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The #Voyager/#DOJ/#SEC hearing is underway. Due to the nature of this hearing, where much of the information being argued is similar to that of previous hearings, there may be fewer updates here just to avoid redundancy. We'll keep you posted on substantial remarks. Thanks. 🫡
#Voyager rep argues: If the stay is granted, and it is estimated that $10 mil in recovery would be lost per month with the Toggle option, how is that "protecting customers", as the government states that which they are trying to do.
Evans from @VoyagerUCC: Mentions how customers are retail individuals, they are suffering, and how the government is trying to stop $1b going back to those who desperately need it. Says it makes no sense, because types of fraud & tax avoidance are not included in exculpations.
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The liquidity situation in crypto is worsening after the banking fears this month 📉

I dived into several liquidity metrics to give an update on all things crypto liquidity🧵

First, $BTC liquidity has dropped to 10 month lows as market makers lose access to USD payment rails👇 Image
2/ US exchanges have been hardest hit due to the closure of USD payment rails and crypto banks

Market makers in the region facing unprecedented challenges to their operations Image
3/ Spreads for USD pairs have displayed a similar trend, suffering more volatility as a result of the uncertainty in the US Image
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1/ The Fed rate decision will be released in 10 hours.

The figure below shows the price change of $BTC before and after the announcement of the Fed rate decision in the past year.

And we noticed that some institutions transferred funds into the crypto market.👇
2/ Tether has minted a total of 5B $USDT on #Tron and #Ethereum in the past 7 days.
3/ theskybomber.eth(@BastionTrading) received a total of 230.4M $USDT from Tether Treasury and transferred 230.4M $USDT to #Binance in the past 7 days.…
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#CARDANO #ADA historical price action, a thread 🧵 🪡

I keep looking at this CHART. This is #CARDANO’S price action since inception, spanning from 2018 till date. Approximately 5 years of trading. I look at it and I’m still seeing a Cup & Handle pattern with a $14.38 target.

in the #Cardano community have never witnessed #CARDANO in a bull market with a thriving ECOSYSTEM complete with #DEFI, #stablecoins & #METERVERSE as we have now in this bear market. Anyone here now is early and we are about to witness history in the making. Despite the
impressive gains #CARDANO has always enjoyed in the last two bull markets, #CARDANO has never experienced having a HUGE percentage of #ADA locked up in NUMEROUS #DEFI protocols which takes a ton of its liquidity out of circulation frozen in smart contracts as #TVL, we are about
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Market microstructure is so important in trading.

Here’s some brilliant analysis from Kaiko that I’ve summarised.

A must read thread for crypto traders. 👇🏼
Volumes - Amid last weeks broad market rally, #Crypto trade volumes reached their highest level since the FTX collapse.
On 14 March, trade volumes on the 18 most liquid centralised exchanges rose to $51bn, hitting 4-month highs.
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A new era of interoperability is here!

#MultiversX Bridge opens its gates and now enables assets to flow freely between @MultiversX, @BNBCHAIN and @ethereum!

This giant leap forward will speed up the adoption of the ecosystem, accelerating growth for all parties 🧵
@MultiversX @BNBCHAIN @ethereum 1/ 🤝 As one of the trusted relayer node providers, Istari Vision takes immense pride in contributing to the growth and interoperability of the MultiversX ecosystem. We are committed to fostering a secure and efficient bridge for cross-chain transactions.
@MultiversX @BNBCHAIN @ethereum 2/ The integration of #Binance Smart Chain on MultiversX Bridge marks a significant milestone, opening up new opportunities for users to access a broader range of assets and services across both networks.
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Herkese Günaydın 🤗, dün #ABD'de açıklanan #enflasyon verisi, #Bitcoin'in yukarı yönlü fiyatlanmasına neden oldu. Rapora göre, tüketici fiyatları endeksi (#CPI) ocak ayında %6,4 arttıktan sonra şubatta %6 artarak piyasa beklentileriyle uyumlu gerçekleşti.
Gıda ve enerji hariç tüm kalemleri kapsayan çekirdek #CPI endeksi, ocak ayına göre %0.5 artış gösterdi ve bu artış piyasa beklentilerinin üzerinde oldu. (daha ayrıntılı bilgi için 👉…)
#enflasyon verisinin beklenti halinde gelmesi #bitcoin tarafında olumlu karşılandı ama unutulmaması gereken birşey var "#enflasyon halen daha %2 hedeften uzak" ve önümüzdeki süreçte #FED atacağı adımlar önemli.
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@YahooFinance has stopped updating the price of Bitcoin, which it was getting from #Binance owned #CoinMarketCap...

Yahoo: 1 BTC = $24,229
Coindesk: 1BTC = $25,963

(h/t @crypto1nfern0 go follow him) ImageImage
Here's a video showing Bitcoin is the only halted price on America's version of @YahooFinance.
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#SVB Bankruptcy and $USDC Unpegged Incident

1/7 #Circle, an issuer of $USDC, announced on Mar 10th that #SVB, where they held their funds, had gone bankrupt. This leaves $3.3B collateralized in $USDC locked up. Upon this news, $USDC plunged more than 10%. ImageImage
2/7: However, #Circle had previously disclosed the amount of reserve it held in $USDC, and currently, only 8.2%($3.3B out of $40B) was tied up in #SVB.
3/7: By using the #FDIC recovery process as a guide, it's expected that the payout rate will be around 94%, indicating an estimated loss of approximately $200M.
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Petit point sur la journée de demain

Une journée qui va être chargée en termes de volatilité et aussi en congestion de réseau pendant "quelques" heures suite à l'affaire #USDC.

Regardons ça de plus près et comment se protéger.
Concrètement, tout va se jouer sur la capacité de #Circle à honorer le redeem des #USDC en dollar suite à l'annonce.

Pour faire simple, cette opération consiste simplement à envoyer des USDC à Circle, qui vont les détruire et vous verser l'équivalent en USD sur votre compte.
À partir du moment où ce processus se passe correctement, certains vont faire de l'arbitrage et tirer le prix de l'USDC vers le haut jusqu'à atteindre le peg des 1$.

On retrouvera de gros investisseurs ainsi que des plateformes d'échanges (#Binance, Justin Sun etc...)
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¿Qué está pasando con las #stablecoins? 🤔

Primero fue la #Stablecoin de #Binance #BUSD que hasta hoy ha perdido $8 mil millones de sus capital de mercado, y ahora es #USDC de #Coinbase que ha perdido la paridad con el dólar y $7 mil millones de su capital. 😱

[Hilo] 🧶

En el caso de #Binance y #BUSD hicimos un hilo en su momento que dejaré al final, pero hoy nos enfocamos en el caso de la moneda estable #USDC del exchange cripto más grande de EE.UU @coinbase.

Lo primero a destacar es que Coinbase y Circle que son los emisores de #USDC...

no están en quiebra. El problema lo tuvo fue el banco @SVB_Financial que es donde @circle y @coinbase tienen parte del colateral de su moneda estable #USDC. Éste Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fue intervenido hace 1 día por el @CaliforniaDFPI ya que estaba insolvente.👇

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#Binance will add the following stablecoin spot trading pairs:

We will also stop the BUSD Auto-Conversion for users' new deposits of USDP and TUSD alongside the USDC Auto-Conversion pause earlier today.

Users will no longer be able to withdraw USDC, USDP or TUSD from their BUSD balances.
BUSD balances can be converted to USDC or USDP manually through Binance Convert till 2023-03-18 06:00 (UTC).

Any users who wish to convert their BUSD balances to TUSD at a 1:1 ratio may do so manually on Binance Convert till further notice.
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Just a few months ago, the narrative the media was peddling was that #Binance was "insolvent". 🧵

Meanwhile, two US banks just collapsed in a week in what is regarded as the second largest bank failure in U.S. history.

How is Binance faring? The numbers will surprise you!
1. Binance Reserves

Contrary to the extreme FUD at the time, #Binance survived one of the biggest "stress tests" any financial institution has ever faced, relatively speaking -- processing over $10 billion in withdrawals in mere days.

More importantly, data shows that #Binance's reserves have since grown by a massive $9.59 billion.

At the time, there was $55.72 billion in the Binance reserves. Now, there is $65.31 billion in Binance reserves.

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Another week goes by with a lot of #Binance announcements to catch up on!

🧵 Here's a thread to summarise. Image
#Binance will support the @ArweaveTeam $AR network upgrade & hard fork.…
#Binance adds $ALCX, $DF & more tokens on Cross Margin and Isolated Margin.…
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Opsiyonlar konusunda çok fazla veri olduğu için hergün yeni bir bölüm tanıta tanıta ilerliyeceğiz.Aceleye gerek yok,sağlam olsun tam olsun 🤗 @laevitas1
Öncelikle sitemize giriş yaptğınızda sizi böyle bir sayfa karşılayacak (Gözünüzü korkutmasın hepsini açıklacağım 🤗) ayrıca sitemizin Türkçe dil desteği var (yukarıda sağdan değiştirebilirsiniz).
Sol tarafta BTC #Deribit Opsiyonlar Hacmi yer alıyor.Peki Derebit borsası neden önemli ? @DeribitExchange ,Amsterdam merkezli bir kripto para türevleri borsasıdır ve Bitcoin opsiyonları,vadeli işlemleri başta olmak üzere çeşitli türev ürünleri sunmaktadır. (photo:@RektHQ)
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What #defi narrative has a $1 QUADRILLION-dollar potential?

Decentralized perpetuals are a nobel-prize worthy innovation, and protocols like $GMX, $DYDX, $GNS, $PERP, $VELA, $WOO and $LVL are leading the way

Here are the 7 things you need to know to master this market



This thread will cover the following:

• What are derivatives?

• What are perpetuals?

• What makes them unique?

• What are decentralized perps?

• How big is the market for decentralized perps?

• Who are the key players?

• What is the long-term potential?

🔶 What is a derivative?

Derivatives are financial instruments that derive their value from an underlying asset such as a stock, bond, commodity, market index or currency
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Vì hạ viện là cơ quan dân biểu, đại diện cho dân, như Quốc hội VN vậy, nơi sẽ thông qua các chính sách về thuế và cả bầu chọn Tổng Thống, bãi nhiệm, bổ nhiệm các chức vụ quan trọng.
Vậy nên, ông Powell sẽ phải chiều lòng Hạ Viện Image
2/ vì tiếp theo ông ấy cần 1 chính sách tăng thuế với người giàu từ Hạ Viện. Để CP Mỹ có nguồn thu (nguồn thu thuế hơn 60% nguồn thu của CP Mỹ), CP có tiền thì mới trả lãi và nợ cho FED được.
Vậy phiên tối sẽ diễn ra ntn?
Để t suy đoán vài câu hỏi nhé
3/- Về lạm phát, thì liệu LS cao có giải quyết triệt để vấn đề không? Và sẽ tiếp tục là bao nhiêu % nữa?
- Powell, dĩ nhiên, như hôm qua tao có nói, sẽ còn tăng nữa.
- Vậy còn về nguồn thu, liệu việc tăng thuế có bù được tình trạng thâm hụt ngân sách ko?
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1/ General landscape of #NFTFi

#NFT is gaining popularity and is simple for users to understand. I believe #NFTFi will be a major trend, similar to #DeFi summer.

A deep-dive thread about #NFTFi👇🧵
2/ What's #NFTFi

#NFT Finance is the involvement of #NFT in activities such as lending/borrowing, AMM, derivatives and staking,,. #NFT are similar to tokens, but the difference is that #NFT are one-of-a-kind images.
3/ #NFT marketplace

#NFT marketplace is also comparable to #Binance. The NFT marketplace is a place where liquidity is fiercely competitive. The leading exchanges will be #NFT marketplaces that provide numerous benefits to users and creators.
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🏛️ Good morning once again! We'll be covering Day 4 with LIVE updates of the @investvoyager / @BinanceUS confirmation hearing here in the thread below 🧵👇. We anticipate today to be the final day where Judge Wiles will speak his rulings, at 2:00pm EST. #Voyager #Binance #FTX. 🏛️
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Hey you 🫵🏾

Twitter is noisy as hell so here are some of the major #Web3 news you may have missed today ❤️

P.S I put an Easter egg at the end for all you loyal scrollers 👀

1/7 @coffeezila has ripped the @CelsiusNetwork scandal wide open in a recent youtube video.

The crypto investigator and popular youtuber disclosed that the platform was guilty of concealing critical information from investors and exaggerating interest rates
2/7 @EOS blockchain recently announced plans to

incentivize its developer community in anticipation of

the launch of the #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), scheduled for next month.

The price of $EOS has increased by nearly 8% in the past week.
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1/ The price of $MASK rose from $3.27 to $4.16 today, an increase of 27%.

We noticed that a whale withdrew ~3.6M $MASK ($14.8M) from #Binance, #OKX, #Kucoin and #Huobi through multiple addresses.

It is likely that this address is driving up the price of $MASK.
2/ We analyzed the historical transfer-in and transfer-out of the address "0xEf7C".

And found that in many cases, transfer-in will lead to an increase in the price of $MASK, and transfer-out will cause the price of $MASK to drop.…
3/ This address withdrew 0.5 $ETH from Upbit as a gas fee and is a user of #Upbit.

#Upbit announced that it will open spot trading of $MASK today.

Maybe will transfer $MASK to #Upbit to sell.…
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🗽 Good morning everyone! We'll be getting started here shortly with Day 3 of the @investvoyager / @BinanceUS confirmation hearing.
Have a feeling it'll be another long day, but will provide updates as best as possible in the thread below as they unfold. 🗽
#Voyager #Binance #FTX
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1/ With the SEC’s regulation of $BUSD, #Binance is looking to collaborate with other stablecoin projects.

- Minted 180M $TUSD from Feb 16 to Feb 24;
- Announced listing $LQTY in the Innovation Zone on Feb 28;
- Announced launching $TRU perpetual contract today.

A thread🧵
2/ Both the price of $TRU and $LQTY increased more than 200% in the past 30 days.

And whales are accumulating $TRU and $LQTY.👇
3/ Address “0x4322” bought 23.5M $TRU ($2.94M currently) from #Binance at an average price of $0.07344 from Feb 23 and Mar 3.…
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@ThegreatLambiny @ParrotCapital @Bitfinexed @Cryptadamist @cryptoinformer0 @Annihil4tionGod Around the same time CZ had apparently come to the conclusion that #SBF was unhinged and wanted out. He allowed #FTX to publish false information about #binance (Miami Dade due diligence Stadium naming rights).
@ThegreatLambiny @ParrotCapital @Bitfinexed @Cryptadamist @cryptoinformer0 @Annihil4tionGod March 2021 Binance and Multicoin get fully loved up.
@ThegreatLambiny @ParrotCapital @Bitfinexed @Cryptadamist @cryptoinformer0 @Annihil4tionGod We love #binance sooo much we spent thousands of hours writing puff research pieces.....#binance the new #piratebay
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