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1. Unclear if this is a signal of a change in #Russia's policy in #Syria, but it deserves note. #Erdoğan's deal with #Putin allowed #Turkey to occupy much of Northern #Syria using forces made up of al-#Qaeda & #Daesh fighters. Recent #Russian bombing in #Barad in SW #Afrin
2. hit and killed several of these Turkish backed al-#Hamzah Division terrorist forces. That group is embedded with Turkish forces and reported to be commanded by the Turkish special forces. Hamza is a monstrous terrorist force that commits crimes against #Kurds and religious
3. minorities and abducts women who are enslaved. There are also reports of Russian helicopters dumping flares over Turkish terrorist held region of North East Syria. IMO there will never be peace in Syria with Turkey and its terrorist occupying any part of it. Putin may have
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Remember the #Germany's "green" talk ab turning #Ukraine (with her #natgas network) into a "Europe #hydrogen hub"? A UA expert says it's now being framed strictly as [pseudo] compensation for UA's support of the RU #NordStream2 project.
Post in Ukrainian:…
M.Gonchar (a respected #Ukraine #energy & security expert) is also concerned that this #hydrogen payoff is seemingly being promoted by #Siemens (a GER corp notorious for violating sanctions on #Russia) & DTEK (notorious UA electricity monopoly owned by a chameleonic UA oligarch).
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IMPORTANT: #Russia military planes repeatedly violated the #BlackSea airspace temporarily closed by #Ukraine for the live-fire anti-air drills held today Sep 24 at a coastal UA test range in Kherson Region, UA Air Force General told UA media.
VIDEO: one of the UA media news stories that quoted the General, by the @ICTV_Fakty
(fragment begins at ~01:50)
General Borys Zenov, the Air Defense Chief of UA Air Force, is seen saying that RU aircraft not only violated the closed airspace but "crossed courses of the target drones which had been fired upon" at the time, thus risking being downed by Ukraine missiles.
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#PeacefulMission2021 | Joint military training exercise with Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) member States culminates at Orenburg, Russia.

The 6th Edition of Exercise Peaceful Mission '21 of SCO Member States hosted by #Russia at the Orenburg Region of South West Russia culminated on Sep 24. ImageImageImageImage
The twelve days long joint training involving #ArmedForces of all SCO member states was organised with an aim to foster close relations between SCO member states and to enhance abilities of the military leaders to command multinational military contingents.
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THREAD: During and after the last fall’s war, US Amb. to #Armenia came under tremendous pressure in US by radical Armenian special interests for staying neutral & voicing official US gov. position on #Karabakh. However sooner or later she had to break 1/…
Appointment of US ambassadors depends very much on the approval of Senate’s foreign relations committee, which is currently chaired by @SenatorMenendez - a longtime supporter of Armenian lobby & #Armenia, who married an Armenian lady in the middle of #Karabakh war last fall. 2/
Amb. Tracy is cognizant of the fate of @BryzaMatthew, one of most accomplished US diplomats, whose career was ended by Armenian lobby (by the same @SenatorMenendez & @BarbaraBoxer) just because he was staying in line with official US gov. policy. 3/
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The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that #Russia was responsible for the 2006 killing of ex-KGB officer Alexander #Litvinenko, poisoned in London with Polonium 210.…

Britain has named and charged a third Russian military intelligence officer over the Salisbury spy poisonings, in a significant development that will enrage Russia.…
Russian interference threatens British democracy. Despite this, the Uk government has refused to take the unequivocal recommendations of parliament's own Intelligence and Security Committee that it says are essential to protect our national security.
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1/3 What happened in #Russia was not election.
2/3 Eliminating opposition candidates from the race, persecuting free media, prohibiting “smart voting” terminology, introducing 3-days long voting, not allowing OSCE international observers to come and to observe elections, - shows how afraid Kremlin is of the Russian people.
3/3 Big contrast with neighboring Ukraine, where they are not afraid to have transparent & fair elections! If elections in Lithuania or any other EU MS would be organized in such a shameful way, like it was done in Russia, those “elections” would be called illegitimate ones.
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#JustIn:4 injured as gunman opens fire in #Russia’s #PermStateUniversity.

Stay tuned for more updates.

#Breaking: 8 killed in Russian campus shooting: investigators

Report by: AFP News agency.

#Russia #WorldNews
#JustIn: Shocked at the horrific attack at #PermStateUniversity in #Russia; our deep condolences for the loss of life & best wishes for the early recovery of those injured:
#IndianEmbassy in #Russia

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#Russia: Shooting in Perm' State University, there are casualties…
Russian authorities reporting that incident involving "non-traumatic pistol", though there is already a photo of a shooter with shotgun, and his manifest why he is doing that
The shooter in Perm' university has been killed. According to reports 5 more killed and 6 wounded… #Russia
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Dozens of state attorneys general warn Joe to drop vaccine mandate or face court | Sep 17
- A total of 24 state attorneys general will “seek every legal option” to stop a WH order for large, private companies to comply with a strict vaccine mandate.…
#California Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Biden #VaccineMandate | Sep 19
- A California sheriff, Chad Bianco, pledged not to enforce the mandate on the employees under his authority, saying that government has - “no authority to mandate your health choices.”…
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The Possible Outcomes of the #US withdraw from #Afghanistan

Interior outcomes :

• Possibilities of civil conflict
• Dissolution of Afghanistan
• Return of terrorist organizations and their activities in the country Image
• The need for Foreign investment in the country’s mining business and foreign aids to the #Taliban regime
• Resume of Intra-Ethnic competitions

Regional Outcomes :
• Security issues in Central Asia
• Security issues in Southern Asia
• Security issues in Iran
• Security issues in the Middle East
• Competitions between Arab states to have a superior effect on #Pakistan and Taliban relations
• Resume of a new competition between Iran and #Turkey and Turkey and Arab states over Afghanistan.
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An overview (w/some preliminary observations) of the new #ICJ case by #Armenia against #Azerbaijan based on alleged violations of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (#CERD). This is the fourth CERD-based case at the ICJ since 2008. 1/20
#Armenia alleges that #Azerbaijan has subjected individuals of Armenian ethnic/national origin to racial discrimination for decades and fosters hatred towards Armenians as a matter of state policy. (Both parties acceded to the CERD in the 1990s.) 2/20
Armenia further alleges systemic discrimination, mass killings, and torture directed at ethnic Armenians by Azerbaijan, and specifically alleges grave CERD violations during the 2020 armed conflict re #NagarnoKarabakh 3/20
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#Pakistan was never a "hired gun" in any war, and it has entered many wars - near and far - for its interests, like any other nation. The narrative of a hired gun is a claptrap; earns political points, but is demeaning for the country, insulting, and self-defeating. /1
History is debatable, but #Pakistan smartly dragged the #US and the free world into a war against the Soviet Union in #Afghanistan; & rightly so. Pak benefited from the project, and also paid a heavy price. The actions of a smart nation that effectively defended its interests. /2
#Pakistan joined the #Bosnia war vs #Serbia+#Russia; helped #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia, #Kuwait vs #Iraq; #Jordan vs militants; supported freedom movements in #Algeria+#Tunisia; backed Western allies in Suez Crisis, helped Kashmiris, & helped counter communism in Arab countries. /3
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In #Dushanbe, PM @ImranKhanPTI met for the first time with #Iran's new President #Raisi, and encouraged him to seize the opportunity to help in ending the war in #Afghanistan, in a delicate attempt to overcome #Tehran's recent criticism of alleged Pak military role in #Kabul. /1
The quadrilateral meeting between #Russia #China #Pakistan #Iran on the sidelines of the #Dushanbe summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization #SCO provided another opportunity for Islamabad and Tehran to clear the air, with Russian & Chinese help. /2

On the day PM @ImranKhanPTI & Pres #Raisi met in #Dushanbe, SL #Khamenei-linked Kayhan newspaper accused #Pakistan's spy agency #ISI of dividing #Afghanistan's people & called on #Taliban to distance itself from Pak claiming Afghans "hate" the neighbor /3

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‼️#Russia has blocked @googledocs, to prevent voters from accessing the opposition’s “Smart Voting” lists of candidates ahead of this weekend’s parliamentary elections. The system was designed to defeat Putin’s ruling party. It’s what @Navalny was promoting when he was poisoned.
@googledocs @navalny Russian courts blocked @Navalny's Smart Voting website as “extremist” & ordered Google & Yandex not to display search results for “Smart Voting”

Police visited office of Google’s Russian subsidiary to “enforce” the order.

FM spox claims the app’s developers have Pentagon links.
@googledocs @navalny As if that weren't enough to keep people from using Smart Voting in Russia's elections, the Kremlin has a proxy backup threat: a wool dealer registered a “Smart Voting” brand name w/ a logo that resembles the Navalny app icon. So anyone using it can go to jail for 6 years.😨
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WATCH | #IndianArmy contingent participating in Multi Nation Exercise #ZAPAD2021 carried out a joint rehearsal of Special Heliborne Operation (SHBO) for the final validation exercise.
WATCH | Combat freefall by #IndianArmy and Indian Air Force commandos in the ZAPAD-21 exercise in #Russia.

@adgpi @IAF_MCC
#ZAPAD2021 | Final rehearsal for the Strategic Exercise (including Fire Power Demo) was carried out on September 13 wherein Indian troops demonstrated its superb battle drills and excellent firing skills.

@adgpi @anishsingh21 ImageImage
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#BREAKING: First Pakistani commercial flight lands at #Kabul airport: Al-Arabiya correspondent
#BREAKING: #Pakistan International Airlines commercial passenger flight takes off from #Kabul: Reuters witness
#BREAKING: #Russia plans to send food and medical aid to #Afghanistan: RIA
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Zelensky finally got his WH meeting. And @CNN its interview—2 yrs late. @ZelenskyyUa tells @FareedZakaria his goal was & is for #Ukraine to win, diplomatically saying he didn’t feel pressure—even if Trump intended it. But jokes a dig at Trump? “This wasn’t Robert DeNiro—my idol.”
@CNN @ZelenskyyUa @FareedZakaria ZAKARIA: Are you worried America will abandon Ukraine [aft Afghanistan w/drawal]?
ZELENSKY: You can’t compare Ukraine to Afghanistan. Since Russia's invasion & occupation in 2014, Ukrainian volunteer citizen battalions have been defending their own country. There was no one else.
@CNN @ZelenskyyUa @FareedZakaria Ukrainian President Zelensky: #Ukraine is not Afghanistan. And #Russia is not the Taliban. Despite having one of most powerful armies in the world, Russia has failed to conquer Ukraine.
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-Sordid saga of Aircraft Carrier INS Vikramaditya #India & #Russia
-India been buying #Russian weapons for 50 yrs, some good, some bad
-But story of Vikramaditya takes the cake
-Interestingly Russia’s latest offer of 3 K class subs at Rs1 could be another nightmare
-Soviet Union commissioned aircraft carrier Baku in 1988
-It was interesting mix of heavy cruiser & aircraft carrier
-It had an angled flight deck & a hangar
-1991 Soviet Union disintegrated, Baku came to Russia as Admiral Gorshkov and soon started rotting due to lack of funds
-On the other hand #IndianNavy was struggling with INS Viraat
-The only carrier #India had was to retire in 2007
-India had limited options
-#USA #France #Italy were costly options
-2004 Russia appeared as Guardian Angel & offered Admiral Gorshkov just for $974 million
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2014 पूर्वी उठसुठ #US #Russia ह्यांच्याकडे धाव घेत होतो. पण आज चित्र बदलल आहे. UK, US, रशिया ह्यांचे #NSA हे श्री अजित #डोवाल ह्याना भेटायला भारतात येतात का? तर #अफगाणिस्तान! तोच अफगाणिस्तान ज्यावर रशिया,US (#महासत्ता😜) ह्यांनी अयशस्वी राज्य केलं! १/७
मोदी सरकारचे अपयश आहे काही गोष्टीत मान्य करायलाच हव पण हे सुद्धा बघायला हवं की जे गेल्या ७० वर्षात झालं नाही ते आता घडतंय. अतिदुर्गम भागात रेल्वे, राम मंदिर निकाल, ३७० कलम, तीन तलाक ह्या गोष्टी घडल्या. २/७
नुसतं गल्लीत माझा नगरसेवक, सरपंच - कार्यसम्राट, दादा, ताई हे करून आपला फायदा फक्त क्षणिक आहे. कारण राष्ट्र जर सुरक्षित हातात नसेल तर काय होऊ शकत हे आपण अफगाणिस्तान मध्ये बघतोच आहोत. विरोधक कितीही बोलले तरी मोदींना 🔔 फरक पडत नाही. ३/७
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The authorities in #Russia seek to control the internet traffic and censor whatever is going against the leading party.
Aleksandr Litreev, a popular software developer is now building a #decentralized #VPN for Russian citizens and other oppressed people around the world, in the fight for democracy.
Litreev's latest project is @solarlabs_team, a decentralized VPN that's based on #blockchain and incentivized with #cryptocurrency.
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It looks like a coup is underway in Guinea
#BREAKING Heavy gunfire in #Guinea capital, near the Presidential palace, the situation is unclear
A military source in #Guinea told Reuters the gunfire involved angry members of the special forces. The source did not say what caused the anger.
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#Pakistan's use of #Islamists to interfere in #Afghanistan does not begin in 1979—that jihad project had begun in 1973 and all the Mujahideen groups were formed before the Soviet invasion—but the origins go back to c. 1956 for a cluster of reasons. <Mini Thread>
#Pakistan inherited the #British concept of "strategic depth", i.e. the need for a buffer against the most dangerous imperial rival (#Russia), and thus from foundation sought to make #Afghanistan into a client state.

[@husainhaqqani, "Between Mosque and Military", pp. 164-6]
#pt: Pakistan's move to vassalise #Afghanistan began in earnest in 1956, after the creation of the Pakistani constitution, with its "Objectives Resolution", creating an Islamic Republic, which had impacts not only internally, allowing the state to define "Muslim", but externally.
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Thread: #Syria, Chemical Attacks, & Disinfo

Interesting outcome from "BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit" re 13-part Mayday @Radio4 series

1. Series was on disinfo campaign -- pursued by #Russia, #Assad regime, and their allies -- contributed to death of James Le Mesurier

2. Series included episode on #Russia-#Assad-allies disinfo to deny #Douma chlorine attack, which killed 43 people, in April 2018

3. ECU outcome upheld series while criticizing "limited aspect" re ex-#OPCW staffer "Alex" (Brendan Whelan)


4. ECU said #BBC's Mayday should have been more circumspect re 1) possibility that ex-#OPCW staffer Whelan got $100,000 from WikiLeaks and 2) any Whelan belief that #Douma chlorine attack was "staged"

5. But ECU noted evidence for both points

Now the interesting part...

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