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Ambassador @AjitVGupte paid homage to the martyred #IndianArmy soldiers at 79th Anniversary of 2nd Battle of El Alamein in Commonwealth War Graves cemetery on 23 Oct 2021. (1/2)

@PMOIndia @DrSJaishankar @DefenceMinIndia @harshvshringla @adgpi @SpokespersonMoD @drajaykumar_ias ImageImageImageImage
Of the 2.5 million #IndianArmy soldiers who fought in Second World War, more than 25,000 fought in North Africa, including #Egypt. Over 3,000 Indian soldiers of 4th and 5th Infantry Division died in the famous Battle of El Alamein. (2/2) ImageImage
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Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) massacre @ the Jaffna Hospital.

#அறிவோம்ஈழம் #WarCriminalRajivGandhi #IndianArmy
At least 68 civilians, including 21 medical personnel, were killed by Indian troops as they stormed the hospital building on 21 and 22 October 1987, throwing grenades and firing indiscriminately at staff and patients.

#அறிவோம்ஈழம் #WarCriminalRajivGandhi
The building had been shelled by artillery before the raid. Eyewitness accounts from the time recalled how on Deepavali day, Indian troops fired artillery onto hospital premises.
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With so many operations taking place, a lot of people ask—how well are our soldiers protected? This pic should give an idea.👇

RR soldiers with ballistic shield, ammo for Carl Gustaf, AKs, and the bullet proof jackets they wear. #IndianArmy 

The terr0rists who infiltrate…
2/4…use steel core bullets which can pierce through the bullet proof jackets. This is why a heavier ballistic shield is needed. To give u an idea of how bad a steel bullet can be, check the pic below. The ballistic shield of French Police commandos after #ParisAttack 2015. 👇
3/4 In Jan 2017, forces wr shocked to see a CRPF soldier get hit by a bullet despite carrying a bullet-proof shield. These ammunition wr modified with help of #Cheeni tech of encasing bullet with hard steel core. This is ILLEGAL! Ops hv only become tougher for #IndianArmy.
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-2 days ago I gave glimpse of technological advances #India is making
-Those were part of my old article out of that many weapons are already in practical use
-Today I talk about advancements in the world #technology
-Some sound like science fiction…
-Courtesy #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war we all know abt #drones
-Next in line r hypersonic Kamikaze Drones tested by #Pentagon
-Vintage Racer are low-cost
-Capability to stay close to target for 60–90 min
-Due to small size, it will have low radar signature making it more lethal
-Super Cannon being developed by #USArmy
-Fire rounds >1150 miles
-This distance is approximately same that is between Mumbai & Jaipur
-Complements coastal and other artillery defensive systems
-Utilizes low-cost ammunitions when compared with existing defense systems

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-History is full of situations in which smaller forces have won against larger Nos–#Hitler defeated #France in World War II
-There were many factors, but superior weaponry was 1 major factor
-Who would dominate future wars
-Question is fascinating

#IndianArmy #IndianAirForce
-Change in futuristic weaponry is driven by:
-3D #technology
-#India has largest pool of AI-ready talent in the world
-India ranks 3rd among countries with highest penetration of AI skills, among its workforce, after #USA & #China
-Futuristic weapon systems for #Indian Armed Forces:
-HAL’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
-Super-maneuverable multirole combat stealth 5th-generation ac
-Air superiority, ground attack, bombing, intercepting, strike
-Speed Mach 2.5
-Service ceiling 60k ft

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Established to empower children with education, the school system of 46 #AGSs since its inception in 1998 has taught more than 1.5 Lakh children from the region


@ChinarcorpsIA @RadioChinar @asthana_shashi @kakar_harsha @EduMinOfIndia @kayjay34350
The Northern Command of the #IndianArmy running these schools provides education to nearly 15,000 students every year

There are 30 AGSs in #Kashmir, 8 in #Ladakh & 8 in #Jammu

#EducationForAll #IndiaNarrative

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The #IndianArmy Bomb Disposal team conducted a mammoth Bomb Disposal Operation in Tiruvallur District, Tamilnadu. Nearly 15 Tons of live Unexploded Ordnance alongwith iron and steel scrap which were seized from SIPCOT Industrial Complex were destroyed in two phases. @IaSouthern
Phase-I was conducted in March 2021 for about 10 Tons of unexploded shells and the second phase in the third week of September 2021 for about 5 Tons at identified blasting sites in Gummidipoondi and Sholingur respectively.
@pibchennai @SpokespersonMoD @DefenceMinIndia
It involved the dangerous task of retrieving, transporting and blasting these bombs in controlled blasts. The bomb disposal team of the Army cleared these unstable and dangerous munitions in close coordination with the civil administration. @ROBCHENNAI_MIB @adgpi @airnewsalerts
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Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited, in collaboration with DRDO, has indigenously developed and manufactured the ATAGS (Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System).
#WeAreKSSL #WeAreBharatForge #IndianArmedForces #IndianArmy #PrimeMinisterOfIndia #pmo #DefenceTechnology
The gun has evolved as a technology benchmark for all the 155mm towed gun systems across the world. The design is suitable for all kinds of terrain, and extreme temperature conditions prevailing on our borders also stand proven. #defencecapability
Following are the salient features of ATAGS:

- Only Artillery Gun in the world with the capability to fire BMCS Zone 1 to Zone 7

- Max Range achieved
● 48km ERFB-BB (World Record)
● 36km ERFB-BT
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#PeacefulMission2021 | Joint military training exercise with Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) member States culminates at Orenburg, Russia.

The 6th Edition of Exercise Peaceful Mission '21 of SCO Member States hosted by #Russia at the Orenburg Region of South West Russia culminated on Sep 24. ImageImageImageImage
The twelve days long joint training involving #ArmedForces of all SCO member states was organised with an aim to foster close relations between SCO member states and to enhance abilities of the military leaders to command multinational military contingents.
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The lady who Designed the PARAM VIR CHAKRA, #IndianArmy's highest gallantry award, Savitri Khanolkar, was a Swiss national whose real name was Eve Yvonne Maday de Maros, married to an Indian Army officer, Vikram Ramji Khanolkar 1/n ( please read all) Image
In 1929, she met Vikram Khanolkar, a young Indian Army cadet undergoing training at Sandhurst who had come to Switzerland for a break. She was still a teenager then; however, both fell in love although Vikram was much older than her. She came to India in 1932 and married Vikram
After marriage, she changed her name to Savitri. In spite of her European background, she quickly adapted to Indian culture and traditions. She became a vegetarian, learnt to speak fluent Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit. And also learnt Indian music, dance and painting.
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WATCH | #IndianArmy contingent participating in Multi Nation Exercise #ZAPAD2021 carried out a joint rehearsal of Special Heliborne Operation (SHBO) for the final validation exercise.
WATCH | Combat freefall by #IndianArmy and Indian Air Force commandos in the ZAPAD-21 exercise in #Russia.

@adgpi @IAF_MCC
#ZAPAD2021 | Final rehearsal for the Strategic Exercise (including Fire Power Demo) was carried out on September 13 wherein Indian troops demonstrated its superb battle drills and excellent firing skills.

@adgpi @anishsingh21 ImageImage
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My #AbbaJaan is a 71 war veteran..he served the #IndianArmy with valour,honour and distinction for forty years as a soldier.

Add another 5 years of training to become an officer at NDA and IMA.

He retired as the deputy chief of the Indian Army after 40 years of meritorious
Service,then joined the Armed Forces Tribunal for three years.

Then on he was elected to be the vice chancellor of #AligarhMuslimUniversity for five years.

He was also the Indian defence attache of India to Saudia Arabia and Yemen from 1994-1997.

Not many know that he was a
Star boxing champ in school and NDA,a rider,a polo player.
He sings really well, knows ball room dancing,is an avid golfer,keen tennis player and reads voraciously.

He is also a best selling author.

He is a 6 footer to boot and the most handsome man ever.

A humble and loving
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-PLA exposed
-World only knows abt PLA what #CCP tells
-#USArmy releases ATP 7-100.3
-SWOT Analysis
-Older combat systems r expected beyond 2035
-Less important Cmds get discarded eqpt
-Recent upgraded eqpt for #Xinjiang Military District shows importance of region
-3 types of combined-arms brigades:motorized, mechanized, armored
-18 reserve & militia divs
-Most brigades eqpd with older systems
-Struggles with decentralizing planning & operations at lower tactical echelons,complexities of informationized battlefield & modern mech forces
-High #technical demands on informationized soldier
-Heavy logistics & maintenance demand on mechanized forces
-Limited combat power of expeditionary forces
-Marine Corps incapable of deploying heavy mechanized forces outside of shared land borders & territorial waters
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श्रीमान @rautsanjay61 विचारतायत की, नेहरूंशी वैर का? राऊतांनी विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मी या थ्रेडमध्ये देतोय,
नेहरूंनी त्यांच्या कारकीर्दीत अभिव्यक्ती स्वातंत्र्याची आणि लोकशाही मूल्यांची अनेकदा गळचेपी केली. त्याची ही काही उदाहरणे (१/n)
नेहरूंनी केंद्रीय कायदामंत्री #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांना डावलून गोपालस्वामी अय्यंगार यांच्या हातून कलम ३७०चा मसुदा तयार करून घेतला आणि लोकसभेत बळजबरीने मंजूरही करून घेतला. देशाच्या कायदामंत्र्याला डावलून घटनादुरुस्ती झाल्याची ही भारतातली एकमेव घटना आहे. (२/n)
कलम ३७० हे भारत आणि भारतीयांवर अन्याय करणारे आहे असे #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांचे ठाम मत होते. कारण, नेहरूंनी जम्मू-काश्मीर विधानसभेला अमर्याद अधिकार देऊ केले होते. (३/n)
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Here are some mind-blowing facts about the Indian Air Force.

Interesting Facts | A Thread 🧵⬇️

#TestbookTalks #IndianAirForce #IAF #IndianArmy #Testbook
The Indian Air Force is the air division of the Indian Armed Forces whose prime role is to protect Indian skies and execute aerial fights during times of war.
It was formally created on October 8, 1932, as an imperial air force of the British Empire, with the prefix Royal honoring India's airspace service during World War II.
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#IndianArmy @LevinaNeythiri @changu311 @rwac48

-A tale of apathy neglect or sheer incompetence
-#Afghanistan been betrayed by #USA or by incompetent leaders
-General Sami Sadat Cdr AFN in #NYTimes:We were trained based on hi tech special reconnaissance units, helos & airstrikes
-Contractors played important role in war against #Taliban
-Contractors started fleeing #Afghanistan after #Biden announced date of withdrawal
-Our air support dried up & ammunition ran out
-By end Jul most of 17k contractors left
-Any tech glitch & air support would be grounded
-Contracters took software & weapons systems
-Removed helicopter missile-defense system
-Access to software to track vehicles, weapons, & personnel disappeared
-Real-time intelligence on targets dried up
-Taliban used snipers & IEDs
-ADF lost aerial & laser-guided weapon capacity
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Raksha Mantri @rajnathsingh inaugurates stadium in Pune named after #Olympics #gold medal winner @Neeraj_chopra1
Relationship between defence and games is not recent

The relation is as old as human civilization

What we call 'sports' today began with the idea of self-defence

I am proud that Subedar @Neeraj_chopra1 has added his name to list of great sportspersons like Major Dhyan Chand, Capt. Milkha Singh, Col Rajyavardhan SRathore and Captain Vijay Kumar

etched his name in golden letters

#IndianArmy is carrying forward the leagacy

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I am sharing very inspiring one liner which is now used as quotes. India's #ChiefofDefenceStaff #VipinRawat has said that every citizen of #India must read the below quotes about the #IndianArmy.
#IndianArmy 10 Best #Priceless #Quotes: Must Read.
Reading these makes me feel true pride...

1. I will come back hoisting the tricolor or wrapped in the tricolour, but I will definitely come back.
- Captain #VikramBatra,
The ultimate heroic chakra
2.What is an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime for you, is our daily life. - Signboard on Leh-Ladakh Highway #IndianArmy

3.If my death comes before proving my bravery, then I swear that I will kill death. - Captain #ManojKumarPandey, #ParamVeerChakra, 1/11 Gorkha Rifles
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Everyone is busy criticising #Taliban and simping #Afghanistan while scaremongering Hindus of India about #Taliban.

Here is what these people don't understand.
For 50 years, Afghanistan has swung from coups to conflicts. In 1973 an Afghan general ousted the king and declared himself president. Five years later, Afghan communists assassinated him and seized power.The Soviet Union invaded the next year to prop up the unpopular communists.
This sparked a decade-long guerrilla war. The U.S. funneled billions of dollars via Pakistan to anti-Soviet mujahideen fighters from across the Islamic world—including the Saudi jihadist Osama bin Laden—and they eventually forced the Soviets to withdraw.
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in all the discussions about #Afghanistan and Pakistan's independence, we seem to have forgotten about Occupied and Illegally Annexed Kashmir. this is what is happening: school teachers are told that if they don't hoist the Indian flag tomorrow, they will lose their jobs> #IOJK
>shopkeepers have been directed to not shut down tomorrow or their shops will be seized. we've already seen how the #Indian police & #army have been breaking into peoples' shops & forcibly opening them. @POTUS talks about democracy and democratic values. here's a test case. #IOJK
>@POTUS has to decide. is the talk about democracy and rights mere rhetoric when it comes to a 'strategic partner' or will be walk the talk? #India #Occupation #IOJK
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What is the salary of NDA Cadets?

Pay Matrix for different ranks and Allowances Breakdown | A Thread 🧵⬇️

#TestbookTalks #NDA #NDACadets #IndianArmy #NationalDefenceAcademy #Testbook
The National Defence Academy recruitment process is held by the UPSC twice each year (NDA 1 and NDA 2).

Candidates who qualify for the SSB after the UPSC NDA written exams (paper 1 - maths and paper 2 - General Ability Test or GAT) and clear the SSB undergo rigorous training.
During the entire duration of the training in the service academies such as the IMA, the Gentleman Cadets receive a monthly stipend of INR 56,100 (starting pay in level 10).
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The #ParamVirChakra was designed by #SavitriKhanolkar, a Swiss national whose real name was Eve Yvonne Maday de Maros, married to an Indian Army officer,
She was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland to a Hungarian father and Russian mother. Her father, André de Maday, was a professor of sociology at Geneva University, while her mother, Marthe Hentzelt, taught at the Rosseau Institute.
In 1929, she met Vikram Khanolkar, a young #IndianArmy cadet undergoing training at Sandhurst, who had come to Switzerland for a break. She was still a teenager then; however, both fell in love although Vikram was much older than her. (3/n)
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#Parimpora encounter that lasted 14 HOURS!!!
LeT commander arrested yesterday along with a Pak!stani terr0rist hv bn 72ed. LeT cmmdr ws arrested during a veh inspection. His partner tried to tk out a GRENADE frm a bag when their veh ws being checkd.
2/2 Both wr tkn for questioning when it ws revealed that a Pak terr0rist ws hiding in a house in Parimpora. When forces reached the house, Pak terrorist opened fire at the forces & 3 CRPF soldiers wr injured. JKP & #IndianArmy joined the op and it continued for 14 HOURS.
Forces evacuated the place before the operation. 👇 LeT cmmdr ws tkn to the house to verify deets that he revealed during inspection. Bt in the encounter that ensued at Parimpora he too ws k!lled. Wishing speedy recovery to the 3 soldiers who wr injured.
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China has illegally occupied #AksaiChin portion as well as Saksgam valley gifted to china by Pakistan.
Has we ever told to China about historical facts in clear terms like #TreatyofChushul
1.General Zorawar Singh captured Ladakh, Kargil, Suru Valley, Baltistan, Gilgit, Hunza and Yagistan principalities and included them in kingdom of Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846.
2. In 1841, Zorawar Singh invaded western Tibet, possibly to gain control over the lucrative pashmina wool trade, though some scholars believe he wanted to build a land bridge between Ladakh and Nepal for a Sikh-Gorkha alliance against the British.
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