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Michelle Yeoh is brilliant. She long has been. She has deservedly been nominated for an Oscar for her role in #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce

No Asian woman has won Best Actress Oscar. Ponder on that.

She is exquisitely brilliant in this film!…
How many films do you know that centre an Asian woman in her 50s?

As Michelle Yeoh puts it, “... an aging Asian immigrant woman. When was the last time you saw that, right?”… #MichelleYeoh #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce
Women of colour–older ones at that– are rarely allowed options and yet here is Evelyn with multiple universes, unbeknownst to anyone, including herself.

White women are allowed sliding doors in mainstream films, wherein Gwyneth Paltrow can have one life if she gets on a London Underground train, and another if she stays on the platform. Gwyneth Paltrow was 26 years old when she starred in Sliding Doors in 1998.
Michelle Yeoh was 59 when #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce came out.

To ponder “what if” and take stock of your life at 26 is not the same as when you are 59.

To see an Asian woman in her 50s ponder her other selves & lives she could've had, is subversive…
“I felt that this was such a perfect opportunity to give a voice to the v ordinary mothers & housewives who are out there, you know, doing the most mundane things & get so taken for granted...And then let her discover that, oh, my God, she is a superhero”…
But once Evelyn gets a taste of options–the What If’s–available to her alter egos in other universes, we understand why women are denied a three-dimensional life, why their imagination is flattened out of daring to want any more than what they have
Because we would want more, we would want different, and how would our universe handle that, huh?!…
Every time Evelyn sees her alternates in other universes and then beats the fuck out of someone in our universe, I feel vindicated.

I know she’s doing it to save the multiverse from evil, but who wouldn’t want to beat the fuck out of everyone for all the lost opportunities and regrets that women are socialized into thinking are life?…

And so I hope #MichelleYeoh wins an Oscar to remind us as she did at the #GoldenGlobes2023 "As time went by—I turned 60 last year—and I think all of you women understand this:As the days, years, numbers get bigger, the opportunities get smaller as well..."
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Jan 25
Ministers have rejected a proposal from parliament's Women and Equalities Committee to introduce "menopause leave" pilots in England, arguing it could discriminate against men.… #Menopause
The government also dismissed a recommendation by the committee to make menopause a protected characteristic under the Equality Act.… #Menopause
A survey by the all-party Parliamentary Commitment in the UK to explore the impact of menopause has found that 1 in 3 women are missing work due to menopause symptoms and that there is still 'considerable stigma' about talking about menopause at work…
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Jan 24
#EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce has been nominated for 11 Oscars!!

Every time that glorious film is mentioned, I will always share my essay on how I believe it is the perfect analogy for the menopause transition.…
I am 55yo. I can barely watch films or TV shows these days because they are about either high school students or people who are 31yo. Their dilemmas are so far in my past and the parents in the films or shows are too peripheral to the narrative to be worth my time.
High school students and 31yos are not helping me with peri/postmenopausal fuckery.

It is enough for me that Evelyn gets to beat people up AND have a breakdown of sorts because fuck, yes please! That was the essence of my perimenopause on any given day.…
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Jan 23
Weight: 115lbs

Text: There is a moment when you’re learning to deadlift that background moves into foreground, like those paintings full of dots that required you to look beyond the foreground into the background, so that the picture becomes apparent.
Training with Jeana Fanelli is shifting the tectonic plates of my being.

There is an earthquake at the core of my being and I am living and loving it.

New essay soon.

Until then… #ThisIs55
I wonder, in this essay, if the anxiety I experience during my menopause transition is my despair at the fuckery that once flummoxed younger me.

I am shifting that despair now. Lifting gives me the inner power to do that.…
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Jan 23
An international initiative is calling for action against homophobia in UK men’s football following a series of “damaging” homophobic incidents in recent weeks.…
A statement released by Football v Homophobia has called on the Football Association (FA), professional clubs, media, police and prosecution authorities to crackdown on homophobia in the sport.…
I wrote this about the violent misogyny that accompanies men's football across the world.

The violence that goes home with the men’s game is a wholly-owned subsidiary of patriarchy. You would be naive to think it is limited to targeting women & children.…
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Jan 22
The Supreme Court issued its decision on #RoeVWade on Jan. 22, 1973. It overturned #RoeVsWade on June 24, 2022

Essays I've written on #abortion. Several are also available in Arabic.

On my "illegal" abortion in Egypt and "legal" abortion in the US…
I met Nobel Laureate Annie Ernaux last year and told her how moved I was by the recounting of her "illegal" abortion in Happening and shared with her the story of my "illegal" abortion.

My essay on the film adaptation of "Happening."… #AbortionRights
For as long as patriarchy can shroud abortion with silence, it will continue to stamp it in shame. So I broke my silence to break free of shame.

I wrote this for @DuaLipa's newsletter…
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Jan 21
Unless the United States develops the stomach for a long-overdue reckoning with the white supremacist Christian theocracy that has been unabashed in its destruction of Roe v Wade, abortion rights will not be the only rights it destroyed.… #RoeVsWade
This is a white supremacist Christian movement driven by white supremacist, Christian zealots who are patriarchal to the core.

And plenty of white women have helped build that theocracy… #RoeVsWade
U.S. media tiptoe around all of this because these white Christian zealots are the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and relatives of white reporters.

It's hard to see theocrats when they look like you…
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