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Note how often Democrats demand not only the censorship of their political opponents -- that's everyday -- but also their arrest by FBI and prosecution by DOJ.

They depicted Trump's 2016 "Lock Her Up" chant as Hitleresque, now want every Republican except Liz Cheney imprisoned.
One of the most overlooked political changes in the past 5 years is how much Dems have come to worship, revere and trust the US Security State - especially FBI and CIA - while Republicans regard these agencies with extreme distrust and contempt.

Dems love the US Security State. ImageImage
That's why it's such an absurd joke when corporate media and Brooklyn-based liberal digital sites claim I've changed and am now some "right-wing pundit" (only they get the "journalist" label despite breaking no stories), or Russell Brand etc has.

Our politics stayed the same. 👇 Image
I should note: it's not just FBI and CIA that are wildly popular with Democrats, while those US Security State agencies are regarded with skepticism by Republicans.

It's also true of the Dept of Homeland Security, created by Bush/Cheney in 2002. Dems revere it; GOP does not. ImageImage
Very good WashPost column by @jawillick on what the empirical data I cited above shows: the 2 parties have switched sides regarding establishment power: Dems/libs now revere the US Security State, Big Tech censorship, and mandated ideological orthodoxy.… Image
The whole column is very worth reading on how Dems and liberals have united with establishment corporate and political sectors, and are now fully aligned with establishment power. Willick ends by noting that Dems' "pro-democracy" message is about their securing elite dominance. Image
Discussing his column on Twitter, Willick also notes some people have remained consistent while the two parties switched sides on these questions.

Reflecting the core dishonesty of corporate media, we're the ones somehow accused of having changed.

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Jun 4
At the pandemic's start, there were 2 competing theories for COVID's origin:

1) The Chinese have such filthy, primitive food markets where the virus jumped to humans;

2) A leak from US-funded research at the Wuhan lab.

Somehow: theory (2), not (1), was branded racist. ImageImage
At the start, top virologists/epidemiologists wrote to Fauci to say COVID was likely from a lab leak, not natural.

Within a week, Fauci - who funded that research - imposed a consensus that a lab leak was "debunked," and Big Tech censored any debate:…
It was only when the Biden Admin said it had doubts that debate was allowed. Now, the Energy Dept's most elite scientific team (and FBI) says lab leak was most likely.

Fauci so clearly acted to protect himself by deceiving the public. So little interest now in finding out. ImageImage
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Jun 4
That Democrats' most popular TV personality (Maddow) and one of their most popular Congressmembers (Jamie Raskin) were the keynote speakers and honorees of a conference sponsored by arms dealers (Lockheed) is the opposite of surprising.

This simply is the Democratic Party:
This snide comment from Maddow is so revealing about corporate media employees.

Maddow is the queen of enriching herself by spreading false, deranged CIA conspiracy theories.

Yet she snidely mocks independent journalism with her $30m/year contract:

Who is Maddow to mock anyone? She fed her crazed #Resistance audience with such unhinged CIA lies that even the WPost denounced her for it.

She's never broken a story in her life. But she thinks she's superior because Comcast showers her a $2.5m wire transfer each month: ImageImageImageImage
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Jun 3
On June 6, 2013, we began our Snowden reporting with my Guardian report that NSA, contrary to Clapper's denials, was spying on Americans en masse.

Tuesday is the 10-year anniversary, and we'll have Snowden and Laura Poitras on @SystemUpdate_ to talk about what this has meant. Image
This reporting began when Laura and I went to Hong Kong to meet a mysterious source who had the most consequential leak in the history of the US Security State.

We'll discuss how it happened, what it revealed, and what major privacy challenges remain:…
Laura does very few interviews so sometimes her vital role is overlooked. I'm thrilled the 3 of us are getting together for this 10-year-anniversary, with US Security State abuse now worse than ever.

Her Oscar-winning documentary on the work we did:

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May 31
The UK is the West's most authoritarian country. Its elite culture is repressive. No free press guarantees.

They're imprisoning Assange (as most British journalists cheer). They forced the Guardian to destroy its computers. Now, redolent of what they did to my husband in 2013:
As part of the Snowden/NSA story, I did reporting in 2 dozen countries. The UK Govt, and its servile media, were by far the most authoritarian, threatening, and pro-spying.

The GCHQ was used to do the dirtiest work even NSA wouldn't. A small portion of what they did. ImageImageImageImage
Many mock their reverence for monarchy. They like to pretend it's just fun tradition, but it shows the authoritarianism at the heart of UK's elite culture.

This insane 2013 interview I did on BBC's flagship news show highlights its media's subservience:

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May 30
Tonight on @SystemUpdate_ , live at 7pm ET:

The war in Ukraine escalates again, with drones attacking residential buildings in Moscow.

Plus: one of the Kremlin's most terrifying weapons -- a whale trained to be a Russian spy -- resurfaces in Norway.… Image
The drone strikes in Moscow targeted residential buildings.

Ukraine previously blew up a Russian blogger's car, killing his daughter. It exploded a bomb in a St. Petersburg café, killing a journalist, injuring 19.

Is this terrorism? Does the US support this type of targeting? ImageImageImage
Finally: what's the limiting principle for US involvement, if there is one?'

Biden has repeatedly reversed himself, now sending F-16s.

If we send F-16s, why not bigger bombs? Why not let them use the F-16s to bomb Moscow? Why not tactical nukes? Why not US boots on the ground?
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May 24
The Dems' new beloved Twitter star, Rep. @danielsgoldman (D-LeviStrauss), is one of Congress' 20 richest members, due entirely to the unearned wealth he got from his dad, also an heir.

As he venerates FBI, he has major holdings in Big Tech, Big Pharma and military contractors. Image
He won his seat for 2 reasons:

1) His billionaire family is close friends of the Sulzbeger Family, so the NYT endorsed him (gold for Manhattan voters).

2) He spent 3 times more than the Black incumbent, @MondaireJones, due to his own money and cash from his dad's rich friends. Image
Nobody can help how they're born. But if you're a billionaire heir; everything handed to you; you're always told you're better, surrounded by sycophants:

It's hard to avoid being a snide asshole with a superiority complex. This shows he never managed:

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