Andrew Tate - Frame Job Exposed

Verified messages have been leaked & it clearly shows that the women PLANNED to frame the Tates.

They manipulated the Tates into believing they loved them & framed them by involving the embassy SHORTLY after arriving.

This case is over. /1
US woman arrived in Romania, on 6TH April, they called US Embassy to FRAME the Tates

Her Mum “Go to hell Emma with your arrogance & ignorance and BULLSHIT. Go to Wupwupland or Bangkok or Bora Bora. Who is stopping you?

The whole AMERICAN EMBASSY is on alert because of you.” /2
Emma: That’s your fault.

So this was pre-planned and the aim was to take the Tate brothers out.

So BEFORE the possibility of being trafficked, she had already contacted the US embassy and planned to move to London. /3
Emma says her and Aliona have brainwashed Andrew/Tristan Tate to believe that they are in LOVE with them:

“We have MADE the brothers believe we are in love”

So it was the girls who used LOVE to manipulate the Tates. /4
They had complete autonomy. They could leave. They could come and go as they please.

She says that she had the Tates believing they loved them and used love to say:

“Tristan doesn’t really care if I LEAVE”

“They think we will run back” /5
They then planned their Oscar winning performance 2 days before the raid:

Aliona: “You are a good actress”

Emma: “I practiced”

Aliona: “Play Dumb”

Emma: “I’m going to pull some tears out” /6
Then 1 day before the raid they say we need an OSCAR.

But also plan the whole loverboy/trafficking argument. They even plan the texts they will send the Tates:

“Saying a nice message saying we are hurt or shit like that and we do love them” /7
And what’s the goal? Well it’s to get a movie written about them;

Hollywood sign these girls up:

Emma: “We are writing a movie ASAP”

Aliona: “Lets email Netflix ASAP”

Emma: “Hulu, Amazon Prime” /8
I have verified the authenticity of the messages. They are real.

The time stamp issue was due to a glitch/download issue.

If these were doctored then fake times would have been created to stop any contentions. But it was important that no one changed the original document. /9
To recap:

The girls BRAINWASHED the TATES into thinking they loved them.

Framed them by calling the US Embassy shortly after she arrived.

Said they were FREE to leave.

PLANNED the performance to DIICOT

Wanted a MOVIE deal. /10

• • •

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Feb 16
Andrew Tate - Prosecutor Leak

There’s a new leak from the prosector. This has been a common occurrence throughout the detainment.

This leak proves:

1. There was no human trafficking
2. The previous leak was real
3. Emma’s parents blackmailed by her & trying to placate her. /1 Image
I remember the Anti-Tate mob made people believe that the accusers had been held, were essentially locked up and were not able to leave. Well not according to Emma:

“I don’t think they care that much if we leave anyway”

So they can leave when they want. /2 Image
It’s not even a sole out of context message. She keeps saying the same thing:

“I’m not so concerned. Tristan doesn’t really care that I leave”

Once again she can leave whenever she wants as Tristan doesn’t care if she leaves.

And she’s not even worried. There’s no fear. /3 Image
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Feb 14
Tate Mega Thread

There has been a visceral attack on Andrew Tate by the MSM & alternative media.

The attacks have lacked journalistic integrity.

Vice, BBC and the allegations have been debunked, but they have brainwashed people.

It’s time to wake up and see the truth. /1
Vice recorded a Tate documentary & shelved it. But after he was arrested the hit-price was resurrected & the attacks began.

On Twitter they inferred CPS dropped it due to errors.

They intentionally didn’t highlight that the 2 women were colluding to lie refuting it was easy. /2
Vice then produced a 2nd article & TV documentary

They turned up the heat. The aim was to manipulate.

They provided 1 sided text messages & voice notes and didn’t include them for the girl.

They knew it was consensual but that didn’t work with their agenda. /3
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Feb 12
Andrew Tate and BBC Exposed 2

It’s clear from the BBC Hit-Piece that a relationship where a couple split up in a normal manner was instead presented as something nefarious to further their agenda.

There is clearly an attempt by MSM to create a society where men live in fear. /1
I had interactions with Peter Kenyon in my previous thread. When questioned about the chopping, snippets & out of context clips he disappeared/failed to respond

This is the Modus Operandi of the MSM. Spout out allegations/insinuations but they are unable to verify their claim /2
Now let’s move to the allegations which seems to be a relationship that didn’t work out.

She clearly says that the decisions she made were based on her own ‘FREE WILL’. /3
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Feb 11
Andrew Tate and BBC Exposed 1

BBC published a bias Hit-piece against the Tates.

They claim to have another ‘victim’ & then rely on her version of events.

The main problem was that the BBC reporters had chopped, snipped or taken out of context clips to further their agenda. /1
Paul Kenyon calls Tate a ‘self-proclaimed misogynist’ but provides ZERO proofs for his claim.

This is common with the MSM where on cue they all use the same buzz words. Remember when @mtaibbi was doing ‘PR’ for world’s richest’ man @elonmusk /2
I’m familiar with this, when I asked a NY Post journalist for a reference he gave a link to the BBC, I then asked for a primary source he gave the link below where Tate says the OPPOSITE

He didn’t produce my comments as he didn’t get what he needed for his intended Hit Piece /3
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Jan 25
Injustice of the Romanian Legal System

The extent of injustice in this case is difficult to fathom & I'm glad that people are beginning to realise & accept that the conduct of the judiciary/prosecutor lacks justice & fairness.

Romania is on the world stage & they're failing /1 Image
Here are the Tates arriving at DIICOT

Tristan ‘There is no evidence against me, The authorities are trying to steal my cars & my money

Andrew ‘There’s no proof, I didn’t do anything wrong, Unfortunately there is no justice in Romania’
Are they right? /2

Tristan said that they are trying to steal his cars and money.

Here the Romanian Authorities seized 3.5 million pound worth of assets.

Is this reasonable or even proportionate?

The answer is no.

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Jan 21
MSM Narrative & False Allegations

I wrote about the weakness of the story of Daria Gusa’s allegations before. I believed it ended the story but the grift continues & an article was published in the BBC.

It’s nothing new, opportunists try to get media attention. /1

#FreeTopG Image
I addressed the flaws regarding:

1. Partial text info
2. No proof girl told Tate about her age
3. Inaccurate claim about no of followers
4. Implausible inside knowledge of Cam industry
5. Messages look fake
6. Connection to politicians

I was right /2

But then the Romanian Politician, Cozmin Gusa’s daughter, ‘changed’ her story when she spoke to the BBC.

"Gabriela was 17 when she was contacted on social media by Andrew Tate's brother Tristan - though she later pretended she was 19." /3 Image
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