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a small socmed #bkdk #bakudeku au where Class A decided to watch a horror movie and Izuku is hiding behind his phone

Until Katsuki notices that ImageImage
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#bkdk au where drunk pro-hero deku sends a powerpoint presentation to his ex, pro-hero dynamight

- post-break up + future au ??? idk
- timestamps are irrelevant
- happy ending !! but there's some sad parts because they broke up lol
- btw all the profiles are used w permission! sorry if i cant add everyone :(
- enjoy !! <3
1. guess who's getting drunk tonight ^___^
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#Bkdk, #Dekubowl, #Crack AU where Izuku has always been pretty discrete about his past relationships, but a single post about his ex to his main account exposed his ass. Let's just say Bakugou is less than happy to see the replies.
So it begins 😩
The replies PT. 1 😩👌✨
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random #bkdk au but imagine izuku tweeting about how hot his boss is and then it goes viral so katsuki (the boss in question) sees it ImageImageImageImage
gay behavior ImageImageImage
goodnight ^____^ ImageImageImage
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[ #bkdk #bakudeku quirkless au where the boys still hate each other, so izuku midoriya comes up with a plan to stop the bullying ]

enjoy! 💕
1. the beginning
2. damn nerd
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#bkdk #bakudeku socmed au with CEO!BK and Singer!DK where they talk because of lies and rumors. what's some romance without its drama.

💚 = deku pov
🧡 = bakugou pov


some notes:

- i've never done a soc med au before so bare with me
- this is going to be a very lengthy thread so be prepared aha
- i am posting in chunks so there might be a 30-45 period of no immediate post bc im making as i go.
- if you have any questions feel free to qrt!🧡
2. Beginning
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#bkdk au where drummer katsuki has his eyes on a certain green-haired cutie but he finds out one crucial information about him: he doesn’t like katsuki’s songs

— i’ll be making the updates as i go so they may be slower or faster depending on the situation lol
— timestamps are irrelevant
— katsuki is a loser for izuku ❤️ thanks for coming to my ted talk
0. introducing killa!!
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#bkdk fantasy au where the dragon clan has a tradition of tattooing your chosen mate’s name on your arm as a sign of undying love and trust.

katsuki, the heir of the clan, has izuku’s initial on his arm, a mere human.
the elders weren’t happy with katsuki’s decision, saying that a dragon can only be worthy of mating another dragon, but katsuki isn’t exactly a traditionalist himself. he leaves with izuku in tow.

this led them to make a plan of disposing katsuki’s human mate.
weeks have passed. katsuki thought they were in the clear.

until he comes home to izuku lying motionless in the middle of their little hut, the elders of his clan surrounding his body.

“get the fuck away from him!” katsuki roars, palms burning hot from draconian magic.
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#Bkdk, #Fluff, From their 13 y/o son's POV

Katsuya thinks that his parents are really disgusting.

He felt like needed to hurl as he sees the two grown men throwing flirty looks at each other across the dinner table.

Katsuki throws in a wink and Izuku swoons and "faints",
the back of his hand to his forehead for more dramatic flare. The teenager's sharp green eyes roll so hard, he felt his eyeballs recede to their sockets.

"Can you pass me the damn salt, old man?!" he demands from the older blonde, earning himself a slap to the back of his head.
"Watch you language, brat," but he hands over the salt anyways. Izuku giggles at the exchange and Katsuki immediately redirects his attention back to him, a handsome smirk spreading across his sharp features.

"I got you all giggly like that, beautiful?" the greenette lets out
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#bkdk soc med au where Izuku is working at Dynamight agency, he can’t wait to work with his idol. 👀
here there are some “warnings”:
- age gap, ofc, Izuku is out of UA he’s 18/19. Dynamight is 23.
- Izuku has social anxiety! I don’t think I’ll describe panic attacks (in detail, there might be a mention), but I’ll put the TW!
- I suggest to open fully(?) all the photos-
- sometimes the photos are bigger.

-some parts are going to be literally written and idk how long is going to be and idk when I’ll update! ^^ it depends on how I feel!
If you’re still here thanks a lot! 💖 This is my first social media AU so I’m pretty anxious 🏃🏻‍♀️
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#bkdk #bakudeku socmed au with royal bakugou katsuki and cosplayer izuku midoriya who desperately wants highness's attention 🥰
1. the beginning
2. g a y
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#bkdk #ktdk #krbkdk ((angst/ repercussions/ violence/ good mates krbk/ rape/ description of rape/ Mama Inko MAD/ happy end))

Katsuki woke with a jolt, and immediately groaned as the blood in his head pounded and he felt a spinning nausea.
Next to him Kiri turned and puked
‘You okay?’ Katsuki asked through the bond, holding his head and taking deep breaths. Kiri’s nausea mixed with his own swirling between the bond finally made him lean over too and throw up into a trash can at the side of his bed.
‘Feel like I got hit by a bus.’ Kiri replied.
Katsuki laid back, breathing through his nose. He closed his eyes and tried to will away the pain.
‘Zuzu you okay? Do you feel sick too?’ Katsuki asked their Omega. It sucked when one of them was this sick, cause they all felt it through the bond.
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#bkdk crack social media. deku gets suspended online :p
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#bkdk social media au where izuku loses a bet and has to get a tattoo as a dare; cue bakugou katsuki, the tattoo artist

- this au is sfw !! but might have suggestive themes, nothing too detailed btw (ill put warnings)
- my poor attempt on being funny pt. 10000 ... but i hope u guys enjoy reading <3
- ignore timestamps as usual
- loosely based from this ... the good boy part ^___^
1. denki's dare
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This is just too good to pass, damn. Thanks, Sammy!

#bkdk, #krbk, #cheating, #shindeku

Maybe something in Izuku snapped that day because the next thing he knew, he was laughing. He must have looked like a crazy person, with him hacking up bloody petals in between, but he
just couldn't stop. Shit, he really should've heeded his friends' warning.

Izuku already had his suspicions, he did analytic work for fuck's sake. So as much as he wanted to not come into hasty conclusions, it had all inevitably fallen into place like a messed up jigsaw puzzle.
It doesn't take a genius to know what was happening, and he was already a couple of steps ahead of Katsuki.

Feeling the last few laughs escape him, he finally looks at the bewildered blonde.

"Get the fuck out."

"What?! How could I possibly leave you when you're like this?
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🏷: college au, nsfw, cheating (not bkdk)

Shindo cheated Katsuki. He’s furious, he doesn’t understand how he could find someone better then him.
But then he gets it.
He meets Izuku, who happens to be Shindo’s new boyfriend, so the cause of his broke up.
They meet at a party, Izuku keeps talking with Shindo, he seems uncomfortable ti have Shinso near him.

Katsuki keeps looking not at Shinso but at Izuku.
He understands why Shinso cheated on him.
That boy was so freaking cute and hot at the same time.
He’s wearing-
- skinny black jeans and a transparent black t-shirt that reveals his freckles. He’s full of freckles. Katsuki is still staring at Izuku, when his eyes met Izuku’s.

Fucking green eyes.

He’s wearing eyeliner and his face is full of freckles.
So fucking hot. Katsuki-
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#bkdk nsfw socmed au where izuku is appointed as katsuki’s new TA but they’re actually more than that to each other… they just don’t know it yet. 🔞

— this au is NSFW as stated above, i wont tolerate any minor/anti in this thread
— cw for age gap (bkg is 30 and deku is 21)
— there WILL be nsfw photos (and videos? maybe?) in this thread but i will put a 🚫 emoji everytime so u will know
— timestamps are irrelevant
— also might be very short because i dont really have a definite plot for this lawl
— weeb this is for u ❤️
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#fembkdk #bkdk
fem!izuku and fem!kacchan.

Kacchan has a nose ring and a lip piercing.
Izuku goes wild whenever she spots her, they don’t know each other, but there were /clearly/ pining on each other.
They didn’t talk to each other until they got to know each other at a party. They played beer pong together and the tension was high.
Izuku wouldn’t stop looking at Kacchan’s lips and she was fantasizing about feeling those lips and the lip piercing on her pussy.
It was pretty late so everyone decided to go to sleep in different rooms while Katsuki and Izuku started talking. Izuku couldn’t look away from Kacchan neckline.

“What you’re look at, nerd? My face is here.” laughs Katsuki.

Izuku’s face goes in flame and she mutters:-
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#bkdk 🔞 age gap

this idea was supposed to be posted on maid day but i was thinking about mafia boss katsuki taking a liking to izuku, one of his mansion’s caretakers, so he orders the boy to stay after every other maid has gone to their quarters
izuku is confused, he had felt katsuki’s eyes on him from time to time, yes, but he never paid them no mind. where is his boss taking him? is he in trouble? is he gonna get beat up—or worse, killed?
but no, katsuki leads him to the center of the room where a long table sits. he instructs izuku to sit on the wooden surface, to which he does with a bit of hesitation.

“been getting real tired of you flaunting your legs like a goddamn bait.” katsuki speaks in a leveled tone.
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#bkdk #fembkdk and #dkbk

nsfw thought fem!deku and fem!kacchan

I want Kacchan to eat out Izuku’s pussy making her squirm and crying from overstimulation and them making her squirt.

They it’s Izuku’s turn and she’s actually not going easy on Kacchan.
Izuku fucks Kacchan with her strap, thrusting into her and reducing Kacchan in a mess, she’s trembling, quivering and she can’t stop moaning Izuku’s name.

Izuku phrases Kacchan calling her “good girl”.

Izuku played with Kacchan boobs, twisting and sucking her nipples.
Izuku is obsessed with Kacchan boobs and she knows that Kacchan is pretty sensitive there.

Kacchan cums as soon as Izuku tells her to do that.

“That was my revenge.” whispers Iuzku at Kacchan’s ear.

“Well, then I should do that often if it turns you like this.” replies her.
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#bkdk #bakudeku #mha
This is going to be the start of something silly
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#bkdk social media au starring an unexpected encounter (and love story) of doctor midoriya izuku and villain bakugou katsuki
– based from a poll i did last night! i didnt wait for it to be finished sorry im impatient
– dw theres no angst its just romcom as usual 🫂
– a lot of things might not make sense but idc im just making stuff as i go ^____^
– enjoy ur villain bkg food 🫶
[1/2] the doctor.
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In the mornings, when Bakugo was unable to fall asleep the night before, he finds himself re-installing a well-known game that features the many famous pro heroes of their time.

It is also a game that he accepted to voice act for.
Not that he truly cares for it.


To Bakugo, what truly matters in the game was him going through the same route of the main story over and over again.

The route of the Hero Deku.
Bakugo diligently does his missions and consciously takes Deku's route. Remembering, memorizing what he has said, pressed, and done everytime he had re-installed the game.

He plays it for hours. Almost always missing what he meant to do for that day.
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#bkdk social media au where izuku got an interview with a big name company only to fall on said company's ceo lap on the subway

- ignore the timestamps im lazy
- quirkless au + everyone is college age!
- idk how long this will be tbh
- enjoy!!
1. meet the main characters :)
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