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🧵The Russian defeat in #Kharkiv Oblast and #Lyman, combined with the #Kremlin’s failure to conduct partial mobilization effectively and fairly are fundamentally changing the Russian information space.
2/ #Kremlin-sponsored media & Russian milbloggers – a prominent Telegram community composed of Russian war correspondents, former proxy officials, & nationalists – are grieving the loss of #Lyman while simultaneously criticizing the bureaucratic failures of partial mobilization.
3/ #Kremlin sources and milbloggers are attributing the defeat around #Lyman and #Kharkiv Oblast to Russian military failures to properly supply and reinforce Russian forces in northern #Donbas and complaining about the lack of transparency regarding the progress of the war.
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Brief Wagner 🧵

#Russia's Wagner has released a new propaganda documentary "Best in Hell" produced by Prigozhin, who has been on something of a PR campaign

Far from framing Wagner as the saviors or just in their actions, they acknowledge "We know that we will go to hell"
The opening of the video notes the recent death of Alexie Nagin - Prigozhin attended the funeral

It's part of a concerted effort to elevate Wagner mercs to hero status in RUS. Increasingly they are awarded state medals - including Nagin & Prigozhin

Worth noting that the video includes the line "We have a contract with our homeland"

Despite the open secrete that is Wagner, private military contractors are illegal in Russia & this has been seen as Kremlin leverage over Prigozhin & his contractors

Now it is in the open
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The war in #Ukraine is not just about Ukraine: Putin has made it clear that he's at war with the entire international order created after 1945. After failing in a stupid gamble on imperial conquest, he's trying to raise the stakes and pit #Russia against the world.

He thinks that by doing so, he's showing resolve. What he's actually doing is admitting that he has screwed up so colossally that his only way out is to challenge the entire global system of cooperation that has thwarted him. /2
His attempts to change borders by force were bad enough. But now he's trying to absorb a neighbor, and he's decided to declare that the real source of his problems is the way the modern system of international security works. This escalation is his doing, and his alone. /3
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1/6 A #CCP influencer, who has over 7M followers on #Weibo, is calling for #China, #India, #Pakistan, & #NorthKorea to throw
#nuclearweapons together at #NATO countries, esp. the #US to save the world.
What is his rationale? The following is the translation of his entire post: Image
2/6 The United States + Europe (NATO countries), in terms of territorial area, are at least 3 million square kilometers smaller than #Russia, but their population is Russia's six or seven times, and the density is great. The number of nuclear warheads on both sides is comparable.
3/6 Russia and #Europe are adjacent, so if NATO and Russia really start a nuclear war, throwing nuclear weapons at each other, NATO must be damaged faster, greater - - of course, if the Earth is completely destroyed in this case, that is another story.
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Per quanto possa interessare, i miei 2 cent sulla (possibile) minaccia nucleare russa:
innanzitutto voglio sottolineare come la questione del nucleare fosse inevitabile dal momento in cui si è capito che l'#Ucraina avrebbe resistito e non sarebbe capitolata, e l'Occidente ha deciso di sostenere la loro causa:
"E se #putin minacciasse la guerra nucleare se non smettiamo di fornire armi? E se incapace di conquistare #Kyiv e i territori ucraini decidesse di raderli al suolo con degli ordigni nucleari?"
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#UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine #Russia #KhersonOffensive
Sytuacja stała się krytyczna nieoficjalnie Dudchany zostały wyzwolone, 3 linia obrony pękła.
Rosjanie będą najpewniej ustanawiali obronę na linii Mylone-Sukhanove. Image
#UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine #Russia #KhersonOffensive
Ukraińcy przystępując do ataku na Mylone miasta zaopatrującego cala flankę zachodnia i polnocna zmusza Rosjan do wycofania.
Właśnie widzimy załamanie się całej wschodniej flanki przyczółka. Image
#UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine #Russia #KhersonOffensive
Rosjanie mogą się wycofać lub nie. To moja predykcja nie siedzę w ich głowach, ale sytuacja jest jasna.
Znajda się w worku z 3 stron ostrzeliwani przez artylerie z małą ilością zaopatrzenia to koniec worka.
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1/ Operational situation update / #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on October 2, 2022
The situation is still evolving at fast pace around #Lyman. Lots of reports/evidence that #UAarmy is still moving forward & ready to take good chunk of #kreminna . Ru did not prepared
#UkraineMap Image
2/ Situation around #Kreminna is getting critical for the Russians. According to this Russian report, the #Svatove - #Kreminna highway is under threat.

one week ago they just thought they would stay in Lyman, not ready to defend Kreminna at all now, also they lack preparations,
3/ materials, men (dead injured) and if the city falls, this could potentially create a direct threat of encirclement of #Lysyschansk .
they know that & they are freaking out!
thanks to @wartranslated for translation here. ImageImage
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Ville Nurmi is an exception among Finnish volunteers. He was asked by Ukrainians come to #Ukraine & fight against #Russia`ns. He didn't think for long, looked online what to take with him & bought them. He also got 2 of his friends along for trip.

#Turpo #Säkpol
Nurmi bought protective vest, helmet, active hearing protection, clothes, equipment bag, daypack, sleeping bag & pad, rain clothes, tourniquets 4 per fighter, pressure bandages normal & hemostatic. Burn gel, nitrile gloves, normal bandages, nasopharyngeal tube, space blankets. Image
They had loaded car with their own & also with first aid supplies to donate to others

They drove to #Ukraine. Contact person at border so it was easy to get through it. Ukrainians were grateful that group would come as far as from #Finland just to fight against #Russia`ns Image
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1/4 My take on #Putin's "referenda" speech: a) I disagree with quite a lot of Western commentary. Here's why: b) It's not an aggrieved rant (Shaun Walker's reliably superficial and mediocre "taxi driver" interpretation). Instead it's a deliberate piece of rhetoric. Its core:...
2/4 ... Persuade his audience in #Russia that this is now a war about "the Russian way of life" (as Putin wants them to see it of course) and that it is inescapable. c) With an eye to non-Russian and non-Western audiences, a calculated attempt to position Russia as spearhead...
3/4... of an anti-Western rebellion/challenge. d) We may oc pick at the factual errors, hyperbole, and inconsistencies. But it's a mistake to dismiss this as a "cornered rant." The key question about a speech like that concerns its effect/efficiency. That remains to be seen....
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#Russian propaganda says that it´s savior of whites & west against #LGBT #Immigration etc. Now we can see that guide of #Fennomatkat (travel company that is part of #Fennomaa project of Russian intelligence service against #Finland) is in gayclub with 3 blacks

#Turpo Image
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A #thread to answer the question in this tweet from September 29 regarding the visit of @hms_albion to #Tripoli & why the event angered Libyans across the country & drew criticism from figures across the political spectrum.
1- From what I saw & read online, the anger was not directed at the visit by @hms_albion to #Tripoli per se. Visits by other navy vessels to #Libya from others states have taken place over the years. But the timing/optics of this visit were off & could have been managed better.
2- #Italy, #Russia, #UK, #Turkey, and #France to name a few have all had their navy ships visit #Libya since 2011 for various reasons/missions.
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It's Sunday, it's also Day 221 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

Here's the daily thread of news and views around the illegal war.

Yesterday was a memorable one, if you missed anything, scroll through Saturday's posts here:

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
Updates from me may be a little delayed today due to my day job (commentating in Budapest), but doing my best!

The @IAEA continues to call for the release of the Director of #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, who's detained by #Russia.

@rafaelmgrossi is heading there this week
Today is the day #Russia's losses have gone past 60,000

All wasted lives, blood on the hands of one man, plus probably twice as many wounded, many disabled for life.

In the rout of #Lyman, #Ukraine also destroyed so much equipment yesterday:

#SlavaUkraini Image
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Attenzione. La Marina Militare italiana si è schierata a presidio di tre gasdotti: il #Transmed (che collega Algeria e Italia), il #Greenstream (che garantisce il collegamento con la #Libia) e il #Tap, che mette in sicurezza i flussi di provenienti dall'Est Europa. Image
Cosa significa tutto ciò? Che dopo gli attacchi di matrice probabilmente russa contro i gasdotti #NordStream, a Roma si è deciso di alzare la soglia di attenzione. Secondo il portale specializzato "ItaMilRadar", le navi della Marina starebbero muovendosi in diverse direzioni, Image
impegnando in acqua il Comando 54^ Squadriglia Dragamine Costieri di La Spezia e alcune fregate, mentre in volo sono attivi anche dei velivoli ricognitori P-72A di base a Sigonella. Si tratta di uno sforzo importante, che impegna centinaia di donne e uomini delle Forze 🇮🇹. Image
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The officer of the 604th Special Purpose Center "Vityaz," Senior Lieutenant Alexander Potapov, was posthumously awarded the title Hero of 🇷🇺 #Russia.

Today in #Moscow, General Viktor Strigunov presented the star to the widow and mother of the fallen special forces officer.
1/5 Image
Alexander died at the end of August 2022 in Izyum Kharkov region.

Armed formations of Ukraine opened fire on a residential area of Izyum using barrel artillery as well as American HIMARS MLRS. More than 20 shells fell on residential houses and streets of Ukrainian citizens.
At that time, not far from the place of shelling, a convoy of Russian soldiers was moving, returning after conducting special events.
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🧵Russian commentators overwhelmingly expressed their hopes that partial mobilization would generate enough force to resume offensive operations and regain the initiative.
2/ Chechen leader Ramzan #Kadyrov, apparently devastated by the defeat in #Lyman, called on #Russia to continue to fight to "liberate” the four annexed territories with all available means including low-yield nuclear weapons.
3/ #Kadyrov’s call to use tactical nuclear weapons is likely incompatible with his own and other Russian statements and actions showing continued commitment to seizing more Ukrainian territory.
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Ukrainian forces inflicted another significant operational defeat on #Russia and liberated #Lyman, Donetsk Oblast, on October 1.

Read our latest campaign assessment w/ @criticalthreats: ImageImageImageImage
The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from #Lyman to “more advantageous positions” to avoid the “threat of encirclement” in the settlement.
Social media footage and Ukrainian military officials confirmed that Ukrainian forces have entered #Lyman and are likely clearing the settlement as of October 1.
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🧵5274+1hrs since #Ukrainian Liberation War was started by #russia full-scale attack & 4033 days since #russiaInvadedUkraine
Ofc the news of the day is the liberation of #Lyman, I guess pretty much confirmed officially now, so we can safely say that->
The memory of yesterday's farce in #kremlin quickly washed away by the news of #UAF victory in #Lyman, advance around Lyman, some rumors of possible good news coming soon from other directions, but as always, we should always care 1st for the #UAF needs->…
But ruscist terror doesnt stop, like written by general Zaluzhny himself, #UAF can and will liberate 100% of Ukrainian lands, but that alone will not stop russian missile terror and desire for war, as russians still feel impunity, war in Ukraine is remote to them->
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1/ Why is there no uprising in #Russia against #Putin? And what motivates the conscripts to join the brutal #WarinUkraine? A long thread on social divisions in #Russian society. There have been other periods in history, when commentators have asked:
2/ “How does it chime, the barbarity of rapes, the shelling, pillage, devastation—and, indeed, the apathy of Russian society—with the magnificence of Russian Culture? Did not this nation give us Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Shostakovich, Sakharov, maestroslike Evgeny Kissin,Emil Gilels?”
3/ And then there’s Chekhov and Bulgakov, Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, and Mussorgsky and Bunin… Rudolf Nureyev. The list goes on. Behind these binaries defying comprehension lies a fundamental misconception about the Russian social fabric, which goes back to the communist period.
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MoD #Russia

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in #Ukraine
October 1, 2022

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation.
💥 Missile attack has resulted in the destruction of a provisional base of a unit from 14th Mechanised Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukrain (AFU) near Kupyansk (Kharkov region).

◽️ Over 50 militants and 12 units of special military equipment have been eliminated.
💥 Massive fire attacks launched at the positions of 66th and 93rd mechanised brigades of the AFU have resulted in the elimination of over 200 Ukrainian servicemen, 5 tanks and 9 infantry combat vehicles.
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First footage of Ukrainian troops (National Police) inside Lyman city.

#Russia #Ukraine
Video taken in front of Lyman Police department.

More from Lyman
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🇺🇦 #Ukraine 🇷🇺 #Russia

Ramzan #Kadyrov,
Head of the Chechen Republic.
October 1, 2022.

"I have always said: there is nothing better than the truth, however bitter or hurtful, but the truth. It is the only way to move forward.
1/17 Image
That is why I cannot keep silent about what happened in Krasnyy Liman.

Colonel General Alexander Lapin, commander of the Central Military District, led the defense of this area. Image
This is the same Lapin who received the star of Hero of Russia for the capture of Lisichansk, although de facto he was nowhere near there. Lapin was also subordinated to the troops of the Western Military District.
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🇺🇦 #Ukraine 🇷🇺 #Russia

"The intensity of shelling of Energodar by militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has sharply increased.
At the moment, there have already been more than 20 artillery attacks on the coastline and territory around the city, where the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is located.
The area of the thermal power plant is also shelled.

Ukraine is taking revenge on Russia's new citizens for their choice.

The terrorist entity "Ukraine" must be destroyed!"
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🇺🇦 #Ukraine 🇷🇺 #Russia

Situation in the Liman direction
as of 3 p.m. on October 1, 2022

By mid-afternoon it had become clear: the decision was made to withdraw troops and abandon Liman.
1/6 Image
After the video appeared from the eastern outskirts of Zarechnoye with the blown up bridge (49.021573, 37.952583), which was occupied by the AFU, it became clear that the entire "road of life" was already under AFU control.
Russian artillery continues to work on suitable AFU units, but whereas previously the focus was on Liman, now the goal of Ukrainian formations is to blockade Kremenna and take control of the reservoirs on the Zherebets River.
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Interesting in #Putin's speech was that the West would've created a rules-based order #Russia never agreed to. Appealing, I think, to non-Western, often former colonial states where this type of critique lands well. But USSR was frontrunner in establishing many of these rules. 1/
From 1950-1974, USSR led the campaign to define "aggression" in order to eliminate justifications for aggressive wars (A/C.1/608) while USA, FRA, CAN led the protests against any form of a fixed definition: they wanted to leave it up to UNSC, open for power play and ambiguity. 2/
The USSR wanted a detailed definition of this core norm in a rules-based order, aggression, that restricted the discretion of the UN Security Council. Despite meanwhile invading Hungary by the way: "to suppress a revolt", the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. 3/
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