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🔥A deductible expense for businesses is legal fees—the IRS requires fees be "directly related to operating your business."

Yet #TrumpTaxReturns show the Trump Corporation wrote off as business expenses fees paid to a criminal defense lawyer to rep Don Jr in the #Russia inquiry.
"If the payments to [Ivanka] were compensation for work, it is not clear why Trump would do it in this form, other than to reduce his own tax liability. Another more legally perilous possibility is...a way to transfer assets to his children without incurring a gift tax."💥
"In 2012, he took out a $100 million mortgage on the commercial space in Trump Tower. He took nearly the entire amount as a payout...His company has paid >$15 million in interest on the loan, but nothing on the principal. The full $100 million comes due in 2022."

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For organizations sake I will be adding all #Armenia vs #Azerbaijan things to the thread bellow.

Azerbaijani Parliament has announced a curfew for the following locations starting at 00:00 tonight.

Baku, Ganja, Goygol, Yevlakh and other regions

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
@NikolPashinyan has stated "The recognition of a Nagorno Karabakh independence is on the agenda of the government."

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
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In #Martuni a grandmother with her 9 year old granddaughter were killed. Via Vahram Poghosyan Image
Russian military portal Военный обозреватель published a list of allegedly killed #Armenia|n soldiers, citing #Azerbaijan|i sources. Turned out to be a list of former students of Military-medical department. managed to find one of them, who's alive & safe Image
#Armenia|n kids in #Stepanaker shelters, under #Azerbaijan shelling today.
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1) All out war broke out this morning between #Azerbaijan & #Armenia after Azerbaijan launched an offensive along the entire Line of contact between Azerbaijan and disputed Artsakh (Nogorno Karabagh).

#Turkish UAVs & mercenaries from #Syria are also involved in the offensive. Image
2) #Armenia has declared martial law and total military mobilization following clashes with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Sunday. (Reuters)

#Armenia deploys ‘BM-30 Smerch’ MLRS on the border👇 Image
3) Video showing an #Azerbaijan Army T-72 tank getting destroyed by an anti-tank missile fired by the #Armenian Army
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#BREAKING: Supported by #Turkey, #Azerbaijan has just started a war against #Armenia in-order to occupy #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. For now, #Azerbaijan has lost a Mi-8 transport helicopter, a Mi-24 heavy attack helicopter, 3 UAVs & over 20 #Syrian mercenaries!
#BREAKING: Video recorded this morning shows the BM-30 Smerch multiple rocket launchers of #Armenia Army on their ways to the frontline in-order to attack the incoming #Azerbaijan Army forces & their #Syrian mercenaries
Civilians from the #Armenian villages near #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh have been under artillery attack of #Azerbaijan Army since last night: Image
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Following #Artsakh, #Armenia declares Martial law. Mobilization is launched.
#Azerbaijan spreads fake screenshots from @razminfo as if claiming #Armenia|n losses. Don't follow fake news.
#Armenia Defense minister Davit Tonoyan says, our response is going to be as tough as it has never been, will lead to heavy consequences for #Azerbaijan.
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26 September 2020
1400 Hours (VST)

The Defence Minister of Pakistan 🇵🇰 visited the Battle of Stalingrad memorial in Russia 🇷🇺 to pay his respects as Pakistan and Russia participated in the Kavkaz 2020 games together.
#Pakistan #Russia ImageImageImageImage
He met with the Russian Defence Minister at the Kremlin in Moscow and afterwards met General (R) Nikolay Pankov, the Deputy Minister for Defence of Russia. He was accompanied by Lieutenant General Azhar Saleh Abbasi, Chief of Logistics Staff, GHQ. ImageImageImage
Various defence deals were signed between Pakistan and Russia, including the sale of several units (around 18) of the Mil Mil-35M1 Hind-E Attack Gunship helicopter. Pakistan is buying some units via exercising options from the 2018 Pakistan-Russia Mi-35 deal but most ImageImage
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#Azerbaijan launched a massive attack on #Artsakh #Karabakh Republic this morning, uses hitting drones against civilian buildings.
#Armenia Media reports - #Azerbaijan lost 2 helicopters, 3 tanks and 3 drones up to 9am.
* #Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense announces "counter-attack on #Karabakh" after claiming there are people wounded on their side.
In 2016 #AprilWar they covered their attack as "counter attack" too.
Another proof - the attack was planned & well prepared by Azerbaijan - All of a sudden #Turkey state TRT Haber news correspondent appears right in the epicenter of #Azerbaijan positions along #Karabakh. Via Varuzhan Geghamyan Image
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26 September 2020
1500 Hours (VST)

The Defence Minister of Pakistan 🇵🇰 Pervez Khattak is on a visit to Russia 🇷🇺 for the Kavkaz 2020 wargames. After his official duties were completed, the Defence minister met Lieutenant General Liu Xiaowu, Image
Deputy Commander of Western Military District of the People's Liberation Army of China 🇨🇳 who is heading the Chinese delegation. Both principals pledged to maintain strong brotherly relations, enhance development in technology cooperation. Image
The Defence Minister also conferred certificates of Excellence on Chinese Troops. Later the Chinese General awarded Certificates to Pakistani Troops.
#China #Pakistan #Russia Image
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#Russia #Moscow #Coronavirus #LOCKDOWN

In view of the sharp increase in the number of infections with the corona virus, Moscow mayor Sergej Sobyanin has ordered a curfew for seniors.
From next Monday, residents over 65 years of age should stay at home and go shopping as infrequently as possible, Sobjanin said. However, walks are still allowed. The mayor called on employers to enable their employees to work from home.
On Tuesday, Moscow reported the highest increase since the end of June with more than 1,000 new infections within 24 hours. There is a "serious" increase in hospital admissions, said Sobyanin.
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NEW: FBI official who served on #Mueller team said he believed the prosecution of #MichaelFlynn was part of an attitude to “get Trump,”& that he did not wish to pursue a Trump-Russia collusion probe as it was “not there"& considered it to be a "dead end."…
NEW: FBI agent William J. Barnett made the comments during an interview on Sept. 17 at DOJ w/ Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen,Jensen has joined U.S. Attorney John #Durham's team in his review of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.
NEW: Barnett said he thought #FBI Trump-#Russia probe was “opaque” & “with little detail concerning specific evidence of criminal events & that the “predication” of #Flynn probe was “not great,” & it“was not clear” what the “persons opening the case wanted to ‘look for or at.’”
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Delighted to announce the release of my new report for @CFR_org, “The Day After in Venezuela: Delivering Security and Dispensing Justice.” Should @NicolasMaduro relinquish power, the US and likeminded partners will need a plan to reinstate the rule of law.…
#2. International actors have not planned sufficiently for stabilizing the security environment or fostering #transitionaljustice, which could itself be an important lever to push regime operatives toward defection or at least meaningful negotiations.
#3. Aftermath of Maduro’s departure could see conflict among armed factions, unstable political coalitions, corruption, and a #refugee and #migrant outflow. US should anticipate such fallout and identify opps now to ensure that any transition begets the restoration of #democracy.
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1. News: President #Trump Says His Nominee Is Needed on Supreme Court:

“I think this SCAM that the Democrats are Pulling!
This Scam Will be Before the United States Supreme Court” -Thread 9.24.2020… #MAGA #KAG #FillThatSeat
2. News: BREAKING: Biden Caught Again with Teleprompter:


How is this allowed to proceed?… #Biden #EnemyofThePeople #Election2020
3. News: News: VIDEO Captures Louisville BLM Cop Shooter —

He Was Using Protesters as Human Shields!

Slow-mo video of shooter who shot 2 officers.
— PHOTOS and VIDEO… #Shooter #shooting #BackTheBlue #Terrorist
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Watching the @USIP event with @US4AfghanPeace now. Some points that resonate with me in this thread. 1/n
His opening remarks were prepared and nothing really new there--hit all the talking points he's made in recent appearances. 2/n
First Q from Stephen Hadley: What makes you hopeful that talks will succeed? A: Both sides understand that violence cannot be the answer forever. Afghan leaders recognize they made a mistake in the wake of Soviet withdrawal by fighting each other--want to rectify that now. 3/n
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THREAD: It is important to realise that troll farms deliberately engage in subtle tactics on an extremely large scale to encourage argument and polarisation on sensitive topics. The goal is to further the foreign policy of their employer by eventually making /1
compromise and understanding on those issues meaningless. It is a tried and tested method of subversion applied to the era of the internet. A lecture on it from the Cold War can be found here: /2
a summary of the methods of these online agitators can be found here:… /3
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I wouldn’t call myself a whistleblower (the events I describe happened a long time ago) but the mind war tricks I explain here are relevant and critical to know to save democracy. The full program is also available at @BylineTV for subscribers. #propaganda #Russia #socialdilemma
I also discuss how to defend yourself during mind war and why the idea of ‘brainwashing’ isn’t so obscure. @BylineTV is funded by audience. Full program —>
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#MeltingPoles: Unprecedented Arctic Heat Leads to Second Lowest Sea Ice Minimum this Year…

(📸: @NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio) Image
#GlobalWarming is regarded to be the primary reason behind the increasing melting of ice sheets over the two polar regions of the Earth.
This year, however, the warming over the north polar region witnessed a new high with some parts recording up to 10°C warmer than normal temperatures.
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Shocker: #Putin is probably directing #Russia’s influence operations to denigrate ⁦@JoeBiden⁩, support ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ and fuel public discord ahead of #Election2020, secret CIA assessment says
cc ⁦@RudyGiuliani⁩ ⁦…
@JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @RonJohnsonWI Of course Putin's helping Trump—his dream POTUS & America's nightmare—dividing us, trashing democracy & alliances AND PROTECTING PUTIN.

Stop saying Trump DENIES Russian interference. HE'S COVERING IT UP. Just like he threw the scent off Russia in 2016 (recall 400lb man on bed🙄)
@JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @RonJohnsonWI Who'd've thunk "America's Mayor" would be a traitor? Giuliani's knowingly aiding & abetting a Kremlin operation attacking our election. And as an agent for Trump, it makes Trump an accomplice. Collusion now is so much worse b/c it's by a SITTING POTUS—there b/c of 2016 collusion. Image
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#Russia #Moscow #Coronavirus

In Russia the numbers are rising again. At the beginning of the week there were almost 6,200 new cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 1.1 million people have been infected in the large country.
The capital Moscow in particular continues to be a hotspot. The authorities have been relaxed so far. Further protective measures are neither necessary nor required, said Anna Popova, head of the consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor on Monday.
The Russian leadership is also hoping for its miracle weapon Sputnik V in the fight against Corona: The vaccine was released to the media in the summer. So far, only a few hundred people have been vaccinated for the important phase III of the study.
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#Shaking detected

5.5MWW #Magnitude #Earthquake reported

22 km NW of #Kultuk, #Russia
near #Mongolia at #lakeBaikal
10km deep

21.09.2020 / 18:04:57 (UTC)
GPS: 51.855, 103.449

reported by @USGS Image
This plot shows 1 hour of data from the nearest available seismic station in the Global Seismographic Network.

#Ulaanbaatar, #Mongolia (47.8651° N x 107.0532° E) #Russia #Earthquake

Distance from epicenter to seismograph IU-#ULN: 513KM SSE
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[#HKers doxxed by #Russia-based pro-#China website]

1. @AFP finds a shady site #HKLeaks ramps up doxxing campaign against pro-democracy #HKers from politicians, teachers, journalists, businessmen, ordinary citizens to expats, w/ names & addresses posted…
2. Promoted by #Beijing loyalists and #CCP’s state mouthpiece, this #Russia-based website moved its domain multiple times and now migrated to Pakistani domain address. While 2000+ #Hongkongers were doxxed, #Hkpolice has charged no one over the doxxing campaign until now.
3. Similar #China-style snooping model may expand overseas, esp when #Chinese #military contractor #Zhenhua Data was found snooping 2.4M+ of politicians, businessmen, academics, celebrities & individuals. Clearly Zhenhua is just the tip of the iceberg.…
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Il 17 settembre scorso il Parlamento Europeo ha adottato una risoluzione che avvia il procedimento di infrazione contro la Polonia per violazione dello stato di diritto.
(1) Image
La risoluzione mette sotto accusa la Polonia anche per la violazione dei diritti fondamentali come il pluralismo nell’informazione e l’indipendeza dei media, la libertà di riunione e di associazione, la salute sessuale e riproduttiva, l’incitamento all’odio...
(2) pubblica discriminazione, la violenza contro le donne, la violenza domestica e il comportamento intollerante contro minoranze e altri gruppi vulnerabili con particolare rilievo alle persone LGBT+
Ovviamente la Lega ha votato contro schierandosi con la Polonia di Duda.
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