Time for me to come out with some original content. What with all the talk about UFO's entering US airspace, we need to talk about aliens. This is going to be a long thread, so strap yourself in nice and tight 'cause I'm about to break down a long-held belief among many of you.
Let me cut right to the chase. There's no such thing as aliens, they don't exist. "What," I hear you saying, "you mean to tell me you're arrogant enough to boldly state that we are the only intelligent life in this vast universe?" Yes, that's exactly what I mean, I'm that cocky.
Two main arguments why I'm so sure about this:

1. Aliens are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

2. If the universe is so vast, what the hell are they doing over here? Why don't they f*ck off to their own galaxy?
Not only are we the only intelligent life, life on earth is the only life, there is no other life anywhere else, period. Wanna know why? Because God wills it into existence, that's why.
You see that whole idea of alien life stems from the false notion of a Big Bang, which created the universe and the potential for life by sheer coincidence. Once you adopt this amoral, despiritualized view the universe is dead and soulless and we are just accidental tourists.
In the same vein, other similarly accidental life forms may have sprung up on other planets. It's an agnostic view held by many people who grew up in an atheist and godless society, which teaches us that since we don't know we can't rule anything out either.
But there's another way of looking at this. In the book of Genesis we are taught that Adam and Eve committed original sin by allowing ourselves to be led out of Eden by a serpent with the false promise of knowledge between good and evil.
In other words, we gave away our own authority by appealing to an outside authority. Sound familiar? Yes, it's happening to this day, that's why it's called Original Sin. We are dealing with "principalities", "spiritual wickedness" living in "high places" (Ephisians 6).
These are the fallen angels, who can be called supraterrestrial (my word for it). In other words, [THEY] are imnaterial life forms whose fall out of grace prevents [THEM] from exercising any real creative powers. Thus [THEY] operate from [THEIR] dark realm by acting as parasites.
And WE are [THEIR] prey, as well as all other life here on earth. Earth is Eden, a paradise bestowed upon us by our Creator, and it's the ONLY physical life in this giant universe, because God gave us a soul as well as a human experience.
We are the guardians of the earth, but we have forsaken this God-given duty. We were supposed to have kept our connection to God and be led by Him, but we let ourselves get led astray by interdimensional beings who exercise mind control based on fear, ego, trauma and suffering.
By now it should be perfectly clear that the battle for our hearts and souls is a spiritual one. The fallen ones feed on our pain and suffering and deplete us of our God-given creative abilities. [THEY] keep us locked in materialism and lust, thus despiritualizing mankind.
One way to keep us from God is to give us Darwinian, mechanical 'science' devoid of any and all morality and consciousness. Through movies,books and other cultural means [THEY] programmed us to see [THEM] as physical life forms from outer space who popped up by chance.
This way we fail to see [THEM] as SPIRITUAL enemies and even worship [THEM] as benevolent life forms. In the alternative field, [THEY] got frauds like Sitchin and Von Daneker to instill in us the annanaki and ancient aliens theory.
If I had a dollar for everyone who claims to be 'awake' and buys into this, I'd be a rich man today! This tells me that when the truth from the one true Creator comes out the souls and mental health of these people will be at risk as well, if they can't shed this false idolatry!
Let the Word of God be your guide. As I said, there is no mention of extraterrestrials in the Bible, but there is mention of supraterrestrials (Ephesians 6, which is mentioned multiple times by Q). "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood..." Our enemy is SPIRITUAL!
A clever trick played on the collective mind by the common enemy of mankind is to lead us away from God and all things spiritual. We are, however, finding our way back to Eden, to God. Q mentions "ascension" in his last post, it's The Great Awakening.
Our enemy knows this and in a last-ditch attempt to prevent us from ascending to our true Creator [THEY] will present themselves as false idols in the final hour.
Predictive programming has been with us our whole lives. The latest rendition of the fake annunaki theory is the Elohim theory which is making the rounds in alternative circles.
Since aliens are not in the Bible we are now told that due to one big misinterpretation they are actually in the Good Book after all. Elohim no longer refers to God or His angels but to extraterrestrials who answer to their master Elyon (which sounds suspiciously like alien).
In other words, [THEY] want to present [THEMSELVES] as our creators. Which is why you need to get rid of all belief in false prophets and do it NOW! [THEY] want to snatch your soul away at the last minute, even as you are about to once again become one with your Maker!
I believe we are almost at this point, which is why I wrote in my Nov. 28 decode of the latest Q post that ascension is nigh.

The 'spy balloon' stories are a precursor to [THEIR] fake alien invasion, which is [THEIR] end game. If you don't ditch your false beliefs and embrace your one and only true Creator you may fall victim to the bad imitation of God known as Lucifer. Disregard at your own peril!
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Addendum. Read the last two Q posts, in which we are warned about false prophets (false alien gods) and reminded about the capacity for ascension in human DNA. Now do you understand what Q is trying to say here? We have reached the final phase of the awakening, but do beware!

• • •

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