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⚠️#BREAKING: Matt Tiabbi and Michael Shellenberger currently testifying to congress on the #TwitterFiles, the biggest release of social media censorship data to the public.

We get a deep look into social media censorship and governmental agency involvement.

(a LIVE thread)

There has been state sponsored censorship of American citizens.

Intelligence agencies work with other agencies to censor the people.

Psychlogical manipulation used on ISIS is now being used on Americans. /1

Relationship between Twitter and government impacted on both the left and right. It’s an issue that affects all.

Government agencies with quasi-entities were involved in censorship. /2
Corporate Media partook in censorship. They became an arm of the state.

We are in danger of losing our first amendment right. /3
Ms Schulz argued that Matt Tiabbi has benefited from the Twitter files leak.

This has resulted in a significant increase in followers on social media and he benefited financiall due to an increase in subscribers to his Substack. /4
Matt Taibbi said as a journalist you have to balance the importance of the news with the motive of the source.

In this case the news significantly outweighed any possible motive. /5
Importance of getting the news to the American people. /6
Trump’s White House tried to takedown content from Chrissy Teigen.

Matt Taibbi and Schellenberger were not aware. The implication is that the leaks are biased /7
Hamilton 68 received funding from the government.

They recieved over $1 million.

Richard Stindl: Every country does propaganda to its own people. /8
Martin Schellenberger said he didn’t have any request denied by the Twitter team. /9
Twitter was overwhelmed by the requests by the fBI.

You can’t have a state sponsored disinformation project without impeding on free speech.

The truth isn’t mandated. /10
An image of Ye’s post is shown to Matt Taibbi. This along with others have been taken.

Taibbi said it was a difficult question in terms of removal. He quoted “In a free country you have to have freedom to be wrong”. /11
Twitter Biden Laptop

Jim Baker was the main force in Twitter arguing it was Russian infiltration and was disinformation.

Yoel Roth was convinced by him. /12
Matt Gaez: How does it feel you were being targeted by a government document based on your reporting:

Micheal: Chilling, I never thought this would happen in the United States of America. /13
Matt Taibbi: I am motivated to protect the first amendment. The US has the best protection for journalists.

But these actions are a sign that something worse is coming. /14
Conservative thought was curtailed at a factor of 10 to 1.

This means that this policy impacted the right significantly more than the left. /15
A secrete black list was used against doctor and scientists that included epidemiologists from the Great Barrington Declaration.

Dr Bhattscharya didn’t even know he was censored.

East Germany Stassi type behaviour. /16

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Mar 11
#BREAKING: How Moody's warning to DOWNGRADE Silicon Valley Bank (SIBV) caused the collapse on Friday

The full story finally comes out!

(a thread)
Warning signs emerged in 2019 when deposits grew faster than loan book

Fast forward to last week & Moody warns a major downgrade

$SIVB were burning through cash causing stock price to tumble so they began pulling back on investment. This plan backfired as lenders took over /2
A lack of customer diversity and poor investment decisions including investments in Mortgage backed securities compounded the problem.

This bring us to Feb 27 where the CEO and the CFO sold a large propitiation of their shares in SIVB /3

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#BREAKING: US Banks Collapsing - Global Financial Crisis 2.0

Silvergate has shutdown and SVB in meltdown.

Californian lenders used by major Silicon Valley companies are facing significant problems.

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What made the situation worse was that a large number of people removed their funds from these banks.

This happened within a short period of time, causing the bank serious problems. /1
Rising interest rates have caused banks, who have been left with low interest bonds, with a situation where they are unable to sell them quickly without a loss. /2
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Mar 8
Project Veritas revelations provide a window into the teaching of DEI in schools.

The interview unearthed three key points

1. The teaching of sex education and LGBTQ values in schools
2. CRT taught covertly
3. Conservatives not being hired for teacher vacancies.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is taught in schools and colleges throughout the US.

Some states have made it compulsory.

“New York State expects all school districts to develop policies that advance DEI.”
Through DEI, sex education, and LGBTQ+ values are being taught in schools.

Some states have pushed back.

The question is should these issues be taught in schools or should they be left to parents?
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Mar 8
🚨#BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Jan 6 Release Day 2

Tucker Carlson said that the footage was not made available to the Jan 6 defendants

Was Tucker doing his duty as a journalist or is he trying to rewrite history?

(LIVE thread)
Tucker said Chuck Schumer attempted to infringe on his first amendment right by stopping reporting on the story.

Is this 'free speech' or 'biased reporting'?
Tucker Carlson said that Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans, including Mitt Romney, engaged in trying to stop him releasing the videos

“They on the same side” - is he right?
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Mar 7
🚨#BREAKING: Tucker Carlson releases exclusive tapes that 'exposes' what happened on Jan 6th

"Democrats in Congress, assisted by Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, lied about what happened that day. They are LIARS!"

(a LIVE thread)
Tucker Carlson shows that Qanon Shaman was not violent but was instead escorted from the building.

This is quite different to the previous narrative, that he was the face of a violent extremist attack on the Capitol.
It was claimed that there was an attack on the Capital which was a violent insurrection.

But footage released by Tucker Carlson shows that it was ‘peaceful chaos’.
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Mar 6
New Dr Fauci emails leaked!

Dr Fauci was instrumental in spreading the lack of possibility of the ‘lab leak’ theory

The WHO were complicit & controlled the process

Evidence from Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus investigation

(a thread)
On 1 Feb 2020, Dr Fauci was first warned that Covid may have leaked from a lab in Wuhan and may have been INTENTIONALLY genetically modified. /1
Evidence released by the Select Subcommittee suggests Dr Fauci 'prompted' the publication that would ‘DISPROVE’ the lab leak theory.

The authors of the paper SKEWED EVIDENCE to achieve that goal.

This indicates Dr Fauci pressured scientists to disregard the lab leak theory/2
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