2022 has had some incredible pieces on the state of transgender medicine. I say without irony that the following might be the most important thing written.
A young woman detailed her experience with chest masculinization surgery with Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher in Miami. In July, she mocked previous victims of reckless transgender surgeons and clinicians. In August, she had surgery. Her words follow. (do not contact her)
In July, she was mocking people who had bad outcomes with gender affirming care. She banters with her friends about how ridiculous the complainers are. ImageImageImageImage
Remember this theme: no matter what, everything is still "pro trans" Image
In August, she had surgery and things immediately go poorly. She calls Dr. Gallagher for help, who minimizes surgical complications and calls the seeping wound a "blowhole." Gallagher may have claimed that this complication never happens. ImageImageImage
Ignored and badly advised by Gallagher, she tries to continue with her recovery and healing, but lands in the ER. When she alerts Gallagher, Gallagher mocks her, joking that she's menstruating out of her side. ImageImageImage
Discovering signs of a severe infection the next day, she contacts Gallagher once more, but wisely seeks help elsewhere as well. ImageImageImageImage
As it turns out, Gallagher has "opted out" of medical malpractice insurance, and therefore her patience have a much harder time being made whole. She is still laboring under the belief that she "feels relief she has top surgery" and can "live like a man." ImageImageImage
Photos. Image
And cope. Image
This exploitation has to stop.
⚠️Do not contact her, even with supportive messages. She will build her own support network. The worst thing you can do is aggravate her. She deserves sympathy and support, but it must come from people she trusts, not strangers. ⚠️

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May 28
Google Bard appears to have a strong built-in bias in favor of transsexualism. I asked it to analyze a passage I'd written and then asked it to re-write it to make it understandable to middle-schoolers. Here's are the results with commentary, starting with the initial prompt: 🧵 Image
The first paragraph is correct. In the second paragraph, Bard begins to editorialize by saying that there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to transition. I never suggested there is, but Bard is programmed to mediate something that isn't fully pro-trans. It continues-- Image
Nothing I wrote could possibly be interpreted as a call for "greater acceptance and understanding of transgender people." If anything, it is a call for people who want to transition to seek greater understanding and acceptance of themselves before seeking medicalization. Image
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Mar 18
Yesterday I wrote a detailed thread of how this @keranews story by @elenaswriting was written to the transgender propaganda group @TransJA's specification, literally citing their "standards."

Until my thread, this story had little engagement. Two hours later, @NPR retweeted it.
@keranews @elenaswriting @TransJA @NPR You can verify from @NPR's own timeline that retweeting a story from an affiliate, particularly a story that until that point had no retweets or engagement, is extremely unusual.

Most likely is that a @TransJA-affiliated editor within NPR decided to put his thumb in my eye.
@keranews @elenaswriting @TransJA @NPR You can see my thread here.

I will be writing to the NPR ombudsman.
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Mar 17
This thread details how transgender activist propaganda is whitewashed by outlets like NPR.

Elena Rivera (@elenaiswriting) is a health reporter for NPR affiliate @keranews in Northern Texas and was supposed to cover Senate Bill 14, a ban on "gender affirming" care for minors.
Elena has me blocked for criticizing her approach to reporting, so I will include screenshots as well as links to her tweets.

In Elena's third tweet, she advocates for the @TransJA style guide to be used in coverage of all trans-related issues.
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Jan 22
The New York Times is coming out of its slumber, deciding to take the thorny issues around youth gender transition more seriously. I have a few thoughts on this piece.

One of my perennial criticisms of transgender activism is the constant drumbeat of terror and genocide that everyone else finds baffling due to its lack of foundation in reality.

This teenager surely FEELS she's in danger all the time: this is 100% part of the "being trans."
Come under pressure from whom? Why use the passive voice here? Too afraid to name the @ACLU, the @ADL, @glaad, @HRC and many, many other activists groups applying this pressure? This sentence fragment deserves its own entire story.
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Jan 6
A "gender non-conforming child" can only exist in a social context with strict and narrow gender norms.

If those norms were not strict, then a wide variety of behavior would be considered normal and unworthy of being labelled as "gender non-conforming."
Labelling a child as "gender non-conforming" is a way of saying "you're different from other boys or girls." And different in a way that ends up marginalizing the child.

A "trans kid" is one who is trying to avoid being marginalized for gender non-conformity via medicalization.
This is not progressive. Teaching kids that they can become transgender is really just creating an avenue to push weird kids into a box. Meanwhile, we congratulate ourselves for having open minds.
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Dec 30, 2022
There are two different groups of people who use the label “gender critical.” One group (the original) uses the label to describe a set of reality-based arguments and criticisms that refute the idea that we can change our sex (or should even try).
The second group is of people who feel moral disgust at people who, for whatever reason, have ever attempted to medically transition, irrespective of whatever followed (detransition, etc). They require moral cleanliness and cannot tolerate *any* relationship with someone “trans.”
It seems helpful here to point out that class analysis is about classes, not individuals. So if your excuse for attacking individuals is that it’s part of your analysis, you’re a filthy liar.
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