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Sep 19 • 8 tweets • 2 min read
🧵T-55S thread for those shocked that this is being sent. Ok 1st and foremost these tanks were updated by a Slovenian Company STo Ravne and engineers from Israeli ELBIT. This was a complete overhaul from new engines and transmissions increasing HP from 500 to 600HP in a tank …
2/n that isn’t very heavy to begin with appx 36 tons. The main gun is now a L7 105mm NATO standard with a thermal sleeve. A new breech is designed to speed firing having been developed by ELBIT.
The hull armor is greatly improved using Israeli Rafael ERA blocks that are …
3/n backed by composite armor of ELBIT design. Completely modern optics and thermal sights. Digital ballistic fire control computer with the gunner having a 2 axis stabilized sight with rangefinder. The commander cupola has the ability to lay and fire the gun independently…
4/n of the gunner if need be. The driver also has state of the art optics. Here’s the cool part. These tanks are equipped with laser illumination warning system. ie if it’s being targeted by a ATGM or enemy tank that uses laser guidance it warns the crew and can independently…
5/n fire smoke grenades to allow the tank to maneuver out of hostile weapons sight. All crew comms have been upgraded to allow clear communication. The tank tracks are completely new and have rubber blocks to facilitate road travel. So what does this all mean for the crews ..
6/n getting these tanks? Well they can engage T-72 on a pretty much equal playing field but most importantly the optics and gun stabilization guarantee that their 1st will be much more accurate. The 105mm L7 can do in a T-72 & I know this from 1st hand experience. Any APFSDS..
7/b developed after 1985 will send that turret into orbit. Lately the Belgium company MECAR and Israeli IMI have developed rounds that Slovenia uses that match 120mm kinetics. So these upgraded T-55s are better than anything the Ukrs are fielding except for their t-84s and the…
8/b Polish PT-91 Twardys. Sometimes it’s good to get into the details.

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Sep 19
1-The Ukrainians have now created decoys for every Western heavy arty system that has been supplied to them. From 100m plus height the difference from real system is zero. PZH2000s, HIMARS, Krabs, Caesars and M109s have been cloned. 3x as many of each than the Ukrs have…
2-and all are mobile like the real ones. This is probably driving RU drone operators crazy. The ability to use these decoys at areas of high AA capability can set traps. Some even travel with the real ones to further confuse RU counter battery fire. Meanwhile these real…
3-systems are taking out RU logistics, pontoon bridges and troop concentrations. The attrition of RU equipment and Orcs is irreplaceable as RU now relies on prisoners and equipment designed in the 50’s and 60’s. Where the next Ukr offensive will be is the big question..
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Sep 17
🧵#Ukraine just quick thread about offensives & how long they can continue..
Reports of Ukr Kharkiv offensive slowing down are not accurate or based on what is happening on the ground. With little intel on how many troops & units were used in the initial phase we can only talk..
2/n about what usually happens when an offensive surprises it’s own commanders on its success. So as the forward elements press forward they tend to become weaker bc of multiple issues. 1 is thru attrition ie lost units to combat, breakdowns, KIA & WIA. 2- leaving units to
3/n either guard key points, 3- shedding units to pursue surrounded or dispersed enemy units. Well as you push forward your enemy retreats and barring any large encirclement of enemy troops they soon reach a point where they should have enough troops to consolidate a line of….
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Sep 15
🧵 #NATO #NAFOfellas To all the Putin Penis Puffers out there saying Ukraine had NATO forces on its side and that why it was successful in its Kharkiv offensive let me explain some facts… now this isn’t opinion it’s just the hard reality RU mongrels can’t accept..
1-NATO would…
2/n have won this war in 10 days.. if that. As a matter of fact if Poland has joined Ukr in March it would have been over in 3 weeks. The RU army is no match against both Ukr and Poland.
2- The Greek Airforce alone would have blown the RU AF out of the sky. It would not have…
3/n been close. Greek pilots are some of the best in NATO and sorry but the RU flies over hyped junk.
3- Now think of the combined might of just 2 NATO countries combined with the willingness to fight of the Ukrainians…every single RU Mongrel would have been ground into a …
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Sep 9
I’m going to go out on a limb here but the RU units west of the Oskil river are done. Stick a fork in them. They will either end up KIA, WIA or POW. There is nothing left for them to do. Izium and Lyman will fall over the next week.The major offensive…
2-was never Kherson. It was always going to be Kharkiv. The Ukrs sold it and everyone bought it. Now will the Kherson offensive continue? Most likely but now the Russians are screwed bc they no longer can pick the next battle. They are on their heels for the rest of this war….
3-Reports of Ukr troop rotations in the both offensives means that Ukr now has a strategic reserve while RU has zero. 5-10k RU mongrels are not a strategic reserve. The tables have turned. The RU will to fight seems shattered and we just have to wait for them to be removed…
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Aug 20
🧵ok it’s time to clear up some misconceptions about the A-10 Thunderbolt II or “Warthog”. It’s not retired in US service. All A-10s have been upgraded to the A-10C version. They have all received a further electronic update. The idea that some RU doufas with a MANSPAD will …
2-take this out is about to be taken out by yours truly. Now let’s talk about what this plane can do to defend itself. The C upgrade included the addition a Missile Warning System (MWS), which warns the pilot to whenever there is a missile launch. The C also has a ALQ-ECM pod ….
3-that can in conjunction with the Missile Warning System can detect what type of missile is incoming, jam it, select a counter measures using flares, chaff or both. This isn’t your grandpop’s A-10. As for its ability to absorb punishment let’s just say it’s legendary…
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Aug 11
@TrentTelenko @noclador
🧵Ukr Strategy Thread. The Ukrs would have made my esteemed history professor Russel F Weigley ecstatic over their strategic goals in their “HIMARS Campaign”. This campaign started with ammo dumps going up in smoke. This was a top priority as RU…
2-was using their mass artillery in the Donbas and causing heavy casualties to Ukr defenders in Severodonetsk and the surrounding area. Yes RU was losing even more men but the Ukrs value their soldiers. So ammo dumps were hit to degrade RU artillery. They starved RU artillery…
3-of shells and putting a huge strain on their supply logistics as mentioned by @TrentTelenko and others. CPs were hit to wither RU command and control. The next phase was the SEAD. HIMARS was used to take out S-300/400 sites along with their radars and any EW apparatus….
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