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To Democrats, "journalist" means: one who mindlessly and loyally endorses DNC talking points.

@mtaibbi's response to some random member of Congress who called him a "so-called journalist":

"Oh, so because you spent years as Rolling Stone's star investigative reporter, won the most prestigious journalism awards, and wrote 10 books on politics, now you're a journalist?

Sir, when's the last time you published a CIA or DNC press release?"

Sick and deranged rhetoric from this Dem Congresswoman against 2 journalists who broke major stories on the corruption of her US Security State and Big Tech friends.

20% of this rhetoric coming from GOP against a journalist is declared a national crisis:

The ironic part of @StaceyPlaskett's violent, dangerous assault on 2 journalists - snidely demeaning them as "so-called journalists" and "direct threats" to incite violence against them - is she's just a "so-called Congresswoman."

She can't even vote and isn't a House member.
Dems are really dredging up the bottom of the barrel to attack Taibbi and the #TwitterFiles. Remember when maligning journalists was a free press assault?

Remember DWS? She was forced to quit as DNC Chief because WikiLeaks proved she cheated for Hillary

Also: what does @DWStweets think she's proving? Yes, breaking huge stories often advances a journalist's career. Bob Woodward became the world's richest journalist from Watergate; does that impugn his reporting?

CNN/NBC charlatans got rich off vapid #Resistance tweets and books.
Democrats are smart when they keep DWS out of sight and mind as they've been doing for years, ever since Wikileaks exposed her corruption as the DNC Chair, cheating for Hillary (a major reason Biden keeps Assange rotting in prison). She's viscerally repulsive and corrupt.

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Mar 10
That ship sailed long ago, sorry.

Dems are the party of CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA and endless war.

Polls I've repeatedly posted here show this, and Dems' hatred toward Taibbi and co. is due solely to the fact that their reporting exposed the US Security State's censorship regime.
The US Security State feared and hated Trump and his movement for many reasons: Trump's opposition to CIA regime change ops in Syria, his mockery of them for WMD, his doubts about NATO's value, etc. Dems saw that and realized CIA/DHS/FBI are their allies.

The answer was most clearly provided by Chuck Schumer, when he went on Maddow's show days before Trump's inauguration to warn Trump he was being stupid for opposing the CIA, because everyone in DC since JFK knows not to do that since CIA destroys critics:

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Mar 9
Don't forget what happened with how a vital lie was spread on the COVID pandemic: that the USG had *proven* it was zoonotic and "debunked" the lab leak theory.

Recall that one key tool to stigmatize dissenters was calling the lab leak theory and its proponents "racist": 👇👇👇
This event is so crucial for many reasons, as I detail in that above clip: our report on yesterday's House hearing.

But one thing it demonstrates is how establishment liberals see racism accusations as their personal toy: they just casually toss it at anyone to suppress dissent.
All that mattered when it comes to COVID's origins is the truth.

But it's remarkable that those insisting on the most racist theory possible - COVID was caused by the filthy, primitive food markets of the Chinese - called lab leak advocates "racist" to stigmatize that view.
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Mar 9
The system built in secret to impose a rigorous, comprehensive regime of online censorship is vast and disciplined. It includes multiple agencies of the US Security State (DHS/CIA/FBI) and every shady USG-funded group with benign-sounding names claiming to fight "disinformation."
With all the evidence compiled one how this sham "disinformation expertise" was concocted and the groups exploiting it to censor, the only rational view is that anyone calling themselves "a disinformation expert" is a disinformation and censorship agent.

The same is true of reporters claiming to work in "disinformation units" or "the anti-misinformation beat."

They're who sanctify disinformation campaigns: the "lab leak" was debunked, the Biden laptop is "Russian disinformation," Trump has a secret server with Alfa Bank, etc.
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Mar 8
Please take a few minutes to read Seymour Hersh's reflections on @DanielEllsberg, who we just learned has terminal cancer. Beyond Ellsberg's great courage, it reflects a lot about many things, including how radically journalism has changed:…
We went from our greatest journalists working subversively within large media outlets designed to serve the CIA and FBI trying instead to expose their worst secrets, to senior millennials at NBC and the WPost becoming journalistic icons by glorifying the traumas from mean tweets.
When Ellsberg revealed to the American people that the USG (under JFK, LBJ and Nixon) were deliberately lying to them about the war in Vietnam, the WH, CIA and FBI smeared him as a Kremlin agent who deserved life in prison. Liberals now perform this role:

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Mar 7
This @NewStatesman article is entitled "We Have Lost Russell Brand." The "we" appears to be "the left" (I never knew NS was the avatar and membership-arbiter of "the left").

What's fascinating are the views now identified as hallmarks of the "far-right"…
In order to argue that Brand is no longer on the left but the right (despite what it acknowledges is his ongoing admiration for Bernie and Corbyn), look at the views that are now identified - in the first paragraph - as ones that mark you as being on the "far-right". Just look: Image
For as long as I can remember, those views - contempt for corporate media and Big Pharma, anger over mistreatment of "heroes" Assange and Snowden - were deeply associated with the Western left.

They're views I always held and still did. Now these are right-wing views? Evidently. Image
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Mar 6
Everyone saw this happen. It was never justified to treat as proven COVID's zoonotic origin, nor any reason to mock the "lab leak" theory.

But media outlets did. That's because COVID's origin became politicized, and media outlets, as always, sided with their ideological tribe.
Add this near the top of the mountains of media scandals. On a vital question of this generation - how did COVID originate? - they claimed a certainty they lacked, and banished a theory that was fully viable, because they prioritized their partisan allegiances above reporting.
Probably the most incredible media fact -- one so shameful the NYT has to ignore it -- is that their lead COVID reporter maligned the lab leak theory as **racist**, only for key parts of the USG itself to now admit it's a likely explanation.

Fauci gave the orders; they obeyed.
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