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#Astrology : Simple #remedies which any can do
1. #Moon - Drink water in a silver glass, take blessings from mother
2. #Sun - Add ginger in your daily foods, Take blessing from father
3.#Mercury - Eat Green leafy vegetables spinach,cabbage, broccoli, etc.,Take blessings from
mother's sister
4. #Jupiter - Eat Besan products, Chana daal, yellow fruits, Sweets.., take blessings from your boss, guru, teacher
5.#Venus - Eat curd daily at afternoon but not after 3 pm., take blessings from your wife/spouse
6. #Saturn -Eat Uraad daal,kichdi on saturday..
Add Bay leaf in your daily foods, Do your work on time
7. #Rahu - Eat two Tulsi leaves daily in a empty stomach, Give donations to Handicapped people
8.#Mars - Eat some spicy foods on Tuesday.. Add red chilli.. Take care of your elder brothet
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1. Thread. BBC pedophile statue attacked again by same man, this time with Spiderman mask. BBC had helpfully put scaffolding up to repair the statue from the last time over a year ago... #EricGill #BBC #pedobeeb #pedoBBC #ArielandProspero #spiderman ImageImage
2. Last year I compiled a thread which covered this issue comprehensively #spiderman #bbc #pedoBBC Image
3. This post goes into depth on the statue, the pedo sculptor, the pedo BBC Director who commissioned it all the issues and the BBC - Pedos and Propaganda… #ericgill #bbc #pedobeeb #pedoBBC
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#Astrology : Your 5th house and you behave in romance/love
♥️If the 5th lord is #Venus - You seek a romantic and luxurious approach in romance..You need the atmosphere to be filled up by Venusian accessories..
🌗If the 5th lord is #Moon - You seek a Lustful experience and getting psychic rejuvenation and Peace of Mind through Romance.
🌄If the 5th lord is #Sun - You would like to dominate/lead to the other person in Romance..and such an inclination makes you confident and
📚If the 5th lord is #Jupiter - You would like the traditional approach in meeting/philosophical approach in Romance..You like to nurture /guide your partner..
📩If the 5th lord is #Mercury - You seek the playfulness and intellectual discussion in Romance...
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Lately, I've been studying the early days of 3D polygons on home consoles for a new course.

We often think 3D on the #PS1 or #Saturn, but there was a bracket of time where special chips were added to both #SNES & #Genesis to help them render fast polygons.

Here's a review...🧵
It's probably not news to anyone here that retro consoles added special power to games by adding special chips *inside* the game cartridges!

Therefore, newer and fancier games were more expensive because manufacturing the cartridge with extra chips cost more for the developers. The Nintendo SA-1 chip
If you took our course on #NES programming, you know that this was also true for 3rd gen. consoles.

For example, the NES console is always the same (CPU speed, RAM size, etc.), but NES games got better with time by adding these special chips *per* cartridge! Different chips added insid...
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#astrology #vedicastrology
✨Exaltation and debilitation of Saturn:
Saturn exalts in Libra and debilitates in Aries. Let us understand why?
Saturn is a natural malefic planet who represents a 'worker' in the kingdom of planets. He is of air element and is disciplined.
Saturn is not fierce. He is slowly moving planet. Saturn denotes your karma in the present which will decide your future. Saturn thus has a strong control over your future and without his permission Jupiter too cannot give his good results. Such is the influence of Saturn!
✨Saturn exalts in Libra. Libra represents a 'weighing balance' which is seen in courts. Saturn too is the Judge. Thus he loves to be in Libra which is represents justice. Libra is air element and Saturn too is air. Moreover Venus shares friendly relations with Saturn.
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#Astrology : #Saturn #Mars #Aspect
-When Mars occuoies the sign opposite to saturn's sign, Mars casts 100% planetry aspects upon Saturn,
This mutual-aspects generally generates a frustrating, resistance-motivating experience for Saturn,
Saturn does not wish His frozen, strict, anti-movement domain to be invaded by aggressive, competitive, fiercely competitive, MOVING Mars.
-The result of Mars's aspects upon Shani is generally less benevolent.
When saturn occupies the sign which is either 4th from mars or 11th
from mars saturn casts 100% aspect upon Mars.
Saturn's aspect is a relatively neutral experience for Mars, who is not intimidated by Saturn but rather somewhat annoyed. Mars is compared to Saturn much more energetic dynamic and if necessary warlike. Saturn is intimidated by
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🧵 What could the move of Saturn to Pisces (7 March ‘til 2025/6) correlate to? Some thoughts on how to assess the possibilities:
#Cycles #Astrology #Saturn

2)The sign of Pisces is the last (12th) division of 360° and inextricably linked to the planets Jupiter & Neptune. Pisces is the sign symbolised by fishes. Neptune is a large gas planet & in mythology was God of the Sea. Over time Neptune became assoc with all liquids & anything
3) amorphous in nature - without defined boundaries, until contained. Not just sea, oils, gases but consciousness, anxiety & mental health etc. With Saturn focus falls on things which restrict, limit, regulate, shape, define, enforce or police all matters symbolised by ♓️Neptune
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Anyway, it's time to #flow on about the #WaterBearer, the one we call #Aquarius
#Saturn actually rules 2 signs of the #Zodiac, like most of the other 7 planets, except the Sun & the moon.
If #Saturn describes the process of evolution in #Capricorn, then in #Aquarius, he describes mutation, dynamic innovation.
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1/ 📢 Hubble’s sharp view captures spokes in #Saturn's rings — the enigmatic features whose presence and appearance vary with the Saturn seasons. The two smudgy spokes can be seen in the B ring, on the left in the image. 👇… A close-up image of the planet Saturn. The rings are level w
2/ Like Earth, Saturn is tilted on its axis and therefore has four seasons, each of them lasting around seven Earth years. Equinox marks the height of spokes’ visibility, while during a solstice the spokes disappear.
3/ The spokes don't last long and their shape and shading varies, they can appear light or dark. They may be caused by the interaction between Saturn's magnetic field and the solar wind, which may also cause aurorae.
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#Astrology: #Saturn Antidote
Bring in Saturn by writing yourself a schedule, and set your alarm and reminders. Plan, strategise and prioritise what you want to achieve. If you really have no discipline, enroll in a course that will provide structure, learn by apprenticeship or
find another organised system that will get you where you want to go. Working your way up in a larger company could be the path for you. And give back: once you have completed a certain level of mastery in a subject, mentor others. This can be a reciprocal cycle which
establishes and builds your authority, self-respect and self-mastery. Check in with yourself, rather than seeking validation from others.
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With entry of #Saturn (#Shani Mahatma) into Kumbha (Aquarius) Rasi in the Zodiac, there will be changes in Shani #Gochara like Sade-Sath, Ashtama/ArdhaAshtama Shani etc. for individuals reckoned from Moon sign (Janma Raasi)

How to gear up for Shani Gochara/Dasa ? small -🧵
This thread is not for giving predictions. It is only an attempt to understand Saturn/Shani Mahatma in a novice way.
one should possesses/develop qualities of....
discipline, hard work, diligence, patience, steadfastness, perseverance, honesty, judgment, compassion, charitable nature, service oriented, selfless sacrifice etc. ++
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taeyang ft. jimin - vibe mv.
analysis & symbolism

this whole song is about the pending darkness, the golden dawn/age (sunrise code word), the awakening of the spirit of kundalini (fiery serpent), the collusion between the dimensions all coming together.
the rest of the analysis is from days ago and you can find it here if interested
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The interesting part about the numbers in the square of Saturn is the grid.

3x3 > 33

Or every number if you like mathematics like me.
Every result is 15 in square 4+9+2 = 15

15th prime is 47° the masonic compass.

Saturn is alot at the moment will add alot to this thread just about math and geometry.
And why and how.
#Saturn #math #magicsquares
Interesting part here > grid is 3x3 this fits 3 times in the grid just by the numbers.
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#Astrology: #Saturn in #Aquarius
-With a razor-sharp focus and a very steady mind, Saturnian Aquarius natives are exceptionally efficient and productive, and they give off the impression that the future might actually go toward a higher level with them doing their job.
-However, with a scientific and logical mind such as theirs, the future might not hold such a great potential for them, because they see the world for what it is, filled with degenerated mindsets, stupidity, ignorance, and superficiality.
-Moreover, these natives appear to
have an immense power hidden deep within, that only comes to the surface when they most need it.
-Whenever a situation becomes too dire, or when disaster is imminent, they manage to get on their feet, rise from the ashes of their own downfall, and gather
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#Astrology:#Debilitated #Planets
1. Debilitated Sun in Libra - problem in sharing , not able to make a choice, showoff which other don't like , taking too much resposiblity which they can't justify.
False ego, false confidence , use cheap ways to get ego satisfaction,
diffrence of opinion with father.
2. Debilitated #moon in #scorpio - tension , always on edge of the seat , struck in past, natural spy, past bitter experience haunt current subconscious mind , issues with mother , don't get proper care in childhood
3. Debiliated #mars in #cancer - mental aggression, fighting for happiness, not able to relax, can't feel happiness, issues with brother and property matters
4. Debilitated #mercury in #Pisces - childish, immature, abstract intelligence, not able to put your
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शनि की कृपा 2023 मे कैसी रहेगी राशिफल

ध्यान अपने काम पर रहेगा
गलतियो को सुधार सकते है
बडी समस्या दूर होगी
भाग्य की जीत
मानसिक संतुष्टि
पारिवारिक वातावरण सुखमय
विवाह योग्य जातको को विवाह के अच्छे संबंध मिलेगे
व्यापार मे अनुकूल स्थिति

आपका आत्मविश्वास आपको हर काम मे सफलता दिलाएगा
विरोधियो पर जीत

प्रॉपर्टी के कामो मे लाभ मिल सकता है प्रयास सफल
यदि आपका कोर्ट केस चल रहा है तो उसमे आपको सफलता मिलेगी शादीशुदा जातको का घरेलू जीवन काफी शांतिपूर्ण रहेगा

प्रेम जीवन मे मधुरता बढेगी
संतान की सभी समस्याए दूर होगी
उतार-चढाव रहेगा
खुद पर भरोसा रखकर काम करने की जरूरत है समाज मे नए लोगो से जुडने का अवसर मिलेगा कार्यक्षेत्र मे आपको कई चुनौतियो का सामना करना
माता-पिता बडे बुजुर्गो की सलाह आपके लिए अच्छी साबित होगी काम के सिलसिले मे यात्रा
यात्रा के दौरान वाहन के प्रयोग मे लापरवाही न करे
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#Astrology Some knowledge on #Retro Planets:
Retro Mars - Blocks the way and creates problems in a subtle way. Logic gets skewed or twisted. Unethical but very powerful. Native do not understand their own power and do not know how to use it properly.
Retro #Mercury - Talking too much or No talking at all. If retro Mercury is also combust - Native is unsure of using his Mercury qualities.
Retro #Jupiter- Spoils the Visudha ( Wisdom ) chakra (filter) leads to wrong choices. Very knowledgeable but do not know how to use
their knowledge. They have a different and unconventional view point in understanding and advising others.
Retro #Venus -May choose unusual alliances- Do not know how to express love and affection.
Retro #Saturn - Native does not know when to stop working or do not work
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Remedies for Saturn

#remedies #sani #saturn #countering #badeffectsofsaturn #transitSaturn


Dark blue and black are the favourite colours of Saturn. Wearing these colours will help you to appease Saturn.

Morning Prayer

Suryaaya sheetharuchaye dharaneesuthaaya
devagurave brigunandanaaya
Suryaathmajaaya bujagaaya cha kethave cha
Nithyam namo bagavathe gurave varaaya(After this prayer)
Krishnaaya vaasudevaaya namaami haraye sadaa
Mandasyaanishtasambootham doshajaatham vinaashaya(say this prayer too).
Chant this prayer daily, waking from
sleep, while facing east in your bed.

Fasting (Vratham)

You should fast on the days, which are relevant to the planet, and the days special to you. You should fast on Saturdays to gratify Saturn. You can visit the temple of Sri Ayyappa and present light offerings and sesame
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Why does the #World has to experience Major #inflation after mid of January #2023 to September 2023.

Planetary alignments :

1) Movement of #Neptune with #Saturn in Aquarius.

2) #Uranus & #Rahu Close Conjunction

3) Saturn trine relationship with Ketu.
4) 8th Month stay of Mars in Square to Saturn.

5) Jupiter, Uranus & Rahu conjunction in aries with Saturn 3rd aspect on Aries.

6) later Neptune will move closer toward Jupiter.
Uranus & Neptune has major role in creating Upsets in Economy via geopolitical crisis, whenever they make alignment with Outer planets I.e Saturn, Jupiter & Nodes.

We are experiencing this situation from February 2021 and after Mid of January 2023 this can be more problematic
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#love & #relationships in #astrology

When we are talking about Love relationships & Marriage in Astrology the primary planet to look deeply is Placement, dignity, affliction & Strength of Venus for Both male & Female.

As Venus is karka of Relationship & Marriage prosperity.
When Venus is well placed in Natal & Navamsa chart without any blemish one will have good married & relationship life.

These are below factors, combination & source of affliction in Love relationships.

1) Venus & Rahu Conjunction either in D1 Or in D9.
2) Venus & Ketu
3) Venus & Mars
4 ) Venus & Sun
5 ) Venus & Saturn
6) Affliction to 7th Lord
7) Darapada in Dual Signs & in affliction.
8 ) Uppada lagana is in affliction.
9 ) Navamsa 7th & 8th house is in affliction via nodes, Mars or Saturn.
10 ) Mercury & Venus conjunction in D1
& D9
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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When we are Talking about Regular growth & promotions in #profession in #astrology, Upchaya Bhava plays a major role for getting continues Promotions & Regular growth in 1 organization. Have seen many friends even they are working for long still never getting any promotions
What is the reason behind it?

Well Very first reason is Afflicted #Saturn & Bad placement in Natal chart, or blocked by Nodes and other reason is No beneficial planetary alignment in 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 10th & 11th house.
Whereas most important house for Regular Income growth is 6th & 11th house as they falling in 10th from 9th house - shows your past life actions and deeds because of that we can either suffer or enjoy power & position in this life
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How to strengthen Saturn?
Please note that I always stress on looking at conjunction of planets and not a planet on a stand-alone basis; however, for planets like Saturn, a few things may help.
#Saturn #VedicAstrology #astrology
Saturn signifies poor people, orphans, widows, ascetics, the mentally ill, the handicapped, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the elderly, the homeless, and the like.
#Saturn #VedicAstrology #astrology
The quickest & the most effective way to propitiate Saturn & obtain his blessings is by generously donating money & resources to the poor & the needy mentioned above.
No point trying to coax Saturn's graces by spending huge money for a pooja.

#Saturn #VedicAstrology #astrology
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Times Ahead:-

Well things do not look good Astrologically from now on. Sudden turn of events will shake us. As i have said before as well, the second half of 2022 is going to be horrendous. And if you ask me , it has just started.

There are a lot of predictions i would like to share but looking at the present scenario i will hold back for sometime. There is so much uncertainty, fear already among everyone right now. I just want you all to stay calm and patient. You will certainly feel
being drowned or pushed too much . Remember i am always there for those who need my help and support.

As Mars moves in Bharani we will have to be more cautious. One thing Is for certain, As we move towards the end of July please take care of yourselves.

Be strong and careful.
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