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Sep 22 9 tweets 6 min read
1) So #Russia has just announced partial mobilisation. What does the country's leading spiritual authority say? That the whole war was caused by Ukrainian Orthodox Christians wanting their own autocephalous church.
2) In a sermon yesterday, 21/9, he had this to say.
"Today our Fatherland is going through severe trials. We know what is happening in #Ukraine. We know what danger hangs over the Ukrainian people, which they are trying to reformat, to make a state that is hostile to Russia."
3) See? It's not Russia invading and bombing Ukraine into oblivion, its "them" who are trying to "reformat" ukrainians.
Kirill says that because Russians and Ukrainians are one people, Russians should harbour no hard feelings against their brothers. None of that going on!
4) "It is important that in our hearts there is no feeling that there is an enemy. We must pray the Lord would strengthen the fraternal feelings of the peoples of Russia, so that the unity of our Church becomes stronger, which is a guarantee of peace in the expanses of Russia"
5) Not sure there are many "fraternal feelings" left to strengthen. Razing most of Eastern Ukraine probably didn't help.
6) And then... "Which is why the collapse of our country began with attempts to break the Church, create schisms and separation. The enemy knew that this point should be hit. And although we have suffered losses and a dangerous, sinful, graceless schism has arisen in Ukraine"
7) So a lot more of the united Holy Rus' myth, and blaming imaginary enemies for all that has gone wrong. Anything to say to the 300 thousand people about to be shipped off to war as cannon fodder? No.

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Sep 19
1) Some interesting statements by Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, over the past week.
On 12/9 he described Russian strikes as "revenge on the civilian population", for heavy losses suffered by their forces recently.
2) During a radio interview he said that Ukraine has shown the world that Good and Evil are indeed real things. This is particularly interesting, considering one of Patriarch Kirill's main lines, from Moscow, has been that Russia is the only country that resists relativism.
3) "Ukrainians have shown the whole world that there is something and there is someone worth giving even one's life for. That is, there are some objective truths - or values - that can be the meaning of life. And if that is taken away from you, life loses its meaning.
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Sep 16
1) Pope Francis spoke about Ukraine during his inflight press conference last night. There are some important quotes there.
He was asked specifically about the right to self-defense.
2) "This is a political decision, which can be moral – morally acceptable – if it is done according to the conditions of morality, which are manifold, and then we can talk about it. But it can be immoral if it is done with the intention of provoking more war or selling weapons or
3) discarding those weapons that are no longer needed. The motivation is what largely qualifies the morality of this act."

He concluded his answer, however, saying that self-defense can be an obligation.
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Sep 14
1) In today's edition of "Did he seriously just say that?", Patriarch Kirill continues to baffle us and make us wonder exactly which side he's on as, in a message to the Congress of Religious Leaders that he snubbed, he blames dictators for leading humanit to destruction.
2) "The path of dictatorship, rivalry and confrontation chosen by some rulers of this world is leading humanity to destruction. And under these conditions, it is faith that can sober people up, return them to the path of dialogue and cooperation"
3) Before that he blamed conflicts on attempts to build a world without values. "Added to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic are food, energy and economic problems caused by attempts to build a world without moral values.
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Sep 13
1) Right... These excerpts are from Patriarch Kirill's sermon yesterday, so in the wake of massive setbacks for Russia in Kharkiv.
To be very honest, I just can't tell at the moment if he is being serious or cynical, and hoping we read between the lines...
2) "Today is such a time – a time of anxiety, even very disturbing. And we must pray that all dangers will pass our Motherland, that those who dream of crushing Russia as an independent, truly independent state will be left with nothing."
3) "Today, the time has come when we should especially pray for our Fatherland, for our President - what difference does it make what the head of state is called!* for our army."
*Referring not to name, but to title (Grand Duke, Czar, or President)
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Sep 12
1) Just added excerpts from two sermons by Patriarch Kirill, of Moscow.
Although he does not refer directly to the war in Ukraine, there is a lot of talk about Russia's special mission in the world, and how Russia is the only state which still distinguishes right from wrong.
2) These could be read only as criticism of relativism, but with Patriarch Kirill's track record, I thought they were worth adding to the list, since they contribute to the overall rhetoric of a messianic Russia, destined to unite historic Rus'.
Some excerpts
3) "even today, as we know, not everything is calm in the world. And in a sense, a very special service, undoubtedly by the will of God, is now being given to this city and our country. Because the strength of modern Russia is capable of resisting many forces, including those
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Sep 12
1) Several statements by Major Arch.Shevchuk added, including an interesting one where he effectively accuses Russia of deicide.
Some excerpts follow
2) In a sermon regarding the parable of the vintners who kill the owner's son:
"How often we see today in the life of individual states and even at the level of international relations, that the power of law is replaced by the right of the strong. What does someone who thinks he
3) is strong do? He kills and destroys the weak, because he thinks that he can appropriate for himself what he should give to the needy and defenceless"
Then adding:
"This word of God about violence in man's attitude towards God, I think, resonates in a special way in the ears
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