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Nov 23 12 tweets 6 min read
CRV war was played out on #Aave yesterday and ended with the longer defeating the shorter.


ponzishorter.eth shorted $CRV by borrowing and dumping $CRV;

$CRV guardians bought $CRV, soaring the price to $0.72, and liquidating all collateral of ponzishorter.eth.

Why did ponzishorter.eth short $CRV?

There maybe 2 reasons.

1⃣ Profit by shorting $CRV.

2⃣ Liquidate Curve.fi founder's $CRV on #Aave by shorting $CRV.

ponzishorter.eth began to borrow a small amount of $CRV and sell from Nov 14, causing the price to slowly drop from $0.625 to $0.464, a drop of 26%.

If he shorts $CRV through the perpetual contract on CEX, he will make a great profit.

etherscan.io/address/0x57e0… Image

ponzishorter.eth's shorting of $CRV also makes many people who use $CRV as collateral face liquidation.

Among them is the Curve.fi founder, whose health rate on Aave has dropped to 1.5( currently 1.62)
debank.com/profile/0x7a16… Image

So, ponzishorter.eth increased the scale of borrowing and selling $CRV.

The Curve.fi founder also increased the collateral.

ponzishorter.eth attempt liquidate https://t.co/KJyxZS0Yto founder's $CRV on #Aave by shorting $CRV. ImageImage

Why did ponzishorter.eth choose to short $CRV instead of other tokens?

We try to introduce the $CRV token and the war on $CRV last year.

$CRV is the governance token of the Curve Finance.

$CRV holders stake and lock $CRV for 1 week to 4 years to obtain $veCRV.

So that they can vote to determine how many $CRV token rewards each pool can get.

The current total supply of $CRV is 1,856,964,180 $CRV and the circulating supply is 636,299,989 $CRV.

Only 30.3% of the total supply is in circulation. Image

Here is the top 20 holders of $CRV.

The top 20 holders hold a total of 1.59M $CRV, accounting for 85.76% of the total supply. Image

Since locking $CRV can gain voting weight, many protocols such as Convex, Frax, Spell, etc. want to gain the control of Curve voting rights by accumulating $CRV to the greatest extent.

You can read @JackNiewold's thread about $CRV War here.

Here is the top 20 holders of $veCRV.

Convex holds 284M $veCRV, accounting for 51.77%, and has gain the relative control of Curve voting rights.

Convex totaly locked 286M $CRV($183.5M) for 4 years. Image

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Nov 24
An hour ago, a whale removed 84,131 $ETH ($101M) from #Curve. Which caused the stETH/ETH pool out of balance, and stETH/ETH depegged to 0.9682.

SmartMoneys have already made money on the temporary depegging of stETH/ETH.

Share with you. ImageImage

MEV Bot arbitraged 104 $ETH ($124,800).

MEV Bot uses flash loan to obtain 8,000 WETH from 0x2718.

His exchange path is 8,000 ETH → 8,272 stETH → 7,537 wstETH → 8,104 WETH.

Then return 8,000 WETH to 0x2718 and make a profit of 104 $ETH.

etherscan.io/tx/0x9d8ac87f7… Image

mandalacapital.eth longs stETH on #AAVE and takes profit when stETH/ETH returns to the peg.

He deposited 4,513.70 stETH to #AAVE and borrowed 3,193 ETH.

Exchange 3,193 ETH for 3,258.46 stETH.

Then borrow again to increase the leverage of long.

debank.com/profile/0xa117… ImageImage
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Nov 22
Today, ponzishorter.eth borrowed a large amount of $CRV from #Aave and pumped it.

Which caused the price of $CRV to drop from $0.537 to $0.407, a drop of 24%.

The sell-off continues for now.


A thread tells you what happened to $CRV. Image

On November 13, ponzishorter.eth deposited about 40M $USDC into #Aave to borrow $CRV for selling.
Began to short $CRV for a week.

Which caused the price of $CRV to slowly drop from $0.625 to $0.464 over the past week, a drop of about 26%. ImageImage

5 hours ago, ponzishorter.eth suddenly borrowed 20M $CRV ($9.9M) from #Aave and transferred to #OKEx for selling.

3 hours ago, borrowed 10M $CRV ($9.9M) from #Aave again.

etherscan.io/address/0x57e0… Image
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Nov 22
Could the FTX Accounts Drainer be @SBF_FTX?


We share some interesting findings with you.

Noah(@Noah_nftn) tweeted that Former employees of FTX @vydamo_ disclosed 0xd275e5cb559d6dc236a5f8002a5f0b4c8e610701 is one of the addresses of misappropriating customer funds.

Starting on November 8th, 0xd275 carried out large-scale $ETH transfers, which has never happened before in history.

The time coincides with the time when the FTX exchange suspended user withdrawals.

Misappropriating client funds to make money?
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Nov 21
FTX Accounts Drainer swapped 50,000 $ETH for 3,517 $renBTC yesterday.

His exchange path is ETH → WBTC → renBTC.

So arbitrageurs can profit by exchanging renBTC for WBTC.


Let’s see how arbitrageurs make money from renBTC → WBTC.

Fund address: 0x66b870ddf78c975af5cd8edc6de25eca81791de1

After noticing that FTX Accounts Drainer sold ETH for renBTC, he minted renBTC and exchanged it for WBTC.

He exchanged 99.8 $renBTC for 102 $WBTC and made a profit of about 2 $BTC($32K) in only one transaction.

Now he has 255 $renBTC in his wallet, waiting for FTX Accounts Drainer to sell $ETH for $renBTC again.
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Nov 21
1/ The price of DFI.money ($YFII) dropped -53% from $4,060.70 to $1,899.87 in the last few hours.

The selling pressure mainly comes from two gaint whales.
$YFII Whale: 0xa4d68627cb6360466f9a6fa6e5db267ef7850c68

Starting from Nov 11, he bought $YFII from exchanges every day, with a total of 8,488 $YFII ($18.4M), and the average price is $2,170.

Assuming he sells all $YFII at $3,000, he will get a profit of $7M.

A few hours ago, the whale "0xa4d6" transferred 755 $YFII($1.5M) from #Huobi to #Binance for sale.

May because #Binance has better liquidity than #Huobi.
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Nov 20
The price of SONM ( $SNM) has increased by 5261% from $0.2035 to $10.91 in the past 24 hours.


Here is a thread about $SNM.

What is $SNM?

$SNM token is an internal currency on the Sonm computing power marketplace.
With $SNM you can get access to the unlimited resources provided by Sonm.


$SNM Token Economics.

Total Supply & Circulating Supply is 44.4M $SNM.

SONM launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on June 15, 2017.

The ICO raised a total of $42 million and minted a total of 331,360,000 $SNM.

The ICO Price is $0.1268.

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