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Here's a Russian song about Yugoslavia.
Remembering how Westerners attacked and destroyed Yugoslavia.

Information about how the West used Al-Qaida in this war against the Serbs.

#Serbia #NATO
CIA reports: ‘mujahideen units from at least half a dozen Middle East countries streaming across the border into #Kosovo from safe bases in Albania’.
Al-Qaida was sending funds and militants to join the Kosovo Liberation Army.…
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Uz veliku pomoć i pritisak bratske Rusije, srpska diplomatija izdejstvovala kod carigradskog patrijarha da postavi Srbe za episkope u Prizrenu 1896, i Skoplju 1897, što je od 1897. omogućilo i otvaranje srpskih škola u Bitoljskom i Solunskom vilajetu.…
Krajem XIX veka, srpski kulturni, etnički i istorijski prostor Južne i Stare Srbije, pod otomanskom okupacijom, bio je izložen nasilnom verskom preumljavanju od strane bugarske Egzarhije.
#BugarskaCrkva je od svog osnivanja i dobijanja fermana od sultana Abdul Azisa 27. februara 1870 godine, činila sve kako bi sprečila Srpsku Pravoslavnu Crkvu u njenom funkcionisanju
na prostoru Južne i Stare Srbije.
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Actually, Albert, who is rarely if ever wrong, Is this time around.
The #EU is unanimous, on one thing: They won't EVER have a viable military. @RobertMCutler @Halsrethink @vtchakarova @GreekAnalyst @michaeltanchum (1/6)
For one thing there is a total and utter loathing about spending money there. Our present #EUCO president was Defense Minister of Germany and under her stewardship the Bundeswehr had to ask allies to lend it winter equipment for soldiers during training exercises. (2/6)
Helicopter pilots LOST their license due to lack of minimum flight hours as well. Core Europe might splurge for #Energiewende, but Stout German soldiers can freeze.
Moreover, there's the "hammer and nail" argument. Should you spend on a military instrument, it should help. (3/6)
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1-Yeryüzünün alt kat-man'i (Dabbe-tül arz)
2-Yeryüzü/Dunyamiz (Gündüz/Azrail)
3-Gök Sema (Gece-Mikail)
4-Sidre'tül münteha-(Cebrail-Gecilmez Kirmizi Bölge)
5-Lev-hi Mahfuz
6-Nev-hi Sur/Sur'un nefesi-(israfil)
7-ARSH (Rabb'in Tahti)

1-Dabbe-tül Arz'in yeri ve önemi bambaskadir.

Gökyüzünü,evreni görüp algilayabildigimiz Boyuttur.

3-Gök Sema;
#NASA'nin "Uzaya gittik/Gidiyoruz" dedikleri
ama aslinda Uydu araclarinin #Yörünge'ye oturtuldugu bölgedir/Boyuttur.

yani Uzay degil..

4-Sidre-tül münteha;
Cebrail'in görevli oldugu kattir.

Uzay'a/Feza'ya cikmak icin,
gecmeniz gereken YASAK BÖLGE'dir

Burasi Peygamberimizin #Mirac'a ciktigi kattir/Boyuttur

5-Lev-hi Mahfuz;
A'dan Z'ye herseyin
Gelmisin-Gecmisin vede Gelecegin Yazildigi/Kaydedildigi Kattir
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#Estonia #Latvia #Lithuania #Baltic #NATO #Russia

The Baltic States have become the scene of NATO military actions especially aimed at provoking Russia and Belarus. At the end of September, this year’s largest military exercise “Sword 2020” will take place in Latvia.
Approximately 1000 Vidzeme Brigade bodyguards and soldiers, representatives from the Lithuanian Armed Forces Volunteer Defense Forces and the NATO Extended Presence Battle Group will take part in the training.
They will carry out the tasks over a wide area, covering seven counties. The urban environment, forests and meadows will become a battlefield.
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Mit meinen obigen Accounts habe ich schon unzählige Male dieses Bild geteilt, das mich 1999 auf der #NATO #AirBase Decimomannu auf Sardinien zeigt Image
Bestimmt nicht seltener das Bild, das mich auch 1999 im Geschäftszimmer der 1. JaboStaffel "Grünherz" 💚
des Jagdbombergeschwader 34 "Allgäu"

Nicht etwa beim Zeitung lesen, sondern bei der täglichen, politischen Bildung 😉 Image
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1) Topic: European Genocide, #Jesuits and #Serbia

What is the background of Kalergi's plan for #Europe's destruction?

Why is #Christianity in danger?

#TheMoreYouKnow #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #EU #MigrantCrisis #ChristianOrtodox

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2) When thinking how to start this topic, I remembered the words of Austrian cancellor Sebastian Kurz addressed to #Serbs.

During one of his interviews, he said that we should "give up the past (thinking of giving up #Kosovo) and look to the future"... ⬇️
3) He represents so-called modern European civilization that is forcing this nomadic approach to life - when you don't like it, you pack your stuff & leave. e.g. Pakistani or Algerians don't like where they have lived for centuries, so they leave and wish to settle in #Europe. ⬇️
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#Russia thread: Easy peasy: #Trump won't say anything because the #US is on the brink of disengaging from central Europe, and this is the final test. (1/7) @vtchakarova @TomekDeptuch @amlivemon @RobertMCutler @shaun_riordan
If #Merkel doesn't touch #Nordstream arrangements it means she has the rest of Europe behind her in a Russia appeasement policy effectively establishing anything east of the Oder as a buffer zone, #Belarus being one of the countries.(2/7)
As much as the US administration has signaled that there is a "Northern EU strategy", involving the #UK, Scandinavian/Baltic countries and #Poland, a Russophile Germany would undermine supply route security, and #France's standing in life is grounded in antiamericanism. (3/7)
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If proposed #MagnitskyAct passes German #Bundestag, it will trigger a sea change in #Germany-#Russia relations. It essentially forces Germany to levy #sanctions on Russia for #HumanRights violations. Drys up lots of oligarch finance. #Navalny #NATO #DeutscheBank #TrumpPutin
Russia has been bankrolling a chunk of the #NeoFascist political fringe in #EasternEurope as a way to destabilize #NATO and the #EU. Will a #German #MagnitskyAct clean up some of the money laundering that allows it to occur? Dunno.
To think that a few determined people, upset about the murder of #Russian lawyer #Magnitsky for his work uncovering corruption, were able to create the #MagnitskyAct, which is now changing the world! Does that sound like a famous quote you remember?
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Chasing Heroin - America’s #heroin and #opioidcrisis has been called the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history. (Question "what is the relationship between #NATO invasion into #Afghanistan and the sudden 8-fold spike in heroin harvest😉". Cui Bono? 🤓)

#sackler #opioid #crisis
The Sackler 🕎-Family 🇮🇱 – A Secretive Billion Dollar #opioidcrisis Empire
With over 200,000 deaths caused by Opioids, are they in jail yet?…
#antisemitisme van Rudy Guliani? & Leo Lucassen
Rudy, advocaat van Purdue Pharma, Sackler🕎Family, verantwoordelijk voor honderduizenden doden. Purdue was ook rijke sponsor van de @UniLeiden, een werkgever van Leo Lucassen😉… Image
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Thread: #NATO behind the riots in #Montenegro against Serbian Orthodox Church

#Christianity #ChristianOrthodox #Serbs #MontenegrinSerbs #EU

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Various powers are trying to gain influence over Serbian Orthodox Church in #Serbia, #Montenegro and #RepublikaSrpska.

#NATO has been one of them, next to #Vatican and #UDBA, Yugoslavia’s very secret service that still has a huge power in countries of a former #Yugoslavia. ⬇️
Western media usually refer to #Serbia as a “Russian ally.” While this is true only in a historical and cultural sense, there is no formal military alliance between #Moscow and #Belgrade.

Serbia officially follows the the policy of military neutrality, with its armed forces ⬇️
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1a. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - Article & Videos: WARNING GRAPHIC Thread 9.4.2020…
1b. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - WARNING GRAPHIC - Thread 9.4.2020…
2. News: The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report…
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2/djt Any damage due to "erosion of post-war alliance network" could be outweighed by the development of a "post-pandemic alliance against China's Communist dictatorship & its asymmetric economic policies & military aggression," (NO tariffs on member cntrys 🙏🏼)
3/djt an #EU that cannot defend itself against a perceived threat from #Russia (<1/15 its ec size) and a #NATO alliance in which member countries buy major weapons systems from the country(Russia) it's supposed to defend against, is a #farce or #joke🤡. Replace with EU alliance.
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1) Is the new civil war in #Montenegro close? What is the aim of false flag attacks and spreading hatred?!

Why #FakeNewsMedia, NGO's and liberals are purposely ressurecting 90s?!

Topic: Demonazing #Serbs - "Serbian Nationalism" & "Greater #Serbia" propaganda

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️
2) On Sunday, Montenegrin rulling party DPS led by dictator and notorious criminal #MiloDjukanovic has lost a parliamentary election against pro-Serbian opposition who was supported by Serbian Orthodox Church in #Montenegro. ⬇️……
3) The first democratic election after 30 years didn't satisfied Montenegrin Bosniaks, Albanians and Croats who in the past actively advocated for multietnic and multicultural country, but without Montenegrin #Serbs in it. Apparently, Serbs don't deserve same religious rights. ⬇️
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Let's be clear..
#Croats, #Bošniaks, #Albanians & Montenegrin #DPS activists who cry about election result in #Montenegro & call #Serbs fascists are revisionists & ideological heirs of Nazi supporters in Balkans, who formed SS divisions & exterminated Serbs, Jews & Roma in WW2.😏
2. Fact that some Atlantist, #NATO & EU mouthpieces are upset by this result lies in the fact that NATO turned into a new Axis in the 90s & resurrected the Ottoman, Austrian, Italian, German & Komintern politics in the Yugoslav #Balkans:
Foster divisions & conquer divided people.
3. Milo is an opportunist who changed master w/ the wind.
Once favorable to unified #Serbia, he turned his jacked to save his ass & benefit from the situation.
Like in #Kosovo, #NATO would support mobsters in #Montenegro to break-up #Yugoslavia, no matter the cost for the locals.
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This message by right wing extremists on #Parler is promoting more violence & applauding the murder of protesters. Two weeks ago, #KyleRittenhouse was seen beating a girl before he opened fire in #Kenosha #WI. #StochasticTerrorism
More of the same #StochasticTerrorism on #Parler . They are framing #Kenosha #WI #Shooting as #SelfDefense while using the hashtags #FreeKyle & #JusticeForKyleRittenhouse among others.
#Hashtag #KyleRittenhouse on #Parler currently with 1,924 posts. Lionizing him, writing his hagiography in real time.

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