if all countries in world strive for peace. But practically none ready to give up weapons, so it's Necessary to safeguard & Strengthen our India 🇮🇳
2:35 Mins i edited, but Twitter allowed me 2:20 mins for uploading. So actual edit is uploading as two parts. #SaluteTheMartyrs
Music Credits Ft : KGF 1 #RaviBasrur #KGFChapter1 #இந்தியராணுவம் #இந்தியவிமானப்படை #இந்தியகடற்படை
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Resonant News:
The 1st SAPPER to be a #IndianArmy’s chief!!! 👍
Indian Army will get a new chief within a month— Lt Gen Manoj Pande.

He has a very interesting history— commanded Andaman & Nicobar, India’s 1st & only TRI-SERVICE theater command,
and also the Eastern Command.
Congratulations! 👍

Sapper~ Bombay Sappers~ one of the regiments in the Corps of Engineers.

Rumours about him taking over as COAS was doing rounds as early as he had taken over as Vice chief in Feb.

Born to a psychotherapist father and mother who was an
announcer at All India Radio!

In his 39-year military career, Lt General Pande has commanded an engineer brigade in the western theatre, an infantry brigade along LoC, a mountain division in the Ladakh sector and a corps in the northeast. He was the.commander-in-chief of the
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Divers are amongst the most elite of all sailors and soldiers. A tough selection process and tougher day to day environment? Which are the different diving units in India?

#IndianNavy #IndianArmy #IndianCoastGuard

[01] Unsurprisingly the Indian Navy has the largest, most experienced and well equipped diving cadre in the country. Navy divers are also the talent pool for MARCOS special forces.

Navy divers, and in fact divers across all services are graduates of the elite Diving School at Kochi.
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#IndianArmy soldier is going to get HIGH QUALITY image intensifier to assist in NIGHT fights!
30,000 of them, Rs 1400 crore deal!👍 #DAC

Many hd bn saying: iron sights aren’t enough for SIG SAUER 716i.
And a few hd said:”Its MAN behind the MACHINE that matters”. 😊
Btw the above pic was clicked at #GalwanValley! Beware LIL SUGAR CUBES! :)
Few days ago we had posted a video on how purchases are done for the Defence forces.👇
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Career opportunities in armed forces & other institutes after +12.
A detailed thread on it. Do pass it on to the students
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This #InternationalWomensDay2022 let’s revisit the progressive judgments of the Indian Courts reaffirming the rights of the women and providing them better protection of the law.

#ICLU celebrates 21 judgments of the #SupremeCourt on this #WomensDay
1. The Apex Court providing for detailed guidelines for safety of women at workplace in Vishakha & Ors. v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. (1997) directed employers to provide a mechanism for redressal of grievances of employees. (1/2)
These guidelines were eventually formalised as legislation with the passing of the Sexual Harrasment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. (2/2)

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-#UkraineUnderAttack a #Thread
-#Russian ground forces have bogged down outside #Ukrainian #Kharkiv & #Kyiv
-Why mighty #Russia struggling in front of relatively weaker #Ukraine
-All experts went wrong in their assessment that Ukraine will fall in 3-4 days
-An assessment
-1st & foremost after initial 1-2 days #Russia failed to establish air superiority & air support to ground forces
-Battle for Antonov Apt 10km NW of #Kyiv was failure
-Russia took 2 days to capture
-18 IL-76 fm Russian Pskov Airport had to go back since airfield was damaged
-Russia suffering large aircraft & helo losses(31 & 30) in 1 week
-Russia doesn't hv even localized air superiority
-Aircraft & helo losses unsustainable
-Attack aircraft & helo unable to provide close air support to mechanized forces
-Ukraine using UAVs inflicted huge damage
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#Thread On #BalochistanSolidarityDay

#Pakistan has been committing serious human rights violations in Balochistan including [enforced] disappearances of people, arbitrary arrests, torture & extrajudicial killings. 1/8


@UN_HRC @amnesty @IndianEmbassyTR
At the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) protest in June 2020, protesters said that every second home in #Balochistan has been afflicted with a missing person and receiving a disfigured dead body has become a norm. 2/8
#Balochistan is the most deprived region of Pakistan and the govt has done nothing for development. The state sponsored death squads are committing atrocities regularly under the umbrella of the #PakistanArmy. 3/8
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