Reposted on the occasion of Sri #GuruRaayara #PattabhishekaDinotsava (22.02.2023)
Phalguna Sukla Dwiteeya, the auspicious day,
the sacred name, powerful Tharaka mantra,
#RaAgHavendra🙏took birth in the year 1621.
the sacred day, #Mantralaya Guru Sarvabhouma, Rajaadhiraaja Guru Sri #RaaghavendraSwamy (GuruRayaru) took Sanyasa deeksha, ascended the throne of #VedantaSamrajya founded by Sri #MadhvacharyaRu.
It was in the year 1621 A.D. of Durmathi Naama Samvatsara, Phalguna Sukla Dwiteeya, Sri #Venkatanathacharya (Poorvasrama naama of Sri #Raaghavendra Swamy) took Sanyasa Deeksha from his Guru Sri #SudheendraTheertharu.
Sri #RaghavendraSwamy took his Sanyasa Deeksha at #Tanjavur (Tanjore) in Tamilnadu and was honoured by the King of Tanjavur Sri #RaghunathaBhoopaala.
At the place [#Vadavar (#Vadavattangarai) near Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu] where Sri #GuruRaayaru (Venkatanatha) took Sanyasa Deeksha, a Brundavana has come up with a unique significance which is revered as #SarpaPeetaBrundavana.
Sri #GuruRaayaru (Sri #Venkatanathacharya) was born & also took sanyasa deeksha, became #RAAGHAVENDRA in the sacred lunar month #PHALGUNA maasa befitting to the name Phalguna (PHALA + GUNA); +
Phala means merits and Guna means qualities and Sri #GuruRaayaru is a highly auspicious Saint who is full of meritorious qualities. Befitting to its etymology, Sri Guru RaAyaru born in the sacred month #Phalguna maasa is > #KalpaVruksha🙏#KaamaDhenu🙏
Since then & even today there is no looking back; the name "#RAGHAVENDRA" went on to become very popular by heaps & bounds like a #Tharakamanthra.
Very few names in the history have become popular, everlasting and match up to the expectations of their given names. +
One such name in the recent spiritual history of Hindu religion which is very popular, powerful, mesmerizing, considered as a remedy, a healer, a consolation, which people will be longing to recite is #RAAGHAVENDRA +
that of #Mantralaya Sri #RaghavendraSwamy undoubtedly the most acclaimed Saint. What a beautiful culmination of divinity, spirituality, piousness, compassion added with merits in the name "#RaAgHavEndra" who has physically lived and
spiritually living up to its reputation. +
Salutations to Sri #SudheendraTheertharu who presented to the world (through Bhagawad prerana) a divine gift in the form of auspicious "#RaAgHavEndra".

Did U know? - #RAAGHAVENDRA is one of the names of Lord #SriRaAma (Sri #RaAmaDwaAdasaNaAmaStothram - #BrahmandaPurana)
Sri #GuruRaayaru was admired by his Guru Sri #SudheendraTheertharu that, #Raaghavendra was like Lord #SriRamachandra in wishing the world all well with the grace of Lord Sri Rama.

• • •

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Phala + Guna = #Phalguna. Phala means merits and Guna means qualities; last but not the least, #PHALGUNA maasa the 12th Lunar month is a highly auspicious month full of meritorious qualities.

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Lord Vishnu in the name #Govinda is #MasaNiyamaka 🙏🙏🙏
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#Asmita (egoism);
#Raga (craving);
#Dvesha (aversion);
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#PanchaKelsha, five hindrances for spiritual growth and are the root cause of all human suffering.
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With entry of #Saturn (#Shani Mahatma) into Kumbha (Aquarius) Rasi in the Zodiac, there will be changes in Shani #Gochara like Sade-Sath, Ashtama/ArdhaAshtama Shani etc. for individuals reckoned from Moon sign (Janma Raasi)

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This thread is not for giving predictions. It is only an attempt to understand Saturn/Shani Mahatma in a novice way.
one should possesses/develop qualities of....
discipline, hard work, diligence, patience, steadfastness, perseverance, honesty, judgment, compassion, charitable nature, service oriented, selfless sacrifice etc. ++
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Jan 15
A prominent Saint from Haridasa tradition, aparoksha jnaani, great astrologer, Mahathyaagi, ardent devotee of GuruRayaru, one who has expanded divine term RAGHAVENDRA, believed to be Sri VigneswaraAmsha, one who has shown SriHari dhanyopasana/Bimbopasana krama,
Sri #GopalaDasaru ImageImageImage
Uttanoor Rushikulottama Sri Gopala Dasaru (1722-1762) - Pushya Bahula Ashtami (today) is HIs punya thithi.
Born in Mosarakallu village of Raichur district in Karnataka state, his original name was Bhaganna. A contemporary of Sri Vijaya Dasaru & Sri Jagannatha Dasaru...+
initiated into HaridasaDeekshe by Sri Vijayadasaru, played significant role in spreading philosophy of Dvaita/Tattvavada for novice understanding. Attained Gayatri mantra siddhi, well-versed in Bhoota-Bhavishyat-Vartamana kalajnana, wrote more than 1000 keertanas/Suladis.
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Jan 12
As per SuryaSiddhanta (J-Hora) MakaraSankramana (Transit of Sun-Makara Rasi) is taking place on 15th Jan. 23 @ 02.27 hrs. According 2 DharmaShastra 40 Ghatis (16 hrs) from D time of transit is considered Uttarayana ParvaKala ie. upto 18.27 hrs (precisely till Sunset) on 15th Jan+
Since transit is taking place after Sunset on 14th, DharmaAcharana cannot be made on 14th, hence it should be, from start of Sunrise on 15th.

If transit occurs after Sunset; 5 Ghatis’ (2 hrs) duration on the next day (15th) after Sunrise is considered Atyanta ParvaPunyaKaala. +
What is to be done during Uttarayana Parvakala?

During any Parvakaala sacred bath, prayer, japa, penance, tharpana, charity etc. are prescribed. If it is Uttaraayana then it will be more significant and more meritorious.++
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Jan 2

#SwamiPushkarini @ #Tirumala kshetra.

The lake on the banks of which #ParamaATma #SrinivaAsa resides that lake is Paavana-Punya Theertha.
To reside on the banks of such lake only virtuous (PunyaAtma) will get;

(Sanaka Rushi vachana - Padma Puranaantargata Sri Venkatachala Mahatmya - Swami Pushkarini Mahatmya)
According to BraHma Purana-anthargatha Sri Venkatachala Mahatmya there are 66 crore sacred Theerthas on VenkataAdri the sacred abode of Lord Venkateswara.

Out of which,

1008 are prominent,
out of which 108 are considered as JnyaAna pradaayini,

out of which.. +
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