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[Sistah Space & Ngozi Fulani Thread]
I've decided I'm going to write up some, but not all, of the things I have discovered since learning of the charity Sistah Space and its members. This is going to be a long, long thread, so for sake of making it easier to read I'm going to
Limit the reply function (though you can still quote tweet and add your opinions that way).

Like most people, the existence of Sistah Space was unbeknown to me until it made headlines for an incident at Buckingham Palace. It has since remained in the spotlight, and being
Human, it is natural for us to be curious. Initially on face value, donating to a domestic violence charity is something I'm happy to do, but before any charitable commitments I always conduct due diligence to see how funds are used and to what benefit, and this is where the
Rabbit hole begins that I am sure Sistah Space and its members who incontrovertibly bear responsibility will undoubtedly come to regret the self-orchestrated attention.

Full disclosure before I go any further; I've downloaded and made copies of all multimedia and source codes
And I am still working on compiling it into a legible PDF file to submit to relevant agencies because the reporting systems in the UK are restrictive and limited. So if you happen to be reading this thread and this applies to you, if you start wondering whether I've seen
Something online and you are considering rushing to delete it; let me save you the bother by telling you the chances are I already have it now as I've been at this for over a week. I'm not going to upload the PDF itself, as that's intended for different purposes.
There will be a lot of jumping around the timeline, as it is difficult to explain things that happened 10 years ago without giving context to something that happened 4 years ago - so I'll try to keep it as clear as possible.

I'm going to start with the first issue that caught
My attention in Sistah Space, and this was when I noticed that the Trustee Annual Reports were being signed off by senior members involved in the charity posing as an Independent Examiner, namely Rosanna Lewis (or Rosanne Lewis, Rose Lewis, Rose Muatta or Rosanne Muatta).
I will hazard a guess at what you are thinking - why so many names? This will become a common theme throughout the thread, but the reason there are so many names is not because I am unsure as to the name of the individual, but rather that the individual often uses different
Variations or different names altogether; I am merely listing all of the names that apply to this single individual.

Independent Examinations are for the purpose of maintaining confidence in the accounting standards and have an impartial and professional acknowledgement
That financial data looks orderly and correct. It is fundamentally impossible for a co-founder of a charity to be an independent examiner of that same charity, it undermines the entire purpose of independent examination.
This alone ought to warrant the @ChtyCommission to open
@ChtyCommission 12.
At least a regulatory compliance case into Sistah Space for failing to adhere to UK accounting standards - certainly least of all to maintain confidence in the charitable sector in general.

I thereafter decided to have a glance at the financials, and immediately what stood
@ChtyCommission 13.
Out to me was a 4703% year on year increase in administrative expenses. This is a staggeringly high increase, and it did not correlate with any other part of the financial report, be that appreciation or depreciation. Unusual activity is typically something that will be
@ChtyCommission 14.
Will be elaborated on, so this is where I started to go through each trustee annual report word for word, number by number.

I initially believed that Sistah Space started in 2018, at the time of its registration with the CC, however I later came to realise that it in fact
@ChtyCommission 15.
Began in 2015, as can be seen on various YouTube videos uploaded by members of the charity.

It is also rather suspect that in all that time, Sistah Space did not think to utilise accountancy services. For one, the financial reports submitted by Sistah Space appear to be cash
@ChtyCommission 16.
Based rather than accrual (once a charity's gross income exceeds £25k, this is required).

I was also flabbergasted and dumbfounded when I read in the Trustee Annual Report that the finance officer for Sistah Space was overwhelmed by the workload from a self-proclaimed small
@ChtyCommission 17.
Small charity and did not understand how to do charitable accounting once income exceeds a certain threshold. Quite honestly, this stunned me. Any benefit of the doubt I could extend to Sistah Space after reading a statement to that effect instantly vanished, as it creates
@ChtyCommission 18.
So, so many questions as to whether Sistah Space has ever used a person who knows what they are doing, or even knows how to do so correctly. Once again, even this alone ought to warrant the @ChtyCommission to turn its attention onto the situation as it is impossible to have
@ChtyCommission 19.
Any confidence in the submitted reports when the finance officer is described as being inadequate to perform regulatory duties.

What exacerbated this further, was when I read three different scenarios provided by Sistah Space as to who was maintaining accounting, all from
@ChtyCommission 20.
One trustee annual report. In one scenario, it was the accounts manager who was initially off for covid reasons and subsequently retired that handled the accounting. In another scenario, it was the trustees though these same trustees were said to have been absent for personal
@ChtyCommission 21.
Reasons in the same trustee annual report. In the other scenario, it was the poor soul who didn't understand accounting once gross income reaches a certain threshold.

On immediate face value, it looks pretty bad when most of the time accounts are submitted and filed late.
@ChtyCommission 22.
But it is absurd that so many serious compliance issues are happening and that it has gone on for as long as it has.

Sistah Space has pleaded on a number of occasions previously that issues in its accounting will be addressed, though all evidence suggests that these are mere
@ChtyCommission 23.
Empty promises that carry no genuine intention. While there is certainly a lot of attention in the media and Sistah Space on the topic of race, I firmly am focusing on the concern of money and compliance. If this is to continue unchecked and unchallenged, it will undoubtedly
@ChtyCommission 24.
Erode any confidence in the @ChtyCommission as an effective and competent regulator. It will also heavily damage public confidence in the charitable sector generally. This must be investigated, there is no doubt about that.

Now I have no affiliation with Sistah Space or any
@ChtyCommission 25.
Of its members; I am a stranger to them and they are strangers to me. Because I am not directly involved in the financial dealings of Sistah Space first-hand, I'm not currently well positioned to effectively judge income the charity has received from direct donations from
@ChtyCommission 26.
The general public. There is no way for me to verify figures to be authentic and correct, and I am hesitant to rely on the financial data supplied by a charity that has never been independently examined or audited. Unsurprisingly, I leave out direct donations though would
@ChtyCommission 27.
Encourage the CC to look into this area due to the mounting circumstantial evidence of abject failures to date regarding the management of Sistah Space.

However, I can look at grants that have been awarded to the charity, as I do not need to solely rely on Sistah Space for
@ChtyCommission 28.
This information. Time to buckle up, because this is where things start to get spicy if they weren't already before...

First I want to start with the soft power the key group within Sistah Space utilises through various individuals who are active in our political landscape.
@ChtyCommission 29.
One name that popped up often was @CarolinePidgeon in the London Assembly. On 11th December 2020, Caroline was pushing the ambitions of Sistah Space within the political sphere, though this was to do with exceptionally high demands made by Sistah Space during the pandemic.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 30.
Caroline informed the London Assembly that Sistah Space had seen a 300% increase in demand for its service since the start of the pandemic, this equates to one year period. The only place the figure of 300% has ever been mentioned is within the Trustee Annual Report, which
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 31.
Would lead any rational person to suspect that this is where Caroline sourced such information. What is striking, however, is that this would be the same report where Sistah Space professes a multitude of compliance failures; failures in adhering to UK accounting standards
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 32.
And much, much more. I find it inconceivable that somebody could read such information which was presented in plain English, albeit written poorly - but nonetheless still understandable - and still be of the opinion that it is suitable to receive monetary funding.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 33.
Another politician that appears frequently on the scene, spanning over a very, very long period, is none other than our own national mathematician, Diane Abbot.

[*insert sarcasm face*]

Ngozi Fulani belongs to what is typically described as the 'hard left'. She has long
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 34.
Attended various political engagements of Diane Abbot and Jeremy Corbyn over many years prior. Diane Abbot has frequently lobbied various political arenas on behalf of Sistah Space with the aim of securing what the charity wants (and to be clear, it wants a lot).
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 35.
I should clear up, whenever I write Ngozi Fulani, keep in mind this could also mean Ngozi Headley; Ngozi Headley-Fulani; Marlene Headley; Marlene Fulani; Mary Headley; Mary Fulani; Mary Headley-Fulani; or Sister Ngozi.
For avoidance of any doubt, this is all the same person.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 36.
Diane Abbot's relationship with Ngozi Fulani pre-dates the existence of Sistah Space, as they are seen in several photographs outside a store at 42 Chatsworth Road, London. At the time of the photograph, there is a poster advertisement for the Chatsworth Road Festival for the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 37.
15th September 2015 (day may not be exact, but month and year is correct). The store at the time also was called "Maxine & Marlene's", as I can see in photographs. The premises appears to be a store that sells various items and accessories with a clear reference to African
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 38.
Culture (or at least as far a reference that a typical Brit may perceive it to be).
We also know that Sistah Space started that same year, and all evidence suggests that the name change to Ngozi Fulani from Marlene Headley happened on or very near to the beginning of the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 39.
Charity, Sistah Space. I find this timing to be interesting and convenient, as if you were to submit an application for a grant under the name Marlene Headley, then you are unlikely to be perceived to be in a minority group on the application alone, unlike Ngozi Fulani.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 40.
It is my belief and my opinion that Ngozi Fulani adopted such a name for the purposes of appearing and presenting as a minority with the aim to garner greater appeal in the subsequent demands for help of every kind that is to follow. In the climate of 2022 in particular, the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 41.
Topic of race is morphing into both a sword and shield by many. I believe that this is a disservice to those who suffer from genuine racism, but I also believe that those who weaponise the topic in pursuit of personal gain are unlikely to care; in turn I will not waste any
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon 42.
Of my energy trying to reason with someone I clearly hold different values to.

So let us begin with @hackneycouncil and @mayorofhackney, and the costly feud between Sistah Space and this local authority that no doubt heavily ate into what is otherwise scarce resources.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 43.
I will cut down on the melodramatics and put it to you that basically Sistah Space were unhappy for a plethora of reasons, and demanded that Hackney Council provide the solutions to any problem they had otherwise it would be considered that the council was racist.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 44.
This was an ongoing issue between the two sides that ultimately ended up in independent mediation, with both sides being legally represented and advised. Some of the benefits provided to Sistah Space by Hackney Council include but are not limited to: £35'000 on refurbishments
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 45.
To a property that Sistah Space was resident in on a rent-free agreement from December 2019. 24 hour security was funded by the council, in addition to expenses met for removal and storage, installation of CCTV; installation of panic alarms and an agreement between the two
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 46.
On an end-date for temporary accommodation Sistah Space was provided while refurbishments were being carried out at the other property.

Sister Space repeatedly professed to Hackney Council that the premises was unsuitable because the security was inadequate. Now I have spent
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 47.
A great deal of time watching hours upon hours upon hours of video footage. In most videos I have watched, the front door is left wide open and Sistah Space members are often sat outside selling donated items or twerking in the street while blasting music outdoors.

I neither
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 48.
Claim to be a woman nor do I claim to be a domestic violence victim, however I imagine that if I were then I probably wouldn't feel comfortable entering into a space that would be attracting a great deal of attention. Perhaps that's just me, but I'd wager I'm not the only
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 49.
Only one to be of that opinion; it is less a matter of culture, and more a matter of professionalism.
Also, owing to the nature of sexual violence, I'm not entirely certain that having women bend over and bounce their arse in the street is the correct image in that setting.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 50.
Now I want to rewind slightly to the topic of 'selling donated items', and this will also tie in to something I read on the Trustee Annual Report which caught my eye.

When Sistah Space was explaining this charity shop, it initially explained this as a unique concept to sell
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 51.
Donated items to its service users at a discounted price. Immediately, I take issue with this concept, as it is claimed that the items are donated (I interchange this to mean at no cost), so the full benefits are not being passed down to the end user, which would be those
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 52.
That are attending who are victims of domestic or sexual violence. It is also plausible that such persons have limited access to a financial resource, therefore I do find it to be unethical and counterintuitive to the purpose of the charity that it utilises a charity shop as
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 53.
A means of net income at the expense of the wrong target group. The only party that benefits in this situation is the charity; not the donors, not the end users, not the community.
This of course is on the basis that there is no cost associated to items that find their way in
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 54.
To the Sistah Space charity shop.

However, Sistah Space has made multiple applications for grants specifically for the purpose of purchasing products for its charity shop (though it omitted the shop element in the applications).
There is the possibility therefore that the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 55.
Charity is purchasing goods to resell and perhaps this is where the staggeringly high increase of administrative expenses comes from (4703% year on year increase).

In this scenario, it would be logical to look at what the donated items available for sale at the charity shop
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 56.
Include, and thanks to previous videos posted by members within the charity that gave a running commentary on the items and its source, we know the answers to this and it certainly grabbed my unconditional attention.

I will now list what was discussed on the video footage.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 57.
- CDs and books were provided to the charity shop from Dr Sandra Richards. Sandra Richards is Ngozi Fulani's older sister and she has a life coaching business. She sometimes appears in videos for Sistah Space, though generally she is spamming her own social media with an
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 58.
Endless stream of inspirational quotes and radical perspectives on theology to do with race. Sandra is also of the opinion that she is in fact a divine god from an older life living among a weaker species; she identifies as African and resents any one who considers her to be
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 59.
Black Caribbean or Black British, as she eloquently made clear in an interview some years ago.
- Watches are supplied from Mosaiqe. This is a now dissolved business that owes hundreds of thousands to creditors, and its director is Kassai Antonio Fulani, otherwise known as
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 60.
Kass Fulani; Kass Headley; Kass Fulani-Headley; Kassai Fulani; Kassai Headley; or Kassai Fulani-Headley.
Or quite simply, this is Ngozi Fulani's son.
Mosaiqe, historically, has went through a lot of different business concepts - from music, to art, to accessories, etc.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 61.
Mosaiqe has equally went through a lot of crowdfunding and fundraising schemes, a combination of direct donations from the public as well as a Santander grant for £8'000 which was actually awarded to Djan Headley (Ngozi's daughter) in her final year of university though she
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 62.
Does not appear to have ever held any authoratative position within Mosaiqe, ever.
Just to briefly reflect, when I write Djan Headley, this could also mean Djanomi; Djan; Djanie; Djand; and Headley or Fulani respectively (you get the gist by now hopefully).
Upon reading into
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 63.
Kassai's background a bit deeper, he holds no punches in proclaiming to be sharp and full of business acumen.
Personally I struggle to agree with that observation as when a business feels it can commit spending while it has a debt exceeding 1000% of its highest gross income
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 64.
With no wriggle room, that's a pretty strong indicator that you haven't got a clue how to budget responsibly and sensibly.
However in the midst of owing hundreds of thousands to creditors, Kassai continues to mysteriously have the funds to travel the world and take regular
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 65.
Overseas holidays. One thing I did discover is that when Mosaiqe's website was registered, it was registered under the company Ethics & Aesthetics, which is a separate company that Kassai is the director of that surprisingly is still active today - but I still found it
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 66.
Peculiar that a cost which would typically be written down as an expense was registered on the books of a different company altogether. If that is the practice applied for all expenses and income, then it would make sense why Mosaiqe became riddled in debt despite the social
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 67.
Media proclamations of 'record success' and 'record sales'. If those record sales did exist, then they certainly do not show in the finances, that's for sure.
- Clothing apparel was provided to the Sistah Space charity shop from Tobias Azizah, who is also known as Tobias
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 68.
Azizah Drummond; and more recently changed his name to Tobias Fulani-Azizah in 2017. His company is the now dissolved Africa Inspired, and the clothing apparel this business would provide to the Sistah Space charity shop would contain his AI logo.
Once again, as with the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 69.
Financial catastrophe seen in Mosaiqe, the same applies to Africa Inspired albeit on a much smaller scale.
- 'Survivor Dolls' is a prominent item that features on the Sistah Space charity shop, and these items are provided by Maxine Claye (you'll be happy to know that Maxine
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 70.
Tends to go by the same name, snaps for Maxine).
Maxine is Ngozi Fulani's twin sister and the business name is A Darker Shade, which conveniently also was advertised on social media as being located at 42 Chatsworth Road, London.
However, just like 'Maxine & Marlene's", there
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney 71.
Is no Limited Company, however it is possible (though highly unlikely) that these were registered with @HMRCcustomers as a sole trader and limited partnership respectively.
Curiously, Maxine has spoken on public social media platforms historically when addressed about the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 72.
Monies involved concerning Sistah Space and A Darker Shade. Maxine stated that half of the cost for the sale of the doll is donated to Sistah Space. This is an important and critical piece of information, because it demonstrates a direct contradiction. On one hand, the Sistah
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 73.
Space charity shop is being presented to the general public, domestic violence victims, end users and the @ChtyCommission via Trustee Annual Report that the funds from the sale are in the control of the charity, yet on the other hand it actually suggests that the proceeds
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 74.
From sales at the charity shop go to the donors (all the various businesses ran by various family members) on the word that half is then donated. From the information available online, I have not seen a single shred of evidence in the finances that there is capital donated.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 75.
More so, if it is indeed on the basis that proceeds from sales are actually returned to the donor, then I cannot help but find it suspicious that every single business is being reported as destitute and in debt with very little - if any - gross earnings.
The pattern that I
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 76.
Have noticed among these all is a common cycle: business is started, business provides products for sale, business soars into substantial debt, accounts do not get filed, business is struck off and closed - then a new business opens and the cycle repeats itself.
Ding. Ding.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 77.
When members within Sistah Space talk of some of the products for sale, one word that I noticed often was 'imported'. Now this is actually very common, but it equally means that money is going overseas which makes things much harder to trace (at least in my position).
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 78.
In regards to the operation of the charity shop, I would very much like the @ChtyCommission to investigate whether charitable funds are being used in the pursuit of personal gain. I am not in possession of every transaction within the charity, but I can look at all the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 79.
The financial information available elsewhere (such as in the other businesses if available) and weigh everything up on circumstantial scale. Between the management of the businesses and the charity, when considered in the context of almost all persons are from the same
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 80.
The same family, and all these businesses are dropping hundreds of thousands of debt on creditors to foot the bill, then I struggle to see where did the money go? Far, far too many red flags here and inconsistencies.

(I'm going to make a cup of tea, will resume in 3 mins)
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 81.
(back with toast and jam, a hot cuppa and now the heating is on because Scotland is freezing cold right now - let's resume)

Next on the agenda is the part I've been looking forward to talking about the most, the grants! Because this in fact is something we can look at in
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 82.
More detail because it is public record. As with before, there will be some back and forth in this next section (as I try to explain various correlations and contradictions), but context is needed first. I will also be tagging those that have awarded the grant, and hopefully
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 83.
Moving forward these places will be a bit more assertive when considering if what they are reading is logical and realistic, especially when they have already awarded multiple grants prior to the same charity.

I'm going to make an effort to keep this in chronological order
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 84.
And hopefully that will make it easier to follow for the readers.

A quick overview, we can demonstrate that Sistah Space, between 26th March 2019 and 8th September 2021 received at least £194'498 in awarded grants alone. It is important to stress that grants does not include
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers 85.
Any funds raised through direct fundraising methods (donations from crowdfunding or directly from the public, etc).

There are 9 grants that we have data for, so let's start at the beginning on 26th March 2019 Sistah Space was awarded a grant by @MayorofLondon (Greater London
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon 86.
Authority) for the sum of £12'000 to be used for peer research. The peer research commissioned by Sister Space is available online via Survey Monkey, where anyone and everyone can fill it in and Sistah Space is unable to verify any information provided to it.
I'm going to
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon 87.
Refrain from adding in the hyperlinks and such because if I start then I probably won't be able to stop and this entire thread will end up looking like a hot mess.
But, it is available online if you search 'sistah space survey monkey' you will find it.
I read through the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon 88.
Questions in this survey, and it is incredibly leading as opposed to being open. Personally, this is not how I would conduct a research study, but each to their own. If you want to manipulate data to get the outcome you want, then you do you, boo.

Considering that Sistah
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon 89.
Space utilised the free version of the survey, and considering that the extent of effort seemed to be little more than tweeting to the internet to complete the survey, I am totally baffled at how GLA could have possibly considered this task to be at a £12'000 cost.
It is at
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon 90.
At most 10 minutes of work. This research study would consume lesser time than it would take for me to have a shower on any given morning. Unless decision makers at GLA are knowingly awarding disproportionately higher figures to this charity, then otherwise we could assume
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon 91.
That this is the product of a charity that sells itself way beyond its book value. It is akin to pitching the sale of an Aston Martin, and turning up in a Ford hatchback - the two are clearly not the same.

The second grant dated 23rd January 2020was for £950 from @TNLComFund
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 92.
This grant was intended to be used for sewing classes. Now, on face value this seems reasonable, but sewing machines (multiple of them) were donated to the charity prior.
Before Sistah Space's current website (we'll come onto this later lol), the original website was created
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 93.
By a woman called Izabela Jelonek. If you google 'sistah space github', you will find Izabela's github for the original Sistah Space website. Github is open source, so it's public domain and you can navigate through the website as it originally was.
On the original website it
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 94.
Confirms that sewing classes were happening as early as 2016. Djanomi (Ngozi's daughter who was referenced earlier) is named as the 'teacher'/'seamstress'.

Now I could understand the grant is the product for these classes were to be procured by the Sistah Space, but if all
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 95.
That we have seen so far is anything to go by, and you are suspecting that the benefit was not provided to the domestic violence victims, you'd be correct.

Sistah Space was charging domestic violence victims (the same group of people who are likely to be strapped for cash)
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 96.
£5 per hour for a sewing class. And it gets better (or worse), those that attend the class are instructed to bring their own fabrics. Now given that fabrics are brought by attendees, and £5 per hour per person will most certainly cover costs for threads and electricity, and
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 97.
The fact that Sistah Space was already in receipt of multiple sewing machines, it is difficult to understand what expense is the charity actually suffering here? Once again, the only beneficiary in this instance is the charity; not the victims or attendees, just the charity.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund 98.
Now we move onto grant number three. This was a grant awarded to Sistah Space for £4'300 on 7th April 2020 from @London_cf (the London Community Fund).
Remember that I'm listing these in chronological order, so if you have clicked onto the sequence here that is as confidence
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 99.
Of the charity grows in regards to procuring grants, the higher the request will be.
Anyway, back to grant number three. £4'300 was awarded and to be used for the purchase of essential items such as toiletries, food and hygiene products.

Now, *if* Sistah Space had been
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 100.
Providing all of these products to its service users for free (as the charity suffered no cost in obtaining them), then I would have no issue with this.

However, these are products that have been purchased with grant funds, which are then put into the charity shop. I have
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 101.
Blown up several shots where these items are displayed with paper price tags onto them - the prices are not cheap, and on a purely speculative note, I worry that Sistah Space may try to project emotional guilt tripping to strongly encourage vulnerable persons to buy product.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 102.
Just to stress again, the latter is my speculation and my gut instinct. I make that opinion based on my judgment of the character integrity of this group that operate within Sistah Space (it is very, very low).
However, as before the only true beneficiary in this instance is
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 103.
Sistah Space, not the domestic violence victims, not the service users, just the charity.
I strongly take a personal issue with the ethics on points like this, as I interpret this as the charity ultimately failing its charitable objective.
In reality, the charity operates as
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 104.
If it were a for-profit capitalistic obsessive business. It is the kind of behaviour and attitude that I would expect to see from the likes of a payday loan company, but certainly not a not-for-profit charity, under any circumstances.

Let's move onto grant number four.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 105.
Rolling in with grant number four for £22'500, this was awarded on 27th April 2020, again from @London_cf (20 days after being awarded £4'300 for products).

This time, Sistah Space submitted a grant application stating that the funds were to be used to purchase x4 laptops,
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 106.
x4 mobile phones, and x1 administrative assistant (clearly a reference to a salary). The grant application also stated that this would allow the charity to operate a 24 hour service.
First things first, if at least half of this grant was used for a salaried assistant, then
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 107.
I'd be inclined to believe that the salary details in the financial report would need a closer look into.
I would also be incredibly interested to know if there is anyone at Sistah Space, outside of this family and the small key group, who have ever received any sort of
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 108.
Training that would lead to any sort of qualification at any level. I have read a lot about training for Djanomi (Ngozi's daughter) but nobody else.
Additionally, it would be interesting to discover whether this salaried assistant is a family member; nepotism is a noticeable
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 109.
Theme throughout every single aspect of this charity and its operations.
I also cannot help but notice from multimedia that very often members of the charity are plodding around with macbooks. For the avoidance of any doubt, to any person that may be unfamiliar with the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 110.
Apple brand, it is a product that leans on the higher end scale in terms of price to value. For data entry and administrative tasks I wouldn't expect to see macbooks for a charity that supposedly struggles so much it submits an endless stream of applications for grants.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 111.
Also - and this is important - pay attention and remember that in this grant the charity stated in the application the laptops and mobile phones would allow it to operate a 24 hour service with an online presence, we will be reflecting back on this later, a number of times.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 112.
Moving onto grant number five, which was for £9'800 from @TNLComFund and this was awarded on 22nd May 2020. In the application for this grant, Sistah Space stated that it would allow the charity to transition to an online service for victims of domestic violence.
Now the way
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 113.
This is worded would suggest that the charity does not have an online service prior to making this application. Perhaps the National Lottery Fund could have had more due diligence in vetting the information in the application, but if they were to trust it on face value then
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 114.
This cost is on the upper scale but it's not unreasonable *if* (big if) the transition to establishing an online presence and service was being done on a custom basis and from scratch.

Now this is when we will be doing some hopping about, if you have been reading this from
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 115.
The very beginning (quick hello to you, because I've been sat for hours typing this lol), then you may recall earlier when we discussed the original Sistah Space website which is still accessible via Izabela Jelonek's github (as a reminder, if you google search 'sistah space
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 116.
github' then you will find it). Sistah Space already had an online presence, on a website with a customised code (I'll reflect on this point later too, so keep that in mind). It has had the website since at least 2016 if not earlier (as we can see from various notices on it)
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 117.
So this grant for £9'800 has absolutely nothing to show for it. Not a single thing. So what I would very much like to know is what was this money used for.
Let's rewind back to the Trustee Annual Reports again for a moment, and within these reports there is typically a
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 118.
Statement of some sort to give a general idea of the charities future plans. Time and time again, this is dominated by the single subject of purchasing a London property. Sistah Space claims to have some money aside to purchase a property in London, after they spent even
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf 119.
More effort once again harassing @hackneycouncil, with the assistance of @HackneyAbbott to lobby on their behalf, pushing for extremely favourable conditions that would be de facto exclusionary to every other domestic violence unit in the Hackney area.
My speculation is that
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott 120.
Sistah Space has been ringfencing money from grants that have been awarded to the charity, on the grounds of purposefully misleading information to improve chances of securing more funding. I stress again that this is my speculation, based on what is available to my eyes but
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott 121.
I very much suspect it is a very real possibility this is happening and the @ChtyCommission ought to be diving into the management and operations of Sistah Space to minimise, what in my opinion, is a recipe for disaster that will significantly damage confidence in both the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott 122.
Commission as the regulator, and confidence in charities in general with the public.

At this point I would also like to stress, in all the grants so far (remember we're doing them in chronological order on this thread), not once has there ever been mention of a property.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott 123.
Moving on to grant number six, and this is one that is highly relevant today. The sixth grant Sistah Space was awarded was for £32'948 on 11th August 2020. This grant was awarded by none other than our very own @DCMS, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 124.
The purpose of this grant of course was to relieve pressure on public services (bless the NHS), and to ensure that charities and business has the financial resources to continue operating.
This grant in particular irks me up the wrong way, because it requires good faith on
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 125.
Part of the applicant that they are in genuine need of emergency funding to survive. Through a multitude of reasons and in light of the speed at which things were moving, we lost billions to fraud during the pandemic which we all, as taxpayers, have to make up the shortfall.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 126.
Now I am very much aware that this is not an isolated issue restricted to just one organisation, it was a widespread problem. However, I am reserving my right to treat them all with equal disdain and disgust; and I make no apology for that because this was committed by those
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 127.
Who preyed on the system at a vulnerable point, and any opportunity to recover lost monies through the pandemic I am of the opinion that it should be seized upon. That's just my personal opinion, others may disagree and that's okay. Sistah Space in this accounting year had
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 128.
A surplus (profit) that was larger than its liabilities (expenses). You would be forgiven for asking at this point why on earth Sistah Space was continuing to submit applications for grants:- I am asking the same question.
Some people may think that Sistah Space had a lot of
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 129.
Expenses to cover during the pandemic, but (for those that don't recall):
Sistah Space's premises was rent-free since December 2019; grants were provided for electronics, a new employee, food, hygiene products, skincare products, haircare products, etc.
So once again, I'm at
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 130.
A total loss as to what expenses this charity was supposedly having to deal with. Where did all this money go when so many freebies were provided?

Let's move onto grant number seven. This was for an award of £40'000 from Greater London Authority on 1st December 2020. This
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 131.
Grant does not have much information attached to it. Curiously, it is listed under a different name (Royal Dock) though the same charity registration number. I haven't fully explored this one yet, as it is an outlier, so I'm going to move on and not make any judgment here.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 132.
So, grant number eight. This time coming from @London_cf (yet again) for £12'000 awarded on 22nd December 2020. The application for this grant detailed how it would be used to purchase more essential products: food, hygiene products, skin care, hair care, etc.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 133.
Sistah Space stated that part of the grant would be used to cover the salary of another part-time domestic abuse advisor.
This will be the second time recruitment has been brought up in grant applications; as before, I am curious to know whether even just one of these
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 134.
Salaried positions is filled by anyone outside of the family or the key circle members. Still to this day the only advisors I have seen reference to other than Ngozi is Rosanne Lewis (of many names) and Djanomi (Ngozi's daughter, also of many names).

Next, we come onto my
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS 135.
Personal favourite which I have been so annoyed by since I found out about it lol.

Grant number nine was awarded by @comicrelief (a charity that I very much like) and it was for the amount of a whopping £60'000 awarded on 8th September 2021.
This grant I am going to go into
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 136.
Quite a bit more detail because I want to demonstrate precisely how this was an utter and complete fraud and I hope that @ChtyCommission pays attention to this part if not anything else. I also hope that Comic Relief pay attention here, too.

Before I resume writing about
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 137.
This grant in particular, I need to bring up a lot of documents and tabs, because I will be tagging relevant persons due to the sizeable amount of money involved here.
But I need to pour another cuppa and stretch the legs, so I will resume typing in around 10 mins (ish).
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 138.
Showered and freshened up. Another cuppa by my side. Let's continue. (apologies for the long wait)

The details on this grant is so wild that I'm genuinely struggling where to even begin explaining it. Anyway, let's start with what the application to Comic Relief stated, as
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 139.
This application is one that we can see the submission by Sistah Space.
Sistah Space made a number of claims, and it splits into three areas:
(1) the charity claimed that its core user group is in the 40-86 age range and that part of the grant would be used to teach the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 140.
To teach the people of an older age how to navigate around the internet, make use of online banking, etc.
(2) the charity claimed to Comic Relief that if it was awarded the grant for the sum of £60'000 then this would increase the outreach of Sistah Space by at least 60%
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 141.
However there is no citation to support such a claim; there are no details of any study commissioned by Sistah Space that even touched on the subject.
Remember, Sistah Space utilises Survey Monkey (the free version) to conduct all its research thus far, and all of these are
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 142.
Still available online as you are reading this tweet. You can even complete the survey and submit your results, as they are all still live (despite being claimed on the website it ceased in 2020/2021).
I have looked long and hard for any evidence or even a mention of a study
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 143.
That focuses on outreach potential; at this point I am confident enough to state that it does not exist. I am also confident to state that this is a random number plucked out of thin air, as there is precedent for this to happen elsewhere. At the start of this thread I
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief 144.
Explained how @CarolinePidgeon made the claim in the @LondonAssembly that Sistah Space saw a 300% increase in service demand. I also earlier wrote that this figure is present in a Trustee Annual Return.
During a @hackneycouncil virtual meeting on 27th January 2021, Ngozi
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 145.
Fulani attended this meeting and stated that Sistah Space has seen a 500% increase in service demand (that would mean a 200% jump in a single month).

Elsewhere in the Trustee Annual Reports, Sistah Space stated that its staff members halved and it's workload doubled. Given
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 146.
That Sistah Space has thus far opted to talk in percentiles, I shall translate: Sistah Space claimed that service demand increased 200%, and staff availability decreased 50%.

We have very different figures - 500%, 300%, 200% - all referencing service demand around the same
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 147.
Period, and coincidentally and strangely, they always seem to round off to perfectly whole figures. For that to happen on all three occasions, since we're on the topic of statistics, is nigh impossible.

But for a moment let's roll with it. Let's pretend that these figures
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 148.
Are correct and let's take the middle ground of 325%.
If you recall to earlier in this thread, I made a point on referencing the staggering increase in admin costs, which was a year on year increase of 4703% (note how I didn't land on a perfectly whole number lol).
Even if
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 149.
The service demand increase figures were true (to be clear, they are not but let's pretend so otherwise), then it would still not correlate anywhere near a 4703% increase in admin expenses.

Furthermore, Sistah Space expressly stated that they had to suspend taking on new
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 150.
Cases and only work with the existing cases. That is put on record by Sistah Space to the @ChtyCommission and I am glad that I clocked it.
If the charity was not taking on new cases, in what world is it possible for service demand to increase and expenses to soar?
The issue
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 151.
With lies and dirty accounts, is that if you're going to attempt to try and pull it off, you have to have every single last detail and digit absolutely pristine otherwise it all falls in on itself. That is what is happening here, unfortunately.

Now let's move onto the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 152.
Third point.
(3) Sistah Space has put a high price tag on the cost of a new website. Once again, the application is written to imply that a website is not suitable, but I will come onto this in a moment because this is an area I am in a position to understand well.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 153.
Now before I go further here, I want to explain that I have previously reached out to a very small number of people that were involved, in some way or another, in anything Sistah Space could reasonably claim an expense on. This includes the new Sistah Space website which is
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 154.
Currently live right now.
On the footer on this website, you will see that it is credited to the work of a business called Lex Designs London Ltd. My understanding is that this is a sole director limited company, and I spent some time watching some of her social media videos
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 155.
Where she showed herself working on the PC and the applications. The reason I watched them is because I am extremely familiar with a lot of the Adobe Creative Commons apps.
I sent a private message to @AlexElissaaa over instagram, briefly explaining why I was contacting
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 156.
And presenting the question if her business was commissioned to the tune of £60'000 or around that figure to build a website.
I explained to Alexandra that the reason I was asking was to source more information for a better understanding, and the business that put its name
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 157.
Against the work seemed like a sensible route to take.
Alexandra declined to comment, which is fine as it doesn't necessarily alter the detail I will go into next.

In the world of website creation, for a custom built website with some fancy features to a personalised
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 158.
Specification, you're probably talking upwards of around £4'000 depending on the complexity of the work involved and amount of code required.

However Alexandra is a graphic artist - from what I have seen she is at an amateur level of digital art (I'm making that opinion on
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 159.
The basis of professional work). In videos Alexandra has posted, I can see that she uses AI (adobe illustrator) and PS (adobe photoshop). Both very common run of the mill applications for any graphic designer, as expected.

However, her knowledge is somewhat limited as she
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 160.
Relies on licenced templates. The idea is that you purchase the licence, you then download the template, open it up in the application and all the layers are pre-set where you can then edit the graphic to suit your need. There's nothing wrong with this, but it is typically
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 161.
A method employed by those who are at an amateur level which is rather common in those that are self-taught. (props for being self-taught in the first place though - I wanted to say something positive because it feels like I'm being negative when that's not the point).
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 162.
Anyway, so we've established that Alexandra can tamper with graphic design to a satisfactory level, but I would not regard it at a high end professional level (keep going Alexandra, you'll eventually get there).

However, Alexandra is most certainly not a coder. That I can
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 163.
Outright demonstrate by pointing any one of you in the direction of pulling up the page source code on the Sistah Space website, and you will see the assets (multimedia files, pictures, etc) are all stored on Square Space servers.

What is Square Space? Well, if you've seen
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 164.
TV adverts for 'Wix' where it shows you how you can easily build your own website utilising the *extremely* beginner-friendly templates, then Square Space is in effect the same thing. Similar to that of Wordpress templates, it is website creation for those with zero coding
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 165.
Experience or knowledge.
I just want to reiterate that there's not actually anything wrong with these platforms, they are fantastic options for those who are not positioned to write their own code, but hell will freeze over before anyone sells a Square Space website for £60k
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 166.
More so, just to reiterate my point, Lex Designs London's own website is built on the Wix platform.

If you are a website creator/coder however you fashion it, your website, particularly your landing page, is by far your biggest sales tool. It is your chance to brag with
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 167.
With every trick you know. Getting the right colour palette, balance of text and infographics, user interface, UX, platform responsiveness (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc). So much goes into that advertisement in of itself.

I can categorically tell you, nobody pitching custom
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 168.
Built websites would be seen alive with a freebie template. It just doesn't happen.😂

Now there is a cost for Square Space, for the hosting, however you can navigate to Square Space's website and see the prices for yourself. It is very cheap and very reasonable, especially
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 169.
If you are utilising a package that comes with e-commerce solutions (online payments) as that saves you the trouble of having to set up an account with a merchant bank and payment processing company, so on so forth.

Sistah Space's new website is in fact actually a technical
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 170.
Downgrade on what they had originally.
Though I will secede, that the new website is more aesthetically pleasing. But on technical input, the original website wins hands down.

To put this into perspective, you could go onto Fiverr and easily find anyone who would do the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 171.
The exact same job for $5. It is super quick, super easy, does not take a lot of time at all and that's why people price it so cheaply because it is easy money. Consequentially, it is also why so many offer template installation services.

So I'm rewinding back a little to
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 172.
This grant for £60'000.

Where did this money go and what has it been used for?
To get an answer to that question, we would really need the @ChtyCommission to do what any responsible regulator would do and investigate it.
I would have liked to been able to trust Sistah Space
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 173.
However, with all that I have chosen to share thus far, I believe I've explained in a concise and clear manner (as far as I reasonably could) why that option is untenable.

I also want to take a moment to express that I am not in favour of hurling abuse at anyone. I started
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 174.
My investigation into Sistah Space as a stranger, and I intend to complete it as a stranger.

BUT there is one thing I would *greatly* appreciate, is if you would take a moment to report concerns to the @ChtyCommission, because these concerns are valid and need addressed.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 175.
If you've made it this far, then thank you for reading! I'm coming to the end of what has been 8 hours of me typing out this entire thread.

I hope that the length it has taken me to type this out conveys how much more I spent researching.
I would like to see all concerns
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa 176.
Addressed, because I think domestic abuse charities do great work. I do not want mismanagement of one charity destroying confidence in an entire sector.

As for Sistah Space, if you are reading this. I said very early on in this thread that my concerns have absolutely
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa END.
Nothing to do with race, but everything to do with money and compliance. I reiterate this again now.
I'm going to give my fingers a little rest, but I will continue to watch what happens at Sistah Space and with the @ChtyCommission.
Thank you for reading and your time!
J ☺️
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @AlexElissaaa For anyone wondering the correct place to file a report, Sistah Space is a CIO, so it is the @ChtyCommission that exclusively deals with this rather than any other regulator. The correct form is located here:
Very important for the CC to act on this.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.1
Hello again👋
I noticed that there's been a few people questioning what was in my thread, I just want to clear up that everything I had posted came from some source or other that is somewhere in the public domain. This varies anywhere from social media posts, filings, etc
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.2
So everything I have mentioned I have a direct source to (I just didn't upload all that information onto the thread as it would make it even more clustered). Thought I explained it at the 'full disclosure' but in hindsight I probably was a bit too vague.

But to give an idea Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.3
Of how I've recorded information, I use both hyperlinks and the files (which are renamed) to keep track of it all.

I also want the @ChtyCommission to get its act together, so I'm deciding to add to this thread another example as to why the Charity Commission needs to start
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.4
Putting its foot down and acting in the interests of everybody.

In the thread I went into detail surrounding two areas of focus in Sistah Space, namely the financial information and the compliance issues. I did this on purpose because I am very aware that circulation in the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.5
Media where it concerns Sistah Space is heavily drawn on the issue of race. I simply wanted to separate what I have been working on from that being reported in the mainstream.

I did a lot of work over the last 10 days into this charity and everything that connected to it.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.6
Through that, it also meant that I came across a plethora of businesses, charities and persons.
I refrained from including anything in the thread originally that did not include those directly involved with the charity shop of Sistah Space, but I want to give another example
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.7
Of what I found, and how it connects to Sistah Space, and how it demonstrates a serious lack of oversight by the Charity Commission.

For this, we will be focusing in on the relationship between Djan Headley (Djanomi Fulani, etc), from Sistah Space, and Veronica Ojiambo from
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.8
The Peter Ojiambo Foundation.
(IMPORTANT: if you are at work, do NOT open this website😂- I will explain why later.)

Djan and Veronica both attended the University of Hertsfordshire. Djan was studying Fashion Design and Veronica, Environmental Management and Human Geography
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 2.9
There is multimedia posted on various social media platforms where these two travel overseas and holiday together, often with their partners. As an example, here is Veronica and Djan in Kenya.

Glancing at the Peter Ojiambo Foundation, the first thing I did was to search for Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.0
Its website. I certainly did find a website, however the domain name will redirect you to a page full of pornography, in chinese.

The charity number for the Peter Ojiambo Foundation is 1171552, as can be seen on the @ChtyCommission directory, including the website and phone. Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.1
Veronica is a trustee of this charity. If you have also noticed in the previous image, this charity also fails to handle its accounting affairs accordingly.

But to give an idea of just how badly it is handled, you can take a glance at its reporting history.
Concerned yet? Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.2
If you were to do a search on the telephone number provided (07912 463 747) then a lot of concerning information starts to surface.

This telephone number, for several years, has often been reported and associated with various forms of scams ranging from attempted bank fraud ImageImage
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.3
Through to the likes of cryptocurrency.
Mention of cryptocurrency is particularly concerning, as this is infamously used as a method to process what can otherwise be described as 'dirty money', meaning money that has been laundered, etc.

There are connections with Sistah
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.4
Space that are from Miami, FL; Kenya; Nigeria; Jamaica; Trinidad; Barbados; etc.

We also know (and I haven't mentioned this specific part before), that Djan within Sistah Space is the member of the charity appointed to: "conduct research" for sourcing items to purchase that
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.5
Are to be sold in the charity shop. This also is why the word 'imported' often came when describing products.

However, we have seen elsewhere how 'research' is interpreted within Sistah Space, which in my opinion is out of step with the norm.
There are a lot of financial
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.6
Connections regarding Sistah Space and its members, with some based domestic and some overseas.
Nothing I have seen, whether that is Sistah Space or any other business or charity, is kept in good and proper order.

More so, these are relatively new incorporations with very
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.7
Little history but a great deal of red flags.

The state of the @ChtyCommission today is that its own directory is host to information ranging from porn sites and telephone numbers presented as being legitimate but evidently used in the proceeds of criminality and fraud.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.8
So the information is all out there; but all I have done is pull it together so that when the jigsaw is in place we can see the bigger picture clearly, as opposed to it being scattered everywhere.

Likewise if we want to determine what the Sistah Space premises is used for
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 3.9
It doesn't take long to locate all the various social media accounts of its members and how businesses are operated via Sistah Space.
(nice touch of men's hair dye in a woman's refuge safe space, by the way)

Pay attention to the shelves in this image, and you will see them Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.0
Appear elsewhere, whether that is on Djan's vlogging social platform, where she tells all about her various overseas holidays and those with her.

You will see the same shelves here, now pay attention to the light frames and the interior. Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.1
We can match these shelves, and the light frames with this post here.
You will see the drum (which is used in yet another business where the name is an alias on Companies House) used in workshops/classes, and for those with the eagle eye, if you look closely enough you may Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.2
Have noticed the Sistah Space charity tub quietly sitting on top of the shelf.

I cannot help but present the question as to what all these various funds were truly used for. Did the charity ever need extra laptops and mobile phones, or was it simply an upgrade for a select
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.3
Few, steeped in nepotism, and an upgrade for equipment so certain members can run their own little projects that are entirely separate from the charitable objective altogether?

@ChtyCommission is ultimately who is best placed to truly get to the bottom of this, and it should
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.4
Not be afraid to act appropriately in the interests of everybody.

It is in the best interests of the public and the charitable sector, particularly domestic violence charities, that this is investigated. There is more than enough evidence to warrant, at the very least, a
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.5
Regulatory compliance case. There are too many failures to ignore.

The Charity Commission should also not feel intimidated by those in power who may try to throw their weight around to squash legitimate concerns.
I previously mentioned various politicians, but there are are Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.6
A number of very prominent individuals with a great deal of influence weaved into the historical fabric.

I do not include all files and all references on these tweets because quite simply twitter just isn't suited to that type of reporting, but I do have it on a HHD.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.7
To give an example of there being some form of historic personal relationship that pre-dates the charity, we can look a bit further back to when it was Maxine & Marlene's - if you remember I mentioned this earlier in the thread.

Let's start with these two images. So as you ImageImage
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.8
Can see, we get quite a view into what sort of items are located in this shop. I said it was various items with cultural reference to African culture.
I also used 'Maxine & Marlene' as this was the name signposted on various windows and doors. The building did not have a
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 4.9
Traditional sign (above the door on shopfront) so I presume they just used these displays in the windows.
I marked this in pink.
I also marked an advertisement poster for the Chatsworth Road Festival, this is marked in blue. When the image is blown up, we can see that this is
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.0
Dated from 2015. So we can therefore safely conclude that Ngozi would in fact use Marlene at this time, otherwise this shop would have been called 'Maxine & Ngozi'.
I will come onto the green and yellow boxes in a moment, but first there is another image within this image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.1
That is not always noticed, that is the window reflection. So if you look at the reflection in the glass, we can get a good idea of what the building opposite in this street appears to look like. There are some details on the decor and brickwork that can help identify the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.2
Building, so I opened Google Earth, and as there was an advertisement for Chatsworth Road Festival, now knowing what two buildings on either side of the road look like, I decided to talk a virtual walk down the street.

So to match what is seen in the reflection, I looked for Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.3
Three things mainly, first I looked for the buildings with the window exterior decor arch design on the first floor. I then looked at the brickwork to determine if it looked the same or similar as to what is depicted in the reflection. I then looked at the glass panels in
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.4
The windows, as these were quite unique whereby it was split into 3:- long and short on top, tall and slim on the side and a larger panel to complete the window.

So after locating that building, I then looked to the building opposite and how it looks currently.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.5
This is where I reference back to the yellow and green boxes on the earlier images. So obviously this building has had some refurbishment, however there are still elements of this building which remained post-refurb that we can confidently conclude is the same premises. Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.6
The timber framework is very similar, but uniquely the glass block panelling sitting beneath the windows and the original roller hooks are still present, as they were before with pictures involving both Maxine and Ngozi.

We can also see the number 42, thus this correlates
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.7
With the fact that this is 42 Chatsworth Road, London.

So, jumping into the past once again. I can see here that very influential figures within our political landscape are here with Maxine and Ngozi, back at a time when this was the shop 'Maxine & Marlene' because we can Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.8
See the same signage on the windows, which I have outlined again in pink. We can also see that this appears to be a shop selling items, which I have outlined in red.
This pre-dates Sistah Space completely. There is history between these individuals, and very often these names
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 5.9
Appear time and time again lobbying various councils, authorities, assemblies, etc on behalf of Sistah Space, often to ensure that Sistah Space benefits from disproportionately high treatment in contrast to others.

What is unanswered though, is how much these various
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.0
Influential figures within our political landscape knew about the charity and its members; whether they were aware of the problems within the charity regarding its finances and compliance; and whether they *still* pushed and lobbied on behalf of it with the objective to help
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.1
It secure, at this point, anything and everything it has ever demanded under the threat of accusations of racism and sexism.

Referencing back to the matters between Sistah Space and @hackneycouncil, including @mayorofhackney. It is on record, on many, many occasions was this
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.2
Council accused of racism and sexism just for simply explaining that it cannot afford to give into the demands made by Sistah Space.

Hackney Council, under Philip Glanvilles mayorship, initially had a domestic violence budget of £286k, and this increased to £567k since he
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.3
Took office in his current role.
Owing to the various demands that came from Sistah Space over the years, and the sheer scale of money involved, it is not surprising that a sizeable portion of the entire council's budget went disproportionately onto this charity.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.4
Sistah Space utilised as many tools available to it in order to cause nuisance to Hackney Council. In the height of the pandemic, they complained if the council was overworked and understaffed (something Sistah Space claims to have suffered from). Yet instead of understanding
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.5
The enormous difficulties so many agencies were facing during that time, Sistah Space instead opted to utilise the Information Commissioners Office to lodge a formal complaint against Hackney Council.
I will include the ICO response reference but you can search this online as Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.6
This is public domain, also.

So I put to you, it is not inconceivable to wonder if Hackney Council simply provided them with disproportionately large amounts of money just to stop the harassment and public campaign orchestrated against this local authority. Sistah Space
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.7
Would make agreements with Hackney Council, of which both sides were legally advised and represented, knowing full well of what it has agreed, only to go then return to facing the public to drum up rhetoric against the council based on blatant lies and misinformation.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.8
This is a tactic. It is a tactic to put pressure on a business with the aim and hope that the business will instead opt to concede just to put an end to it in its tracks.

This tactic is also unfairly used against businesses when individuals submit vexatious subject access
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 6.9
Requests, demanding a copy of all data applicable to them.
For instance, let's say a customer is complaining about a £5 late payment fee, the business advises the customer that it has to pay the charge, so the customer then threatens to submit a SAR notice. The business, not
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.0
Wanting to be inundated with the workload of processing a SAR, concedes that it will in fact just waive the £5 late payment fee and that's the matter closed.
In business, actions like this are what 'insured losses'. It is when you take an action to lessen a blow, essentially.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.1
This is the impression I have of Sistah Space. It follows the same tactics, same mechanisms, same threats.
It is sly and a bad faith approach to any dealing.

So, where can I demonstrate that this has happened before? Well, do you remember when I said I spent hours and hours
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.2
Watching various video footage? That's because I did, as Ngozi has a vault of 13 years worth of videos published on YouTube (yes, I watched them all... begrudgingly).

I am now going to pull up another example of Ngozi and her family using these same tactics in Barbados where
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.3
They explicitly state that by them doing so, it will cause 'political problems for the upcoming election'.

Here you will see all the Headley sisters (notice Headley, not Fulani), who are quite angry about the time it has taken to process documents
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.4
In relation to the house of their mother.

The sound quality is not the best, but it is clear enough to listen to them talk about how they are the victims (because paperwork is taking a while to process), and how the upcoming election in Barbados will give them an opportunity
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.5
To threaten to cause a nuisance and a scene.

Now call me cynical, but I'm yet to hear of a politician feel pressured over documentation taking a while to be processed. So what is it, precisely, that the Headley sisters would use as a threat? It must be of a nature so
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.6
Scandalous or extreme that it would warrant a public-wide shift in opinion. To even contemplate the possibility of making such a scene, for no reason other than paperwork taking some time to process, to me suggests that the person is quite deceitful, dishonest and dangerous.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.7
On the whole, it is a behaviour pattern that still continues today.

Perhaps the reason Hackney has so much trouble with domestic violence, could be - in part - to the fact money is going to the wrong place.
How many genuine charities have missed out on funding opportunities
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.8
Because the money was instead used to fund Djan's vlogging social media, or her holidays which Sistah Space obviously will brush off as a 'research expense'?

How many genuine charities have lost out on grants from @comicrelief because Sistah Space submitted an application
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 7.9
With false and misleading information just to improve chances of securing the award?

How many genuine charities have lost out on the opportunity to save real victims of domestic violence, while Sistah Space turned them away?

When did we stop speaking up for what is right,
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.0
With decisions grounded on fact and knowledge, as opposed to fear and fiction?

Yes it can be quite scary to be branded a racist when you are white. It can be quite scary to be branded a rapist when you're a man. But these are only scary because we, collectively, have lost
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.1
Sense of applying common sense and logic.

I don't believe that the fear under threat of a lie should be reason enough to turn a blind eye. The @ChtyCommission, I hope, will come to soon realise that sometimes you just need to shut out all of the noise and do what is right.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.2
So on that note, if you haven't already. Please, please, please take a few minutes out of your day and file a report to the Charity Commission so we, collectively, can start making things right again.

By ensuring that funds are allocated and awarded appropriately, that is
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.3
A step in the right direction to ensuring that as many victims as possible can get the help they need.
Domestic violence is ugly business. Submitting a report can be the difference between a charity being able to help, or a charity that turns them away.

Thanks for reading!
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.4
I keep on coming back to this and thinking I should probably add a bit more because everything in the thread is just a fraction of what I have on my computer.

So, I'm dotting around still doing some work today, but will have more time in the evening to sit down and continue
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.5
With different parts of the network.

I'll probably just keep adding more onto this same thread, and at the very end (the actual end) I'll unroll it. That will probably be a few days away though, if not longer.
As you may imagine there's a lot of notifications from the thread
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly 8.6
So I will open my DM because I've noticed a few people asking me to follow them so they can reach me, but no doubt I've not seen others asking the same question.

But yes, stay tuned. To be continued!
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.1
Decided I'd start on this a little earlier than planned. I was originally going to write about something else, but today I learned that the Chair of the London Assembly audit team has asked for the GLA grants to be looked into, I'm going to pivot so that more information
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.2
Can be provided, and I'm going to highlight various points that - in my opinion - should be addressed.

So we previously went through 9 grants, but right now we are going to focus on the £40'000 and £12'000 grant from GLA.
The £40'000 grant is baffling to me, and as there
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.3
Is little information regarding this I'll start with it.

Straight off the bat, there is an error with this grant. It is listed under the name 'The Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre'; the registration number is 'GB-CHC-1179934' and when we look at the technical data
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.4
Sheet, we know that this information was populated from data.london.gov.uk/dataset/gla-gr….
The issue here is that the name and the registered number do not match the official directory. 1179934 is the registered number for Sistah Space (Sanctuary).

Additionally, this £40'000 grant
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.5
Was arranged under the Development, Enterprise & Environment department in government. The program title for this grant was the 'Grow Back Greener Fund' where the objective was to rebuild impoverished spaces, particularly those with minority communities.

I have not seen
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.6
Any project remotely linked to this grant objective regarding Sistah Space, and I refrained from making comment on this grant other than stating the record of it previously.
It is possible that this was a matter of administration error, but it is also possible that this was
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.7
Incorrectly paid out. In any event, it is something that should be investigated to determine what the issue is here; either the .CSV or .XLS data sheets are recording information incorrectly, or this was a payment error.

Now moving onto the £12'000 grant awarded to Sistah
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.8
Space from the GLA. You'll be pleased to know that the recipient name and registered number both match, so this was a correct payment (as far as the intended recipient is concerned anyway).

This grant was awarded on 26th March 2019 to Sistah Space, and it was part of the
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp 3.0.9
Citizen Led Engagement Programme. Before we go into the specifics of this grant, I want us to first take note of the eligibility criteria.
Apologies in advance @NeilGarratt, but this is where I start bonking your team on the head if they were the ones responsible here. Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.0
Sistah Space's first year accounts as a CIO were not filed until 28th February 2020. There was no way to effectively assess the charity's accounting processes and transparency. So this was a risk, and that risk should not have been taken.

Sistah Space being awarded a grant
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.1
Where it would appear they had managed to bypass the eligibility criteria would cause me to question why that happened and who gave this the green light to be considered for interview stage.

So let's take a look at what the CLEP is, I have the .pdf for that year, but I
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.2
Upload photos as we progress through it.
Here we can see that the program has 8 grants of up to £12'000 each available. I note that Sistah Space was awarded the maximum amount.

We can also see what the aims of this grant, so these are the boundaries to which the grant Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.3
Ought to be used for. I've uploaded a photo of the page so you can read it in full for yourself, but to generalise the grant is aimed to strengthen under-represented communities; improve insight and understanding; develop communities; learn from experiences.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.4
Here I'll post a photo of the expectations from participants in the program. It's quite standard, but I particularly note that one expectation is to prevent findings at the end of the project event. I imagine that @MayorofLondon should still have access to that submission. Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.5
Next I want to share with you the timetable for the various program stages. Important dates relevant to applicants are highlighted within the file, but what I want to focus on is the due diligence on 13th March 2019.

This timetable would suggest to me that there is not Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.6
Much due diligence happening. The program was advertised with eligibility requirements, and I would expect that to have been checked at the application scoring. If an application came from an ineligible applicant, then it is cut and dry what should have happened.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.7
Rather, a charity with no track record of financial history somehow managed to bypass eligibility requirements and fail to be spotted at several stages in the process.

Either each individual involved was careless in their job on those respective dates, or it was pushed
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.8
Through with some help. Either of these reasons is not difficult to imagine with the gift of hindsight.

At this time, the charity has also undertaken no previous research or study before. It is harder still to judge that the efficacy of any research could even be reliable.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.1.9
So we can look elsewhere, at this is where I will pull up the first published study by Sistah Space (I use the term study loosely lol).

I am going to draw on this graphic, featured on the Sistah Space website: images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/637…

This is the source code for your use. Image
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.0
The first set of information we are going to look at is at the footer. Please note how the charity has failed to realise all this time that their website isn't even correct in this graphic (I refer back to my earlier tweet regarding amateur vs professional graphic artists)
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.1
Sistah Space claims to show the results for "more than 300" afro-caribbean people.
Typically, when you want results of research or a study to be taken seriously, you just state the actual figure for sake of accuracy and transparency.
Though this study may have anywhere
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.2
Between 301 and infinity respondents, let's just scrap that and settle on 300, keeping with tradition of always providing whole, clean numbers.

Before we dive into the content of the graphic, let's have a look at the survey itself and all its questions. I will add photos. ImageImageImage
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.3
I will point out the elephant in the room first, nowhere in this study has any respondent been asked to clarify the colour of their skin. The graph is littered with reference to 'black women', but did not feature in the study.

The other troubling issue with this is that
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.4
This is a survey on a basic plan (free). A person following this thread was kind enough to inform me that survey monkey has a soft cap of 40 viewable results on the basic plan. Therefore the data and statistics presented in the graphic cannot be reliable nor genuine.
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.5
The other troubling issue with this survey is that it was posted onto twitter and instagram for anybody to fill in. Survey Monkey has features and tools where you can conduct a controlled study, yet supposedly this was not worth any of the funding.
Any person at all can go
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.6
To this survey and put whatever information they please, and submit it. As this was thrown out into the world, it more likely than not has respondents based outside the UK, which does not help formulate an accurate image.

In regards to the questions asked, it is incredibly
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.7
Forced on a particular route; with the topic of police brutality being hot news in the US, the underlying sentiment is quite clear, unfortunately.

Quite honestly, in whole it seems half-arsed, if I'm to be blunt. There's nothing in this study that could teach us anything
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.8
We do not already know. It focuses more on dealing with authorities as opposed to understanding how victims respond to abuse, for instance.

The study asks if the respondent has told any of the authorities.
Whereas, the study could have instead opted to include a sliding
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.2.9
Scale asking "How likely are you to tell a friend?", "How likely are you to tell a doctor?", "How likely are you to tell a relative?".
At least this way, the study could have gotten a better insight as to who victims are more likely to confide in, if at all. It could have
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.3.0
Even asked "How likely are you to tell a stranger?", which could have prompted some interest in perhaps arranging an anonymous hotline for people to offload their worries if they are not yet ready to do so to anyone but a stranger. There's many ways to tackle research, but
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.3.1
The line of questioning in that study is certainly not one of them.

The graph continues to make reference after reference to colour, and again I stress that colour is not a component of the study. Not unless, 'African-Caribbean' is being used by Sistah Space to exclusively
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.3.2
Mean 'black', then it could be. But this would throw up complicated legal issues where the charity is discriminating against potential users without the safety net of the charities exemptions, section 193 of the Equalities Act 2010.

In any event, I look forward to hearing
@ChtyCommission @CarolinePidgeon @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @HMRCcustomers @MayorofLondon @TNLComFund @London_cf @HackneyAbbott @DCMS @comicrelief @LondonAssembly @threadreaderapp @NeilGarratt 3.3.3
How anyone could possibly justify relying on a poorly structured study, outside of any controls despite being well positioned to do so, and incapable of recording and publishing accurate and reliable results.
This was the quality of research by Sistah Space *after* the CLEP

• • •

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Was curious about the #BlockedByHFromSteps trend, would seem I too was included though I've never had any interaction with the man in my life lol.
Seems that he used a blockchain, specifically here: theblockbot.com/show-blocks/Xp… where a lot of API IDs (number format for any account)
Have been entered into a datasheet. Had a look through the CSV, and a lot of the information recorded still actually uses first and surname of individuals.

Would have been more prudent for the dev to limit the input functionality so that numerical values only can be entered
And that way all the data is pseudonymised, instead of hording a bunch of personal data (names) without people even being aware that it's being processed.

There is a subscription associated with it, so I'd wonder if it could be argued that it is in effect a commercial
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Quickly threw this together following the post earlier this morning, and quite a lot of you were able to spot a few things.
I'll briefly go over the mistakes in the graphic, and hopefully when you are browsing or shopping online, you can learn something to keep a look out for.
Starting with the most obvious error, and that was the discrepancy regarding the measurements on the bottle. Personally I'm quite surprised that it is even being used for live sales and that it wasn't picked up on.

When you blow up an image, you get a closer look into the
True detail, and if for example we look at the colours surrounding the red element of the cross, we can see what is poor cropping as it did not completely remove all that was in the image prior.

Again looking to the tip of the bottle, a bit of careless work here from the
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Brushed this off at first, though had a quick glance at it. Some interesting locations popped up in the historic tweets; Kenya, in particular Nairobi.

But when you look more closely at this, it's actually a fake storefront for phishing and malware. Trying to pass off as
Presenting as legitimate, such as by registering itself to a parking lot in Iceland, specifically Reykjavik.

Interestingly, not too dissimilar from the details that would often pop up in other things I looked into where the individual happened to spend a lot of time in Nairobi.
But it did have me wondering, why is it that through the course of the investigation into Sistah Space, am I finding links to scams presented as charities, and phishing sites presenting as businesses.

Careful @_Kawree, you're tempting me to look further. 😂
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[ Sistah Space / Ngozi Fulani Part 3 ]
Link to part 1: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1601735…
Link to part 2: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1602659…

I'm running slightly behind but should be ready to get going about quarter past 2. Today we will be diving into mostly the fundraising and also covering
Bits and pieces that I had forgotten to mention before (apologies, there's a lot to remember😂).

The @ChtyCommission has signalled it is assessing information, but no confirmation of an investigation yet. It needs to determine whether the concerns fall within its remit - and
@ChtyCommission 3.
To be quite frank about it, yes they do so if it can start speeding things up it would be greatly appreciated.

Currently got 4 screens, with 3 of them full of open tabs that are squished together so as I'm writing this thread out there may be little pauses now and then while
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[ Sistah Space / Ngozi Fulani Thread 2]
Link to Thread 1:

Link above is for the previous thread, this is the continuation because the last thread was well beyond 200 tweets and I appreciate its frustrating to navigate.

For those who are just joining
I'd very much recommend starting from the beginning (make some food, get a cuppa, and relax as it is long).

My name is James. ( Hello! ) and for the last 12 days I have been investigating some worrying concerns I've had. Through the course of my investigation, it has led to
Some discoveries that have not surprised me, and others that have. Initially I did not include copies of all the data I have on my PC, and I appreciate some of you may rightly question that; so I've started to include some multimedia lately and I think I will continue to do so
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