#KRDK, nsfw, shota!deku, teacher x student, MEGA age gap (11-35), dekussy, implied coercion

"S-Sensei- nhg... i-is this good?" Izuku moaned as he watched his teacher's peepee fuck into his little kitty stretched to its limits. He had his knees hiked up to his shoulders,
locking his arms under his knees as he was fucked into. Each thrust made his belly feel weird and his kitty clench around his sensei's cock. "Ngh-- Y-Yeah, /just/ like that," Kirishima-sensei grunted, sounding almost pained as his teeth clenched. Izuku moaned as he stared up at
his sensei, watching those sharp crimson eyes track up and down his naked body. Izuku had to say he was apprehensive about taking his clothes off because of how cold it was in school, but his sensei had said he would warm him up.

And he did!
Each thrust of his big peepee into Izuku's kitty made him feel warm all over, knees quaking and thighs tensing with each brush against a special spot inside of him. "S-Sensei...! F-Feels...nn," Izuku gurgled a sound again - Kirishima-sensei said it was a moan -
as his sensei pushed into him harder, groping his butt with those big hands. Another hand flicked his little nub, fondling the little length between two rough knuckles, making Izuku squeak as he clamped down. "I-It- feels...!" Izuku moaned as his head flopped against his bag,
acting as a makeshift pillow. "Good? Feels good right, Izu-kun?" Kirishima-sensei huffed, seeming winded just like Izuku when he ran around the playground at recess. "I-I - angh..! - d-dunnoo!" Izuku cried out, eyes fluttering as tears dripped down his face. His face and tummy
felt warm, just like they did when Hirota gave him a flower earlier today. He remembered his tummy fluttering and his face feeling hot as he took the flower and ran away, wanting to show it to Kirishima-sensei.

Izuku wonders where that flower is now. His mama told him about
p-pre-serving? flowers and Izuku wanted to do that.

"K-Kirishima-sensei...!" Izuku whined, head lolling around as he keened high in his throat. The thrusts were getting sloppy, and Izuku felt his tummy go red-hot with that same feeling. "I-I gotsa-" Izuku blubbered,
trying to make sense of the feeling. His hands clamped against the fabric of his pants, pushed up to bunch around his knees as he cried out. "O-Off! Off! I gotsa-" Izuku screamed, trying to kick at his sensei, feeling red-hot in his tummy.
"Y-You're gonna cum, Izuku. Do it, cum on Kirishima-sensei's ccock!" Kirishima-sensei's knuckles squeezed around his little nub, making him squeak as tears splattered against his cheeks, eyes rolling up as he came? hard. Liquid escaped him and wet Kirishima-sensei's shirt
as Izuku whined and cried, moaning at the feeling of Kirishima-sensei unloading something warm into his kitty.

Eijirou pulled out with a huff, spreading Izuku's cunt lips, watching his cum froth and drizzle from Izuku's gaped cunt.
He quickly tucked himself back into his pants before he could get hard at the sight again, heading to the little closet he had in his classroom and pulling a new shirt out, seeing Izuku had soiled the one he was wearing with squirt. The redhead hummed as he grabbed a cold rag,
walking over to clean Izuku up and pepper the shivering 11-yr-old in kisses and praises. After helping Izuku back into his panties and pants, he sent the stumbling and groggy 11-yr-old out to his next class, glaring at the little yellow poppy on his floor.

He tossed the poppy.
end. possessive teacher kiri? yessir 😩🙏

there's also been a BUNCH of kirideku requests in my CC and this one sparked smth in me haha ko-fi.com/shadytired

• • •

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Mar 15
#momodeku, mommy kink, pegging, nsfw, no quirks au

Everyone thinks Izuku fucks Momo. It’s just the way they’re seen as a hetero couple, with Izuku being the guy - biggest nerd out there - having bagged the most popular girl and richest in their school.

But that was’t the case. Image
“M-Mommy…!” Izuku hiccuped, moaning as Momo thrusted into him. Her soft breasts squished against his back, the warm weight of her body as she fucked into him was nice. Her trim nails dug into the inner part of his cheek, tugging at his tongue as he braced himself
against her desk. His dick swung between his legs, unneeded and unwanted. Neither of them liked to use it and Momo liked to be more on the giving side than anything, so at times outside of sex, it was locked in a cage only she had the key to.
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Mar 15
#KMDK, nsfw, dekussy, quirk use during sex

"Izuu~" Denki cooed, grinning at the gurgled wanton moan that tumbled from Izuku's popped-open mouth. His hand - gripping Izuku's throat, which he held onto - tightened its grip on Izuku's bobbing throat as he bucked into his hand.
Electricity danced around Denki's palm, tickling and zapping Izuku's cunt and clit as he slapped it. With each slap, Izuku's moans grew, and his thrashing hips and thighs only wormed further into his touch. Izuku's thighs crushed his hand between his legs, but Denki didn't mind.
"D-Denki-" Izuku keened, drooling from the pleasure he felt as Denki dipped his fingers deep into his boyfriend's tight cunt, upping the voltage output /juuust/ enough to make Izuku squeal loudly, eyes rolling back past fluttering lashes. Each gurgled sound made Denki's cock
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Mar 14
#KRBKDK (technically krdkbk? I think) NSFW, muzzles, switch dk, btm!katsuki, top!kiri, sandwiching

Izuku having to be muzzled during sex because he bites so much. The biting isn’t even a conscious action, but Izuku’s teeth are /sharp/ and neither Katsuki nor Eijirou
would like to have huge bite marks scarring their shoulders, thanks.

God, just the idea of Izuku’s mouth chomping aimlessly around nothing in the cage of the muzzle as Kirishima fucks into him as Katsuki clenched around his cock. He’s in the middle of his two handsome boyfriends
as his ass is being stretched by Ei’s fat, hung cock while his own cock is being fucked into Kacchan’s ass without him doing much. Eijirou holds the leash for the collar connecting to the muzzle in his hand as Izuku gurgles and chokes on bitten growls and moans of pleasure.
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Mar 2
holy shit 33% already?!?? Thank you!!!
83% !!!
just a small btw <3 we're about five dollars from the goal (if my math is correct...) !! no pressure but just don't want anyone over-donating if they decide to :)
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Mar 2
#BKDK, nsfw, dekussy, cunnilingus, squirting

Izuku's one wish in life isn't a good paying job, a trip to the moon, a perfect life, no...

It's to squirt.

Gods, the amount of porn he's jerked off to, teasing and slapping his pussy as the girls, guys, whatever, squirt on his
screen is nearly astronomical. He's almost /jealous/ of people who squirt during orgasms. He's tried to reach that gripping high that sinks into your body and shreds you to bits like a well-cooked pork butt. He wants to feel his entire body shake and shiver
as the pleasure overwhelms his body and he squirts. He wants to feel his vision fade and his eyes roll as he wets everything in his pure, saturated arousal.

But he's never squirted /ever/. Tutorials - yes... he's that desperate - articles, sex toys people have sworn to make
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Mar 2
im no longer going to well... shield the people who decide to blatantly take my content/threads anymore. if they wanna create something that is basically my thread and put a "spin" on it, I'm not gonna shield them.

fuck them. they can deal with the repercussions.
"but they're gonna get attacked!" i dont care. they should have thought in their big adult brain, "oh yeah, this is basically what this person wrote. oh well!"

if you can think on your own, pay taxes, get a job, you should realize that taking people's shit isn't the right
choice. create ur own bullshit! i do not care.

getting inspired by my writing to write in itself is fine. i love inspiring people to chase their dream of writing; that's great!

but basically using pretty much every part of a thread of mine or other creators is not.
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