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[ Sistah Space / Ngozi Fulani Thread 2]
Link to Thread 1:

Link above is for the previous thread, this is the continuation because the last thread was well beyond 200 tweets and I appreciate its frustrating to navigate.

For those who are just joining
I'd very much recommend starting from the beginning (make some food, get a cuppa, and relax as it is long).

My name is James. ( Hello! ) and for the last 12 days I have been investigating some worrying concerns I've had. Through the course of my investigation, it has led to
Some discoveries that have not surprised me, and others that have. Initially I did not include copies of all the data I have on my PC, and I appreciate some of you may rightly question that; so I've started to include some multimedia lately and I think I will continue to do so
Seeing as transparency is a key point I argue in favour of and it would be ironic for me not to practice what I preach. Sometimes it's not convenient to upload certain files (PDF, video, etc) due to limitations on twitter, but where possible I'll make the effort so long as it
Doesn't cause too much of a disruption.

Anyway... I am going to be writing today about the charity shop and how it connects to various businesses of various family members and close friends within Sistah Space.

But first, I want to highlight some recent discoveries that have
Come to my attention, and there's two things:
(1) I'm going to show what the charitable objective of Sistah Space is. Particularly drawing attention to the following:
"... affected by domestic and sexual abuse (dsa), primarily african and heritage women and girls ..." Image
Every charity must operate in accordance with its charitable objective, as the @ChtyCommission states.
I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a situation where domestic violence victims are turned away from help in a moment of crisis, by a domestic violence charity which has
@ChtyCommission 8.
No business discriminating against any person on the grounds of colour. I have made a strong effort to avoid the topic of race on purpose, knowing full well the reaction it can provoke, but at the end of the day it is a relevant factor at play, and for that reason it merits
@ChtyCommission 9.
Attention and discussion. I have often seen and heard Sistah Space use 'African and Caribbean' interchangeably with 'Black', and this may be an issue under the Equality Act 2010.
At this point I just want to point out that I am not a lawyer, I am not giving legal advice and if
@ChtyCommission 10.
There are any legal eggheads around, feel free to chip in as I would be keen to read your opinion on the following.

Rose Lewis and Iva MacCarthy attended the Department of Social Work and Social Care Annual Conference on or around 18th March 2021, where they are featured
@ChtyCommission 11.
In a segment hosted by @KingstonUni and @StGeorgesUni. I will link a timestamp to the youtube video for you here:

Within this presentation, Iva MacCarthy (employee at Sistah Space) made a statement that confirms what I have suspected for a while now.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 12.
"We do not subscribe to BAME. We are black women and it ends there. We offer services to other women who look like us."

This, to me, would confirm the often interchangeably use of heritage to mean colour. This would not be in accordance with the charitable objective as while
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 13.
It certainly specialises in a specific area, it 'primarily' attends to that area, not 'exclusively'.
The reason, I suspect, the charitable objective is worded this way is because this is as far as it could go legally.

Now remember, I'm not a lawyer, but my reading of
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 14.
Section 193 of the Equality Act 2010, in particular clause (4), would lead me to believe that this is prohibited. Sistah Space, in effect, describes itself as being a charity that will exclusively and only service a person who is black according to their determination.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 15.
I agree with the charity that needs of people should be met, and accept that the needs of different groups may differ. But this does not seem to be the underlying concern once you get a bit deeper into the background, particularly around the creation of Sistah Space.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 16.
Though I cannot upload it this very moment, I am in possession of a video featuring Maxine Claye and Ngozi Fulani, where they outline how Sistah Space came to be.
Sistah Space, in their words, was an idea thought of by Ngozi Fulani who wanted to start a domestic violence
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 17.
Charity with the objective to raise money. That money would then be used to help people in the black community 'get there', in the context of financial comfort and stability.
Sistah Space was registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2018 with the Charity
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 18.
Commission, and prior to that I believe that Sistah Space was the rebrand of A Darker Shade.

I am also in possession of historic social media posts, published by A Darker Shade, where thanks is made for donations. I also believe this to be true as video footage demonstrates
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 19.
Maxine Claye referring to the charity as 'A Darker Shade Sistah Space'.

At this speech which was recorded at the Navarino Mansions at some time around 27th February 2016, there is a charity/donation box present that can be clearly seen on the video. I believe it would be
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni 20.
Reasonable to question if these donations were sent to @hackneycvs - another charity I will talk about later - given that Ngozi has previously stated HCVS were holding fundraised monies that were intended to go to Sistah Space before it was ever registered as a charity.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs 21.
@hackneycvs is a charity that, unbeknownst to them, have been squarely in my line of sight for quite a few days. I previously talked about the use of political figures to lobby and pressure local authorities into agreeing to disproportionate monetary awards, now I will state
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs 22.
That the same is true of certain charities, and HCVS is one of them who were involved.

I can confirm that I am in receipt of documentation that was sent to me, further confirming that which I have suspected in regards to lobbying. I also note that I have been asked not to
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs 23.
Disclose any information that could identify any person or group, and I will respect that request. I think I can speak for several people when I say that we are very grateful to the person or group that shared evidence.

@hackneycouncil has time and time again felt the
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil 24.
Pressure from lobbying at various angles, be that politicians or charities, or even in some instances the general public that have been orchestrated to negatively react based on deceit, lies and manipulation.

Unfortunately a lot of money has been lost through that process
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil 25.
And @mayorofhackney and his councillors have a great deal of explaining to do.

The lobbying unfortunately is not limited to obtaining endless streams of finance from various agencies, but sadly it is also linked to our National Health Service, in particular @NHSHomerton.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 26.
Sistah Space is contracted to provide its services to @NHSHomerton and the means in which that contract was established is once again rooted in the lobbying and pressure applied from various influential figures and authorities.

I want to be perfectly clear on one point, it
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 27.
Is perfectly normal and reasonable to have friendly relations or relationships with other people, however such relationships should never be the basis for a decision made through the course of professional work, and certainly not the basis when tendering contracts.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 28.
Additionally, the fact that there is whistleblowing happening, is evidence in of itself that this was something which has been seen to happen in real time, but nobody stepped in.

It gives the same vibes of Harvey Weinstein, where people know but sadly still turn a blind eye.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 29.
So instead of people trusting in moral fortitude, doing what is right rather than what is political, we unfortunately find ourselves in the situation today where this has snowballed into a network of corruption, greed, discrimination and deceit at its very heart.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 30.
It is unnerving especially that it has managed to spread into our NHS, and I whole heartedly did not want to draw attention to the NHS but I cannot understand how something like this managed to happen somewhere so big.

But then again, if the entire Hackney Council can be
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 31.
Razed, then I confess I must respect the capability of the hustle; there's not many who could achieve that.

I previously mentioned 9 grants, but to no surprise I'm still discovering more and more from @hackneycouncil to Sistah Space. I can't as of yet give a total figure
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @StGeorgesUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 32.
As I am still counting it all while I continue to write this thread.

Anyway, the thread is starting to feel rather heavy now so I want to shift onto the second point which is in regards to the charity shop, which I have taken a great deal of interest in.

Will resume in 15!
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 33.
Okie dokie, cuppa tea at the ready (Twinings strong english, btw) and time to carry on.

There's a lot rattling through my head so I'm likely to forget to add bits and pieces here and there, and before I forget - very early on in the first thread I did make a typo when
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 34.
Referring to the income figure for a charity, my tweet states £25k, but this should have been £250k (as many people have since pointed out). I didn't notice this until it was pointed out to me after I had already written about 150 tweets, and I didn't want to rewrite it all.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 35.
But it was a typo and that was the figure I meant to write down, so in effect it doesn't change what I was talking about (accrual accounts vs cash accounts, IE, etc).

I also want to take a moment to explain that while I am writing these threads, the odds are stacked against
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 36.
What I have to say as mainstream media will be hesitant to jump on any of this information because of the recent topics.

I don't particularly believe that the temporary closing of Sistah Space is genuine, because it happened around 2 days after I had been asking questions
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 37.
To those who have performed services for the charity that could have been a possible expense.
For example, Joe from 216signs.net did the paintwork on the storefront of the building, and when I was hunting for expenses (because there didn't seem to be any), I was
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 38.
Looking for any reason to counter the argument that they've received essentially everything for free (or at a heavy discount).
I explained why I was contacting and asked not for specific detail on rates, but simply whether it was a free service or paid-for. He declined to
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 39.
Provide any information after I explained that I intended to write about concerns I've noticed.
The same is also true for Lex Designs London, where I contacted the individual and enquired if those services were paid-for or free, again same response and same reaction.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 40.
So there is a part of me that thinks I probably shouldn't have revealed my hand, but there's another part of me that is content because at the end of the day it was more cross-referencing to really dive into the detail and challenge myself.
I also take into consideration that
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 41.
Perhaps it spooked them, but it was a very standard and very formal approach so I wouldn't have thought that be the case. Who knows!

Anyway, so I do believe that this probably circled back to those in Sistah Space and thought it be a sensible idea to dominate the headlines
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 42.
Coincidentally right before I start writing. To a degree it did have an effect on me as I heavily limited my initial thread to focus on two areas - finance and compliance, trying very hard to keep away from other elements which, at the time, I knew eventually would need to be
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 43.
Discussed, though I did not want to extend any opportunity for somebody to tarnish the work I've put into this as something it is not. But it was not enough to dissuade me from writing about it at all - and to those who are spamming random memes about various British figures
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 44.
I would like to perhaps offer the thought that my notifications haven't been quiet for a few days now and I probably am not going to see your post, so go build a snowman or something and enjoy the festivities!

Moving swiftly on.
Now we are going to be jumping into all the
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 45.
Information we have regarding the charity shop, how it operates, how it is advertised, what it sells, who it sells to, and its general purpose. I am also going to briefly talk about the purchase of a canal boat, or the intention to, and what it is to be used for and why.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 46.
First we are going to look at operation 'Black sis-Star-liner'.
What is this? Well, it's a canal boat and the fundraising appeal to purchase this boat for the charity to use it to generate revenue (in the words of Sistah Space).

The original video is
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 47.
Still live, so I'm posting the link for you to hear for yourself if you wish to.
This video was posted online on 15th April 2021. In the video, they also claim that the canal boat can be used to house domestic violence refugees and to conduct workshops within it...
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 48.
So, imagine my surprise that we can also see videos published on 24th March 2022, of a canal boat ride.

If this is one of the items that money from the grant applications was spent on, then we have some serious problems.😂 @ChtyCommission
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 49.
I also want to draw on the statements made. The canal was to be used as a source of income; but the only activities that the canal was to be used for are either: temporary shelter, workshops, etc.
It does not specify whether this will be a floating hotel for domestic violence
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 50.
Victims, or a charity workshop where you must pay by the hour to participate, but it continues to demonstrate the common theme that is Sistah Space is operating like a business, but a business whose receipt of benefits and help would put even Amazon to shame.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 51.
I must stress however, that I was unable to verify who really owns the canal boat, but applying the law of common sense:
They wanted a canal boat; made a fundraiser appeal for a canal boat; a year later are on a canal boat; they probably own the canal boat. Probably.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 52.
Also, from the video you will see how much of a tight squeeze the space is on a canal boat. It's not particularly practical, especially when you consider those fleeing from domestic violence, more likely than not often women, will flee with their children as well. I'm not so
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 53.
Sure that directing a child to stay on a canal boat is sensible when there are much safer alternatives that don't involve the risk of falling and drowning.

Right a short break and then we will move onto the actual shop itself. (hello to all the readers; go grab a cuppa!)
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 54.
Sorry about the wait. Let's carry on. So the charity shop appears in various ways. Sometimes it's a table outside, other times it's inside the building itself. Sometimes it's both. I guess it's one of those things that's weather permitting.

Back onto the scene to once again
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton 55.
Help promote the charity shop is none other than our very own @HackneyAbbott.
Diane is pictured here with Rose Lewis (aka the 'independent examiner') and Ngozi Fulani.
I wanted to post this image so it is clear that this is being marketed as a charity shop for DV. Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott 56.
Other times the advertisement will be placed onto the window (a bit like we would see at 42 Chatsworth Road).
I want to show these two still takes from video footage from different angles. The sign in the window is backwards, but you should still be able to read that this ImageImage
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott 58.
Premises, again, is being advertised to the general public as a charity shop. The woman you see talking to members of the public is Maxine Claye, Ngozi's twin sister.
Let's look at some of the items that can be found on the outside stalls next, and where those came from.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott 59.
So I've shown a picture of the whole table set. I've tried to crop the photos to keep as many of the young ones out of it as possible.

These are captures from video footage again, so the quality is dependent on the video itself, but for the most part we can see what it is ImageImageImage
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott 60.
That is being sold. The books are items that are supposedly donated freely, but there will also be other books coming from Muatta Books (Rose Lewis) and Sandra Richards (Ngozi's sister).
The cardboard sign indicates that each book requires a £1 donation to the charity. So by
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott 61.
Definition this to me I regard as a shop/stall.
Looking at some of the other items featured on the table, we can see some @LushLtd products. Ngozi has claimed in previous video footage that black skin requires specific care that white skin does not. I am not a dermatologist
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 62.
So I will presume that to be true. Grant applications were also submitted, with more than one of them being made specifically and exclusively for products such as these (skin care, hair care, etc).
It is unclear to me whether @LushLtd made these donations on the understanding
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 63.
That they were to be used by users of the charity (domestic violence victims) or to be sold on a stall or instore.
There are Lush products over years worth of video footage, whether that is bath bombs, creams, shimmers, etc.
I would have imagined that these were to be used by
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 64.
Domestic violence victims, and I would imagine that was the premise on which any donation was made.
There also features unbranded creams, though it is confirmed in the video that these items are imported from west Africa.
Djan is the member of Sistah Space that was tasked
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 65.
Research on sourcing items for sale, from black businesses. To me, it appears to potentially be a body butter or moisturiser of some sort, but when you are importing such products from overseas, it is important to ensure that you have the technical sheet (something that can
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 66.
Obtained for free from any manufacturer or distributer) to determine ingredients and whether those ingredients are permitted for use and/or sale.
It is possible that these creams are home-made, and that is what prompted me to wonder, as precautions should be taken when you
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 67.
Sell any sort of product to an end user/consumer.
Very straight forward basic things such as checking flammability, suitability on age groups, suitability on pregnant women, etc.

Let's take a look in store where most of the items are generally kept, and all of these will be
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 68.
Captured from more video footage.
So what we have here are t shirts that were made and bagged, clearly for sale, I would presume to signal support to the charity.
We also have a number of racks of clothing and even more to the side. These items aren't really much of an issue ImageImageImage
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd However then we start coming onto the cosmetics, more @LushLtd products, various styles of footwear, hair dye, etc.
This photo was taken on the opening (refer back to the sign on the window), so not everything is arranged properly but we can see in other video footage that once Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 70.
The operation is up and running, price tags are added to these items, as you can see in this image here.
Unfortunately the quality of the video is not good enough to be able to blow up the image and see the prices clearly, but we can see some of them and it is not something I Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 71.
Would regard as being 'cheap', even if 'discounted', so I'd worry whether guilt tripping is at play here to encourage what is sometimes referred to as 'sad selling' where you play on the heartstrings to trigger that impulse to make a purchase out of guilt.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 72.
But nonetheless, these are items which Sistah Space stated in applications were 'essential', not 'desired', not 'luxury', but essential. It never made any reference to the fact that such items would be sold on, but instead gave every impression any reasonable reader would
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 73.
Fairly reach a conclusion that these items were to be used, and used by those who are victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse.

We then look more closely at the items which come from businesses associated to family members or close friends.
We can start with this. Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 74.
As stated in video, this is one of the many clothing items that is 'donated' to Sistah Space for its charity shop. This is from the dissolved business Africa Inspired, that was run by Tobias (who also changed his name to Fulani some years ago).
Company number 09269347, Tobias
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 75.
We then have the 'Survivor Dolls', which come from A Darker Shade, Maxine Claye's business.
This isn't a limited company so I am presuming this is a sole trader t/a or limited partnership if more than one involved.
A Darker Shade is one I am highly interested in because there Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 76.
Is a lot of strange behaviour surrounding it over a period. One of the readers was kind enough to DM me historic google images photos of this store, for 42 Chatsworth Road.

Interestingly, it disappeared for a while, replaced by a kids clothing store, then reappeared. This ImageImageImage
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 77.
Store was also being used to accept donations toward the end of 2016. We also know that the charity in video footage was referred to as 'A Darker Shade Sistah Space' around this time, too.
We also know that fundraising was happening purporting to be a charity, despite there Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 78.
Being no registration with the @ChtyCommission for charity status.
We also, however, have video footage where it is claimed, by those in Sistah Space, that another charity was holding on to all their funds until they became a charity (3 years later).
While the statement
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 79.
Does not outright name the charity, there is one charity which was heavily referenced as being the 'partner', and that is @hackneycvs. The same charity who along with Diane Abbott would lobby Hackney Council with Sistah Space to secure funding at every turn, all while making
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 80.
The threat of racism and sexism if @hackneycouncil did not surrender to the various demands on a number of occasions.
So I once again apply the law of common sense, that the charity holding onto those funds for 3 years, such as the funds from the Virgin fundraiser, was most
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 81.
Most probably @hackneycvs.
After all, it is HCVS who dedicate a section of their website to inform people of all the grants charities can apply for, so it has acted as a useful directory for Sistah Space, it would seem.

Anyway back to the charity shop. Now some may make the
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 82.
Argument that if items are donated and the charity retains all the monies, then there wouldn't be much of an issue with that.
Well, Maxine explained it for everyone in 2020. (apologies Facebook doesn't show a timestamp).

This is advertised as a charity shop. There are many Image
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 83.
There are many of them around the UK and I'm quite certain we all know how they work. Items are donated, you buy an item, that money goes to charity, not part of it back to the donor.

I also have questions in regards to who actually makes these dolls, because the quality of
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 84.
The stitch is often rather messy, thus it would not be troubling to suspect that these are the products from the sewing class (the one that costs £5 an hour to join in).

It honestly blows my mind that this has not been addressed before. Is it any wonder why Sistah Space
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 85.
Was marked as being in breach of the fundraising code by the fundraising regulator, when it boils down to the utter incompetence at play?

When you really start to pay attention to some of the attitudes and the language at play, it is quite a negative energy and much of the
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 86.
Literature (as I had to spend some time reading synposis of various titles), is pretty radical.

It pains me to say so, but I whole heartedly believe this will end in similar scandal to that which was seen with BLM in the United States. Race is a profitable trend and there
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 87.
Are bad actors among the majority of good. Every single place you look, there is a problem, and more often than not a serious one at that.

I would challenge myself by saying, they're probably just new to the charity scene and are finding their feet, it's just growing pains,
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd 88.
But then it would be difficult to explain away how members of this charity do not have the acumen to think of utilising an accountant, yet were bang on the ball when it came to intellectual property rights (an area far more complicated).
Enlisting the services of @briffalegal ImageImage
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd @briffalegal 89.
The priorities in Sistah Space are so out of whack that I often struggle to process it myself.

Nothing about any of this screams charity to me. It screams community hall and a tuck shop (one for the oldies).
It is a ticking time bomb, and if the @ChtyCommission ignores
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd @briffalegal 90.
All the issues; and if @hackneycouncil can't learn to be fair and say no; if politicians continue to lobby for friends as favours; if mainstream media cannot report impartially; if grant providers cannot audit applications; then it's all going to blow up.

And if or when it
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd @briffalegal 91.
Does, then we'd have no one to blame but ourselves because too many people turned a blind eye and pretended nothing was going on.

I said it before but I will say it again, domestic violence is an ugly business. Some people have questioned why I have gone to such great depths
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd @briffalegal 92.
And spent a great deal of my time investigating this. Like many people I'm sure, though rarely ever talked about openly, I grew up witnessing it. I've seen the damage it does at the time, but equally the damage that doesn't heal.

Domestic violence victims deserve better.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd @briffalegal 93.
So on that note, if you have not already, please report the concerns to the @ChtyCommission. Whether that is by telephone, email or post, it is high time they do their job.

And also, please don't send anybody any abuse. That's not the purpose of these threads.
@ChtyCommission @KingstonUni @hackneycvs @hackneycouncil @mayorofhackney @NHSHomerton @HackneyAbbott @LushLtd @briffalegal 94.
Just in case there's anyone sitting waiting for more, I think that will do for tonight - noting that we're at 93 tweets now and I appreciate you all have lives and stuff to do lol.
(also Eastenders for me now 😂)
If you made it here, thanks for reading and for your time!

• • •

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More from @JustPikachoo

Dec 27, 2022
Was curious about the #BlockedByHFromSteps trend, would seem I too was included though I've never had any interaction with the man in my life lol.
Seems that he used a blockchain, specifically here: theblockbot.com/show-blocks/Xp… where a lot of API IDs (number format for any account)
Have been entered into a datasheet. Had a look through the CSV, and a lot of the information recorded still actually uses first and surname of individuals.

Would have been more prudent for the dev to limit the input functionality so that numerical values only can be entered
And that way all the data is pseudonymised, instead of hording a bunch of personal data (names) without people even being aware that it's being processed.

There is a subscription associated with it, so I'd wonder if it could be argued that it is in effect a commercial
Read 17 tweets
Dec 16, 2022
Quickly threw this together following the post earlier this morning, and quite a lot of you were able to spot a few things.
I'll briefly go over the mistakes in the graphic, and hopefully when you are browsing or shopping online, you can learn something to keep a look out for.
Starting with the most obvious error, and that was the discrepancy regarding the measurements on the bottle. Personally I'm quite surprised that it is even being used for live sales and that it wasn't picked up on.

When you blow up an image, you get a closer look into the
True detail, and if for example we look at the colours surrounding the red element of the cross, we can see what is poor cropping as it did not completely remove all that was in the image prior.

Again looking to the tip of the bottle, a bit of careless work here from the
Read 7 tweets
Dec 15, 2022
Brushed this off at first, though had a quick glance at it. Some interesting locations popped up in the historic tweets; Kenya, in particular Nairobi.

But when you look more closely at this, it's actually a fake storefront for phishing and malware. Trying to pass off as
Presenting as legitimate, such as by registering itself to a parking lot in Iceland, specifically Reykjavik.

Interestingly, not too dissimilar from the details that would often pop up in other things I looked into where the individual happened to spend a lot of time in Nairobi.
But it did have me wondering, why is it that through the course of the investigation into Sistah Space, am I finding links to scams presented as charities, and phishing sites presenting as businesses.

Careful @_Kawree, you're tempting me to look further. 😂
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Dec 14, 2022
[ Sistah Space / Ngozi Fulani Part 3 ]
Link to part 1: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1601735…
Link to part 2: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1602659…

I'm running slightly behind but should be ready to get going about quarter past 2. Today we will be diving into mostly the fundraising and also covering
Bits and pieces that I had forgotten to mention before (apologies, there's a lot to remember😂).

The @ChtyCommission has signalled it is assessing information, but no confirmation of an investigation yet. It needs to determine whether the concerns fall within its remit - and
@ChtyCommission 3.
To be quite frank about it, yes they do so if it can start speeding things up it would be greatly appreciated.

Currently got 4 screens, with 3 of them full of open tabs that are squished together so as I'm writing this thread out there may be little pauses now and then while
Read 103 tweets
Dec 11, 2022
[Sistah Space & Ngozi Fulani Thread]
I've decided I'm going to write up some, but not all, of the things I have discovered since learning of the charity Sistah Space and its members. This is going to be a long, long thread, so for sake of making it easier to read I'm going to
Limit the reply function (though you can still quote tweet and add your opinions that way).

Like most people, the existence of Sistah Space was unbeknown to me until it made headlines for an incident at Buckingham Palace. It has since remained in the spotlight, and being
Human, it is natural for us to be curious. Initially on face value, donating to a domestic violence charity is something I'm happy to do, but before any charitable commitments I always conduct due diligence to see how funds are used and to what benefit, and this is where the
Read 280 tweets

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